: Still perma vision... You can just refresh that firefly after 30 seconds... And I did not talk about trees giving vision, but them being rather too strong, because you can go to any lost lane, put it down a bit behind their tower and you just made the enemy lose, if they can not burst their opponent ...
The Whiskas (EUNE)
: New champion - Aya - the keeper of the forest light
I guess i can make a second variation of ultimate **Ultimate - A last will of fireflies** Fireflies come together from everywhere on the map in target position, stunning all enemies on their way for 1.5 sec. then they form a large light ball that exists for 30 sec. Light ball emits aura, that heals allies in 1500 radius overtime, also it provides shield for allies in radius, power of shield can be increased with Q after duration of ultimate ends - ball makes a huge explosion, dealing damage in 1200 radius cooldown: 160 range: 650 And third variation: **Ultimate - half-tree** Aya after 5 seconds preparation turns into a big tree for 45 sec. While in this form aya buffs allies with additional health regen and shields, she losts an ability to attack and move, but still can cast spells with halved cooldown and recieves additional health and armor. Ultimate can be cancelled, then aya turns back to her normal form in 2 sec. and then spell goes on cooldown - 200 sec. cooldown: 200 sec. additional health: 180% of normal additional armor: 200% of normal remember that all values of abilities can be changed by developers to balance the game
: too strong. I quess it's going to be played as an support by everyone or banned all the time, why? Because it is one of the strongest picks for this position. - You got 24/7 vision on an area, which is the same as not being gankable at all (not to mention you can not kill it, because it is untargetable by anyone but her). - Your tree is just too strong. Do you know what it means being immune to magic? It is like it being unkillable in teamfights, because AoE will not affect that tree... you have to make your adc attack it, but if this happens, your team will just kill the enemy, without any fight. You will never lose laning, ever. EVER. Because being healed all the time, by something which is unkillable, thanks to magic immunity, high armor and high hp, you can just place it behind some tower and it's over for the enemy, he will never win trades anymore... or not to mention being able to dive... and you are able to have 5 of them on the map, all the time? wtf!?! I will make it short, so here you go, change your ultimate and Q, both are way too strong (and if a support is able to provide this much vision and constant heal, well... you do not need cc and you are able to do whatever siege you want...
I must admit again, that trees DO NOT PROVIDE VISION and fireflies work as ashe's 3 ability, they just stay for 30 sec. in area (like forest buff from two-headed wolfs) fireflies work as wards. and you only can use five of them in 150 sec. I don't think that Q is too strong, because on first level you can use only 1 firefly in 30 sec. I know that Ultimate must be nerfed, this is only the first post, if developers want to add this hero - they will do what on their opinion is better. I only want to say, that ultimate must be a tree with auras, that heal allies overtime
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