Potchikir (EUW)
: actually u impact only 10% of the games outcome because there are 9 other players and 51% winrate is enough to climb
sure 51% is enough if you spam enough games but that way youre not learning anything just climbing by blind luck
: Champion Recommendation ?
{{champion:24}} and {{champion:10}} and you don't even have to teamfight if you know how to split push just get ahead and since nobody can match you in a 1v1 you just push dont a lane and if the enemy team sends more people than you can handle just run to your team or run away and tell them to engage since they will be at an advantage since the enemy used too many resources to stop you
: Flex q
Play as a group of 5? Thats the point of flex queue if you are playing solo or with a partner just play solo/duo queue
l MrD l (EUW)
: Im declaring myself diamond O_o
Lmao the thing about soloq is by default 80% of games are out of your power(40% defeats 40% wins) and 20% you have left is up to you meaning your winrate can be like 60% if youre good or even more if you are smurfing or something or just really good.But sure you can "declare yourself whatever you want at the end of the day people will look at your real rank
Poifix (EUNE)
: When did I make my account?
Try support but i dont think they can tell you that because its one the security questions when recovering your account.Also try and remember what champion was on the login screen when you first started playing
: I wanna leave bronze please i am jungler ( lee sin main ) but my teammates
Stop playing lee sin and stop blaming your teammates and you will get out of bronze in no time and what chances to win are you talking about you got 35% win rate on ranked
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Arsene (EUNE)
: Can someone explain why people play heal instead of barrier on mid and top?
Movement speed and you can heal another teammate in teamfights and skirmishes
MyWhiteGuy (EUNE)
: Alright,add me when you can
alright ill add you tommorow when my account gets unbanned
: Taliyah Q Needs a nerf
The thing is the ability got nerfed many times you put only the good sides of the ability not the cons: 1.She can't cast it without moving and it costs a lot of mana(100 on rank 5) 2.She can only cast it again without delay at lvl 9 and it costs 100 mana per cast 3.It doesn't slow at all if she buys {{item:3116}} it slows for 20% which isnt huge by any means 4.And her Q isn't the problem with Taliyah it's the rest of her kit
: https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=thedesoiation
but on this acc i mainly played jungle
MyWhiteGuy (EUNE)
: Could you link me your op.gg,i cannot seem to find you there
MyWhiteGuy (EUNE)
: Give me your nickname and ill get back to you
TheDesoIation but banned until 1st of september mainly playing kled but can play jarvan,tanks
MyWhiteGuy (EUNE)
: Serious high diamond team looking for a toplaner
I'm d4 know you said d3+ but if you don't have anyone else here i am and my account gets unbanned on the 1st of september
: Exacly this is the problem. For example i have 63 % win rate on Yasuo. But most people don't even care to check my win rate on my champion. And also its a bit %%%%%%ed to check someones win rate on a certain champion to decide to allow him to play it or not. I think that is just ridicilous. For example my Azir win rate is basicly trash (29 %) and people don't ban him just because i have a bad win rate. I think its just a matter of the community accepting certain champions in. And i don't understand from where did this hatred come from because it was not always like this. When Yasuo was much more op before people weren't really banning him and now all the sudden hes one of the most hated champions in League. What i should hate a Riven main just because she playing her so much that she knows how to play really well and snowball hard. NO! I should be allowed to play a champion i like and enjoy playing without someone using their authority to ban it away from me. How would someone react if i banned their champion just because i didn't like it. I allow everyone to play the champion they like and all i ask from everyone else is to respect my decision what champion i wanna play.
If i see someone declare ezreal,yasuo,azir,ryze i just insta ban them i don't care how good they are those champs are trash(i only check yasuo players others i just instaban)if i make a mistake and let them play those troll picks ill just dodge
: Yasuo being banned forever
Here my perspective when seeing someone declare yasuo on my team:I check his op.gg if it looks bad i just ban yasuo and say "oops didn't see you wanted him" like i would ever ban yasuo unless he declares it.Tbh i'm more likely to ban yasuo if you declare it than if you don't and i'm probably not alone on this
daNyanta (EUNE)
: Is it normal?
Just accept it and move on you if you truly deserve higher rank you will climb it's just the matter of time it takes.There will always be unlucky games the best thing to do is accept it and move on
: What support is the best for climbing?
{{champion:412}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:53}} And just roam all game
prololmatek (EUNE)
: How to get better or "Git Gud"?
Learn from your mistakes and watch your replays
cofiYG (EUNE)
: If you thought bronze or silver is the worst elo you are wrong
Until you have seen diamond 5 you don't know true pain
Fajerk (EUW)
: That is untrue. Ranked rewards are not related to the honor level at all. Honor level 3 or higher is required for "end season honor rewards" which are completely different. There have been no official statement to date regarding honor rewards or their connection to the ranked rewards. Nor have been stated within ranked reward requirement official post that any particular honor level would be needed to receive them at the end of the season.
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/honor look here
Treycos (EUW)
: He doesn't know anything, look at Fajerk's answer
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/honor look here
: that's how baseless rumors start: one morron speaking about sth he knows shiiit about
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/honor look here
: > [{quoted}](name=TheDesoIation,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WmvhlUg0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-28T23:06:18.725+0000) > > If you don't have level 3 honor at the end of the season you won't get rewards How do you know
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/honor look here
: Regarding season rewards
If you don't have level 3 honor at the end of the season you won't get rewards
Four Star (EUW)
: Why did people think Dig could beat TSM?
Because DIG won against all top tier teams except IMT after they changed their botlane and DIG never lost a game to TSM in regular season
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: Draft Pick: What should you do if someone steals your role?
Trolls will be trolls you can't really do anything about it,if it's ranked just dodge not much else you can do sadly
Holten (EUW)
: Regarding banning your own teammates pick
The thing about that is if riot made it so you can't ban a champion who your teammate is hovering it's not fair because everyone has the right to ban 1 champion they want,also sometimes it's reasonable to ban a highly contested pick like maokai when your jungler is last pick and nobody wants to pick for him.If you're afraid of getting your champ banned just don't hover it then,trolls will be trolls and currently there is no way to stop them from banning your champion if you hover it
: The Fail of the Honor System
The thing is good players will always get more honors than nice players,let's say you played a ranked game and 1 guy just carried the 4 of you really hard and you have another guy who was just nice and polite the whole game.Who are you going to honor 9/10 it's the guy that carried
1000LHAS (EUW)
: /all chat for reports
Just ignore them and report after game
Black2attck (EUNE)
: Leaver buster system - ur rank = ur skills ( Two lies from riot )
1. You don't get banned for disconcerting the first time you do,only on the second or third time you get leaver buster 2.If you can't climb out of a rank(especially the lower ones)i'm sorry but thats just where you belong if you are not willing to accept your mistakes and just focus on your team and blade them for everything you are never gonna reach gold unless you get lucky.If you want to improve watch the replays of your games and focus on the mistakes you make not your team
: Annie?
She's good,she struggles in lane against long range mages but that's about it.Don't know how much fun she will be for you tho all her spells are point and click not much variety in her combos
: If you recieve a punishment right now, will you be restricted from earning ranked rewards?
Last season you did get ranked rewards if your punishment was older than 3 months don't know if that changed but they haven't stated anything
: Riot keeps %%%%ing up matchmaking
That's normal games,the balance of normal games doesn't exist pretty much and more often than not they are premade with a low rank friend and that's why you get them in your games,if you want more balanced matches(rank wise) you are gonna have to play ranked
: Permaban possible for not using the chat at all?
You can't get banned for not typing at all,but i dont know why you even bother with the in-game chat everything can be done with pings the chat is just a pointless distraction you don't get anything by talking back to them all it does is make you play worse just ignore the flame and if you can't do that just mute them
: It will be great for me :) You can add me in free time.
whats your skype?
: I have Skype but I'm not a good talker. I'm pretty shy guy who doesn't like to talk much by mic. I prefer texting. And aren't you on EUNE? It can be hard to play together when we are on two different regions :)
i have an account on euw and if you don't feel like talking we can just text
: Silver V asks for help
Sure but do you have a discord or skype or something where i can message you?Better that way than just leaving a wall of text
: I remember when {{champion:427}} was considered under-powered and a disappointing release.
i thought he was pretty broken on release tbh,think i even commented on a board post saying ivern is strong
: pls explain why
I mean we can't really know for certain what your mistakes are without spectating your games but you can do that yourself start watching replays and focus on your gameplay not your teammates,And apart from watching your replays try to focus on yourself don't focus on the fact that your teammate missed his ulti or something and also play to improve not to climb try to learn something from every game you play
: Here's Why You Should Play Kayn
Kayn is trash please stop encouraging people to play him and he's one of the worst junglers not the best...
: Hey guys don't you think you kinda made a mistake with zac?
the champion should just be deleted at this point...Riot keeps reducing his damage like thats the problem with zac not the fact that he can miss his E by a mile,Q(which he cant miss) and ult u back
mikas2 (EUNE)
: looking for players to climb from g3 to p3 eune
If you dont mind me playing on a silver smurf account then here i am
: yasuo runes . or any crit champ.
Vadi (EUW)
: Team LF Jungler P3+
I dont have a leveled up account on EUW right now but here i am if you don't find anyone if the next few days until i level up my account
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Show in post-game lobby high champion mastery milestones.
Wait i just played a game with you lol didn't really trust you when you said you were close to 2 mil...
Sploshua (EUW)
: Draft pick consecutive dodging frustration
But what can you do about it?if you make it so dodging loses the same amount of LP as a normal defeat yes people will dodge less but also there will be more troll games
: I cant find my marker
: Wich champions should i master and roles to escape silver elo.
Take any splitpusher/duelist example(trundle,tryndamere,jax,kayle,fiora,camille,olaf) go top kill them lvl 2 cuz they are silver so it works and just sit top whole game and just push if 2 of them come for you just kill them both if 3 come for you and you can't kill them just run away and then come back.Because if 3 come for you you team can just force a fight and then you win.Just tell you team to group mid while you split and tell them to not engage in a fight unless 2 or more come to stop you(this only works if you can duel any champion on the enemy team 1v1)
Pepegà (EUNE)
: Swaping on ARAM
You know that both of you have to own both champions right?Maybe that was the cause
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