: I recommend trying out champs that you feel interesting in custom games and co-op, so you can get the feel of a certain champ which "can" reduce your chance of getting owned by opponents?
Pretty much just need an AP mid lane, highly preferred assassin, so that I don't mess up the team comps with a Talon pick because he is AD. Already decided on Diana and will probably give Ekko and/or Twisted Fate a chance, first in co-op/custom (like you said), and then bunch of normals. Thanks for the recommendation :)
Marissa (EUW)
: Why not play Anivia then?
Because last time I picked Anivia in ranked I fed. Never again. Stopped picking her at all.
Antenora (EUW)
: Easy AP: {{champion:1}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:90}} I recommend Morgana for a few reasons 1. She has a solid laning phase. 2. She can farm really well with her W which gets CDR and heals Morgana every time it damages an enemy champion, cannon minion or large monster. 3. She has a shield that can completely immune crowd control. 4. She has an AOE Stun ultimate * *_Morgana's ultimate also gives you an advantage vs invisible enemies. If an invisible enemy is nearby your ultimate will light up as ready to use. Also when you ult an invisible target as Morgana you are granted True sight of them which allows you to see them while they are invisible. Really good champion to play into the likes of Akali, Talon, Shaco, Kha'zix, Vayne etc_
Yeah but you see, as I said, I am not good with mages. In fact, mages might work even worse than supports for me. Sure, I mained Anivia last season, but she is quite different compared to the other mages with her kit. As for the other mages, all except Vladimir I am terrible with. Yet assassins work very well with me. Thanks for the suggestion though :)
: {{champion:10}} can do both Mid and Top. Stick with her, she has an extremely low skill floor!
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: {{champion:60}} can be an executor (spider execution damage), but is a jungler. Feels smooth to play her but she falls off late.
Yeah, I like her, but I suck at jungling and I gave up at trying to jungle so yeah...
ByteByte (EUW)
: go galio . easy to play strong .map control. strong wave clear and realy safe . but can not carry as other chamipon. galio is more of team player {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Don't think I will because I want to carry. Thanks for the suggestion though :)
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: {{champion:131}} is an assasin, can roam, has cc, good objective damagr, noz mutch blue rrliant, can snowball. {{champion:245}} i couls tell the same, bur eith a redo button. {{champion:115}} ap, can roam well, good objective control, shoves hard.
: He IS an assassin, that's true. Tanky AP assassin, with high mobility, nearly same niche as Ekko IMO. But "few items" is where midgame ends. Not exactly, but nearly there. Especially so if we take a champ who's lagging behind because of his laning phase being "not the easiest" one.
I tried him two times last year in normals. Laning was super difficult and was only useful late, and even then the end KDA was 7/10/5 and 5/15/15. Both defeats. I don't think I am giving him a second chance.
DutchPro1 (EUW)
: Katarina is similar to Talon's playstyle, but you need to get kills, guess with talon aswell. A safer option is Akali, who spikes very well mid-game, and will still be able to oneshot adc's. Diana is similar to akali in that way except she scales a bit later. I am guessing poke champions isn't your thing
Yep. Poke champions aren't my thing at all.
: np, your style is your style definitely go with diana, a good diana is disgusting and can carry the game
~~Flashbacks to late game Diana 1v5ing my team in ranked, oneshotting me as Talon, and winning the match on her own~~
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: you have 3 ways to deal with it: 1) Dodge 2) Fill in normal draft 3) L2p so you can atleast keep yourself alive, even if you're useless
Does filling in normal draft actually stop the ranked autofill?
: honestly, LB after her next rework, Katarina is a good choice, not too familiar with Akali or Diana but they seem like good choices too if you do want to give mages a shot again I'd go with Xerath, he is pretty safe and easy
LB seems so complicated that I think she is too complex for me, as I am stupid. Katarina, I am not sure if it's worth taking the time away from climbing for practicing her in normals instead. I dislike Akali. Diana has been heavily suggested here, so that might be what I'm going to go for. As for mages.... well, my general playstyle goes against the class completely. Often times when I pick a mage I still only focus a specific target instead of trying to do normal mage things, go all in too deep just to die and don't stay at a distance. So doubt I'll try. Thanks for the suggestion though!
: I've been looking through the champion ranks, and... What about Ekko? He's AP, he's not too hard to play, he's strong, and he's a damned tank-assassin. 2 in 1. And his style is somewhat like Talon's. The only downside I see is that ban rate he's got. PS: and the last one of AP assassins would be Fizz. And that's all, I think... if you do not take Kennen or Nidalee into account.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Pantheon is a good substitute, especially in mid lane since he has such high kill pressure early on, abuse early game to win it Give him a try, you don't need to substitute to AP mages if that isn't what you're best at If you need to go AP, try out Veigar One shot combo from a safe distance, can't go wrong Diana seems fitting for AP talon though
Pantheon... mayyyyyybe. He can be very broken and is fairly easy to play. I am bad with Veigar as I suck at hitting stuff even as Ahri. Thanks!
: have you tried playing as Satan {{champion:17}} ?
Nope and I know I would be bad with him.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: go Vlad. He's AP and tank. Can go mid and top
Think an assassin main can do kinda ok with Vlad?
: +1 to Diana. Katarina is AP assassin. LeBlanc... although I heard them both in a bad state right now. All AP assassins are. How about hybrid, BTW? Akali? She's AD and AP and she has survivability.
I don't like Akali. LeBlanc also seems really complicated for someone dumb and bad like me. But yes, I did consider them both. Would also sink a lot of normals into Katarina if I thought it was worth taking the time out of trying to climb. I like Katarina though.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Maybe try Diana? When I was trying different mid laners, I felt that this two champions had something in common (other than me disliking both of them). Twisted Fate seems like a fine pick also, if you really like to roam, but as I never played him, can't really say anything.
Yep I was thinking Diana. Seems like a solid secondary to Talon. Thanks :)
Rioter Comments
: I mean you could argue that if I am able to spot players who will most likely throw games, then Riot could do that as well and prevent them from going into ranked like this. But this would be a very controversial topic because you would restrict player freedom. It's your decision whether you play ranked or not. There could be players who are totally capable of performing well without experience on a specific champion, because they have good macro, good game knowledge etc and you would basically punish these players unjustly. That's also a problem in Minority Report... is it really ok to punish criminals for something they haven't done yet? There can always be a chance of them not doing it, which is the "minority" in your prediction, but if you want to preserve freedom you have to respect it. TL;DR We have to deal with "feeders" for the sake of preserving player freedom.
Allowing you to pick only champions you have on a mastery level 4 at least would probably also be very controversial, but it could work... maybe.
: Do you know the movie "Minority Report" with Tom Cruise? XD It's fantasy/science fiction. They can catch criminals before they commit crimes. However RIot doesn't have 3 enslaved humans with psychic abilities lying in a water pool to predict that players will throw games before it happens. It's just impossible for the ranked system to do that.
~~Or do they? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)~~
: Here is the issue. If you run into players that are incredibly bad and you think they don't belong where they are you have one obvious question: **How** did they get there? You **know** they are **losing** and you **know** that ranks depend ENTIRELY on **wins and losses**. You **know** that you **can't climb** by losing games and you don't just magically get into ranks where you don't belong. The only way for a player to get into a rank where he "doesn't belong" is: a) getting boosted b) actually getting worse than he used to be ( you can achieve this just by picking a diffrent champion) Just yesterday I had somebody lock in Varus as ADC and because I recently had some very bad experience with bad Varus players I actually went to check his OP.GG. and guess what, he had only 1 Varus game where he fed incredibly hard. So i dodged. This is how you climb faster. You avoid players that just yolo pick champions that they can't even play. The moment they pick such a champion and get into a match they are objectively playing on a rank where they don't belong. Ranks only reflect past achievements, they can never tell you that what a player is doing RIGHT NOW is actually worthy of that rank. Ranks are retrospective by design. Understand how it works and you know what you can expect. It's just unrealistic to think that players always perform in a way that would be worthy of that rank, because it happens pretty often that players just try diffrent things.... even in ranked. There are actually players that only play ranked and don't even bother to go into normals if they try something new. The truth is, you climb much faster if you are able to spot those players, but it's not an easy thing to do. At least the extreme cases can be spotted pretty easily.
I am another example of this. Because I obviously need a secondary role, I would usually pick jungle. However, because I also want to compliment my team composition, I find myself in a need to pick a tankier character. Since I gave up on Rammus, this season I tried Jarvan a bit, and I've only picked him a few times in normals, thought I was ready for ranked because I got his base playstyle figured out and I would perform very well in normals. Well, last time I had to be jungler and we needed a tankish character and I picked Jarvan, I went 5/12... Showed me I am not ready to pick him. Because that one match discouraged me from learning jungle so badly, I am trying to learn top now, but as I said, I am an example of what you said there.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It takes effort to climb, ranked is hard and as you climb it gets only harder. I've seen on these boards a rather surprising amount of people complaining about being unable to climb all while most they invested were about 10 games in total, barely just started. Of course there are also those players who invest alot of games and still don't climb, but they have a different kind of problem, but playing alot is the least of things a player should be doing if he wants to climb. Lastly if you think someone deserves a higher Rank then he should prove it and get that higher rank, otherwise he's the rank he is.
Yeah, no argument there. When I say that I strongly think they deserve a higher rank, I mean that there is some obvious potential, but there is no denying that they are just peacefully sitting in the ranks they can (but don't) climb out of.
: If they deserved a higher rank, they would be higher rank. Doing well in lane, farming well and trading well doesn't mean you are a better player. Often times the people complaining about "elo hell" who "win their lane" are passive players who farm the whole game and refuse to play with their team, resulting in their team feeding (because it's a 4v5). These are the same types of people who type things like "play safe" and "farm under tower" constantly. If your bronze friend deserves high silver / gold, he will get it.
Another point I forgot to bring up - they are not really ranked players. Last few seasons, the Yasuo main got placed in Bronze, the mid lane friend got placed in Silver two seasons ago (now she is pretty much falling into Bronze) and then they pretty much left it there for the rest of the seasons, rarely ever playing ranked yet performing as if they are above the rank they got placed in. A very fair argument is that they did not even really put actual effort into climbing, and that is true, yet there is obvious potential showing. In the original post, i said "stuck" because I saw them both try to get out from time to time. It would also look like they performed fairly decently, yet they would still lose. Yeah, if they really wanted to climb out, they almost certainly could, so at the moment they just do their placements and get into a rank where they don't really look like they belong there. What this goes to show though is that ranked appears to be grindy, you have to play a lot of games to get the rank you deserve, and that's why there might be a surprising amount of good summoners in Bronze (similar case to my Yasuo main friend). Going by this then, if ranked was always supposed to be fairly grindy, then the system is not flawed.
: There's no such thing as elo hell, and anyone claiming there is just refuses to accept they are bad. Notice how anyone agreeing that elo hell exists in this thread is silver-bronze? You can complain about AFKs all you want, but they aren't in every single one of your games. You can complain about "trolls" but what I've noticed is that people complaining about "Trolls" in their games are really complaining about people who don't win their lane. You belong in what elo you are stuck in. If you have 100 games in Silver V, you belong in Silver V. Otherwise, could you please explain how players like myself can get from unranked - gold in <20 games on every account? Could you explain how Eloboosting works? Are challenger players just lucky? Did faker win 3 world championships because he's just insanely lucky? No. I can get gold / plat fast because gold-plat players are easily abuseable. Eloboosting works because eloboosters are far better than average players. Challenger players are challenger because they have perfected the game. Faker won 3 world championships because he's good. Elo hell isn't real. The faster you realise that, the faster you can climb.
Still kind of split for both sides, but you do make a fair point there.
Foxynerdy (EUW)
: I think the case really is that you belong in whatever elo you stuck in. I can take myself as an example. Last season I ended up in D3, almost D2. I spent a long time in Platinum last season, and I generally felt that games in Platinum were harder compared to those in higher Diamond. That is mainly because of my champion pool and play style. Because I play utility support in a very team oriented way. I tend to be the one managing vision well and taking minimum risks, going for the safe calls. But it only works if my team is in sync and agreeing on my decisions. Yeah, I'm usually not the 'play maker', but I'm still doing my job fine. In that case, it fits me better to have a adc of higher elo who make more use of my utility than less skilled adcs in lower elos. Now in current new season, it didn't went very well for me in my placements. And somehow I'm now stuck in Platinum... Normally I would have played Sona, building full AP to dominate. But she got quite a bit of nerf for me to pull it off. I know for a fact that, If I would be better with roaming, basically making more plays, or if I would be able to play certain other champions that are damage oriented, I could still carry myself easily. But I'm currently lacking that skill. Even if I would still be able to perform perfectly well in Diamond the way I normally play. I'm still lacking something that makes me currently stuck. That is something I need to work on. There are so many more aspects of this game than simply say, owning the lane, good with farming, getting kills... and so on. Carrying yourself out of each elo sometimes needs different kinds of strategies and play styles. My point is. If you are lacking any of those set of skills needed to climb. Then you are basically not quite ready yet to reach a higher elo.
So you think that it all really does depend on the skill. I can see where you're coming from and I do agree with you that if you lack a set of skills to climb you just probably are not ready yet and need to improve (unless you really do get lucky with enemies being handicapped with an afk, troll or a feeder), but would you say that same logic applies if you have 4 summoners on your team who got boosted way higher than the rank they belong in, and they are doing very badly? And let's say this repeats a few times. Would this then be considered a test of whether you can carry a few Silvers or Bronzes in a Platinum game?
: SoloQ is a terrible place atm because everyone who wants to prove they are good (even if they are not) plays SoloQ and people have been boosted plenty in the past. A lot of these people even ask for the boosting services again just so they can have the ranked rewards and pretend they are better than the average player. As someone who plays Flex 5v5 and 3v3 as a solo player, I can tell you that I can easily get high gold/low plat in these queues and that I can outplay/outperform most golds, go toe to toe with most plats and usually struggle against diamonds although I've also seen plenty of times that I'd stomp diamond players. That says something about SoloQ, where I drop from gold 5/Gold 4 to silver 2/silver 1 every new season and sincerely struggle to get back up, not because I don't perform well but because people have usually fed the opposing lanes to the point of no return before the five minute mark. Your plat friend can tell me what they want, but there's seriously something wrong in that elo. High silver players should already know how to play when losing especially if they have that fancy plat border from the previous season because in plat people know not to keep engaging like a maniac when they are behind or lose trades. That's how I know there's A LOT of boosted players out there that don't deserve particular ranks. Yet, to some extend I agree that if you cannot climb there's a good chance you're lacking in skill/game knowledge somewhere. So ultimately I think that yes, there are a lot of boosted players and a lot of climbing amounts to sheer luck (let the boosted players be on the opposing team for once and not on yours), but there are also people who overestimate their capabilities. I do not consider myself good enough for Diamond and I think I'd already struggle in high plat. I think I'm pretty solid in gold 1/ plat 5/ plat 4, but a lot of people who beat one diamond player in a bad game for that diamond player (cause I must stress that bad games do happen and people get tilted) tend to get over confident and assume: "oh I beat that diamond so I must be diamond material" while in truth they are barely gold material and just got lucky and that's where I think the biggest problem of ranked is. People that set their goals well beyond the limit of their capabilities and then end up frustrated when they do not achieve that and therefore end up much lower than they should while people that just want to see how far they can get capatilize on these games with tilted players and end up higher than they should. This results in inaccurate representations and frustration all around. OKAY so that was a terribly long rant. Long story short: It's a mixture of luck and skill. There are a lot of boosted players and a lot of simply unlucky players and a lot of tilted players.
Pretty much agree with what you said because as I stated, I'm split and kinda agree with both "skill" and "luck" causes.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: How do you judge whatever someone is worth or not that higher rank? because the game you saw he won, because he got alot of kills, because he stomped in some game? I woul also say you can mostly see only skills that you have yourself(or someone else who has them can poin them out). Whatever it's luck or skill based depends on how many games you've played, if you don't play that much then it's gonna be luck, but if you've played alot then it shows skill(there are still exceptions to this rule, like smurfs)
I personally think that those people I mentioned deserve higher rank because I've seen how they perform many times. And decision making and game knowledge in general. >Whatever it's luck or skill based depends on how many games you've played, if you don't play that much then it's gonna be luck, but if you've played alot then it shows skill That is a good point to make.
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TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: You can be a juggernaut as a support. Or a roamer with damage {{champion:14}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:57}} I played a lot of ad fighers (divers) as support, like {{champion:59}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:58}} it was fun, but if you fail even a bit you cannot assasinate anymore.
Just not my type of thing, but when I'm forced to play support again might as well try that. Thanks for the advice!
: Do you like Supports?
I dislike playing support because I don't do insane amounts of damage and I am not recognized as a "carry". Three years back when some people managed to demotivate me from continuing to main pre-rework Katarina, I tried maining Leona and Soraka in ranked because I would always have to fill. However, being an assassin/juggernaut main at heart, I was always way too aggressive and hated having to babysit a raging toxic adc. Now I finally found my main satisfying role to be assassins and juggernauts, but I hate playing support with a burning passion because it's so painful and so stressing. There's also the feeling that you don't matter at all. But I do love support mains because good supports are amazing.
DeafLord (EUNE)
: Hey are you better buddy :3 i mean are u managing better now one new thing i want to say honestly dont feel bad if you loose, the game is not in its best state with the anti-tank meta now i dont blame riot its hard to code a game im sure and they try everything to make it better... that said its not always that u did bad damn i watch proffesional players get one-shotted so keep it on light weight dont make things harder wish you luck! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you! Yes, I think I am doing better, and I lost my focus on the actual outcome on the game so much that I didn't even realize I am in another loss streak until about an hour ago when I checked my match history to find a friend. Also started using voice chat much more when playing normal games with friends, makes things so much better. Hell, I think my map awareness also improved. This thread was amazing and helpful.
: I suppose its more directed at the player base as opposed to the community, the boards and the people who attend the events etc. are generally sound people, but like I said when you get into a game, you're going to encounter someone who ruins the game for either your team or the enemy team, and when your trapped in those games it leads to those situations and it's not a fun experience at all, and once all fun is sucked from a game, there's no point in continuing. For me, while I enjoy being competitive and playing ranked etc. if I'm not enjoying the game I can't bring myself to play it any longer.
Player base, yeah, that is a better way to put it.
kidutatttoo (EUNE)
: Don't worry i always find people who feed or troll and people who haras. This it's why i lefted playing and nobody its banning the bad Kids.... All i can say it's GOOD LUCK and take chill pills =))){{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: It helps to just expect nothing but toxic bullshit from your "teammates". Most of the time they will deliver but it's easier to handle if you are not expecting anything else
Yeah, that, and /mute all works to deflect most of that toxic bullshit in the first place.
: I just mean the people you encounter when playing games. Most of those people are horrible people, at least from personal experience which is why I've now stopped playing, besides the occasional game. The general community (if you include the boards, the cosplayers etc.) is great, but as soon as you set foot into a game I can guarantee at least 50% of the players in game will do some form of tilting stuff, like the odd passive aggressive comment or outright flame. Although this is personal experience I'm not the only one who see's it that way, if you get put into a game with toxic people, the enjoyment of that particular game and sometimes 2 - 3 games, is sucked dry and demotivates the player, and this leads to them not wanting to finish the game and therefor punished for being forced to remain in a game they don't want to play. It's expected, there's only so much you can do to keep a lid on toxic players etc. but if one individual in a game is the target of 3 / 4 others, and the player on the receiving end just straight up quits because of it, that player essentially is getting punished for being abused, and that's where all fun is removed from the game contributing to situations like the OP has. Granted this isn't the only reason for those problems, but I feel like it's a big part of it.
> [{quoted}](name=Tompoes4310,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=kj8Tjg2Y,comment-id=00080001000000000001,timestamp=2018-02-15T14:44:11.470+0000) > > The general community (if you include the boards, the cosplayers etc.) is great, but as soon as you set foot into a game I can guarantee at least 50% of the players in game will do some form of tilting stuff, like the odd passive aggressive comment or outright flame. Exactly. That is the part of the community my post is directed at. It looks like all the "good apples" just hide themselves from the bad tomatoes, which further twists the general view of the community.
: hope you reach your goal this season. c:
Thank you! You too, if you have any goal this season!
: Let me tell you a secret boys u need to be strong i see other players as object and i see only myself u must be strong u musnt let them controll you or the game you must take controll. With this i have reached diamond for 3 seasons in a row. Doing what i want and not listening to others also self improving and not caring if others lose n game cuz ik ill evwntuely climb despite them
Some people don't want to abandon their feelings.
DeafLord (EUNE)
: Glad i was able to help! I like trying to support people who are going trough sad things like this because i have many expiriences (irl) not going to share my past for obvious reasons and its nice when people reach out to help you it doesnt help that much but it restores some hope and faith oh it went a bit longer than expected sorry for spamming. Sincerely - A Rengar main that hunts for thoose who need help {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
If that's what you call "spamming", spam all you want xD It's completely okay, and thank you for being a good person.
DeafLord (EUNE)
: Yeah i didnt really think about that.Well i guess the best thing is taking breaks after getting hit with adrenaline. Look when ur trying something hard and get a good pump from the adrenaline rush u start making mistakes so its best to keep it calm take deep breaths, count them and go!Everytime u loose dont look at what you have done and why u lost keep it positive and say it like that "i have a whole year to play i will get there success comes with trying u never loose until you give up, beating myself up and blaming myself its no good if theres many against me... theres one for me and thats me only i can change what im doing and how i am SO IM GOING TO WIN THIS!" Hope it helped maybe it didnt.Glad to have you on the rift... {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
You helped, thank you so much. And right back at you, glad to have you on the rift. Good luck & have fun! :)
Grendel G (EUNE)
: Look, I don't wanna be rude when saying this. But you should just ignore the %%%%%%s. Sorry but there's just no other way to put it. I used to flame the fluke out of people who challenged me. Now I'm just like "this guy just lost a 1v1 to a Nunu while playing Yi, lmao". I'm not telling him that, but just thinking about how bad players think they played flawless no longer angers me. It's just amusing at this point. If you just want to be at peace with the idea of raging kids in your games, what makes me feel better is watching LS comment on people who send him their negative winrate, silver 4, 1000 Riven games op.gg claiming it's not their fault that they lose games and watch him flame them, cause that's basically who your team mates are. "it's your fault noob, I watched 2 videos of box box and an entire 10 minute video of TheShy, I'm a master now" (note: he did not watch a full gameplay video of either of the players, he watched montages) like those are the people you are arguing with. Just imagine your team mates as a "league of legends fail compilation" video and just laugh it off when they play like they forgot to turn on their monitor and type ":(" when they flame you. That way you are communicating to them that their message deeply offended you and that you care about their opinion on the matter and did not want to let them down. That, or you could not care less.
It actually is a fun way to look at it, thanks!
: It's nice to see so many people supporting but I have to ask, cry? Why, over a game? If a game can make you cry then you are taking this way too seriously and you probably have some self-esteem issues. Not trying to go all psychological on you, I know nothing about you, but I get you and I've been there, years ago when I was struggling with personal issues. If something that is supposed to be fun is causing such a negative emotional reaction, then the issue is probably not even related to the game. You are allowing something insignificant to get to you because it means more to you _than it should._ This last part is the problem, it's only a game and says nothing about you whatsoever. It's not even something you can be proud of nowadays -- hey babe,guess what, I'm gold - gold what? - gold rank in a video game -okay...so what? -that's the usual (and normal) conversation you will get in the real world. It simply does not matter, you should be playing only for your own enjoyment, which means you should take a break when it's no longer enjoyable. Don't blame this on the community as this has nothing to do with anybody besides you. You are willingly and consiously on the internet where people don't have to like you,agree with you, or even respect you, that's just how it is. Riot has plenty of rules to punish those who flame but there will always be somebody saying bad things to you. If you cannot handle it, then you really should sit down for a bit and think about the reasons. Did they hurt your feelings by calling you bad? - why do you care what somebody online whom you will probably never see again thinks about you? Did it make you feel like you're terrible? - you were terrible, terrible at the champ you picked, terrible at the choices, even terrible at the game but we were all terrible once, you have to start somewhere if you want to learn. There's nothing wrong with being bad, as long as you're trying to become better. Did it make you feel like there's no point playing again? - you won't get anywhere in game, or in life, if you give up so easily when somebody irrelevant criticizes you. Yes I am being harsh, because I don't like the fact that you are blaming somebody else for your reaction. "The players in this game REALLY know how to push me off the edge and make me fly off the hook = I'm willing to bet that most of my loss streaks come from my anger and bad mood/ I can't stop arguing" You are angry, competetive, argumentative, (assuming) guy, and you are sick of this community because you can't control yourself? And you want what, the whole community to change so you wouldn't cry, or you want to change your own perspective so you could play this game in a heathier way? My advice - always play with friends, don't play solo. This way you will have some support. - take breaks, a lot of breaks, after every loss, just to cool down. Play with your pets during the breaks. - don't play too much, this game is not for the emotionally unstable, it will only become worse if you don't learn to look at it as your choice of fun, not something you have to do to prove your worth.
I will just say that you are right about the self esteem issues - I do have extreme self hate. Don't know how to respond to anything else.
theo0717 (EUNE)
: Man take my advice and find a hobby and quit this game its unhelthy 4 u and u wont gain anything from it.. Games are suposed to make you happy right noppe this game is just making all the players feal like drug adicts
Don't want to quit because of the friends I have there. And I did actually gain quite a bit from it so far, such as better reflexes, hand to eye coordination, general fun in the past and inspiration. Although frustrating, I don't regret being here.
DeafLord (EUNE)
: Try to have fun u play with friends right, so do i, go top nunu and teemo or bot zed and rengar on a normal game have some laugh dont feel bad about hell one game we were dancing for 30 mins with the enemy team. Good luck summoner!
Though I am really competitive and I am practicing for ranked... fun is hard to come by at this point. But thank you!
eSuba Kenda (EUNE)
: Snowflake. Guys of your age 100 years ago were rushing trenches against machinegun nest and you are crying over a stupid videogame. There is one magic button - its caled mute button which will mute all chat. and there are a pings you can use to communicate.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheArin,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=kj8Tjg2Y,comment-id=000f000000000000,timestamp=2018-02-13T00:48:59.789+0000) > > How long should those breaks be in your opinion? Depends how tilted you are and/or how you feel. Here's my old plan for example: - Tilted on a light level: 30 minutes to 2 hours - mostly when I lost 2 games in a row. - Tilted on a normal level: A few hours, longer than 2 - mostly when I lost 3 or 4 games in a row. - Tilted on a high level: 1 day or longer - mostly when nothing worked and my teammates didn't even try to play. - And if you just can't endure it anymore: up to a week or longer. And don't try to play too many games in one day. It's not healthy. It's different in the pro-scene tho. Since it's their life they moslty make small breaks when everything goes wrong and go into a queue again asap. They need it tho. You can make your own plan for yourself if you're not happy with that. It was a example what I did in the past. Since IDC about anything, I just play a few games depending on the mood I have. Or more precisely, 1-4 games a day (I don't play everyday tho).
Thank you. That could work, because I don't want to lose "momentum" because I am practicing in the first place so that I can be sure I am ready for ranked and that I am back in shape, so that's why I wasn't sure about how long the breaks should be.
: Then you get spammed mia ping
Those people get their pings muted too then. Because if all they do is spam that ping, they do not have anything useful to ping anyway.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheArin,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=kj8Tjg2Y,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2018-02-12T23:21:45.346+0000) > > Thank you. I really hope so, because I want to have fun like I have when I started playing League back at the end of season 3. It&#x27;s extremely hard to just enjoy the game now, but I don&#x27;t want to quit either. You don't need to "quit the game". It's more than enough if you make breaks to clear your head. I already saw that you are a competitive player in that post, but even some LCS players make little breaks when they're not doing well in one day. And I would suggest to invite some friends to a normal or other modes to have some fun. It's hard to have fun solo in normals and rankeds when there are tryhards or teammates who just troll on purpose or feed. I mean you still can have fun if you go Solo in games, but it's just hard atm if you want to win. That's why I said "just don't care about winning or loosing". The fun could come back in time.
How long should those breaks be in your opinion?
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