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Chioyiti (EUNE)
: championship ward looking weird
Have you tried turning off outlines? They may cause that effect.
I think if you sent a support ticket they will tell you.
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takosmegas (EUNE)
: Riot has one fuckin game to manage and they still fail, seriously wtf, GET A FUCKIN GRIP
"Riot has one fuckin game to manage and they still fail" -Words of wisdom so true in so many ways D:
Steel (EUW)
: Season in a nutshell
For me the Season 5 was the best balance wise (do not count the Juggernaught update... ew). But then Rito said "fck this" and went full retard. NEVER go full retard.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Zed is just a tiny little bit ridiculous...
Guys, we have been through this already with fizz, riven and even vayne. The thing we don't like is the amount of frustation he provides when playing against him rather than how balanced he is. Just like the champions I named before he has TOO MUCH stuff goin on, and with the indirect buffs for him (cooldown of zhonya's increased, and nerf in qss) is going to bring hell when playing against a zed. I hope that the new assassin rework will try to tone down the assassins(again) because with the introduction of keystone masteries and the itemization of adcs they gone wild (again).
: [Skin Idea] Arclight Jhin
Wow. This is so good, both thematically and visually pleasing. Rito. plz. side note: put it on NA, unfortunately eu boards' suggestions are being thrown in the garbage of no return.
Moon4Lord (EUW)
: that ain't unfair, I got matched with plat and I am unranked, same at lv 28
They said that there is a chance to go against high skill players so you can "see" high skill players in action.
Rompanruoja (EUNE)
: They fix the club connection, they break the queue timer They fix the queue timer, they break the lobby chat They fix the lobby chat, they break the end screen They fix the end screen, they break the ________________ ?
...Visual effects of new champion select queue
: Soraka needs another change/rework.
I think that they should bring back grievous wounds and give more ways to counter it. Soraka wasn't a problem in the previous season was she?
: ***
Summoner's Code 6th point "Show Humility in Victory, and Grace in Defeat". You agreed to that when you registered your account. Constant breaking of the SC is accompanied by an immediate ban. So yeah, truth really hurts.
ExCaLx3 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Buttcramp,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=sFFnNosI,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-23T14:46:06.658+0000) > > I still see people say that, and when I tell them "I'm gonna report you for that" they are like "What for?" > So I tell them "You said "easy", and that's considered negative attitude". > And after I say that, they go on saying "lol thats not true, you're just mad" > Like damn, even Riot themselves confirmed that saying "Easy" is reportable. Why would you report someone saying easy? are you that butthurt?
Because some do read the Summoner's Code. Quote: 6. "Show Humility in Victory, and Grace in Defeat"
BoeBu (EUNE)
: IP should be increased,here is why...
Well, considering that they will add hextech crafting, there is no reason to increase IP gains. Furthermore besides skins, champions are the other "main" cash income for riot.
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: They are just skillshot reliant. One rotation still kills just as fast. And for being skillshot reliant, they have gotten extra range in return.
Brand's q is the only skillshot he has and syndra's stun might be considered as a skillshot. Both of which end up with a stun and both require a second spell for them to be effective. Either way, it seems that we both agree that their power must be "built up", either from balls, or skillshots or any other means of interaction.
Siphano (EUW)
: Annie's rework for the mid-year mage update (unofficial)
As a concept it is fine. But her q has a very small CD if you gave her primary smamming ability an air knock up, that would be pretty bad. Tibbers interacting with your spells seems very interesting though.
: Syndra and Brand do it pretty fast Actually when I last played Syndra, I was against a Brand in lane. We would just one shot each other the moment the other person was out of position. I come back from blue buff not taking the safe way: dead. He decides to follow my fake roam, he's dead. The one who got the stun off, had a kill. Also, with fast do you 'one-shot' or do you mean earlier in the game? Because Veigar late kills squishies with just Q and W.
Syndra and brand both have to "build up" their burst. Syndra has to put down some balls her stun must be calculated, brand has to have his passive on so he does more damage, his stun must also be calculated and so on. Annie on the other hand presses three keys and destroys the whole enemy team. #balance
: Leblanc Gets 2 shot from gangplank and caitlyn
I was one shot by a lee ultimate that did +1k damage as a kog. Not the tankiest champ to be playing with, but yeah..., one shot, because reasons...
SantaHunter (EUNE)
: Am I the only one who thinks Preaseason 6 ruined this game?
It seems that each patch is oriented to pro play only, patch previews have a pro player discussing the changes with the rest of the developer team and so on. I could understand this if it was close to a big time event like worlds (which happened in patches before, in the duration and after worlds) but riot has forgotten about the other 99% of the player base. LoL is heading in a way of strategic thinking, complex build paths, harder vision, unbalanced champions that are hard to counter in early ranked tiers but countered easily in late ranked tiers, and lastly Riot seems to look only the numbers. But most important of all Riot doesn't feel present in the forums, the main communication tool that players have to express their feelings. So many players have expressed their complains on the preseason and Riot just isn't there or doesn't feel like it's there. I myself like many players have said, play the game because "I have to" rather than "I want to", I have spent a lot of money on it and I don't want to leave because all that money will go to waste. If I didn't spent that much money (which I regret spending on a game that I don't have fun playing anymore) I would have left long time ago. I really look forward to preseason 7, mostly because it just can't get any worse...
: Hey TheDelighted! Unfortunatly you can only resolved this issue together with your Internet Service Provider since the quality of connection once it leaves your personal network depends largely on the service. I would suggest giving them a call and asking them what could be done about it :)
Them problem was that I had packet losses **ONLY** when I played LoL, Otherwise it was fine with no packet losses. Anyway, I resolved it by changing the wireless channel. For now...
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Ebola san (EUNE)
: actualy, both items for yasuo are nerfed... Statikk gives less AS and MS but more Crit. IE gives 15 AD less. so, the price dropping is actualy reasonable...
But they still give a lot of power for a little price. Statikk gives (on yasuo) 60% critical strike, 35% AS, 5% MS, and the on hit passive which activates on q, making snowballing even worse at the price of 2500 gold. While the similar item for mages Luden's Echo (even though it gives 100 ap and twice the ms, it lacks cdr (as opposed to AS on statikk)) costs 3200. Infinity Edge makes up for the AD loss by being one of the least expensive Advanced Items while also providing a lot of AD, Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Damage. Also there are tons of new AD items that can be used as power gains, sustain items at the same time.
Ebola san (EUNE)
: 100% crit with 2 items on yasuo is nothing new... he was always like this...
yeah but the items before were more expensive and didn't have these crazy passives they have now.
: He hasn't been nerfed since season 3 and I don't think he'll ever be nerfed. Know why? Cos he's named after the president of Riot Games. :') Trivia: Tryn's ult used to last for 8 seconds. ^^
That's funny because I feel like that too xD
: Honestly season 3 was my favorite season, just because shit back then was a lot easier then now. Don't know why but I just miss the old map...
I still remember the preseason 3. The new items and the removal of the old (RIP Force of nature, heart of gold) but mostly the support role was more defined got me so hooked up on the game that really made me wanna play and enjoy the game. Nowadays I still welcome the new changes but I feel like they are lacking fun. I feel they are more oriented to make the game more competitive than fun. When LoL was created it was from "players to players". Now it is changing to "company to proffessional play". For me the best season was season 2, and then season 3. From season 4 and on things started getting a bit off-road and now the game has become strange to say the least.
xBuzZcuT (EUW)
: I lost my Border from last season and got no new one - does that mean I won't get any Rewards? Or did they remove all Borders due Pre-Season and maybe I'll get my rewards tomorrow? Im quite inactive, just wanted to look for my rewards and yeah, my old border is gone and I got no new one... A Notification would be really nice, even though I don't know why I should not get any rewrds :(
What division were you when the season ended? Remember that silver+ gets/renews a border.
: Hi guys i had problem with my computer heating system my auto turn off so i get ban for leaving games after ban my games was restricted so now i wont get season rewards?
You will get the ranked rewards, but up to there.
: 3300 gold for 100% crit. Trynda does the same, also how the fuck do you counter Tryndamere's passive with a ranged champion?? Also Tryndamere has in-build heal and AD steroid, slow and option to lower enemies' AD, oh and 5 seconds of "fuck u man".
Trynda doesn't double his critical chance passively, so a trynda needs more than 3300 gold to max out his crit. As you know trynda has to build up his rage bar so as to get more critical chance. Any ranged champion or in general any harrassing done to him pretty much destroys him (teemo). If you say that about trynda, you should also think about yasuo. Free shield, Armour penetration, knock up, a knock up stun , a 2 seconds "fuck you projectiles" and infinite dashes. Coupled with extremely low to non-existant cooldowns. Each champion has their weaknesses and their strenghts. Yasuo weakness was his survivability and this was nullified with the new preseason.
: You are right, before preseason this wasn't the case. Doran's just didn't give enough lifesteal. Now people build Brawler's Gloves and heal off of minions. Also he can be easily ganked early game cos he has almost no dmg and his only form of escape is E and flash so if you have a jungler like say Jax or Rek'Sai, he's easily killed. I believe it makes him too vulnerable. His passive is really what makes Yasuo unique (Apart from shouting "HASAKI!" every 1.33 seconds) and it would be nice if he got compensated somehow for it. I mean why allow Tryn to be THAT broken and Yas be meh?
Trynda really needs to be reworked. He is a very old champion who hasn't seen changes to his kit since his release. So my guess is that riot is planning something for him. The alternative is that they have forgotten him.
StarWardz (EUW)
: bump. It feels like they completly taken away all the scaling champs. If you don't win lane in the first 10 min, u will most likely die from the one lane on ur team that is losing hard. Going even is no longer an option. Blackcleaver week all over again...
Not to mention that all games have a yasuo, a graves, a cc support (so graves can hit q), and a top (that is mostly a darius/fiora/trynda) and a jungler (who probably is either elise, lee, diana or yi). In other words, diversity is non-existant, unless you play with your 5-premade friends.
: or just stop QQ and learn to play against him LOL. Having 90 AD and 100% Crit big whoop, you hit 180s when enemies have 0 armour. Tryndamere does same crit % but with 150ish AD at the same time... OH nice, kid lost one game against Yasuo, better QQ because I lost.
Having 100% crit with only two cheap items is very frustating to play against. At least trynda has to build up his passive, and that is easily countered with any ranged champion.
: Great idea tbh. But it dulls his early game survivability though. He's now prone to ganks. The only way around that is to rework his E. That way, he can escape early on.
I think that the problem with yasuo in this season is that he was getting a lot of power very early making him snowball everyone and everything while having insane amounts of sustain, as opposed to the last season, because of the itemization changes. The proposed change fixes that. It makes yasuo vulnerable early (as he was), and then gives him power later in the game.
Durfain (EUW)
: Move Yasuo's crit passive to his ultimate
Nice Idea. I really wish this gets in game. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Patch 5.22 Minion Block Problem......
As I have understood rapid clicking "confuses" LoL. Instead press click once and wait. Rito spaghetti code monster strikes again.
: Also: read the damn patch notes.
Lux: Sorry for being late, I was searching for some mana pots in the store but I didn't find any...
: [BUG] Thresh no longer ranged, nor melee.
My friend played thresh and used face of the mountain just fine. As I understand you must be in "melee range" for it to work (~200 units).
f7cough (EUNE)
: I disagree with permabans when money has been put into the account. I think it is probably illegal what they do, even if you agree to the terms, I am pretty sure the way they take away your unlocked content (skins, etc) is not right
No. Just NO. Perma-ban is also given out at excessive toxicity. If a player who had payed wasn't able to get banned then toxicity would rise even more, because you know, no consequences. I don't agree with Riot's policy of "your acounts are belong to us" but there isn't something we can do about it...
Caucasian (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BionicCloud,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=qzA5bTva,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2015-11-12T16:51:41.037+0000) > > Your account, your responsibility. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} These new emojis... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
You commented that, just to use that specific one didn't you?
Ebola san (EUNE)
: I stopped reading at "lot of AD".... Seriously??? What was the highest amount of AD a major item gave??? 80.... what is now the highest? 75... how many items we have with 75 AD??? 3.. Bloodthirster, Ravenous hydra and mercurial scimitar. Infinity edge got nerfed, Last whisper got nerfed, and the overall raw stats for all major items are down... what made some items stronger are the aded passive efects. in terms of raw power, every major item went down. Only youmu's ghostblade and black cleaver gained AD and the ghostblade lost it's crit for it. all the new items don't have more than 65 AD and are considered major... their passive are their strenghts. Like deaths dance reducing your burst and turning 12% of your burst into bleed that can then be cleansed with a Qss... and also stacks black cleaver :P But apart from that, the only bad thing that happened to AP champions is that prices went up. but also the passive gold, minion gold and turret gold has gone up and noweach shutdown gives global gold. so you can play AP mid, our bot lose and i as a jungler, will get a shutdown and you will also game free gold for nothing. before you say "the X champion/champions is/are nerfed" be sure to check the parameters of each change. The ones that should complain are the AD pure assassins like talon, rengar, kha'zix and zed. Especialy with zed, they fuked up. Do you remember a bug that if you did fast w+q combos the shadow didn't toss the shuriken? well, with the change they made in this patch, not only is he a lot slower, but also that bug is back... And their argument was completely pointless... So, now the poke is .5 seconds slower, and with the .5 second animation of the shadow you have a whole second to sidestep it and now it also bugs out again and you will occasionaly won't have to even move because the shuriken will never come at you.... and you complain???
You said it yourself. Items are overloaded with passive effects. Ad shouldn't be that high considering that most of the new items contain crit chance, overloaded passives and stats. So yes 80 ad is huge considering that you proc a crit, which with the new items isn't that hard. Prices on AP items went up A LOT. Deathcap is 3800 and Infinity is 3600. Both of them advanced items for aps and ads respectively. I don't have any experience with zed so I can't tell.
Ebola san (EUNE)
: 15% heal every 2 seconds. it has a cooldown. Also, yasuo's Crit damage is 225% with infinity edge, and no, AD assassins are not stronger than they were... With the old last whisper i would hit you for almost true damage, now i can't do this late game as an assassin. Only the ADCs are really stronger, and only those 6 that were reworked. The only thing that Yasuo in particular gained is a huge heal with the mastery every 2 seconds, nothing more, late game with all this base armor of yours and a randuin's omen you will have enough effective armor to cut his damage by more than half because of randuin's passive and he will have no total armor pen. You should behappy about it. Btw, he was always getting 100% crit with 2 items, what are you talking about? Are we playing the same game?
AD champions got a bunch of overloaded and cheap items, that provide a lot of AD, sustain, and crit. The only AD champs that weren't so affected are juggernaughts, tanks, off-tanks who don't build raw power. While APs got nothing but nerfs. So at least in theory ad assassins got stronger than they were.
hmm (EUNE)
: I think this vayne has become broken beyond any champions. Played two ranked where my team is winning hard early, until vayne reaches some core items and easily carries due to being super op this patch.
Me and my mf won early game, broke their tower, left vayne with very few minions and were nicely fed. Went to mid to fight. Vayne had something like 0-5, and ~40 minions. She stayed for about 1 minute to farm. Went back, came mid and started killing everyone. I know that Vayne is a late game "hypercarry", but before the patch you could counter her by destroying her early. Now she doesn't seem to have any weaknesses. And that isn't only vayne but pretty much any adc and assassin out there.
TommyGuru (EUNE)
: I'm sorry if i offend somebody, but don't be such idiots. Remember when {{champion:245}} Ekko come, it was horror. Why? Because we didn't know how to counter him. I played couple games this patch and it is fine. We just need to realize how to counter the "OP" champs and it'll be OK. I played against {{champion:104}} Graves jungle and yes he can do some crazy **** 2v1, but i don't think we will see much of that. In bot lane we crushed him 2v2 and that's where we will see him the most. So just play some games and try to have fun :D. I would recommend trying {{champion:42}} Corki because he sееms pretty fun with the new W passive.
Corki seems really bad. His passive is activated once every ~7 mins. It doesn't even scale down. And his e doesn't do any damage whatsoever. Played once to test him out and I do not like him.
Emillie (EUW)
: Keystones are terrible for AP mids.
Yeah, mages were thrown to the ground and beated to death in this preseason. No new items, nerfs to mana, increased item prices. While at the same time assassins and adcs got REALLY powerful with new overloaded items, masteries, sustain, mobility, and so on.
: boys I have problem yesterday I have promo for gold 5 and I wanted 1 win for gold if I win today match rwill riot give me gold board? please answer my question
No. Quote from lol website ( "When the clock strikes midnight, turning November 10 to November 11, ranked queues will come down for about twelve hours and we'll start doling out rewards."
: [Resolved] [9-11-2015] - EUNE login issues
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I was about to play a game with a friend I hadn't talked to in a long time... thx rito
Wurdy (EUNE)
: or ignore all those points and pick Darius :-o
or fiora :D (im a bad person...)
: If saying anything is reportable in this game,chat shouldn't exist! In my point of view i did nothing bad..but then again..the kinder garden state is saying something else;) Also if you talk about being a better player..i never flamed,never said <ez >and many things that others find reportable,but when i get to the state that i say something simple,and that's reportable and it is reported..well let me tell you my friend..that what's make people toxic.And maybe instead of just keep repeating yourself should think about that. As about my point of view ,i repeat,i did nothing bad,and i will never consider this a reportable thing. Now go and report me. ROFL! maybe you'll feel
Chat exists for the sole purpose of communicating with your team. Flaming shaming and other toxic actions aren't allowed in any game not only in LoL. If you didn't do anything as you say then you wouldn't get reported. If you had ignored that ryze you wouldn't get reported. _**Toxicity AT ANY KIND is not allowed**_. That simple thing you said to him, keep it to yourself next time, it annoyed him and would probably annoy most of the players. I keep repeating myself because you don't understand that. You may think that what you did was nothing. The fact that you got reported says otherwise, you may not consider it a valid report but others will, and if you keep it up you will probably get punished.
: But then again if you think anyone can feel bad from anything,lets report it? That's not a place where i want to be.. Someone just sad since rework Ryze is difficult..really?REALLY?...
If something and especially someone makes you feel bad for playing a game, then yes report it. You may not want that, but most of the community in LoL wants LoL to be toxic-free, if riot doesn't give them that, they will leave. Players leaving is a) bad reputation for the game (which already has a lot of it because of the community) and b)loss of income in Riot. And yes, Ryze was nerfed a couple of patches after the release of his rework because high elo players 'abused him'
: P.s.When you get in game to the point that you cant even hisss because everything is counted negative and get reported..WOOOOOW so much fun! For your record,i never reported Ryze,because i didn't think that's something to be reported even if it felt shitty. Its still ok tho,this new generation of REPORT EVERYTHING! is here,including you to make the game ''enjoyable''
Yeah, because negativity is always much funner than being in a game with no negativity at all. If players like you feel restricted that can't speak in the game 'freely' then I think Riot has done a pretty good job stopping negative players. Riot states: "If a player makes you resort to using the mute button the damage has already been done". You said it yourself "because i didn't think that's something to be reported even if it felt shitty." He made you feel bad. That's toxicity. It's punishable, not tolerant, and it shouldn't be nothing else but that. I follow the Summoner's Code, and many other players. If certain players can't follow it or/and find objections to it, it is very simple. Don't play the game. Like it or not every game has rules. And in LoL's case the rules are the Summoner's Code. Break the rules and you get the reports.
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