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A Mother (EUW)
: League of Legends running bad on high end pc
the new client is garbage, nothing special. Also windows update worsen the performace as usual and it got to be critical. Use Win 7 or 8 without last updates, will most likely get better
: ARAM: [System Notification] Your match will start soon. Please wait as we load up Summoner's Rift...
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Which champion did you choose to be reworked in 2020?
for summoner`s rift reworking Fiddle would be the sane chice. Yet I voted noct. Voli and Shyv are good as they are. As Mundo has an AA reset can burst bubbles with AA E Titan reset, so is fun to me. Voli E rework made him ever viable.
: > [{quoted}](name=wolf jade,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vjjr0OfO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-26T10:54:34.936+0000) > > in low elo not really worth cuz if your team is doing bad you cant do anything. Why was this downvoted? Are people here stupid enough to believe that a support build Leona is going to take towers faster than an offensive build Jax? The mentality of kids on the boards baffles me sometimes. And yes, I agree with your answer. I'd much rather play a character such as Jax, Darius, or Katarina, who can 1v9 in a solo lane rather than play a support character in a duo lane only to babysit low elo adc wannabes. It's not worth playing a champion in lower elo who relies on teamwork in the first place.
D E M O L I S H Titan hydra Iceborn
Lumji (EUW)
: Is it worth to play support in your opinion?
I do play support and top. I also play jungle. There are bruisers are fun to play and with pyke assasins. The role I play is usually the same. Cc, body, distraction. Pick a role and learn some champs for their spots. Knowing how to support and jungle is always handy. You can know what to expect.
noobitup (EUW)
: buff shen , or remove it
Yeah. I liked old shen better. But hey, he is ryze 2.0
: Kled and his base stats
Cus kled. Real bricky would not play ribben.
Lleajy (EUW)
: Sometimes the best solution is no solution, just leave things how they are. Disabling autofill at least for queue under Plat seems very reasonnable.
Well, if you want to simplify things, play support only. You will get your role, and sometimes ad/top.
SaulTight (EUNE)
: And the win lose ratio is related to the team you get.If you get decent teams you get wins so you get extra mmr. So how can i get good teams? Can i pay for it?
Plain simple. Git gud or leave the given q for 3 months.
xXEnnzoo (EUW)
: 2450 Blue essence to advance Champion level?
It is the same, just there wasa a blue dust inflation.
Haze97 (EUW)
: Remove auto fill already
How about accepting things? Oh wait, it's too hard.
SaulTight (EUNE)
: How Match Making works?
This is a joke thread, right? Matchmaking has an mmr based on w/l on the given type of q. Forec summoners rift blond pick has a different mmr than ranked or draft. You get teammates on the given mmr. If the q is longer, the range extends.
: League of Legends won't start after closing the Client.
Dude, close all the league of legends in the task manager, run the installer, reboot pc, and ta-da, it works.
PorterdFnCn (EUNE)
: ADVICE NEEDED (How to Dodge Effectively)?
See the teams. Then if you have : - no pusher - no simple and dandy hard cc - a propper assasin or 2 artillery with high cc Dodge. SKY has a video about : working as a team :wombo combo. It will tell about pick/ban phase. I do not know mutch about how to quickly analyze profiles.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: How am I supposed to climb the ladder when I go against smurfs pretty much every game?
253IQ (EUW)
: Neeko and Lissandra and Zoe
Liss is okay and as I see neeko aswell. They have actual counterplay.
Lleajy (EUW)
: That's something that is normal in every game but League, that's a ridiculous comment you wrote there. "You expect something normal and logic, however nobody is here for you to establish an easy climb" That's some huge level of hypocrisy or white knighting, or both. You think I'm going to accept random stupid feature because it would be "easier" otherwise ? WTF. Especially since I'm not saying that for myself since I'm a main supp and get my lane 99.9% of the time. I just don't want to supp some autofilled adc. It's horrible.
It is a struggle for a reason. And there is no real solution. Ppl will go against it. It is better than " what can you play, first pick mid last support" as it was.
DutchPro (EUW)
: Riot Headquarters
Sad but true.
Lleajy (EUW)
: It's not realistic, everyone will say that concentrating on one lane and few champs is the best way to go up.
It is true, however nobody is here for you to esablish an easy climb.
: Reset Settings After Patch V8.24
They did not even mentioned in the patchbotes. But if they would did, would made sense. Fkin liers.
: Free Name Change
RivenZk (EUW)
: Petition to remove Autofill from League
Get diverse. Sky williams - Draft mode champion select. Watch it, understand it.
: I'd say Pyke is number 2 on the cancerous list. Neeko number 3. Nothing and I mean nothing will ever top Release Zoe.
Akaśhí (EUNE)
: I thought Riot couldn’t release something more cancerous than Pyke
She lacks birst and mobility. Balanced artillery with teamfight/selfpeel ult. He is like a different kennen.
Galtron (EUW)
: Please dont take away urf this month
Urf is always a bad choice.
Qronics (EUW)
: The True Support Triangle (Disengage, Engage, Poke)
Engage supports are good disengage supports. Disengage supports are bad engagers. Pokers are bad peelers. Peelers are bad pokers. Cc>damage Supporting is not math.
Feederekton (EUNE)
: Stuck in silver while working really hard
It is not season 2-3 anymore. Wining a lane is not a thing that counts. Teamfoghting, peel cc and objective control counts. You won the lane? Win it for someone else too. As I renek poped up this discussion. Stick to him you have to make decisions when building him. Based on your team and the enemy team. Boots are a good example. Many ad? A lot of cc? Do you snowball? Hydras are another. Do you need rave, titan or none of theese? Learn to understand aa resets. Atm the aa reset is weird on him bc of the visual update. Try to rewatch the match you played, spot the mistakes. Play support and watch others doing their stuff (you will learn to ward by playing supp). Try pyke as a support. Renek feels like him in some manners. Same skirmishing.
Lleajy (EUW)
: People will never learn to adapt. Instead of trying to change what is not changeable, just make autofill optional.
It is optimal. Just be diverse. If you are not, do not expect anything.
: Who to use to counter leona?
: oh ,okey myb someone else can say something?
There is nothing else to say, so no.
: i hope someone can help me!
: game setting reset?
Yeah. But it condenses all profiles if you use different profiles.
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: How do I shield myself w/o having the cursor under me?
Dwiizard (EUW)
: What exactly is banneble that isn't flame,racism,etc typed
Pepole personalities. If you wanna deal with that, that is homophobic. He has the right to be wrong.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Renek indicators in 24
Guyz, 1it's not just me
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Haze97 (EUW)
: 1. Who cares about what class he falls in? It doesn't change the fact he is incredibly tanky even without any real tank items and can get off building just HP. 2. Lane bullies with such overloaded kits are still cancer and unhealthy to the game. 3. What do you mean babysit the shit out of him? Feed him poisoned milk so he's the one hemorrhaging instead? 3. Yeah sure, try kiting him with a melee champion in laning phase. People like you must play Teemo as a sad excuse. 5. Let's now give CC to Garen, Fiora, and every other top lane champion who already have sky high defenses, do a ton of damage but still lose out to Darius who does everything these other melee champions do while still having incredible combat sustain.
Get gud boi. If you complain of darius, do never cross a Renekton. Just stay where you deserve to be.
Haze97 (EUW)
: Make banning a teammate's champ a bannable offense or normalize me telling them to go suck a %%%%.
: Aram Poke and Dark Harvest
Alter gamemoes. Look how much ppatches TT got recently. Exactly.
: Is urf goint go be again this christmas
I REALLY HOPE NOT!!! (Oh, jokes sections)
: Refunds
Well, you get all the champs eventually. You get refunds as a GIFT anyways. Mind what you spend your money at.
Pox (EUNE)
Noone forced you to spend money. You spent it, you had the good times. ToU and several warnings were not enough. Everyone who gets a perma, deserves it. They state, tat you are not welcome in this community by permamentlx banning your account. Simple as that.
mini pyke (EUW)
: A number of bugs i want to report
An active support as I see. Yeah, pyke R needs some clarification, or more exceptions and events added to the code.
: Not sure looking at this match history:
He is rushing titan. And never conaider iceborn or frozen mallet.
: Can I use the same paypal on multiple accounts?
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Ranked is rigged
Got upvote. No proof of lizardmen or riotzers actively spectating matches.
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: I got a chat restriction for this????
Noice try fella. No downvote this time.
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Never thought it would be so hard to get downvotes
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