TheRakkun (EUW)
: YES YES YES 100 TIMES YES. I would main Xin Zao if Ornstein was made into a skin!
Yeah after Artorias I got to admit Ornstein is a beast, just imagine an ornstein in the jungle.Its too cool to comprehend ;)
Arnonator (EUW)
: Looks really good, but, The swords on {{champion:61}} really don't fit thematically imo.
You mean the swords on Kata? Im confused a bit...
: Bloodborne is also by software, but lets not forget that Riot doesn't like to ask premission for making a skin...
Well From are actually pretty cool guys and on the grounds of advertisement it should be healthy for both RIOT and From but then again it depends on RIOT's will to ask. Btw those of you who are on the fence if you should play Bloodborne or not.Let me tell you its worth your time, pretty awesome game.
: A dark bundle without Lucian, wtf is this? Kappa
We can always have his Icon in the bundle :P
: Really like your designs, especially Varus is interesting as he has no similar skin yet and iirc there is no adc that looks anything like that in the game. Too bad we need a few more Ezreal Vi and Teemo skins sry
Well the idea is mine but artwork unfortunately is not if that's what you meant by designs. Just devianart artwork I found on google images.
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