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Creaturve (EUNE)
: What do you think of the current state of the game ?
: "Ban Warwick because he can solo dragon early"
I actually managed to push to diamond in a single day by abusing Warwick's early dragon capability... Easy gank on bot afterwards. Luckily with the new runes he gets a bit lower on HP after the dragon and can't go for bot gank anymore, which is good, but overall he can still get the dragon very early, at level 4 after a pretty fast Blue > Gromp > Wolves > Red > Chickens clear.
Degmond (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hi I main Ekko,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Ticnocw3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-13T19:03:09.828+0000) > > I know how it feels.. I was hardstuck plat2 for I think it was a week. Realistically speaking it's *very* difficult to get into diamond by only solo-queuing. It can be done, but I would rather recommend finding yourself a duo. Not necessarily someone to carry you, but it helps at balancing the matchmaking MMR. > > Take my case again, during the time I was hardstuck p2 I actually had a very good MMR. P2 0LP with 2000 estimated MMR is *bad* from a matchmaking point of view, I then decided to play with a plat5 to balance out the overall MMR of the matchmaking process, weirdly enough it worked... Began climbing and in a few days I got to diamond. > > True story I won my last promo day exactly on the last day of the season :D > {{sticker:poppy-wink}} I mean...
Oh god what the actual f—
Degmond (EUNE)
: [MMR System]Weirder than I thought
I know how it feels.. I was hardstuck plat2 for I think it was a week. Realistically speaking it's *very* difficult to get into diamond by only solo-queuing. It can be done, but I would rather recommend finding yourself a duo. Not necessarily someone to carry you, but it helps at balancing the matchmaking MMR. Take my case again, during the time I was hardstuck p2 I actually had a very good MMR. P2 0LP with 2000 estimated MMR is *bad* from a matchmaking point of view, I then decided to play with a plat5 to balance out the overall MMR of the matchmaking process, weirdly enough it worked... Began climbing and in a few days I got to diamond. True story I won my last promo day exactly on the last day of the season :D {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Saibbo (EUW)
: YEAY can't wait to get the same old border that i had for straight 3 seasons again
At least you're getting one *haha*... :'(
Jâshîn (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hi I main Ekko,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=87XyAL48,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-10-25T12:53:58.130+0000) > > Ah sweet! Works perfectly with the plants I have ;P PLANTS ???
HAHAHA, yeah plants I guess XD
: That would actually be pretty dope, you rite Along with Dark Star Kindred? Or... {{sticker:sona-playing}} A man can dream... {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Kindred and Sona don't really fit the Dark Star theme though :(
Wen294 (EUW)
: Just give him some hammerpants and i'd buy it.
Well Sandstorm Ekko has hammerpants but they're sort of tied tight on the *lower legs*(?) Personally I like that skin the least
: Ekko McFly? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I was thinking Dark Star Ekko, the abilities would look absolutely DOPE.
: nerfed tank galio and buffed the shit out of ap galio
Yep, his damage is actually insane when played full AP, oneshots pretty much everyone...
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> It takes a while to produce a Victorious skin. This sounds so glorious for some reason
: A skin for Jinx (Legendary?)
She's already got too many skins.. just make another one for ma boi Ekko : (
Dyarize (EUW)
: hi im new
> what do i need to know to get good? *__everything__*
Fajerk (EUW)
: And I was wondering why there is a feeding ekko in the jungle every game!
: I lost my cool.
I am so sorry that you had to play with a bad Ekko on your team :(
: [In Game] Health Bar doesn't update correctly
Yep, happens to me as well. Riot probably knows about it already. Expect a hot fix soon ;P
: Ekko is "not viable" because he is hard to play. He becomes viable once you get good with him :) He probably gets banned either randomly, or because he is a counter to what the person wanted to pick initially. I like to ban lee sin almost every game, because i play akali. And for some reason, the blind monk sees better than almost everyone else
Keep banning Lee every game and you'll make it to my "favorite persons" list :D
Renold (EUNE)
: Sorry but {{champion:245}} is a viable champ especially that he scale pretty well.You main ekko doesnt mean youre a good ekko.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
> You main ekko doesnt mean youre a good ekko. My KDA, winrate and overall playstyle would beg the differ ;D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: So, where is the "Why" part? So far I only read "Ekko isnt a viable champ" as a statement, no arguments. Also I wouldnt call 58% WR over 336 games unviable.
I am certified Ekko main trust me it's not viable so *don't ban him in champ select*. \**perhaps I should've posted this topic in the jokes section**
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: Well, winning _is_ fun, I certainly don't doubt that. What I meant to say is that you should never focus on winning, because there are too many factors that you have no control over. Focus on playing well and improving your skill is a much better idea. Almost every person giving tips on how to improve is gonna say that: Don't play to win. --- Playing to win makes your defeats hurt much more, and it will just frustrate you in roughly 50% of games you play, because that's how much you lose. Of course winning is the goal of the game, but you should see it more as a positive side-effect of playing well. THAT is what you should focus on.
Now that is something solid I can get behind. __Thank you.__
ravenGGz (EUW)
: Hello there! Indeed, if you are banned after the 22nd of August for more than 7 days, you will be, unfortunately, ineligible for the End of Season rewards. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Ah sweet! Works perfectly with the plants I have ;P
Raxyel (EUW)
So bans after 22 of August don't qualify for any of the rewards? Including loading borders etc?
: I'm so sad the ardent meta has ended... lol
Liandil (EUW)
: You play Monopoly with your family and in the end you lose. Was it fun to play with your family or didnt you like it cause you lose?
It was fun to *play with my family*, but it wasn't fun *to lose at Monopoly*. I've sort of pointed out two things that don't go together in my mind. I can have fun with friends and family sure, but I can't have fun losing. \>*Oh but you're having fun __while__ losing at Monopoly since you're playing with your family/friends* That doesn't mean I enjoyed the game. Having fun with someone is different than having fun while losing. At least in my mind...
: It's simple... when a game is close and you lose in the end, it's fun... if you think "At least I had fun, it's ok I lost" is the only way to seriously improve... because you're still calm... you can think about the game and what you did wrong without being frustrated because if you are you will think "he did this... he did that... oh, the idiots lost, it's not my fault... they suck" because you can't control your anger from the loss... Losing can be fun when the game is good... it's like watching your favorite sports team play a football game and losing in extra time by a brilliant goal with the final score being like 2-3 or 3-4... it's not the same as watching your team play absolutely horribly and lose 0-4... in the first situation, for me at least, you can think "at least I watched a great game" and not be so sad about it and analyze what went wrong and your team lost (maybe some lost ball on the middle of the field or something)... on the second one you're just pissed "the idiots should learn to play... I'm never watching them again..." and you learn nothing except that your team gave up and got smashed It's a matter of mentality and psychology... losing can be fun when the game was fun before the loss came... we are not pro athletes or pro e-sport gamers... we're not in need of a win to get a new contract... we can play for fun...
> we're not in need of a win to get a new contract... we can play for fun... To this I can agree. The football argument you brought up is quite irrelevant from the point of view of someone who doesn't watch sports or TV for that matter, myself included. But I understand what you mean. However, you've still managed to make me understand one thing, you are right. It is indeed about psychology, and people have different ways of thinking. Mine just isn't that. Now I understand why I can't relate to this "at least I had fun mentality", it's because I don't enjoy the loss, I just consider it another annoying aspect of *life*. I don't get mad about losing, I live up to the mistakes and carry on playing. Saying "at least I had fun" doesn't personally help me "get over it", since there's nothing for me to get over, I'm already fine with it, not because I had fun in the game, I most likely hated the game, but since the verdict is already given and it's a __loss__, I cannot do anything about it, I just move on like nothing happened.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Patch 7.21 shipped with excessive amount of salt
But on the bright side Ekko got a buff and I can play him in the jungle again. yey :)
DeadRak (EUW)
: Tired of low elo
It's very difficult to climb as a support main if you don't have a competent adc duo. SoloQ for supports in low elo is basically LP suicide. Unless you're very lucky with matchmaking and get proper teammates at least every 2 games or so you're bound to climb __very__ slowly.
: it's fun to lose games that are fun... meaning games where both teams try their best and one must win... that's fun... now if you're a win or die kind of guy, then I cant chat with you about Video GAMES... it's not bad to lose... just don't lose on purpose because all you do is cry about losing and handing the opponents a free win
I'm not really a "win or die" type of player. Would want to either. But the concept of "it's fun to lose" is very strange to me... I don't enjoy losing, I just see it as something inevitable and that's it. I get past it, seeing it as "fun" would just be a cover-up of maybe frustration that would have otherwise manifested as flame. Dunno, might not be just me. But __losing__ in itself should feel bad. Doesn't mean you should be upset about it, but surely not excited or happy either. Otherwise how are you going to ever improve at anything with a mentality like: "Oh I lost, but oh well at least I had fun." Better luck next time sort of situation? Help me understand cus honestly I don't know what to make of it
ego1st86 (EUNE)
: My main account got permabanned
Same brah, last year my 6 years old account got banned. Was the first League account I had created. #FeelsBadMan
: Oh I'm right there with you! It's so annoying when people act like it's all lost a few minutes into the game, or keep wanting to surrender when things don't go their way... At the end of the day they are the ones missing out though, coming back from a "lost game" is a great experience, exactly _because_ it's so rare. If they want to surrender and complain instead, they'll deny themselves this chance. --- _They just think it's all about winning, and only about winning._
> They just think it's all about winning, and only about winning. Debatable. Considering that the point of the game is to __win__. The "it's important to have fun" argument is sort of pointless if anyone would like to bring it up, simply because it's absurd to say "*it's fun to lose*". So in the end, it is all about winning. But you know, some people take it to the extreme.
: sometimes i question my own IQ
Lleajy (EUW)
: No it's not, if you have a 40" screen like me, you want 4k on it. And that's not what OP is asking. There's no such thing as overkill if you have the hardware for that.
Overkill is defined by wanting to complete simple tasks in an over complicated way.. Playing something as standard as League on a 4K display is absolute overkill.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Nah it's just insecure and always has problems every other release
I personally never had problems with windows updates since I'm a savvy user. Windows is made to for the average user yet somehow people can't figure out how to properly configure a fresh installation. Same applies to security threats, I haven't had a virus on my computer in over a year because I know which sites not to visit, which download button to press and usually *what not to download*. Windows is made to look bad by those who are simply too lazy to learn how to properly use a computer.
: hahaha ;) Well, What i ment was i've been playing against high elo players so i count myself as a good player <3
Solo queue is different from flex or playing with your premade friends. SoloQ is more reliant on personal level of skill and matchmaking luck (a.k.a if you get bad teammates you're most likely gonna lose if you don't play a carry position).
: About Ranked Matchmaking games.
> i dont deserve that rank i am an high Elo player \**cliché spotted**
: Install League of Legends on Linux
Ok, help me understand this. But why exactly would you want to play League on Linux... Just dual boot a copy of Windows and have the simplest installation
: What's your go-to one trick champion?
: A french Guy try to equilibrate eve
\>Sees title \>Hmm he's french \>Reads post... \>Wait, so when does he surrender? I'm disappointed.
: Playing League Of Legends ? Looking for friends ? Join our community now
\> logs into a League of Legends board \> "Playing League of Legends?" It's like asking: "You guys work when you're at work too?"... Poor introduction for a community that maybe you're trying to grow
: Dear Riot
hehe xd
Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings lordmumu1, Can you open [THIS LINK]( in a browser. It should either show a bunch of text/versions, or download a text file. I would like for you to download a VPN, log into the client and then activate the VPN. Once that's done let me know how it went. #VPN HotSpot Shield (HSS) is a program that is used to test your connection routing path in very specific cases. You can download the tool [HERE]( * Download & Install HotSpotShield * Let it update * Try to launch the LoL-Patcher as an admin ######Disclaimer: A VPN can severely impact your connection, it is therefore recommended to only use it for testing purposes, and not as a solution.
ya didn't add the link for the HSS :P
Snonky (EUW)
: Death recap is essentially a board of random numbers at this point
Death recap has been broken and forgotten long time now. I think they might've mentioned revamping it in a Ask Riot post, not sure tho. Anyway, they will eventually fix it. When? Who knows.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Default muting doesn't mute champion emotes.
Oh but nobody uses emotes to BM... we're just showing our respect through a non-verbal method that __*RIOT provided*__. *There's no way an idea __RIOT__ had would backlash*.
: Advice on a small (negative) habit
I suffer from the same problem... Dunno how to fix, mindset thing I guess.
Bad Jungler (EUNE)
: Well im not using a router and ive never had this issue before...
What do you mean you're not using a router? How do you connect to the internet then
: Hello there old me, it's.. me! But new! I wanted to post this to let you know you began playing the game again. Yeah, it's true! You began playing again about a month after you posted this touching story. I know it might be hard for you to believe, but damn! You're better than ever! Ok ok, lemme get into the fun details, I know you like them. So, in that one month you spent without playing League, you managed to learn more about coding, you made A TON of friends you improved your grades at school SO MUCH it's unbelievable. Still no girlfriend tho :-( Uhh, what else can I say, currently yo— ... I'm still Gold 4, working hard to get back into Plat to honor your great efforts. You're doing great with your little web development business. Huh, who knew in 6 months you'd make yourself a pretty good reputation in the fuzz. Anywho! I remembered I had posted this on my ban day, so I thought I'd come back to let you know that we're doing really good, even though we got back into playing the game. And btw, we're finally on a schedule with League! Yeah I know it's CRAZY! I made up a nice restriction of max. 5 games a day. But I usually just play about 3 then go back to working.. I'll come back to post again for the 1 year anniversary; so hang on tight, I'm thinking about throwing a little party! A small "I'm glad I managed to change" themed party. Of course you should be a special guest, if you decide to come around. Well, that's about it, glad to catch up. Should do it more often, but you know... I'm a busy guy nowadays ;-)
Hello old me, it's me, the new me... again! A bit late actually... since almost exactly one month ago, we'd hit our first __year since we got permabanned__. I actually almost forgot, I know. I even promised I'd come back on the 1 year anniversary. I'm really sorry about that, but in my defense, I was still trying to climb back to diamond (throwbacks to season 2 haha, *remember that grind?*) Now I know you really want to know the news and trust me when I say there's so much that happened this year... it's __unbelievable__. First of all. *You*, yes *you*, had a girlfriend for almost a *month*. CRAZY? I know right!? Was an experience, wasn't bad she was cute, kinda dumb though. Still an achievement. Oh but what happened after the break-up was *freaking amazing*. Let's just say that this past summer has been __wild__. You had you first ever airplane flight, it was absolutely awesome, you enjoyed it a lot. Oh but, you might wonder, where exactly have you been? You've been to __Britain__. *Why have you been to Britain?* &nbsp;You went there to __work__. Ohhohoh, and worked you did. You made a ton of money and you actually got to work as a web developer for a small firm. Nothing too big you worked on like one website (which looked __GREAT__, gj!). OH, and the biggest and best part of the tons of money you got? __You finally bought a gaming setup__. We're talking gaming grade parts and a ultrawide monitor. Now you enjoy what you've always dreamed of, *playing anything your heart desires*. Your career seems to be sort of taking off now. As you've already gotten yourself another one of those local contracts for solo web sites. Pretty cool, but I ain't gonna lie you asked for too little when it came down to payment. __Note to self: *ask for more money.*__ When it comes to your personal life... it's the same as before. You don't go out much, rarely. But you're now somewhat more willing to go out, unfortunately you don't have that many opportunities for doing so. And League? Meh. You've been hardstuck platinum for a couple of weeks now. Trying your best to get out of this Elo hell, but you know... sometimes matchmaking is unlucky. Oh, and, you know how you were like: "I'm gonna reform!"? You didn't... not really anyway. Still kinda toxic, but not as much of a chat warrior. So you know, small improvements but you should seriously consider growing up and understanding that not everyone can use their brain properly. Sometimes explaining things doesn't help, they just refuse to listen. What else is there... You're still an Ekko main... one of the best out there, actually. Still got dem sick plays brah! You've began streaming from time to time... yeah. Nothin big, you had like 11 people watching at one point, was pretty kewl. Uhhh... there's nothing really much else to say. There wasn't a *7th year playing league* &nbsp;anniversary party, but I'm thinking that if we can hang in there 'til we get to the 10th year, we're gonna throw a huge party with balloons and party stuff. Well, that's what I have to say for now. Ok, this time, I pinky-swear that I will come back and let you know as soon as I get back to diamond. Also when I get perma-banned again (which I hope won't happen again, but if it does, I will let you know.) Alright then, talk to you some other time, gl&hf where ever you ended up!
DaahLeon (EUNE)
: you most likely dodged a game at 0lp before winning that one, dodges give you -3 LP, and yes, you can go negative LP since dodges usually wont demote you.
Oh! Thank you kind sir, that answers that. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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