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ProDiGy (EUNE)
: Mystery champion scam
Zoe isn't on live yet, so maybe thats the reason?
Knorke75 (EUW)
: Graves Crit
1. Damage comes from abilities, these can't crit 2. Building attack speed means more reloading, so if you exclude attack speed crit items you are left with only IE and ER. Building ER usually means overcapping cdr, so you only can build IE
1CuSith1 (EUW)
: Be patient, and while you wait take some extra english lessons.
Zeal (EUW)
: Death Sworn Katarina "Cosplay"
Well if a character you cosplay is just woman with blue hair you won't do more than that. But good work on the scar :)
Strigina (EUNE)
: Does it affect Morgana's W too? If yes, I can imagine it was changed because with this item you are supposed to risk a bit to get your golds while as Morgana, you could just sit behind and place W under enemy from time to time thus go low risk high reward.
If it affect Brand whole kit I assume it also deos Morgana W. Well maybe you are right
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: Wait eune doesn't have draft pick for most of the day? What kind of backwards f-ed up system is that?
Yeah, it's up in the day, and down at night. 12a.m.-12p.m I belive. Riot said "not enough players to keep it up 24/7"
: Gradually dropping in FPS...
I don't think it's your PC. I have huge lags since last patch
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ThePikol (EUNE)
: @Riot Will new plushes be shipped internatianlly or be in you non-chinese shop?
I've wrote a supp ticked asking about this. Got an answer today. Thay don't know if these will be on EUNE shop too as not everything available in China has to be here too. Riot suggest waiting and see
Proppa (EUW)
: What's your Age / Rank?
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alibuger (EUW)
: Victorious graves
Is the month over? No? So wait and be patient
: 8 mini icons & I still can buy more!
: > [{quoted}](name=ThePikol,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=VrzPcMs6,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-11-13T13:42:05.807+0000) > > Swag? > No. If I'm Gold 5 evryone above me I consider god. I I climb to Gold 4 the bar also rises It was a joke, however thats a pretty bad mentality to have.
Why? It makes me want to climb and improve. If I get to rank I consider "good" I would probably stop there
: > [{quoted}](name=ThePikol,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=VrzPcMs6,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-11-13T12:56:29.554+0000) > > A rank above me so everyone from bronze V? {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Swag? No. If I'm Gold 5 evryone above me I consider god. I I climb to Gold 4 the bar also rises
: From what rank would you consider someone 'good'
: They have Lamb plush now?! (*un-manly squeeing*) ... Ahem... ahem...
YES! This is the only reason I'm interesed in these plushes. But they are only available in chinese shop so far, hope they will show up in EUNE too
Mark Sama (EUW)
: Those are so ugly xD
I think Kindred one is quite good. Only downside is it's just a Lamb, no Wolf
Chay Kun (EUW)
: Runes Reforged, Paths to Victory: Kindred, Eternal Hunters. (My take on Kindred Runes, Contains TLDR
I use almost identical page. Do you know, when Kind use Q and have sudden impact, do they get lethality for sure? Because it doesn't increase on UI. Is it visual bug or it doesn't work on Q? Nice video by the way :D
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: I believe {{champion:150}}{{champion:85}}{{champion:105}} are young enough to count. Gnar was frozen and un-frozen at physical age of 4. Fizz and Kennen seem still kinda young, but it isn't stated how much. On the other hand Yordles have very long lifespans and we don't know how the adults of Fizz species look. ######Just don't tell shotacons. Damn degenerates... Lewding what I like, lewding pure and precious, lewding what they shouldn't lewd...
Yeah, I counded Lulu as young girl so I should count Fizz and Gnar too.
: we have Gragas as the only fat champion out of almost 140{{champion:420}}{{champion:6}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:516}} and i think {{champion:432}} is fat too
Oh, yeah, my bad, I forgot Tahm, Urgot and Ornn. But they are not humans, well Urgot is like half human, but sure aren't women. Illaoi is not fat at all! She's muscular!
: Sudden Impact not working or is it just UI?
The same problem with Kindred Q, I hope it does work, just the UI error
: >a male child - so far we have 3 girls in LoL, Lulu, Annie and Zoe. Why not a boy champ? Lulu is a yordle, not a child (Zoe is not a child either), also we have {{champion:20}} > a Void supp champ {{champion:90}} > a Yordle jungler There are many Yordles who can jungle. {{champion:32}} & {{champion:78}} for example.
Lulu is a Yordle child, one doesn't exclude the other. Zoe is an ancient being but looks and acts like a child, so I count her. If I wouldn't I would have to count Liss and Camile as old ladies. Nor Malzahar and Velkoz were designed to be supports. They are midlaners. Amumu is not confirmed Yordle, 1 out of 3 stories said that so I'm not convinced. Poppy is a top laner. I want a Yordle to be designed for jungle
Aramanser (EUW)
: Yorick's Q Buff needs to get reverted.
Since when can Yorick use Q on towers?
Rhakatiri (EUW)
: parasite champion that can take control over enemy and use his skills would be interesting, and kinda annoying. so maybe use him to AA only , and when damaged for certain time he pops out the champion
: And there is a Yordle jungler. Amumu. Not an assasin, but still.
Is he confirmed Yourdle? Last time there were like 3 stries about him and only 1 said he's a Yourdle? But he has 4 fingers, so I don't know
: To adress a few: I'd personally love an old lady. Technically there are few females that are canonically pretty old - Lissandra and Camille come to mind, but they are not thematically "old ladies". There is technically a male child in the game, namely Nunu. Yes, whe is sort of overshadowed by his yeti Willump, but he's in the game nontheless. A support scaling with AD would most likely be terribl idea. Having a champion whose utility scales with the same stat that makes them a reliable damage dealer? Seems like a nightmare to balance. Not to mention there are no AD utility items, so there'd be little difference between that and say picking Talon, building him full damage and saying that you are "support"... Actually... What would prevent such champion from just playing top and being straight up carry? I mean we've seen what terror Lulu was when her scalings allowed her to be damage dealer, imagine a champion with her level of utility but scaling from AD? Who would waste that in support slot?
Oh yeah, I forgot about Nunu Hymm, maybe you are right about AD champion? Didn't really think about this much but it seems reasonable now that you point it
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ThePikol (EUNE)
: I hear runes background sounds during loading , gameplay, and in client
It's getting annoying. I have to mute game client when I'm in game to hear game sounds, because the runes are too loud and play every single game from client!
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: There's no option to clear it, it's enough to change the first runes path and the second will clear also without need to delete the page.
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: You have 5 preset pages and everyone has at least 2 blank pages you can edit.
I know that. I also have few more blank pages, but why do we have to have these 5? They just take up space
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: What was the best Skin shard you got from a Free chest?
I got Final boss Vaigar and Dragon Trainer Trist :D
: Zoe Reveal
I would like her to face closest enemy too, but it won't happen. This was mentioned on NA Boards. It would be super easy for Cass to ult her and if Zoe ult she would know where enemies are, as she would face that direction
: What league champ fits my playstyle?
{{champion:30}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}}
foxxof120 (EUW)
: her powers and her hair really remind me of aurelion sol
Well Aspects and ASol are connected, right? Riot uses ASol visuals quite often recently, but I have to say it looks great. I think they used the flow visuals on Kayne hair, Cass tail and probably some more
: -That long range sleep cc will be a pain in the butt, unless it's her ult, or it has a long cd. - I foresee if I'm going to chase her while she have low hp, I will flash after her portal, and she just portals back and survive..:D
I don't think it's her ult. Also I'm not sure but the "sleep" cc is finished when you get hit
foxxof120 (EUW)
: she looks so cool, love her playfullness
I know right? I love her too :D
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verlinkt (EUW)
: Reworking Suggestions: Kindred
I don't think it's overloaded. But I'm sure it's closer to Kindred's theme than it is currently
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: It doesn't matter how much dmg you did or if you hit the turret even once... You always get global gold. But you only get the "participant" gold bonus if you are near a turret when it is destroyed. Even if you didnt do anything, even if minions did kill it. Only the distance to the turret counts. And I think the range is the turret attack range. The gold is split between everyone that is currently near the turret. So if "participant" bonus is 250 and 2 champs are near the tower when it gets destroyed, everyone gets 125g + the global gold. With 5 players near the turret it is 50g each + global gold. So don't go away from a turret if it is low hp and the minions are about to destroy it... you miss a lot of gold. Have seen players do that from time to time, even if there is no enemy around.
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