Eambo (EUW)
: Flex Queue Fix and (Re)Placements Information
Mates, MMR is what it is and as Eambo told you, this was essentially a soft reset and you all know how that goes - you play 10 placements and based on your MMR you get placed in a League where your MMR is within the average of that League. It pulled down all the diamonds, masters and challengers to Plat 1, so it's pretty natural for a silver 1 to land in bronze 3 with 5/5 placements. It's the same every year and the same for all the 100 million players so it's high time you just accept it. Furthermore it has been 1 week so all the cries by people that "really earned their rank" is not serious. Regarding the other complains - this is what the preseason is for - roll out all the new stuff, fix all the bugs caused by the new stuff and balance the new stuff. Again - same as every year. See it more like a live beta test and that what you experience is monitored and used to make League great in the next season and you will an easier time accepting it.
: OMG 8 Month !!!!!!!! and riot didn't solve the problem
Hey dude, mind sharing what VPN you use? It would be greatly appreciated!
N o (EUW)
: How tolerant is Rito to offensive names?
Report those to Player Support - punishments go beyond forced name change.
: Permanently banned for what?
This is totally enough for a punishment, it's obviously at least your third punishment and the mere fact that you still don't realize you act like a complete a**hole makes this ban totally, utterly deserved.
armaniko (EUW)
: Perma-banned for self defence.
Self-defense refers exclusively to protect your physical well being in a situation that you can't avoid, which is totally inapplicable to a chat conversation over the internet inside a game. What you did was "flaming back". And since you have done it at least 3 other times before that, you got permabanned.
ZartarUK (EUW)
: maybe but then people are going to end up with a lot of built up chests by the end of the season
How so if the chest limit is also 4 per month? (One per 168 hours to be exact)
: The community is not that salty after all
I think it's "Naming&Shaming" only, "Naming&Praising" should be fine imo.
: The 14 days ban is not a big enough warning. Make it more clear [suggestion]
You don't want a harsher replacement for the 2W-Ban, you want an extra step before the perma. And you will not get it for a very simple reason - Riot doesn't want you to stop flaming because you have realized how much $$$ your account is worth or what it means to you - Riot wants you to stop being a dick to your teammates. And for people who want to stop behaving like assholes they have calculated that 2-Weeks is enough to realize how you behave and change it, should you want to change it ofc.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: IP ban = gg
1. "IP" ban is negated by simply having an ISP with dynamic IPs or use a VPN - just the German Telekom owns 29 million (!) of IPs and technically they could assign you any one of those if you are their customer. Although it's not exactly like that (IPs are split by area, service used etc) it's still a couple of tens or hundreds of thousands of possible IPs you get with your "Home ADSL in Bayern" service plan. Here is a list for Germany - http://www.nirsoft.net/countryip/de.html 2. If they ban your mac address you can change it/buy a new PCI ethernet/wirless card. 3. Changing just your GPU, or maybe even just putting in some extra RAM and reinstalling windows should clean out any "unique" hardware ID, hidden files or any other bullshit they try to identify you with 4. (very important) It's illegal for a game developer to ban a person from a game - you can only legally ban his "license" which is his account.
Jeegro7 (EUNE)
: Recover My Account
Sharing your account with your friend and him using scripts is actually worse than you scripting yourself since this breaks 2 points of the ToU instead of 1. Not that it matters - accounts that scripted never get unbanned, I'm just trying to tell you that "my friend played on the account not me" actually makes you more guilty, rather than being an excuse.
CryGods (EUW)
: I see myself going afk in many games so I don't have to flame...
I hope they start banning people like you. The other 3 people in the game don't deserve to play 4v5 because you are to fragile to use the mute and report buttons like everybody else.
Wetallday (EUW)
: If those reports really mattered, you would have been given a notification that 'your recent behaviour is not blablabla'. If you didnt get that, the reports wont matter.
This is incorrect - that notification is based exclusively on the number of reports and not on their quality. It has been around long before the system was introduced and you get it a lot more from trolling 4-man-premade groups than from actually solid reports.
Mogadishu (EUW)
: 14 days of ban for this?
I start to feel the system has a sense of irony - I always see the banned guys saying "say bye to your account" xD On a serious note - write to support, there is probably a lot more where this came from.
tetzudo (EUW)
: Report button in champion select to discourage pre-game flamers and trolls
A report button in champselect will discourage flamers as much as the report button after the game discourages in-game flamers :D I feel champselect toxicity has gotten a lot less since fights over picks are history.
: Leaverbuster Query
My personal opinion is that the LeaverBuster should factor reports. Although Riot states that even though you came back and you guys won, technically your team played 4v5 for a while, which is a negative experience in most cases and that it will more often lead to a loss than a win. I personally disagree with that. I think that people like you, that managed to came back, apologized, played with their team and in the end won should be spared, whereas people that die 3 times and sit in base for 2-3 minutes and spam laugh should be punished. On the other hand, if people in your situation get pardoned all the time they will keep playing like that, whereas the leaverbuster more or less forces you to address your connection issues, so it has it's upsides. A change to the system would take a lot of resources, whereas the impact wouldn't be large enough to justify it IMO. They already changed LeaverBuster a while back and moved it from punishing players with actual bans from the game to just having to wait a couple of minutes before you can play.
Goofrian (EUW)
: After watching Riot Lyte on GDC vault.
Every study done by Riot is published. However it's not published under "Riot Games" and doesn't have "League of Legends" in the title, it's usually by a group of scientists with Jeffrey Lin among them and has a generic socio-psychological title. Claiming that a huge multinational game developer, owner of one of the biggest online games in the world is falsifying data in order to prove a point to it's player base and goes as far as spam the scientific community with that false data is complete nonsense.
ImasX (EUW)
: The game is designed to make you rage. So many factors decide whether you win or lose (not just skill). As a player, you have to deal with a lot of crap as it is. If or when a player gets in your way of success, then it gives birth to rage. There is no stopping that. I dont condone raging/flaming. I still think its wrong. But on the other hand, sometimes I understand when a player gets upset. The @#$& I have seen with my eyes... disgusting. Can you imagine that a person comes online, only to ruin your day? Things dont go their way, so they ruin the whole match because _why not_. Or they talk smack for absolutely no reason. All chat is even worse sometimes, the crap enemies say is crazy. I find myself dying and losing a lot with other games too, but I have never raged as hard. Only LoL is able to make me explode. Zero bans though, only one chat restriction for some matches. There is pretty much only one solution. Quitting lol.
Believe me, I get it. I've spent 5+ years prior to LoL in a Dota 1 Eastern European Garena room. Where there is not only 0 rules about behavior (only hacks got you banned) but you could just leave a game... and join a new one. So you could join a game, die, flame your team, then troll and feed for a while and when it gets boring just leave, with a smile on your face. It may also be due to my sports background - I played on an amateur basketball team for 7 years. We've had people doing poorly, we have had people not showing up for a league match, we have had hungover people that were "feeding" - sure, there was some jokes and maybe some single angry remarks. But there were never insults, fights, constant harass or anything like that. We were a team and it was how it was, so you either ~~ quit~~ or you deal with it, do your best and hope it's enough.
: If that were true, people would not commit murder in the heat of the moment or have the strength to fight against injustice... you are basically being a pacifist by saying that.
They commit murder in the heat of the moment and unless in self defense (which is not applicable in League because of /mute) they go to prison. The fight against injustice for this community is to fight for flamers to get banned and not ruin their fun. If there were no aggressors everybody would be a pacifist, that's not a bad thing.
: So basically, you are saying that Riot, as a company, did not put in a system that is easily abusable into the game? You are saying that Riot is blameless for everything that caused a player to get banned in the first place. If the game was fair and balanced, people would not rage, its basic psychology. Stop seeing Riot as this benevolant entity because they are not. They want money, that is all they want and having this ban system actually benefits them in the long run since people will pay for things on new accounts and they get double the amount of money. Riot arn't stupid, they are making money off the backs of people who are normal human beings and don't have saint like levels of patience with the stupid people that infest this game. I would be suprised if their "balance team" actually get told to make certain things overpowered to MAKE people flame. Its actually pretty clever but extremely underhanded.
Life isn't fair and the world isn't balanced, yet I don't see people behaving like that on the street, in school, at work, etc.
: Well, I've only gotten a 14 day bann so far last season and a few chat restrictions, the thing which annoys me is that you get a message saying your behaviour is bad and you should improve it, but i never got told what it exactly was. Yes, I do sometimes get mad at people for stupid mistakes or intentionally trolling/feeding/going afk. but I am improving my behaviour a lot to try and not flame those people in those situations. It is legit true that when you have a more positive attitude and never give up you can still win games. For example- we were down 8k gold, 20 kills, and they had a fed nasus, zed and diana. I was nautilus support, kept nasus top busy for 15 minutes to stall the game {or lux was afk first 3 minutes and zed had free farm mid) when there were fights or enemies outta position I would peel for my team and pick them off. and a miracle occured! after 40-50 minutes we actually won the game because our sivir and master yi were able to scale due to the pick-off and stalling! {the most amazing thing was that we were still about 4k behind and 10/20 kills behind when we finished) so yes, non-toxic behaviour is better for your games. to get back to the topic- I think the system has a few leaks in it. last season I know some friends of mine were going in game with a plat friend and as a joke reported him for toxicity 20 games straight 4 reports every game. he got a chat restriction as a result even though he hadn't said a word during all those 20 games! I do think the system is improved, as very toxic people who get reported do get punished {i've gotten 2 messages so far that toxic people i've reported got punished) however, i still think its kinda worrisome. as im Bronze {in series to S5, Yes I know im terribly bad) I see A LOT of players reporting others for flame and feeding just because they have a bad game{including in my own team). if it's true that your ''peers'' decide if you are toxic or not, then every player in low elo after about 5/10 bad games could have about 17 unrightful reports { it's an example not a fact) because people in low elo will report you for everything if they think ur bad. so how does the system sort out legit reports and fake reports? I've never really understood that. as far as my 14 days bann, it was a legit and right bann, I used to be pretty toxic {played too much CoD I guess) but the actual game I got reported for the last time and banned was because I told an akali who went fll mana build to troll to stop being a bronze 5 troll. kinda ironic that the flamer got banned and not the troller, yes I realised my response was bad and i'm trying very hard to not flame people. but sometimes it will slip through, and I smack myself for my head then if I do. Toxicity is bad, and people should try to be not toxic at all. I hope someday I will be fully able to stop this bad behaviour, and i'm working really hard on it. anyone got ideas about what to do when you have a 0/10/1 Jayce mid and you really, really, really, need to let of steam?
A couple of things to know: 1. The system has been upgraded since last season. At the beginning there were some false positives, Lyte unbanned some people and increased the ban for others, it's machine LEARNING after all. From what I have seen so far all bans are accompanied with a legit chatlog and if not you can ask for it through Player Support. So # of reports does NOTHING now, if they are not legit. 2. You think you are only ruining it for the guy you flame, but I can tell you that even if I'm not flamed, seeing someone flame on team chat is really ruining my fun. Multiple this by 3, or even by 8 if you also write "Report XXX" on all chat and you get your answer why flamers are a lot more toxic than doing bad. 3. The MMR-System is fairly accurate, so you usually play vs people with similar skill. This means that in most cases where you are doing really good, is because your opponent is doing poorly. Sure, there are games where you outplay an equally skilled guy, but those are not the majority. And that's for top and mid. Now imagine a poorly doing jungle targeted by 4 people, or an support heavily targeted by his adc and you understand what a huge problem criticizing in a hostile manner is.
: Yes, i get your point. But it is a variable that should not shaking that much, after all the MMR the "number" that define where you really belong, more than your rank. So, for that to change i think you need to have a progression of games to re-analyse your position in the ladder. Thanks for the answer. Btw, both games were solo, not dynamic.
Check your match history, maybe someone played on your account and lost.
: On my main I received an accumulation of bans and chat restrictions which lead to the permanent ban. What is frustrating as the final straw I believe I did not personally deem to be severe enough to receive the ban, that's my opinion though. I'll post some notable things here which lead to the final ban and tell me what you guys think. "Dude stop fucking trolling, why the fuck are you AFK we can still win" "I'm tired of these c***ts every single game" "I've told you fucking 5 times now stop fucking over extending you have died 7 times now I can't carry people this shit" "How can you be so retarded? I can't be at every fucking lane" "Lol you fucking retard" (i was actually being sarcastic to a friend xD) "Wow 4 people with 40 combined deaths, why do I always get these fucking idiots" "qqqqqqq for fuck sake I was chatting lol, killed by a noob aha" (obviously trying to spam click q while chatting lol) "you're a disgusting c***t, fucking telling people to get cancer" So yeah these were a few things and probably the most "severe". I understand that my language is well, colourful to say the least but there's a language filter. If these swears were replaced by words which were not would I have gotten the ban? I don't think so. Anyhow I don't believe I should have received a permanent ban for things such as this, a permanent chat restriction would surely make sense. What do you guys think? Was I really being that much of a dick compared to other players act in some comparison. It's not like I directly attack anyone, this is a competitive game and it's "normal" to get frustrated, especially when people intentional troll or AFK. Hopefully I will get some people replying who will understand my point and others who will disagree, so if my ban is down to players I probably got stuck with people who can't comprehend the slightest bit of swearing and never been in a situation where they've lost their shit due to frustration, which seems a tad unfair. I have people swearing and moaning all game every game, do I straight away go and report that person? No of course not, this is a competitive game and it's understandable that some people get pissed off and people channel their frustration in many ways, for me it's typing. The only times I actually report people is for intentional trolling or when people directly attack someone by wishing them cancer and stuff like that.
There is a difference between generic swearing and swearing directed towards someone. Keep in mind that for a permaban you don't need to do something super severe, you just need to keep being toxic and get permabanned because it's your 4th punishment. Also - don't compare yourself to other players - they get judged and banned for their own behavior separately from you. And yes - since the official number of permabans is <1%, the community believes that you are being consistently toxic. And nobody is talking about not being frustrated - I have screamed, cursed, hit my desk and do other stuff many times, but I don't put that into the chat. The general idea of wanting to make someone feel bad because they make you feel bad is wrong. Revenge isn't acceptable since ancient times.
ZeeDarkon (EUW)
: Toxic piece of shit {{summoner:11}} /s seriously though, if someone recognizes his toxicity as wrong, and proceeds to change it, i do not mind him or her making an alternate account and playing again if they want to. on the contrary, someone that comes here and makes a post about how other people made him flame them, or how unfair the ban is because he was only slightly toxic (after having been chatbanned and 14 day banned before), probably will never be able to play this game without beeing toxic.
Exactly -unless they realize their own mistakes, nothing will change. We have seen some people on this boards with 4 permabanned accounts and they still blame other players or Riot.
: What do you do when you have a player like this in a game? I'd like suggestions, so I can deal with my problem. I mean by this a player who rages uncontrollably, giving kill after kill, and/or being toxic to teamates - and where they calming down is essential to winning the game. Ty.
It just is how it is dude. There are games, where you will have a flamer. In others you will have an AFK. In others you will have someone who is really bad/drunk/feeding. Not only is it a decent thing to do, but not starting to flame (and also not afking/feeding) gives you a STATISTICAL ADVANTAGE - there are only 4 potential flamers/feeders/afks in your team VS 5 potentials in the enemy team. You are the only constant in the game so rather than focusing on how bad others are doing, try to do your best - Even if you only carry 1 in 20 games, this would change your winrate from 50% (stuck in your current League) to 55% (slowly climbing). On top of that, if you are positive and a guy on your team is on the edge of being toxic you being nice to him could change him to being positive and trying his best ( so even higher winrate). I've often seen feeders/flamers who, after being friendly towards them, change to positive players and try harder (play better). I have never seen in my 5+ years and 5+ years in Dota a game where someone who gets flamed starts to get better. I have however seen plenty of games where someone being flamed started playing WORSE, feeding/trolling or just ragequit. It's totally worth to be a man about it and respond to flame with mute, rather than flame back. You should definitely try it out for 1 month and see for yourself that you will enjoy the game more.
: more than 10 years? this game was released under 6 and a half years ago buddy
Before League was created I played Dota 1 in an Eastern European Garena Room, buddy. Trust me, I've seen flame and I deserve to get justice in action, as does anybody else. Big shoutout to Cerilium for understanding what I'm talking about and clarifying it.
Rioter Comments
: Okay so I get banned for this ? Really riot ? Can you just stop man this is getting ridiculous
Mate, sorry for the harsh words, but the only pathetic thing in this thread is you. Writing stuff like "fuck this kid" and "go uninstall" among other negative stuff and then saying "really Riot?" is just.... And you, the person who can't control his anger issues and feels the need to insult people in a game (obviously several times) tells others to grow up? The majority of people here agree that your ban is deserved and that they wouldn't want to play with you - that's the reason why you got banned, not because of Riot. So you either start to CARE for the feelings of other people, or you can go "be right and grown up" in another game - your choice.
Brocks91 (EUW)
: Make the players banned by leaver buster ineligible to earn Hextech rewards
With the current form of Leaverbuster I don't agree with your suggestion. However I agree that LeaverBuster needs to be improved with harsher punishments for people that actually ragequit. As I don't have statistics I can't say how you are gonna differ between people with a lot of internet issues and ragequiters, but if it can be found mathematically, that ragequitters leave more than people with very shitty internet, then there should be a harsher punishment, like 24h ban. If this gets introduced I would agree with banning people from hextech for 1 week if they get 24h leaverbuster ban.
: "jpatch.exe has stopped working" and patcher stuck at 99% since 10 minutes
Hey dude, can you please go to the following page and try the steps described in the "Force repatch" section: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202969434-Patching-Issues#section-windows Also try running the game as admin (rightclick on the exe -> run as administrator) or just go to the LoL folder and start lollauncher.admin rather than just lol.launcher.
: For the ones so called admins
Hey dude, League has 67 million worldwide players, if this was happening to everyone there would be a huge drama on forums, but there is not. This means that it's your PC. Your best bet is to write to support to have them help you with your tech issues.
: How can i use all my Ram plz help me
Hey dude - you either have no dedicated GPU so that Intel GPU uses up your ram, or you have 32bit Windows. You need 64bit to use more than 3GB
Ryunedo (EUNE)
: Grade system is not fair for support players >:(
Can't agree - saw a game lately, where the ADC Ezreal was 10/3/20 and got A+ while the support TF with no ward item (maybe sold in lategame) with 8/11/18 got S. The system is really generous towards supports imo, as long as they actually support :D
Reaching full build is difficult for a support pre-40 minute IMO + at this point at least 3 people on the team should have upgraded red trinket, which reveals champions, bushes etc. Really don't see the issue here.
: Chat restriction
I will try my best to give you a "Best Of" of your flame. If you don't accept this feedback you are on a slippery road to a permaban within the next 3 months. Please understand that this behavior is totally unacceptable and change it. You will make everyone, inlcuding yourself very happy if this is your LAST ban. Edit: Actually, I won't do it. If you don't realize how calling people "Idiots" "Stupd fucks" and "The cancer of lol today" I can't help you. Good luck.
iKinneas (EUW)
: Really Riot, really?
VPNs and and 3G/4G USB Sticks beg to differ as well :D
: Permanttly BANNED
Rekt by google translate
: When it comes to flame I'm a simple man
Be the real simple man - "I see flame I press mute+report".
: because we can not test the skin for seven days
Well this is exactly what you do - you get a shard, you test the skin for 7 days and then decide whether to buy it now, wait for it to go on sale or don't buy it.
: Mouse input lag , I need help
23 FPS?! What PC do you have?
Smetn (EUW)
: To the Syndra who made us lose a winning game because an ally picked Singed jungle.
I also get pleasure from this and I don't see how you are pathetic or toxic because of it. I've been playing with toxic, leaving, afking, trolling etc players for more than 10 years and I'm happy that finally a game created a system that takes care of those quickly and efficiently. It restores my faith in justice and in the game developer to be fair and caring for his players. You have all right to feel pleasure from this.
budda12 (EUW)
: ban 14 days for joking about the speech of a punisher
Somehow I don't believe that's the only thing you said. Me and the majority of the community doesn't believe people who tell us what they said, instead of showing us.
: Reasons I'm giving up on playing ranked.
Every game on this planet has this players. Sometimes they are flamers. Sometimes they are just really bad. Sometimes they just leave. Sometimes it's a mix of all those 3. It has happened to me on EVERY MOBA I've ever played and EVERY MMORPG where there are mass-raids. As long as you keep up this mentality nothing will change. Only if you start thinking "If I was stronger, maybe I could've carried 4v5" you will climb.
: This guy destroyed my game with feeding flaming etc, and i got suspended?
ZeeDarkon (EUW)
: do you want to be stripped off every LP you ever got from someone AFKing on the enemy team? because its probably more than you lost due to AFKs. statistically its way more likely for an AFK to be on the enemy team than on your team. it actually helps you climb.
> [{quoted}](name=ZeeDarkon,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=dW88uEq5,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-04-10T20:55:57.101+0000) > > do you want to be stripped off every LP you ever got from someone AFKing on the enemy team? because its probably more than you lost due to AFKs. statistically its way more likely for an AFK to be on the enemy team than on your team. it actually helps you climb. Considering you NEVER AFK this is actually correct.
: Betrayed by Riot (Riot ignoring Law)
Riot generally always tell you why an account is banned if you can prove it's your account. I would recommend sending in another ticket.
Svvish (EUW)
: "I Agree"
Ooook, so please tell me how exactly would Riot see if it was power loss, ISP problem or just you pulling the plug on your modem/router/PC?
FuIIauto (EUW)
: Fragment from op's match history: http://puu.sh/obqFk/6f8df3f63a.jpg Maybe theres a problem? :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) %%%.
> [{quoted}](name=lmperial,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=aIBqU9Is,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2016-04-09T02:35:27.869+0000) > > Fragment from op's match history: > http://puu.sh/obqFk/6f8df3f63a.jpg > > Maybe theres a problem? :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) > %%%. Told ya, feeding 2-week ban
: it's not hard to make a system that recognises a disconnect or an actual leave. if a player is in a ranked game and he disconnect he shouldn't get a bann. you are saying it's his responsibility to have a stable internet but when your ISP suddenly has shitty connection there isn't crap you can do about it
> [{quoted}](name=KingAurelion,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7pa7wJX4,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-04-09T10:09:12.969+0000) > > it's not hard to make a system that recognises a disconnect or an actual leave. if a player is in a ranked game and he disconnect he shouldn't get a bann. you are saying it's his responsibility to have a stable internet but when your ISP suddenly has shitty connection there isn't crap you can do about it It's impossible. The last time I saw a system like this was 1999 when I was playing Brood War. Maybe it was just the server I played on, but if you disconnect you didn't get a lose. Back then me and everybody else I guess had this cute little disconnecter program, that was exactly mimicing a disconnect. Not just like cutting your internet connection, it actually simulated a time-out struggle - it cut off receiving packages mostly, send out a couple to keep the connection alive some more, and slowly dropped it, so it would look exactly like a standard internet issue. So naturally, 16 years ago, noone is so naive as to make such a function. Leavers are leavers and their internet stability is their problem. If it's suddenly and 1 time, you don't get a ban, you get banned for multiple games. So yes, if you have this in more than 1 game it's your responsibility to call the ISP, have them fix it, if it's all the time change the ISP.
Svvish (EUW)
: "I Agree"
Having a stable internet connection and PC is your responsibility as a gamer. I would write to Player Support - maybe your issue can be fixed easily.
: Hextech crafting - I LOVE YOU RITO!
You actually got really lucky! Congrats :D
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