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: Yi is not a complicated champion so you don't need any tips on how to play him, Aatrox on the other hand is a different story. I recommend you watching an in depth guide for Aatrox. In time you'll learn how to manage minion waves, freezing the lane at the right spot can be the definitive factor. Warding is also really important, you need to know the enemy's location, so you can either avoid them or confront them. Frequent roaming if possible, and don't let the opponent roam freely. CSing, while in lane don't just look for a fight, mainly focus on cs, the fight will come later to you, unless your opponent is an easy target. As for jg, pathing is really important, you need to be mobile, look for potential ganks, if the enemy pushes too much into the lane or they have summs on cd there is a good opportunity for you. Objectives win games, if you see the enemy jg at top and you're close to drake, you should go for it, place a control ward or scan the area so that you know if the enemy has any vision of you. You won a good teamfight? Either push mid if you believe that you can take inhib and then baron, or instant baron if you believe that you can't. The knowledge of when to fight and when not to will come with experience, so just keep playing and you'll learn. Also, /mute all is your best friend, do not type unless you have something important to say.
Ah thanks. This is kinda simple im more calm now when somebody explained. Btw had a good game with Aatrox, but somebody fed too much the enemy Miss fortune and she turned the battle around :D
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