Szöszö (EUNE)
Just won a game, no LP, no IP dont have it in my client match history but when i go to the league of legends site i can find it... I just want my LP after all defeats EDIT: ok its in my client match history but i still cant get my LP and IP
duckarp (EUNE)
: You could try to create a support ticket and ask them nicely, but I somewhat doubt they will just give it to you. What for would you like to read it again? If you've reported him, he'll get a punishment soon anyway :)
Oh God, i didn't want to put this in player behaviour, nor i wanted to say that anything about him. I only wanted to see if i can see the chat from games. I'm sorry because i didn't say exactly what i wanted.
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Terravir (EUW)
: It doesn't exist. Assuming YOU do your part there are 9 other slots to fill. 4 on your team, 5 on the other. Statistically trollers and feeders are more likely to end up on the enemy team than on your team. Again, provided YOU aren't feeding. So you should be able to climb.
I am climbing. That was my only defeat. But dude, does it feel bad when someone trolls
TheDax123 (EUNE)
: Tell me that elo hell doesn't exist
Name deleted. Sry i didnt know
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: probably not, great minds think alike as they say.
Im just watching you guys and laughing. But still no answer to my question
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