: The client says that he will be released 11-12, the patch notes clearly say that the SKIN (nightbringer aphelios) will be available on the 12th, butt he roadmap says he will be here 11 dec
Yea i know, here in EU is allready night and Aphelios is still not avaible i cant understand why they wrote 11 DEC if he is not here, even now my client still say 11 DEC for release
: Could be a typo, could be that his skin is coming a bit early, could be that he will be released seperatly from the skin, could mean that the champion team and events team had a miscommunication. We will know soon enough, for now assume he will come this evening as that is the norm for new champions
Maybe he will come without his base skin and his skin the next day with the event but yea we’ll see later this day maybe in 5-6 hours
Ehhhh (EUW)
: You think they would release a champ without the launch skin? We'll see
Yea i really dont understand why they wrote in the client that his release date is DEC 11 if they release the event on DEC 12, they lied to us or this will be the first champ who will dont have a base skin in his first day
: Where is Aphelios?
In the client they said DEC 11 but the event is tomorow so i dont understad what they are doing here
: I cant purchase aphelios
Is not avaible but in the client they said 11 DEC for his release so today, and his skin and the event the next day on DEC 12 but i dont understad how is that possible
: First time she has been disabled btw. And she had a gamebreaking bug so it will take as long as it will take.
First time but is a new champ, and is for more than 24H, for a big company like them is strange
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: Qiyana
21:00 no event and still no Qiyana...this is so frustrating
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Qiyana and Arcade Event
21:00 PM and nothing..what a joke
: Where is Arcade pass?
Its 21:00 PM and still no Arcade event or Qiyana, what is going on with this game? This patch was the worst!!!
: It won't, patch 6.2 is scheduled for the 28th. Also, there is no guarantee that Jhin will be released the same day as the patch. It will be a few days later, most likely.
We will see...but i hope :D
: Hey ToEasY4Me, It's still the 27th right? :P Have some patience, they'll release it later today. However, keep in mind the dates you linked to are PST, so it might be early the 28th for us in EU.
Thanks, i hope there will appear today ! :)
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