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Smerk (EUW)
: > Maybe im just really bad now, and cant climb? There are only 3 possible reasons why you're not climbing: 1. You're not playing enough 2. You're extremely unlucky 3. You're not good enough First two reasons are somewhat connected, because luck factor also gets less relevant with more games played. You can lose 10 games in a row due to bad luck, but if you're losing your 100th game, then it's very likely that luck was not really involved
I played more than 12 games yesterday and EACH ONE had at least 1 lane inting, and 1 person afk
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Shamose (EUW)
: > too many feeders in ranked Then stop playing it. That's one less, that's a start.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: _I dont even write anything because last time I told a feeder to stay under turret or play safe, i got reported for toxicity and got a permaban. _ You might have used abusive words and that got you banned. Especially in Silver-Bronze- Iron, we can find players going like 0/3 in first few minutes and not always they're feeding intentionally. They maybe just having a bad game. I agree that these players spoil the fun of climbing, but being toxic spoils the game itself. One can say the advice and required things in chat without being toxic and if he doesn't, ofc players will report.
no, i did not use any abusive words whatsoever actually. unless you count "pathetic" as a vulgarity. I can post chat logs if you wish, but I am not sure If i can still access them...
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