Baxtriks (EUNE)
: Play PUBG like me. I was permabanned for using scripts (I didnt even use any, didnt play on my account for week and our local rito support aka motherf**** didnt even tell me which scripts and even when I used them). PUBG has also some flaws but at lwasat you are not forced to spend 40 min with %%%%%%s or dealt with broken champions .
No money and shitty pc
: There are many good games out there. xD
Like? Competitive and free
Saibbo (EUW)
: >Now that i am permanentlly banned i have no ideea what to do with all the time i was spending playing this game. emh.. ya know that a perma-ban is only for the account? And you can create more than 1?
Took me 2 years to get all the champ, i don't think i can wait again to get them all
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: When Will HexTech Crafting Come to EUNE's already patch 6.4 and it's not here
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The Sin Of Wräth

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