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Τorok (EUW)
: CRX Team LF Gold 1 + Mid and Support to complete a roster! Add me or join discord to apply!
Kissum (EUW)
Hello,i will add you after my game on eune and we can play on euw.
Aco03 (EUNE)
: We are unable to log you in becouse you may be offline.
: Your own photo on LoL
But what if i dont want people to know who i am?
Sephiro (EUNE)
: A big thanks to all you who deserve this
Xeaxxy (EUW)
: How tall is Jinx?
Jhin is tall aswell when you look at him :D.
IxtR4kt (EUW)
: Dia III+ looking for 5v5 team
Send a request if you are interested,GL.
IxtR4kt (EUW)
: Dia III+ looking for 5v5 team
I would gladly add you on my team,just let me check what role my team needs
: Hextech Crafting Bug
Why do you even argue you got a chest,who knows maybe it is a buge maybe it aint.
: I have a dream..
Trust me you will die before this even happens.
: Disconnected from client. cant connect. eune issues again ?
: i think Thursday , here is the link (
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 22
{{champion:268}} I rly do love playing azir because of hes huge dmg growth as the game goes on and i see that there are some players out there that hate being stabbed with a soldier for huge dmg,and hes definetly fun to play. {{champion:62}} Wukong is my number one toplaner when it comes to winning my lane,because he has really good dueling potential and also juke potential,and the best thing i love about is knocking people up :D. {{champion:83}} Well,its obvious Yorick is my second pick next to wukong,he also offers great dueling,sustain in lane,and i love the way how my adc gets a pentakill when they are dead :D.Also Yorick digs {{champion:104}} .That is all,bye.
Ne3Me4Sis (EUW)
: Gold I support LF duo partner
Hello there Ne2me4sis! Im a EUNE player that likes playing every role.And my division in last season was Gold 3,and now im currently in promo for Gold 2.My main lane is top but,second adc.Im from Serbia,and im 17 years old.And my english is way ahead of my other friends.And unfortunately in EUW im currently level 15 and would really like to play with u in the future.


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