: Free Xayah giveaway contest
The new season has started The boosters are departed When the ranks are rising The players are realizing How good is autofill? Asks the cold chill The moment when You lose again
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: Why does bronze 5 feel so competitive now?
The thing is that because of the new placement resets people get dropped below and you may get matched with some good players that help you win even if you are the carry, but now I feel like the players that are literally braindead has increased. Score doesn't matter though, the decisions you make do and for example I was Teemo top and feeding against Ryze, after the laning phase I ended up being 0/5, but what happened next kind of frustrated my teammates. The thing I did was keep splitpushing top and shrooming all around to be able to escape and get towers. I kept doing this until I had 10 deaths and that may seem really useless and stupid, but Orianna (our mid laner) realised what I was doing exactly and started pushing bot/mid with the pressure I was applying. And the funniest thing is that my teammates weren't fed either, but instead also kind of fed but didn't have even half of my deaths. I had alot of fun in this game because the enemy Ryze and Zed kept saying I was bad, but I always told them about ''The big picture'' and what I was doing mysteriously. They didn't understand of course and kept chasing me and trying to kill the useless 50 gold worth Teemo. Since most of the playerbase is bronze and don't understand how important splitpushing is even besides getting towers I am going to explain it to you. I drew attention to myself since I was pretty useless, I could do stuff in teamfights, but I think that being useless and impacting the game with mind games is better than that. So drawing attention meant that my team would have to deal with less players from the enemy team so they could push mid and top. A lot of people don't understand this concept and they just try to all go mid and push with the inhibitor down while bot side or top side has only the inhib tower. Going mid usually means teamfighting and if you cant win the teamfight lategame whats the point doing it again if they will just keep killing you and winning. If the team or atleast one member would go to top/bot and draw attention/get tower it would be much more worth because if you have 3 inhibs down on the enemy and if they are pushing in your base at mid the super minions will either destroy their base first or defend yours. So back to the Teemo game - at the end we won with me being 2/10/9 or something like that, but the Ryze and Zed didn't still understand so I explained it to them like I did here, after they realised their mistake Zed told us that I carried them. The score doesn't always matter. Decision making > mechanics.
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: I have nerfed the q so it no longer blinds and have reduced the life steal and spell vamp on the e. Not sure how to balance the r except with number changes but I'm not sure if there is a lot to change. The balance for the r is that it's extremely hard to pull off. In late it is almost impossible to pull off.
Leave the balancing to riot. They will know what to do. They just need an original and good concept, if they ever notice this Champion Design
: Is Ekko worth maining for a lowelo Player like me?
ye but dont build tank ekko. Ur a jerk if u do that.
: Champion Concept, Zeela
Lore and apearance is awesome, concept is good too but she doesnt really have an original playstyle. Most of these abilities have already been added in to the game but in a different form. This damage is too good but you should leave the scalings to Riot. I have a suggestion for you, make the abilities more unique but dont overload her. You should think of the way she is played what is different to others. For example Zed is unique with his ability to dodge and outplay your enemy but here she will just be too mobile and deal too much damage. After she will have killed the ADC and the mage she can basically turn on ult and delete the others. Her playstyle is to hit some buttons and just autoattack - it will be enough to delete anyone mid-game. There are alot of things that people make on these concepts that make the champion too op or the abilities are already used/too hard to balance/unoriginal. There is alot that goes in to the champions development but the most important thing is the way of play. For example if a champion (Zed) has a playstyle of dashing everywhere and killing then if your R would be Kindred's ultimate and your Q would be a much worse version of your ult then Zed would have a nonsense ult. Why would you need something to make the fight's last longer if you are a champion that just instantly or in a short amount of time (if u have the skill) kills an enemy or atleast outplays him in some way. Your ult is something like Swain's and its overloaded. I am not an expert in champion development but im just saying what I think can be improved. Post this on the NA boards for the rioter's to get your attention. And try to think of something more Unique on ur W (I really want more of that lore)
Mada (EUW)
: Weirdest adc ever
His idea was right, by getting the traps away from the place it would be good, but if the trap was litterally next to their tower it would never bother you, unless the trap is in a bush, the middle of the lane or blocking the junglers gank the trap doesnt bother you, and if cait is around then its just stupid to take that free poke since cait gets a headshot if you step on a trap
Deeklys (EUW)
: (Suggestion) Herald/Baron
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: "A game for gamers, made by gamers - a whole Republic Of Gamers." _Damn, hope this won't come true when I receive my Asus Strix GTX 1080 OC..._
Trust me. It will {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: When you use ASUS...
The pun is that you pronounce ASUS as ACUS, so it sound like Ace Us
: Please create a reverse Illaoi skin
: What do you think is the unhealthiest item in the game?
{{item:3751}} It would burn your hands. {{item:1011}} Only Gragas fits in it. {{item:3067}} HandsAreBurned {{item:3151}} No one would see how sad you actually are, only blood, no tears. {{item:3094}} Damn, if police finds out about this, we may get shut down. {{item:3211}} It would just go right through you. Why buy if you cant even pick it up? {{item:3078}} Is this supposed to be a shield...or a talisman? How do you carry it anyway? {{item:3009}} Dont tell me that you can run in these... {{item:1001}} WHAT ARE THOSE?!?! {{item:3117}} Damn Daniel, back at it again with some shiny shoes. {{summoner:2}} Its all a joke...
LunaGoose (EUW)
: For the record I'm not suggesting that people should be playing something 'just because it's in the LCS' Example: Want to play Urgot ADC? Cool! Want to play Garen ADC? Not cool! You see Urgot actually is an ADC. He might not be played in the LCS but at least he is playing in this particular normals game where he is actually supposed to be. Garen is not an ADC. Therefore by playing him there you are already causing a detriment to your team by removing their main sources of sustained ranged AD. You have also robbed your support the chance to learn about their synergies with actual ADCs that they will actually play with in ranked at some point!
but thats why the normals are made for. To have fun or train. But FUN cant be put together with TRAINING in this situation. I agree that Garen ADC is stupid but if not normals, then there is no other place for them to try that strategy...
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: you mean "Why else would he be running like that"...so why should we assume that it was taric running in the background right...
No. I litterally mean why is he running. He reminds me of Gragas if he lost some weight. (He put his beard on his head to look younger too)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheDiamondCokkie,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=l25XzE1m,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-07-21T08:47:18.215+0000) > But they mostly talked about troll picks that are like Teemo support just to ks all the kills from the ADC and piss him off. Or maybe how about a Quinn that farm till lvl 6 and then just buys mobility boots and dashes into the enemy fountain going through all the turrets and doing that over and over again? what youre saying here is just simply trolling not what i was talking about.
ok but playing any champion isnt really a troll pick. I agree. Just because the champ isnt played in LCS doesnt mean its bad.
: Trolls picks in aram? Seriously? And wth is wrong with teemo supp? A yordle with free wards that got CC and damage? And doesnt even need to buy a sightstone....that can suppor t you very well by bursting down and ks you every kill, ah and by ks i mean kill secure ofc...dont you Dare saying anything bad about teemo...i was actually reading all your opinions until i saw the part about teemo supp troll pick, them i was like ah fuk..TL;DR....
teemo is the devil man. you never want to rely on him
jimmya14 (EUNE)
: there's a clearing method that's really effective for lvl 6 dependent champs: Gromp start : Gromp(smite) - Wolves - Raptors - krugs(smite) - Recall - Gromp - Blue(smite) - Wolves - Raptors - Red - Krugs and finally Gromp. Krugs start : Krugs(smite) - Raptors - Wolves - Gromp(smite) - Recall - Krugs - Red(smite) - Raptors - Wolves - Blue - Gromp and finally Krugs. At the end of those you should hit lvl 6. And the difference between both is what you'll be using the red buff for: With gromp start you'll get red a little bit late so you can gank when you finish this route. With Krugs start you'll be using red for faster wave clear. And i think this method is the best so try it out and tell me the results
: My last 4 teams...
ik. why are they playing league if they are so goddamn bad! Play with bots if you are trash goddamnit! (No, bots are still too good for you, your bot team will carry you.
: I opened a chest and got DRAVEN...
League of Draven good league
Wukongz (EUNE)
: How Pool Party Taric was supposed to look like
maybe that was gragas when he lost some weight. Why else would he be running?
: It was too long to read so I only read a part of it sorry. I don't agree with your pov on "troll picks" people are free to pick whatever they want outside of meta even if it's completely useless(sorry if I missed something about this if you talked more about it)
Well ofcourse the people can build whatever they want and play whatever champ they want but wouldnt you be frustrated if someone played AP Garen? Garen has no ap scalings whatsoever and the only way to increase garen's damage is to buy a ludens ekko or lich bane. But they mostly talked about troll picks that are like Teemo support just to ks all the kills from the ADC and piss him off. Or maybe how about a Quinn that farm till lvl 6 and then just buys mobility boots and dashes into the enemy fountain going through all the turrets and doing that over and over again?
Rismosch (EUW)
: My Journey from Bronze to Gold
One thing. Why the hell did you gank the lanes if all lanes were winning in bronze? You could have just farmed in jungle and grown stronger with time so even if the enemy did make a turnaround there would be another really strong champion to help ur team. Never gank the lanes if they are doing well. If they are doing bad then gank the lane with the highest carry potential. Pocus on ganking top or mid since in bot the ADC and support are together which leanes you very vulnerable to the enemy jungler if you dont know where he is. Mid an Top are basically a free kill, even if they have flash, but in bot if both or one dont have flash then anyway while ur gonna be attacking the support the adc will attack you or support attacking you. Thats just why ur ADC got the triple kill there. Bot is really risky to gank. Jungle is my main (I am Bronze V but k). I havent played the game for half a year but I think I have improved by watching some vids and knowing what should I do ingame and what mistakes I make so I can correct them. Good Job!
: If you play Pokemon Go, while playing this game, FUCK YOU!
what the fuck? how can people play pokemon go with while playing LoL xD. They going on the streets with phones glued to ze laptops
: > [{quoted}](name=LovroLox,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=J32jr1h5,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-07-21T07:03:44.425+0000) > > So, you live by the "motion"? constantly on the run yes and i punch my people with my tentacle {{champion:48}}
LovroLox (EUNE)
: What champion do you relate yourself with?
Eveninn (EUW)
: Up to 10 FREE SKINS - GIVEAWAY! [ Winner announcement ]
: Up to 10 FREE SKINS - GIVEAWAY! [ Winner announcement ]
Shit. I completed the survey but I didnt save my user ID..
: blocking people should also enable that you never see that person in ur team again
Eambo (EUW)
: The loss of a great community member
Too bad a great community member passed away. The community is preety toxic and he made it less toxic even tho I didnt ever see a comment/post of him but if a rioter says that, I believe it
: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
I want a skin for Shyvana or Shaco pls gimme shaco skin. Too bad you made this a year ago and probably wont see my post :(
red283 (EUW)
: Rather than Ip/Rp could have summoner icons. eg, play 10 piltover champions get the cities crest.
BUTT we already have so many summoner icons and whats the point of having all those others when people dont notice them and you litteraly can get like 100 icons for free. I was so stupid at the start that I spend all my free 400 RP on this icon (i cry) and the rest on ARAM boosts (Ffs). And I used all my refunds for champions (fukkk) I was stupid. And probably were you. I would like to see atleast some IP given to us new players. Atleast if not RP then IP because to get a 6300 IP champ you have to play like 5 days non-stop
JordiTK (EUW)
: Ip Farming Speed is Insanely bad
yeah...new players r sad when they cant get the new released champs and their favourite champs what they play when they are free every week
: That's why I'm in Bronze V.
Then they will just break because you just flamed yourself. They are going to be like ''Uh...Ok..Well then..U are, umm.. bronze.''
: Mega Gnar 3D fanart with model viewer
: I really need some help
Anything? I would give you 200 Euros if you bring me Trump
Agidyne (EUW)
: How to tell if your son is going to be the next Faker
: It werent for gods sake. he stacked it up on incoming minion wave and then just flashed in with E, but I guess you dont even know you can do that. Dont tell me Im lying just because you have no game knowledge whatsoever.
I havent played league for a while...All I remember from Yasuo is that he is a great follow-up to malphite's ult :b. But trinity and frozen mallet still give some offense stats so it is possible that he could have done that
Wen294 (EUW)
: This gamemode isn't worth playing anyway. The shop is extremely confusing, some giant ass lazer one-shots everything while nobody knows why,, there's no explanation on the mode whatsoever, that flash field sucks balls. Some teammade uses it on the ground under you and suddenly you (janna) flash right in the face of a xin+udyr combo when you try to use your slowfield on them because your slowfield suddenly changed into flash. In general it's just not very interesting to play, there isn't really enough variety in items either. And then when you think you're finally released, you forcibly have to play another round. 10/10 would not play again. I really had high expectations for this mode but it's not interesting at all...
thats because you dont know what the fuck you are doing. Watch a tutorial on what this gamemode offers in youtube rather than hating it if you dont what it does
: Getting knocked up, ulted and then killed in q and 3 really fast autos. Our adc couldnt do sht.
Well...If Yasuo went in 1v5 then he couldnt knock up the adc since he was the only one there...Stop lying mate. There was dmg from someone else too so he didnt kill the adc alone
: I just said he had only trinity frozen mallet and GA -.-
maybe he had scripts? Or your adc was 0/7/0 or your adc was really bad m8
: Nerf Akali
Man...Akali is more underpowered than OP. But she is kind of balanced. It comes down to the skill of the player because she can be either really rewarding or useless
: I didn't notice that yasuo went 1v5 in our base and one shot our adc and almost killed me as well. Seems legit
well maybe he had duskblade of darkharr
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: What I want to say is that there is a strong correlation between DQ haters and any champ op QQers. Also there is more DQ haters in EU than in other regions and wast majority of them are low elo.
but the pro's like Imaqtpie,Sneaky, Pants are Dragon etc. have posted their thoughts on twitter and they were negative towards DynamicQ. Ofcourse the people that play ranked with their friends all the time to get boosted up in the ladder or just have fun wont hate it. I like going solo and doing whatever the hell I want and most of my friends are preety bad
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