: I just opened LoL today...WHAAT?Riot Staff Pls take a look
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10962670 (EUW)
: Do you believe some champs just aren't compatible with some people?
Err,yeah.It depends on your playstyle. For example,I have an aggresive playstyle.I just...can't play a sustain damage champion,because I go too aggro.But burst mages and adcs,like Corki,Xerath (even if he's an artilery-siege mage,he's burst based tho) or Brand are so easy 2 play for me.But a top tank...just can't play him. That's why you can't play very well some champions.Your playstyle doesn't fit to theyr _meant_ plystyle
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Neonchan (EUW)
: Completely matters on what you did. If you shot for the stars(death wishes, a nice bit of racism with a homophobic toping), you can get permabanned really fast. Probably without any smaller bans at all. If you are just negative and annoying aka the classic report calling and blaming without big insults, it usually takes long and you'll get a lot of smaller punishments before it goes perma
Am I racist if i call a PL guy noob and feeder because he's like 2/13 and 40 farm în Min 35?(sometimes i call them PL,but they are other nations)
: you have to remember that the prices can be high because it is expected to sell much (just look at the ultimate skins... udyr isn't anything special but it is still so expensive).
Nothing special???How m8,it is all changed
: Iblitzcrank changes the Q's position from right hand to middle, so that already is a game changing skin, hence the high cost. Heck, I heard that skin gets banned in LCS because of that or something.
Hmm...I don't know how could this affect the gameplay..
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: Do iron and coal not respawn after some seconds?
They don't respawn not even in Minecraft..
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