TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: You can be a juggernaut as a support. Or a roamer with damage {{champion:14}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:57}} I played a lot of ad fighers (divers) as support, like {{champion:59}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:58}} it was fun, but if you fail even a bit you cannot assasinate anymore.
Just not my type of thing, but when I'm forced to play support again might as well try that. Thanks for the advice!
: Do you like Supports?
I dislike playing support because I don't do insane amounts of damage and I am not recognized as a "carry". Three years back when some people managed to demotivate me from continuing to main pre-rework Katarina, I tried maining Leona and Soraka in ranked because I would always have to fill. However, being an assassin/juggernaut main at heart, I was always way too aggressive and hated having to babysit a raging toxic adc. Now I finally found my main satisfying role to be assassins and juggernauts, but I hate playing support with a burning passion because it's so painful and so stressing. There's also the feeling that you don't matter at all. But I do love support mains because good supports are amazing.
FooLPro0F (EUW)
: already did now gtfo kid
DeafLord (EUNE)
: Hey are you better buddy :3 i mean are u managing better now one new thing i want to say honestly dont feel bad if you loose, the game is not in its best state with the anti-tank meta now i dont blame riot its hard to code a game im sure and they try everything to make it better... that said its not always that u did bad damn i watch proffesional players get one-shotted so keep it on light weight dont make things harder wish you luck! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you! Yes, I think I am doing better, and I lost my focus on the actual outcome on the game so much that I didn't even realize I am in another loss streak until about an hour ago when I checked my match history to find a friend. Also started using voice chat much more when playing normal games with friends, makes things so much better. Hell, I think my map awareness also improved. This thread was amazing and helpful.
: I suppose its more directed at the player base as opposed to the community, the boards and the people who attend the events etc. are generally sound people, but like I said when you get into a game, you're going to encounter someone who ruins the game for either your team or the enemy team, and when your trapped in those games it leads to those situations and it's not a fun experience at all, and once all fun is sucked from a game, there's no point in continuing. For me, while I enjoy being competitive and playing ranked etc. if I'm not enjoying the game I can't bring myself to play it any longer.
Player base, yeah, that is a better way to put it.
kidutatttoo (EUNE)
: Don't worry i always find people who feed or troll and people who haras. This it's why i lefted playing and nobody its banning the bad Kids.... All i can say it's GOOD LUCK and take chill pills =))){{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: It helps to just expect nothing but toxic bullshit from your "teammates". Most of the time they will deliver but it's easier to handle if you are not expecting anything else
Yeah, that, and /mute all works to deflect most of that toxic bullshit in the first place.
: I just mean the people you encounter when playing games. Most of those people are horrible people, at least from personal experience which is why I've now stopped playing, besides the occasional game. The general community (if you include the boards, the cosplayers etc.) is great, but as soon as you set foot into a game I can guarantee at least 50% of the players in game will do some form of tilting stuff, like the odd passive aggressive comment or outright flame. Although this is personal experience I'm not the only one who see's it that way, if you get put into a game with toxic people, the enjoyment of that particular game and sometimes 2 - 3 games, is sucked dry and demotivates the player, and this leads to them not wanting to finish the game and therefor punished for being forced to remain in a game they don't want to play. It's expected, there's only so much you can do to keep a lid on toxic players etc. but if one individual in a game is the target of 3 / 4 others, and the player on the receiving end just straight up quits because of it, that player essentially is getting punished for being abused, and that's where all fun is removed from the game contributing to situations like the OP has. Granted this isn't the only reason for those problems, but I feel like it's a big part of it.
> [{quoted}](name=Tompoes4310,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=kj8Tjg2Y,comment-id=00080001000000000001,timestamp=2018-02-15T14:44:11.470+0000) > > The general community (if you include the boards, the cosplayers etc.) is great, but as soon as you set foot into a game I can guarantee at least 50% of the players in game will do some form of tilting stuff, like the odd passive aggressive comment or outright flame. Exactly. That is the part of the community my post is directed at. It looks like all the "good apples" just hide themselves from the bad tomatoes, which further twists the general view of the community.
: hope you reach your goal this season. c:
Thank you! You too, if you have any goal this season!
: Let me tell you a secret boys u need to be strong i see other players as object and i see only myself u must be strong u musnt let them controll you or the game you must take controll. With this i have reached diamond for 3 seasons in a row. Doing what i want and not listening to others also self improving and not caring if others lose n game cuz ik ill evwntuely climb despite them
Some people don't want to abandon their feelings.
DeafLord (EUNE)
: Glad i was able to help! I like trying to support people who are going trough sad things like this because i have many expiriences (irl) not going to share my past for obvious reasons and its nice when people reach out to help you it doesnt help that much but it restores some hope and faith oh it went a bit longer than expected sorry for spamming. Sincerely - A Rengar main that hunts for thoose who need help {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
If that's what you call "spamming", spam all you want xD It's completely okay, and thank you for being a good person.
DeafLord (EUNE)
: Yeah i didnt really think about that.Well i guess the best thing is taking breaks after getting hit with adrenaline. Look when ur trying something hard and get a good pump from the adrenaline rush u start making mistakes so its best to keep it calm take deep breaths, count them and go!Everytime u loose dont look at what you have done and why u lost keep it positive and say it like that "i have a whole year to play i will get there success comes with trying u never loose until you give up, beating myself up and blaming myself its no good if theres many against me... theres one for me and thats me only i can change what im doing and how i am SO IM GOING TO WIN THIS!" Hope it helped maybe it didnt.Glad to have you on the rift... {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
You helped, thank you so much. And right back at you, glad to have you on the rift. Good luck & have fun! :)
Grendel G (EUNE)
: Look, I don't wanna be rude when saying this. But you should just ignore the %%%%%%s. Sorry but there's just no other way to put it. I used to flame the fluke out of people who challenged me. Now I'm just like "this guy just lost a 1v1 to a Nunu while playing Yi, lmao". I'm not telling him that, but just thinking about how bad players think they played flawless no longer angers me. It's just amusing at this point. If you just want to be at peace with the idea of raging kids in your games, what makes me feel better is watching LS comment on people who send him their negative winrate, silver 4, 1000 Riven games claiming it's not their fault that they lose games and watch him flame them, cause that's basically who your team mates are. "it's your fault noob, I watched 2 videos of box box and an entire 10 minute video of TheShy, I'm a master now" (note: he did not watch a full gameplay video of either of the players, he watched montages) like those are the people you are arguing with. Just imagine your team mates as a "league of legends fail compilation" video and just laugh it off when they play like they forgot to turn on their monitor and type ":(" when they flame you. That way you are communicating to them that their message deeply offended you and that you care about their opinion on the matter and did not want to let them down. That, or you could not care less.
It actually is a fun way to look at it, thanks!
: It's nice to see so many people supporting but I have to ask, cry? Why, over a game? If a game can make you cry then you are taking this way too seriously and you probably have some self-esteem issues. Not trying to go all psychological on you, I know nothing about you, but I get you and I've been there, years ago when I was struggling with personal issues. If something that is supposed to be fun is causing such a negative emotional reaction, then the issue is probably not even related to the game. You are allowing something insignificant to get to you because it means more to you _than it should._ This last part is the problem, it's only a game and says nothing about you whatsoever. It's not even something you can be proud of nowadays -- hey babe,guess what, I'm gold - gold what? - gold rank in a video game what? -that's the usual (and normal) conversation you will get in the real world. It simply does not matter, you should be playing only for your own enjoyment, which means you should take a break when it's no longer enjoyable. Don't blame this on the community as this has nothing to do with anybody besides you. You are willingly and consiously on the internet where people don't have to like you,agree with you, or even respect you, that's just how it is. Riot has plenty of rules to punish those who flame but there will always be somebody saying bad things to you. If you cannot handle it, then you really should sit down for a bit and think about the reasons. Did they hurt your feelings by calling you bad? - why do you care what somebody online whom you will probably never see again thinks about you? Did it make you feel like you're terrible? - you were terrible, terrible at the champ you picked, terrible at the choices, even terrible at the game but we were all terrible once, you have to start somewhere if you want to learn. There's nothing wrong with being bad, as long as you're trying to become better. Did it make you feel like there's no point playing again? - you won't get anywhere in game, or in life, if you give up so easily when somebody irrelevant criticizes you. Yes I am being harsh, because I don't like the fact that you are blaming somebody else for your reaction. "The players in this game REALLY know how to push me off the edge and make me fly off the hook = I'm willing to bet that most of my loss streaks come from my anger and bad mood/ I can't stop arguing" You are angry, competetive, argumentative, (assuming) guy, and you are sick of this community because you can't control yourself? And you want what, the whole community to change so you wouldn't cry, or you want to change your own perspective so you could play this game in a heathier way? My advice - always play with friends, don't play solo. This way you will have some support. - take breaks, a lot of breaks, after every loss, just to cool down. Play with your pets during the breaks. - don't play too much, this game is not for the emotionally unstable, it will only become worse if you don't learn to look at it as your choice of fun, not something you have to do to prove your worth.
I will just say that you are right about the self esteem issues - I do have extreme self hate. Don't know how to respond to anything else.
theo0717 (EUNE)
: Man take my advice and find a hobby and quit this game its unhelthy 4 u and u wont gain anything from it.. Games are suposed to make you happy right noppe this game is just making all the players feal like drug adicts
Don't want to quit because of the friends I have there. And I did actually gain quite a bit from it so far, such as better reflexes, hand to eye coordination, general fun in the past and inspiration. Although frustrating, I don't regret being here.
DeafLord (EUNE)
: Try to have fun u play with friends right, so do i, go top nunu and teemo or bot zed and rengar on a normal game have some laugh dont feel bad about hell one game we were dancing for 30 mins with the enemy team. Good luck summoner!
Though I am really competitive and I am practicing for ranked... fun is hard to come by at this point. But thank you!
eSuba Kenda (EUNE)
: Snowflake. Guys of your age 100 years ago were rushing trenches against machinegun nest and you are crying over a stupid videogame. There is one magic button - its caled mute button which will mute all chat. and there are a pings you can use to communicate.
Rek2g (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheArin,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=kj8Tjg2Y,comment-id=000f000000000000,timestamp=2018-02-13T00:48:59.789+0000) > > How long should those breaks be in your opinion? Depends how tilted you are and/or how you feel. Here's my old plan for example: - Tilted on a light level: 30 minutes to 2 hours - mostly when I lost 2 games in a row. - Tilted on a normal level: A few hours, longer than 2 - mostly when I lost 3 or 4 games in a row. - Tilted on a high level: 1 day or longer - mostly when nothing worked and my teammates didn't even try to play. - And if you just can't endure it anymore: up to a week or longer. And don't try to play too many games in one day. It's not healthy. It's different in the pro-scene tho. Since it's their life they moslty make small breaks when everything goes wrong and go into a queue again asap. They need it tho. You can make your own plan for yourself if you're not happy with that. It was a example what I did in the past. Since IDC about anything, I just play a few games depending on the mood I have. Or more precisely, 1-4 games a day (I don't play everyday tho).
Thank you. That could work, because I don't want to lose "momentum" because I am practicing in the first place so that I can be sure I am ready for ranked and that I am back in shape, so that's why I wasn't sure about how long the breaks should be.
: Then you get spammed mia ping
Those people get their pings muted too then. Because if all they do is spam that ping, they do not have anything useful to ping anyway.
Rek2g (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheArin,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=kj8Tjg2Y,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2018-02-12T23:21:45.346+0000) > > Thank you. I really hope so, because I want to have fun like I have when I started playing League back at the end of season 3. It's extremely hard to just enjoy the game now, but I don't want to quit either. You don't need to "quit the game". It's more than enough if you make breaks to clear your head. I already saw that you are a competitive player in that post, but even some LCS players make little breaks when they're not doing well in one day. And I would suggest to invite some friends to a normal or other modes to have some fun. It's hard to have fun solo in normals and rankeds when there are tryhards or teammates who just troll on purpose or feed. I mean you still can have fun if you go Solo in games, but it's just hard atm if you want to win. That's why I said "just don't care about winning or loosing". The fun could come back in time.
How long should those breaks be in your opinion?
Rek2g (EUW)
: I feel you, League really got frustrating pretty fast for many players. I also had problems back in Season 4 and 5 with all the players harassing me for playing bad, beeing a bad OTP, never ganking lanes or even wished that I should die from cancer and my family too. (It was especialy bad in Bronze - low silver) For years I took the blame, the hate and the shame... It just pulled me down to the ground... But I eventually found the mute button which made my game experience better. It was just hard for me back then because I communicated a lot and I didn't want to let anyone down. And now IDC at all what people are saying to me or what their opinions about me are, IDC if they flame, are toxic or threaten others to ruin the game on purpose if I / we don't do that what this player wants. IDC about winning or loosing, BMs and every other bad behavior towards me. I endured it for a long time and eventually became immune against that when I got to a point where I said "Screw it, I'm a adult human beeing now with common sense and have better things to do in life than caring too much about the game or listening to people who are blinded by the game". The experience I got from the game also gave me more willpower to even ignore the negative stuff that happens IRL. IK that you have a different view of the game and it kinda hurts to read that. But you can also be the guy you want to be to get a better feeling. You just have to be that guy. I hope you'll be better soon, just don't take the game too serious like your life depends on it. It's hard to control for some people, but you'll eventually get there, don't worry.
Thank you. I really hope so, because I want to have fun like I have when I started playing League back at the end of season 3. It's extremely hard to just enjoy the game now, but I don't want to quit either.
You Suck Me (EUNE)
: Try to mute everyone when game starts.Its perfect way to protect yourself from flamers so that you focus only on the game.You have pings so chat is really pointless.
Unless it's for strategies and planning that you can't really define with pings. But yeah, muting when you're without friends doesn't seem bad.
DakTrilogy (EUNE)
: i was like u with all the info on your description. So i was left with 2 options. 1 left the game or learn something new about the game. my point of view. in this game u play with real Humans. so if u want to play in team work u have to be the "leader" learn Champ with u can Carry and if u are good and they see it . it is impossible for them not wanting to win. with more calm chat speach and Team work quates maybe it will turn tables. and onther thing. In loading screen befor the match beggins. i saw a littl advice.. if the game it seems lost... take a breath for a moment and then take it back in. For me it work last season and get mo from bronze 5 to silver 3.... but at the end of the season i get silver 5... so if u are gool u will stiil see troolss and noobs :D
I main Anivia and Talon, and generally am not bad with assassins, so I already do that. Trying to carry a game doesn't automatically guarantee that your team will want to cooperate, though that's not the real issue here.
Yaneela (EUW)
: I also used to have the problem that I took ranked to serious which made me nervous, which lead to me playing worse and being affected by flaming teammates more easily. What I found helped me was turning down the audio of the game and listening to some catchy music or podcasts in the background because that would give ranked games a more casual atmosphere which in turn makes me play better. Also as soon as I have a bad game, aka a game where I had some flamers, no matter if I lost or not, I take a break. And a break means several hours of doing something else, not just a few minutes. Also if you have trouble with snarking back at people, try to replace that action with something else. I always have a drink next to me while playing, and when I feel the sarcasm rising I drink instead, it sounds stupid but over time your reaction to someone flaming you will be drinking instead (or whatever action you choose).
That actually is some great advice. Thank you!
: Came mostly to say: "Kind community comments and no stupid&toxic ones? Am i still in LoL forum?" xD But to be useful i would say that most of my stress and anger in this game comes from expectations /and AI teammates but nvm this one/ -i would suggest your to play the champ you have fun to play and be good at affecting games with it -dont think how your teammates shouldve do many things by the right way or the better way than they did, but have fun to outplay enemies with your lovely champ and staying focused on what you have to do so your team start respect your calls and pings or at least wake up to push enemy's nexus not trolly farm raptors. xD
I do play champions that I really like, such as Talon and Anivia, and that is why I get angry mostly at myself rather than my team. Harassment from the enemy team and the toxic teammates is what sucks and fuels that rage further. And yes, I disabled the all chat just an hour ago.
xXExileXx (EUNE)
: so you have mental problems and blame the community, ok.
Fine example of what toxic brainless children a large amount of the community is. Good job on showing yourself.
Benshirro (EUW)
: As someone who is very competitive, but unfortunately is terrible at League, I very much understand your pain. (not saying you are as bad as me!) It's been a long road for me, but ever since I switched my focus to improving, rather than winning I am much happier and slowly climbing season on season. Whenever something bad happens I try and question myself - why did it go that way? What could I have done differently? etc - it's something I picked up from watching streamers like Foxdrop and Huzzy - you see them do that completely naturally after every mistake. It's helped move my focus away from my team and more on to me and my own play, which has helped lower my stress level during play (as it's something inside my control) and the knock-on impact is that I don't get as upset by the people I play with anymore. I'm not saying I am great at this, I still tilt and get angry when I play and things don't go the way I want, but I am getting better. :) I also wanted to say thank you to everyone in the thread so far, there is already some great advice here.
Thank you for the reply. I tried to utilize some of the advice given here in the thread in two games I just played, and although I lost both, continuing my loss streak, I raged less than I would since I was focusing on why I lost my lane and what I could improve on. I am genuinely surprised how good the response is to my post, I expected people to make fun of me for saying that I cry over things like this.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Chill dood. Just watch some videos, and get your shit together :)
IvanBrony (EUNE)
: last season i reached gold thanks to my friends, this season i reached gold thanks to myself so basically find someone to help u get there and then u will sart climbing by urself eventually
That's not really the issue here. And I want to do it by myself, and not have a Platinum friend carry me there.
: I can't give much climbing advice since I'm still a Bronze scrub, but I think the simple fact that you're aware of the mental pattern in which you're struggling means that you're on the right track. As Torpedosheep mentioned above, it's clear that you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself and that's always going to make it easier to snap. Even when things don't go your way, we're always here to listen and let you know we've all been in your position. Good luck this season, we're just at the start after all!
Thank you so much! I'd definitely be ready to climb if not for the rage and arguing issues.
Gerbster (EUW)
: Glad to see your willing to listen advise given and I hope you'll be able to practice it in games, I think you'll definitely play better when relaxed instead of all tense and annoyed, Good luck :)
Ellizia (EUNE)
: excuse me did you actually read your title and post ,, how you call i see it in emotionally unstable , you don`t need a freaking algorithm to get gold just use hands maybe ? and stop reflecting your inability to do it on others . you will never improve that way and you will get people in trouble fueling flame .
Again, I was just seeking advice on how to deal with my emotions over this. Yes, emotionally unstable, you're correct there, and getting to Gold isn't the actual problem here. It in fact is my emotional instability. You're trying to suggest that I am trying to get people banned for harassing me, but that's not the case either. It's not about getting to Gold, it's not about banning, it's about rage and emotions over getting harassed, which are a problem because it damages my performance.
Ellizia (EUNE)
: ***
You do not get to decide what a person is. Also, this was never about banning people. Do not put me in the same group as those. As for personality issues... maybe I do have them, but maybe you should look in the mirror.
MadEclair (EUNE)
: You're welcome. I can only hope your pursuit of rank won't suck the fun out of the game for you. People often play insane amounts of ranked games and when they finally reach their dreamed elo they are woken up to the realization that their badge is of the another colour but the players are mostly the same toxic morons you've meet already a division below only a little bit advanced in mechanics and with ego two times larger than their skills. A rank is something you can earn and lose, it comes and goes with a click of a button but something that stays - your own skills, experience, knowledge and found memories of games played with friends. So even if you're on a losing streak and even if you get demoted few times, with enough determination and the will to improve you'll find the place you want to be.
I hope so too. It's easy to lose track of what really matters, so I still try my best to have fun, though harassment is what ruins that. I just want to get to Gold so badly because I know I can do it, I am tired of Silver, and my friends are telling me to go for it. Some are even cheering for me to go to Platinum, though that, I am not sure about. Though what gave me this much trouble so far is practicing in normal games for ranked. Have a good day!
: This is another fallacy of this game. Your MMR shows how good you are at climbing the ladder as a TEAM. This is part of the frustration generated by this video game. Like Torpedosheep said, focusing on improving will make you better giving more chances to win. Focusing on winning is not a right approach. The better you are mechanically and on game knowledge, the easier to beat your lane and translate that into a team win (watch out: team win) But you can be 10 0 10 and outrotated your laner, did the right calls and still, lose. Basically, what most of low elo players fail to understand is: It is even important to know when get carried is the way to win, than carrying your team. Some games you will carry, some games you are going to get carried. They don't even understand sometimes they are being carried. I dislike duo in ranked due the inflated enemy MMR value. You and your duo are a MMR handicap for your team. If you have 2 duos in your team... Good luck. Even if enemy team has duos, their mmr is inflated and yours is not. Basically, you are forced into a game where your mmr is against the odds. Normals, Arams, URF. That is a great place to have fun with premades.
Oh wow, I had no idea that the MMR gets inflated like that... Thanks for letting me know!
MadEclair (EUNE)
: You'll never get your _own rank_ and _own rating_ in a team-based game when you can perform badly and then get "carried" by a random dude, you'll still get your LP even though you didn't perform up to standards and _vice versa_. There's nothing wrong with having a friend over the Discord or Skype you can cooperate with. Especially if you're playing as a midlaner, having a jungler or support as duo might help you alot with roaming.
That actually seems correct. Either way, I don't have any friend who is around my elo and who can jungle, because again, most of my friends are either Bronze or Platinum, the rest are just randoms I have in my friend list. Will at least not shrug that off completely when the chance does show up though, thank you!
Ellizia (EUNE)
: ***
Ah, here we go. I was expecting a brainless comment like this. Time to take this apart. First, men do cry. And I think there is bravery in admitting something that for some reason the general public is afraid to admit. Second, wine is a verb now? Nice try to appear mighty when you can't even get your act right. Third, I am not asking for people to get banned. I am just seeking advice on how to deal with this, because my personality and mindset don't help such a competitive game. And fourth, I already explained what's up with the mute button - I forget due to the heat of the moment. You're making yourself look "slow" and heartless. Really hope that's not the case.
: If they are any good, they will ping the call. Instead of: " greigjdefkgndfiogjdfg,dk fdgkdgpofdkgodkfg fdogkdgkd dfgmpkfdgpodkfg " ... typing some gibberish on chat. More efficient. More clear.
MadEclair (EUNE)
: Have you tried playing duo with a friend over voice chat? Somebody who's a bit more calm and would help you with stressful situations. I've played loads of solo games and I didn't have problems with it but when I finally found somebody to duo queue they suddenly became more enjoyable.
Duo ranked? The thing is, I don't want to get "carried", I want to get my own rank and my own rating. As for normals, yeah I tried and it is more enjoyable when the friends who are with you are goofy and chill, and in those rare cases when we could do that I was able to not focus on how bad or how well I do. If I recall correctly, only once have I actually gotten into a chat argument while in voice chat with friends, but that was two years ago and they tried to calm me immediately.
: You can still make the calls with /mute all. You will notice the response of the team is similar :) They have a brain of their own and they will evaluate your call. you can also use pings to make calls.
Kind of also means that I am sacrificing my ability to see what calls the others make in chat, but could be better than falling into arguments and losing games because of them.
: Hey Arin, I'm sorry to hear these games hit you so badly. I think everyone can relate to the frustration you feel, even though we all experience it differently. ---- Fortunately you have already identified a significant part of the reason: _"being the competitive fool I am, I would still treat those games rather seriously as well"_ I've definitely been there, there was a time where I cared A LOT about my rank. I would take these games and my performance super seriously, I'd only play on days where I felt physcially and mentally fit, and had ranked anxiety whenver I queued up. ---- What I found out though is that you have to approach climbing with a different mindset. You actually have to forget your rank for a while, and focus on the way you get there! That means you have to focus on **improving yourself!** Ignore the outcome of the game, ignore what others do, just think about what you can do or could've done different to be better. This will hopefully prevent you from blaming things on your teammates, and allow yourself to get better in the most efficient way, without being fixated on the outcome of the game. Losing a game is not actually a loss! You learn much more from a defeat than a win, keep that in mind, and most importantly, focus on the fun you can have while getting better at the game.
Thank you! I never really blame my teammates though, just argue with them from time to time, but I do get your point. Focusing on what I can improve instead of my score and if it was a victory or defeat really should be better than what I was doing so far.
jogga44 (EUW)
: My recommendation: get used to it or learn to don't care about the lose. You can always quit this game ether. Personally I had a break during preseason, I came back to play a few games last week, didint liked it, maybe I will come back in summer.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: /mute all at the beginning if you have that big problems with the chat. >This game seriously makes me cry from the stress and harassment It's not the game that makes you cry. It's your personality and mindset that make you cry. You aren't focusing on the right things when you lose. You are focusing on the outcome instead of improvement. You are basically saying "omg i'm so bad" and then banging your head against a wall and crying yourself to sleep. What you should do is think "What could I have done there to prevent that death?" or "what could i have done differently to improve my chances of success?". Just mindlessly telling yourself that you are bad doesn't make you improve or make the problem go away.
Fair point. I don't turn to /mute all most of the time because I tend to make calls in chat.
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: I want to reform
If a dumb bear is growling at you, just mute them in every possible way without telling them, because they likely wont have anything useful to ping anyway. Focus on your own mistakes, and rather than lashing out at others, when you find yourself about to burst at one of your teammates, remind yourself of something stupid you did, or even what you could have done better in that situation. Music and snacks also help.
: Bring back the reward after the game! Disappointed!
Riot must see this. Hopefully they notice how the fanbase is definitely not happy with their decision to not include BE rewards after matches. Hell, even to get your champion to mastery level 6, you'd need to grind for about 5 days, **but you'd need to grind all 5 days, and not take huge pauses.** A person who doesn't play league all day would have to grind for several weeks, including the time of not playing, which is absolutely ridiculous. If this does not get fixed or changed, we should riot to riot, or just leave the game to die, because although the rune system is fairly impressive, BE is unfair to many people.
Tralux (EUW)
: Music while playing a (ranked) game?
I do listen to music while playing, even ranked. Mostly heavy rock, many BLEACH soundtracks and some piano/violin music, and it didn't ever distract me. It helps me realize that the ragers and flamers are so insignificant and paying attention to them will only make the game worse. How does it not distract me? Well, I do put it to play, a playlist of 256 tracks, but I tone down the volume quite a bit, while I put the game's volume (turning off its music) up high. That way, I hear the music in background but the game is quite louder. I am a mid lane/jungle main. The music gives me that boost to help me hit almost all of my stuns as {{champion:34}} Anivia, almost always getting that first blood. Or it just helps me go full ape as {{champion:2}} Olaf, and it works. It's not that it _makes_ me start doing that, it actually helps me do it _better_, outplaying the enemies. I don't really make any movements triggered by the music in real life, but when I do make that awesome outplay + the awesome beat, I dance smiling as I'm going back in base. It feels good. TL;DR: Music doesn't control me. All it does is help me play better than I do already, and I can still hear the game's sounds really well.


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