Neonchan (EUW)
: That's normal, everything until lvl 30 is basically a really long tutorial, so just mute flamers and take the time to learn. At lvl 30, make sure you have all runes and masteries filled out and you can start to play on par with everyone. If you have a bit more specific questions, ask. "Give advice" seems a bit too broad to answer
Thx it calms me to know that. ALL these comments makes me STAYING STRONG!! So thank you out there for helping me in trouble. lol boards has more than i expected!
: everyone sucks at level 23 and for a long time after that. maybe you're playing against smurfs. usually, other beginners should be on your level. the problem is that there is no way for you to avoid smurfs except playing in custom games where you know your enemies. maybe you can look for other beginners to play with on the forum while specifying that smurfs are not welcome.
customs? i havent thought about! i h8 playing against enemy smurfs! thank you!
: dw, there are diamond players who suck at this game, I get 'em all the time. practice makes perfect and just play for fun. Also, mute the chat if you don't like someone (heaven knows why a lvl 23 would get flamed at anyway, people now are too toxic).
mute? gr8 i didnt knew that!! thx!
: Be at peace, i am lvl 30, play since S3, and i suck at LOL, too :) The key is to have fun!
i forget that all the time! thx!
pawn ll (EUW)
: hey man dont give up. that is key. no matter no much people put u down DONT LET THEM! 1. practice makes perfect. try playing a champion for a while (unless u get bored with him) ( keep a small champion pool) 2. know your match ups top lane is very bloody lots of harassment. your still new to the game. after losing a game try to look up a recent champion spotlight/guide to the champion you just lost to. it is very key to know what to expect from ur enemy. 3. use bushes more often, new players dont care or realize that when u auto attack an enemy champion, minions will attack you. they might have low dmg but it builds up if they continue to hit you. running into an unwarded(enemy ward) bush will make them attack minions instead. 4. like i said knowing you enemies helps so positioning also wins you the lane, know his range of attacks/spells and how they move (for example diana's q is banana shaped and hits all, lux's snare is a straight line and hits only first 2 hit) so standing away from direct fire or away from melee range helps. 5. recall/cs: cs isnt everything. its not worth dieing for a few minions. your enemy will gain upto 350 gold and experience by killing you + you will be dead so will not gain farm nor exp. so basicly bow out if needed and recall there is no shame in losing cs and just gaining exp from range or recalling even if its often. deaths make things alot worse then before. 6. map awareness/warding: warding is important, try to keep a ward in the bush behind u coming from river (river bush if ur blue team or tri bush if ur red team) having a ward there really really helps. ofc there is no use of having a ward there if u dont pay attention, map awerness is very important. it is hard at first but it is very rewarding. you will not regret learning it (you will later also notice if enemy mid is missing or support or if enemy jungler shows up for a gank botlane) 7. better positioning: try to stick the side of lane near the three bushes if your closer to the river you can get ganked easier cause u have less time to react to ganks. 8. trading: to trade or not to trade(dmg trades). this is really really important. it is very very flexible and differs from game to game even if u had this match up before. don't trade unless you will get the better end of it. ask your self before u go in, will i lose this trade? most of the time the person initiating the trade will get hit the most ( not necessarily taking the most dmg but he will get hit the most for sure) for example ur playing nasus and want to last hit a minion, an enemy renekton slices towards u and stun then q's you and dices back. he will be getting hit by the minions in a situation where enemy tries to hit and run, its best to try to hit him and then run into a bush. because he initiated your minions will attack him before they attack you dealing dmg to him). if you keep getting ganked or are losing a trade try to farm safely by hitting minions farm from him but close to your tower ( so basicly if hes at your ranged minions dont walk pasted him to hit the ranged ' far from him ' minions you need to be safe. 9. potions are your friends: dont be afraid to spend money on potions or flasks, if you feel that u will get hurt alot (based on previous experiences on a match up) buy flasks or lots of potions and dont use them only when ur low. if your down 300 hp use a potion they only heal you like 140 anyways! 10. dont be shy to ask for a gank: ask your jungler for help if u need it but if he agrees try to stay healthy untill he arrives and dont get to cocky just cause its a 2v1 doesnt mean it will end in your favor! your mid could assist you as well. if your enemy flashes tell ur jungler/mid that he flashed and try to have a general idea when his flash is back up for easier ganks. 11. ganking: if your champion's kit allows you to be helpfull else were use it! malphite for example teleport is amazing for botlane but nasus early game offers little. 12. keep calm: if your losing try ur best to gain exp at least if u cant farm wait till lane phase is over or you get ganks. by doing so ur enemy might get hungry and either try to dive you or gank other lanes leaving u an opportunity to farm 13. avoid enemy turret agro: if ur trying to trade or harras try to do it safely away from enemy turrets, they really hurt! have fun summoner!
im happy that you spend so much time explaining this to me. i can now see what i did wrong! this is a very helpfull comment so thank you very much!
: I am at level 28 now and I still am pretty bad at the game. Some thoughts: 1) Pay no attention to your level or your opponents level- It means nothing at this stage. As has been said, many players are on smurf accounts so the levels usually bear no relation to the skill level. 2) Ignore the chat- seriously, at this level no one is actually working as a team so the comments in the chat are usually toxic. I do occasionally glance at the chat if I notice that the other players are at least trying to work together and are planning appropriately. Otherwise I ignore it. 3) Look at the minimap- it takes some getting used to but knowing who is where is really important. 4) Concentrate on CS in the early game. Stay back if you have to (don't engage in a fight unless you KNOW that you are likely to come out as the victor) concentrate on getting that gold. 5) Find out what items you need. I am still getting to grips with this but I have really noticed an improvement in my game since buying the right items 6) Runes and Masteries- by know you have access to a lot of rune slots and mastery points. Do some research on the internet about which runes to buy for which role/champion and what masteries you should have. You will not believe what a difference this makes! 7) Relax- we are new at this game and we do stupid things and die unnecessarily. Think of it as learning. Take your time after each game to think about what you could do differently next time. Don't beat yourself up! It is JUST A GAME, it is meant to be fun. Don't blame others for your mistakes. 8) Tell people that you are a new player- you might be surprised how helpful others can be. I had some great in-game advice about positioning from another player recently. If I hadn't have previously said that I was still getting to grips with the game, that same player might have reacted negatively about me being in the wrong place. 9) Be careful about trying to play like the pro's. It's fine to watch and listen to them on Twitch etc but don't try and copy them too much. They know every detail about what their champ is capable of at every stage of the game; they know the probability of winning a trade or engaging with the enemy; they can pull off the right key combinations under pressure. If we try and do the same, without their knowledge and experience, we die. Instead, you should... 10) ...concentrate on not dying! It seems obvious but I think that getting fewer kills is far more important than dying a lot and feeding the opponents. At the end of your game, look at your match history and compare the number of deaths with previous games; use that to chart your progress rather than number of kills you get. Getting kills feels nice but having a low death rate and a high assist rate is more important for the team. 11) Once you find that you are dying less THEN you can work on getting them kills. By then you/we should have learned the important art of positioning and calculating risk. These are just my thoughts and ones that I currently live by and am working towards. They are no substitute for advice from more experienced players. Have fun...see you in the rift :)
thank you! i think i focus to often on kills at that is sometimes a disadvantage! so this helped me alot. be proud at urself you are good at explaining!
kjono1 (EUW)
: Make sure you are picking the correct champions for top. One that's fairly easy to start with is {{champion:86}} , a lot of builds tend to work with him, like {{item:3071}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3083}} Or {{item:3071}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3742}} Make sure you have set up masteries. If you are getting attacked a lot, then take more defensive items, you don't need to stick to recommended. Don't worry about a couple bad games as well. If Ping is a problem then lower the graphic qualities, (press esc in game to get to them). Learn different positions too, you might find you like other lanes better, and/or perform better in the, after a few game. Don't always run into fights, sometimes it's good to stay back, wait for the enemy to attack, hopefully you move out the way of their abilities, and whilst they are on cool down run in to attack them. {{summoner:4}} is a good way to escape And remember to ward {{item:3340}} There are certain places that are very good for warding as they cover enemy's coming from more than one direction. Make sure that you are last hitting minions, wait until they are about to die then attack. ALWAYS stay behind minions, especially early game. It means you are less likely to get hit by some abilities. Also make sure you know what your champions abilities do, watch the spotlights, and other people playing the champions on things like YouTube or twitch. If someone uses basic attacks more than abilities then get {{item:3075}} they do damage to themselves by attacking you. Use ignite {{summoner:14}} when you get use to using it you'll be amazed at how many more kills you manage to pick up on. If someone tries to tower dive you don't run away from the turret, hit the enemy as you run round the turret. They will get take more damage with each hit and you can end up getting the kill. Look up, and try different builds on champions, sometimes recommended isn't the best. The only other way to get better is to play more, work out tricks within the game, even try the coop vs al a few times just to practice different techniques. Hope some of this is useful to you!
thanks! i will try that. i often forget to try playing tanks and dies. it helped a lot! thank u so much!
: > [{quoted}](name=TheDaneDude,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=4EQPR4gM,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-04-13T14:56:15.525+0000) > > thank u so much! > when i play lol i play with ONLY toxic players. > i didnt knew good guys like u were in LOL. > so thanks so much i appreciate that. > it also keeps me calm that i know that there is people like u out there. Heh not everyone in this game are douchebags, infact most ppl are friendly it's just easier to remember those that aren't. I can play a custom game with u right now if u want, i played for lots of years but im still pretty bad at toplane lol. Edit: nvm we play on different servers.
cant play right now but you seem friendly. have fun at LOL!
: Practice against friends in 1v1 in custom games. If u are like amumu u can practice against bots. there rly two mayor things u should practice. 1. Getting cs, without losing to much hp in the process of doing so 2. Staying alive If u get good at those 2 then the kills and winning the lane will come, just remember that not many champs go straight up 1v1 and win the lane and the one with the most cs is usually the winner. Find a champ u like playing aswell. Having fun is priority number 1. Mby even try a different lane?
thank u so much! when i play lol i play with ONLY toxic players. i didnt knew good guys like u were in LOL. so thanks so much i appreciate that. it also keeps me calm that i know that there is people like u out there.
: Everyone sucks at lol until they get out of silver thats normal And the reports doesnt do anything as long as you are not toxic U can watch high elo game plays or listen to advices about it Best channels for that HuzzyGaming SoloRenektonOnly
thanks, helped alot. i feel much better now. THIS IS NOT IRONIC its because every one of my friends are good at this game and keeps ignoring me when i try to tell what i did in LOL yesterday, but listent to the others instead. i just want u to know that this makes me happy. you deserve a brofist ……….. ……………….__ …………./´¯/‘…’/´¯¯`·¸ ………./‘/…/…./……./¨¯\ ……..(’(…´…´…. ¯~/‘…’) ………\……………..‘…../ ……….’’…\………. _.·´ …………\…………..( BRO FIST U REALLY DESERVE THIS.
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