: Perma banned for telling the truth?
Yeah, on this game you're not allowed to defend yourself or speak up if someone flames/ints/wishes death on you. Fun, isn't it? Also, they can say the k word and only get a 14days ban, but if you argue with that and you've been punished before, you're getting a perma ban, because that's clearly how a punishement system should work.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Post logs On your 14 day ban reform card it CLEARLY said that the next offense would lead to a permanent ban. No matter if it was a big or a small offense
I love how everyone uses that excuse, makes me laugh everytime someone uses it for reasons I can't tell on the forums :D but I guess you'll figure them out. That is clearly broken. You should only be punished for the gravity of the situation, shouldn't matter how many times you got warning or shits like that, but there's a difference between the k word and arguing with someone throwing your game because this is a competitive game, so people will be competitive :D
: un justified ban.
You've been warned 3 times before this perma ban if I'm not wrong. I totally agree with you tho, the system is too harsh right now. They're currently testing some reforming programs for perma-banned players in NA. Got perma banned for this: Game 2270057841: Torchfvce: keep Torchfvce: %%%%ing Torchfvce: hitting Torchfvce: minions Torchfvce: BECAUSE YOU PUSH THE %%%%ING WAVE Torchfvce: STOP HITTING MINIONS Torchfvce: go ahead Torchfvce: take farm Torchfvce: see what happens Torchfvce: okayt Torchfvce: gl [All]Torchfvce: autofilled lux [All]Torchfvce: taking my farm [All]Torchfvce: go ahead Torchfvce: take 1 more farm [All]Torchfvce: I'm the one trolling? [All]Torchfvce: when he's taking all my farm [All]Torchfvce: lmao [All]Torchfvce: lux is so boosted Torchfvce: im going top btw Torchfvce: dont ping me Torchfvce: ping lux [All]Torchfvce: report lux for trolling [All]Torchfvce: lux, are you mentally ill? [All]Torchfvce: you're taking my farm [All]Torchfvce: I'm not going bot [All]Torchfvce: simple [All]Torchfvce: stop arguing [All]Torchfvce: you're the one trolling Torchfvce: and report me for? Torchfvce: ahri do you see what happens here? XD [All]Torchfvce: I left bot because this kid was taking all my farm Torchfvce: couldn't play like that Torchfvce: that's all u can say Torchfvce: troll? Torchfvce: because lux took my farm Torchfvce: not trolling Torchfvce: switching lanes Torchfvce: since i dont have a supp Torchfvce: muted btw [All]Torchfvce: bruh XDDD [All]Torchfvce: and the only one trolling is lux Torchfvce: ? Torchfvce: lol Torchfvce: nope Torchfvce: I'm adc [All]Torchfvce: nice r Torchfvce: bruhhh XD Torchfvce: it's funny Torchfvce: 2/7 Torchfvce: 1/3 Torchfvce: calling me a troller Torchfvce: sure Torchfvce: sure [All]Torchfvce: he's so mad [All]Torchfvce: 2/8 XDDDD [All]Torchfvce: and a feeder [All]Torchfvce: 2 in 1 [All]Torchfvce: +1 Torchfvce: XDDDDDDDDDDD Torchfvce: wp Torchfvce: go back Torchfvce: lol ty Torchfvce: can I red? Torchfvce: lux ulted to steal my red Torchfvce: LMFAO [All]Torchfvce: gg wp Post Game Lobby: Torchfvce: they didnt int as much Torchfvce: as our lux Torchfvce: inted Torchfvce: literally ulted to try and steal my red Torchfvce: and failed because a lux kept flaming me, saying in all chat "report xayah, troller" and taking all my farm on bot because I died once. Guess what, she gets to play the game even tho I'm 100% sure this isn't the only game she did stuff like that. And what do I get for defending myself? A perma ban :D
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: You type too much. Did you start this game so that you can type or to actually play the game.
Started the game to play, that's how I wanted to start all my games.
Torchfvce (EUNE)
: Hi
Waiting for your opinion/tips for my anger issues.
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