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neropa (EUNE)
: i Think this is little bit overkill
hahahahaha ur not funny what kind of joke is this? not trying to be offensive tho
Bαder (EUW)
: Arabic regions suffering from disconnects
sakatory (EUW)
: frer rp
bro u is are ned to lrearn egnlish
Dawn Warden (EUNE)
: Ideas for Riot & LOL .
i agree with the whole idea of a better rift and better textures and so BUT however none of these changes should affect the gameplay because most of the changes you asked for can simply change the game from one to another. adding an adventure to the game is quite like adding a new game to a game. making league's launcher pretty much something like or steam but with way less games. do you understand me? like yes sure riot should consider making more games but they shouldnt relate them to league's client
NePhiLim96 (EUNE)
: I've spent so much effort thinking about this new idea please see it till the end of text :D thanks Riot <3
i like the idea but why did you post it on off-topic? now nobody will see it because nobody looks at this place in boards. consider deleting this post and making a new one in consepts and creations and you might have a better chance of getting your idea into the game.
TheFortex (EUNE)
: Can we choose an RGM to play in custom games?
Please if you support the idea upvote so that a rioter can see it and maybe they would consider doing it. like im not begging for upvotes i just want to grab riot's attention. feel free to not upvote but just if you want to. dont forget to. i really want to see this in league of legends
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: Silver 3 player looking for a duoQ partner to get back to gold
i never climbled to gold since this is my first season. im silver 3 i climb to silver 2 to have 17 lp on win and lose 25 lp on loss so i fall back to silver 3 so im something like stuck silver 3 i mainly play {{champion:11}} jungle or {{champion:141}} jungle and if both banned i play anybody else based on what our team needs my mastery points are currently 311
Daishar (EUW)
: Another fun game
was it the game where you played vel'koz? i checked your and i see the game where you lost and you team had a tristana and you were playing vel'koz and i also see that they had an afk rammus so i think it was fair enough... but yea still she should get reported but i dont think it was really unfair since it was a 4v4
Febos (EUW)
: Help! I'm cursed :(
i once got cursed aswell by the mighty lord teemo. but it wasnt with skins. every time i used to play aram i would get teemo. every time it happend to around 4 games straight. and the way i broke the curse is by rerolling. i got another champion (cant remember who) and when i tried again i didn't get teemo. i never got teemo again. i think teemo is sad ;-;
: Will Riot ever Fix this damn Client?
AND if you turn off the client you cant instantly reopen it because it is still open in the background and if you open it again it will show you the League of Legends icon then it will disappear and nothing will happen after the only solution is to open the advanced task manager and close it from there which can sometimes get you the stupid message of "wE HaVE ResToRed ThIs VerSion" or something like so and if your windows doesn't support the advanced task manager you have to restart your pc. im pretty sure this problem isn't at me only because i have 2 PCs and it happens on both. i cant just have the same problems on both PCs can i?
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TheFortex (EUNE)
: Once upon a time!
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iSneez (EUNE)
: Extra MB
lol this happens to me everytime. except it never stops and it says ETA -2 MINS i have to restart it a couple of times so that it would work
: This is my story. At least I tried
Gnirk (EUW)
: Toxic behavior + Skill vs bad and non toxic
i'd rather just play. ignore the toxic ones. and attempt to advice the bad ones so that they can perform better at the game. these three factors are actually the best way to climb up and finish games while not frustrated. well i am toxic but i just dont go flame my teammates. i go flame the frkin CHAMPS. FRKIN CHAMPION THAT HAS A POINT AND CLICK CC THAT LASTS 5 FKIN SECONDS THAT CLEANSE CANT STOP. WHAT THE %%%!
TheFortex (EUNE)
: Why is Master Yi the only assasin that is not in bloodmoon?
welp he is in the assasins catagory and everyone in that is in bloodmoon except yi
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: {{champion:164}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:5}}
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