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: Mouse/Keyboard buttons/strokes not working in-game
seems to reason for why I couldn't find the thread, was because I've somehow posted in on the NA board.. Pretty odd that we have seperate boards but can post with different users. lol
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: Shaco God is back, Diamond ELO First full gameplay.
I might be missing the point? You got carried so hard, had your team not managed to win all lanes, without you, the game would've been lost. You fell so far behind for no reason other than bad decisions. There's that.. And then there is the other; While you don't rage in chat, (a little bit), you're obnoxious and spewing acid on the voice. "Maokai literally die in real life"?... What.. No thumbs from me... At least not up. You have to change attitude if you want people to come back and watch the videos :(
: i dont think turrets are bugged, i think people dont understand how turrets work. if a cait goes within turret range, and she is shooting you, the turret will not focus her unless YOU AS WELL ARE IN TURRET RANGE. basically a long range hero can stand right under turret, and shoot you, and the turret will not shoot them because you are too far away from the turret for the turret to realize its shooting an allied hero not an allied minion.
: Why I feel Jhin is unhealthy - A Discussion
> [{quoted}](name=Harbinger195,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ulJVFgV2,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-13T09:43:51.014+0000) > In Jhin you have essestially taken all on the strenths of Jinx and given them a boost, and I do not understand why? Not sure about you, but the primary strength of jinx is the fact she can fire off an obscene amount of AE damage late game with the rockets. She has some of the kit, but by far nothing compared to Jhin.. I for once actually feel that jhin is a weak champion, compared to many others released. He is so very easy to CC and has no counterplay to gap closers.
: Same problem bro,my team dced but whole enemy team in rush destroyed inhibs before some of us even could somehow reconnect.Still no loss prevented,niether rankeds are disabled.Is this kinda some new drophack exploit or EUNE server is just bad?
my gf was playing a game beside me. me and my friend too. My friend and my girlfriend dc'ed at the same time, but I didn't. So I think we can rule out a drophack, since it isn't game specific. It must be some kind of routing issue. If you closed game and reconnected straight away, you got into the game asap. But most people sit and wait "attempting to reconnect" wasting precious time. :P
: i disabled firewall and im reinstalling now
I'm assuming it worked, since you haven't written here again ^^
Father Tios (EUNE)
: 5 - 5 and form d5 to p5 :D Back to hell, sigh..
I know the feeling.. People always say elohell is bronze.. But that's because they never got past the G1 to D5 area.. Holy fuck.. Platinum players are the most whiniest, know-it-all it's not my fault, my team is bad... players I've ever seen. :P
: You are absolutely right, but yesterday I saw my friend (plat 5 last season) play his placement - 7-3 and he was placed into silver 1 ... He played just rankeds, not a single one normal game, so I would say his MMR remained pretty high. Any ideas on this?
Give me his name and I'll check his stats too see how it came to be. :)
: Need a team
I can never really tell if these posts are jokes? You hardly ever play adc, at least not on that account, and your performance is poor at best. What is the definition of "pretty good adc".. Give people something to work with. What is your fighting style, your strengths, weaknesses etc.
While it goes without saying; have you tried running either a repair or reinstall of the game? and/or checking your firewall isn't blocking the updater? (Try disable the firewall before you start the game, if you haven't)
: test your connection quality via you'll see the results shortly. And also if you are the only one experiencing those lags, it will be problem by your side. take a look if you are not downloading anything / pause programs which don't need to run, etc.
This is a bit of a dodgy solution, or at least not a thing you can count on. It's not sure that the route to speedtest.nets server is the same as to riots game servers. So while most of his internet may work fine, he could in theory get terrible connection to riot.. ALthough 9000+ ping seems a bit odd. to OP, what connection type do you have? IF it's some kind of DSL connection, make sure you're not uploading something large while playing, it can severely induce lagspikes.
Gonna stop it right here, so we dont' get 200 people not understanding the system and makes yet another post about this.. Your MMR is what decides where you get placed. The placement matches works pretty much like regular matches. Although they allow you to bypass series/promotions, if you're MMR allows. Lets say you're MMR is 600. You win a match then it's 620, you win another it gives you a bit more MMR than the first time, maybe it's 650 now. Now you lose one, and you fall back to 630. Thing is, you were bronze 5 nearly all the other seasons. So you're MMR is extremely low. In those 7 matches you actually won, you might've upped around 100 mmr, but nowhere enough to actually change division. It's not bullshit, it's your lack of understanding that fucks it up.. Did you really think, if you can only play at bronze 4-5 that you'd suddenly end up in platinum or diamond because you win 7 matches? >_>
: Unable to connect to the server
I love the fact that you're blaming riot. You have no credible information or data that suggest it's their fault. But I'm sure riot handpicked you as the only one not able to connect to server today. At least you got some attention =)
: How do they profit.. A large amount of people dont even use rp to buy champions.
While I don't agree with the arguement that they would release broken champions on purpose; They would profit simply on skin purchases.
Synx7 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=xXHellWolfXx,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9oWF483k,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2015-05-28T19:31:09.219+0000) > > Yes we do. > {{champion:20}} 250% AP for fully charged ult > {{champion:63}} 150% ap if the ult bounces maximum times + extra damage from passive > {{champion:9}} 225% ap both on W and ult for full duration and 135% ap with max crow bounces > {{champion:85}} 120% ap for full ult > {{champion:55}} 250% ap + a huge base damage and 375% ad on ult *shudders* > {{champion:90}} 130% ap on ult -> point and click ranged supress > {{champion:76}} 120% ap on max range spear > {{champion:68}} 150% ap and a huuuuge base damage for full ult duration > {{champion:134}} 140% ap on ult with max (7) spheres > {{champion:45}} pre-rework had 130% ap on ult > {{champion:112}} 195% ap for full ult duration Memory loss? You pretty much forgot that these champions were released centuries ago right? Oh wait.. And the champs u listed... you pretty much summed it up. Ekko's ultimate is INSTANT , if his clone or w/e the hell it is , its in place/range
Yes, because you're gonna stand still for 4 seconds and wait till your enemies swarm you.. what the hell?
: These are only ults with conditions, nothing to do with this stupid Ekko instant ult.
sorry which magic hat did you pull this "no condition" thing out of? His ulti lands 4 seconds rewinded, it's not target. Which means, besides hard to use, it very very easily avoided. Please don't say no condition when in fact there is a huge condition. You literally have to predict 4 seconds of movements. Unlike all the other ulties >_>
You need to put a little more effort into it than that? Playstyle? Goal? etc
: Mid is my only poor role and I'm using ezreal. need tips.
Think the problem is AP ezreal.. He is decent late game, but he is utter shit the entire way up there.. You'd be much better off playing ad ezreal mid, which is also bad early game, but still better.. I'd focus on 'proper' ap champions for md.
Suski (EUW)
: Level 8 on forums, 30 in game
To me it says 30. So probably your own cache or something.
Aingaz (EUW)
: why trinity force ??!
A common misconception. The earlier you get Trinity force on champions which are good with it, the better. Read the passive a few times, and you understand why it's 'not' good buying late game. (to clarify just in case, it's BASE damage, not bonus damage!) Trinity force provides an immense power surge at early level, and since you never really are allowed to stand and hit over and over, the proc dmg every second on a trade is much much stronger than plain attack dmg.
Wasdknife (EUW)
: Ryze And Shine
It's a "on target" spell, so it will never miss, plus if you cycle his abilities, it had a much much shorter cooldown..
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: Urf mode was fun for a few hours but
And this is why Riot wanted to only keep it for a few days.. People starting to whine over op shit in a mode that's made totally for fun.. >_>
: Make April a no RP month
I did stop as well at the day of the announcement too. Normally I don't go "activist" like that. But considering that the currency had a very good period and now a somewhat bad period, and we didn't get "extra" RP in the nice times, I gotta put my foot down.


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