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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Should wishing death to someone result in an instant perma ban?
Riot started banning people that say "k - y - s", and stuff like that. It's probably on a list of words that trigger a ban. My friend got banned for saying it jokingly to me a couple of times lmao
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Teejoon (EUW)
: Lol, you didn't read the text when you bought the name change? > Please note that any names deemed offensive will be altered by Player Support without refund
Thank you, I was not aware of that.
: Why would you get a refund for breaking the rules while others don't even get a refund if they follow the rules? And why do you need a notification is your summonername is plainly visible pretty much everywhere? And, last but not least: Don't forget it's a punishment. It's supposed to be a bit unpleasant.
I don't consider it a punishment, just a warning. Good on Riot for not banning me though..
: That cho'gath was extremely fed... seriously that was 17000 health with gargoyles... meaning around 8500 without... that's a lot of stacks. With that much feed most champions would do the same.
That cho'gath was me friendo I had a lot of fun <3
ejpon (EUNE)
: What was your name before? If it was something vulgar, be mad on yourself
It's too vulgar for me to translate it to English I'm glad I didn't get permabanned though, just namechanged xd
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: my account got perma banned for being toxic and i need help
SoY Szala (EUNE)
: Cho'Gath Montage #7
Montage full od mechanical outplays, I love it
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House x33 (EUW)
: Gunblade doesn't belong to full ad soraka nor does shiv or tear.
: thinking of climbing in rankeds
Is this a parody of my thread? If so 3/10, not enough grammar
Magneset (EUW)
: And that goes to show exactly what is wrong with your side of the region. If you are not willing to make an effort, and everyone else acts the way you do, its never going to change. You have every oppertunity to take part in turning it around, but instead of that you take the easy way out and just add to the problem.
EUNE is beyond any measure of saving. Especially low elo
: I play Naut MID in more or less high plat now, so yea...
You're my man, not a meta slave. GL to diamond
: The fact that you bother to make a thread informing others about what you are doing is a very clear sign that you obviously still care. Someone who doesn't give a shit about League has a thousand better things to do than a) posting on the League boards b) still playing the game
I care about what random people think on the internet. Even your comment has significant value in my life and I will cherish it eternally <3
Eveninn (EUW)
: Yeah, but why should we dodge to safe LP? Do you intend to lose by picking it? Then I don't see why you'd use ranked queue for playing it.
I don't intend to lose, but I can't guarantee it will always work I'm not gonna int, play the game normally but with something really cheesy or trolly lul
: You, apparently.
My match history says otherwise :)
Magneset (EUW)
: Or how about making an effort to make League a better place? You are no better than the people you complain about. So i see no reason why you come here and complain.
Making effort to make league a better place? LOL, makes me wonder if you ever actually played a game on nordic east in this shit elo xD
: > If other people won't care about climbing, why should I too? No offence but that's a really redarted thing to say, just cause someone else doesn't care about x means you shouldn't care about it either ? that's stupid Grow up a little man
>Grow up a little man How did you know I'm little? >:(
: So instead of actually deciding to be better than those you hate, you want to become those you hate. Well, whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess.
It's just a game, who gives a shit?
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: If the 10 and 25 game chat restriction hasn't improved your behaviour, a 100 game chat restriction won't either. Riot tested out permanent chat restrictions a little while back, but it didn't work out. People tended to shift their negative behaviour over to gameplay misbehaviour instead in order to vent their frustration and destroy the experience for others.
I never had a ban or a chat restriction, that's the problem. I'm legitimately considering pulling my enter key out, and the mechanical pieces underneath the key. Also I only flame when I'm super tilted. And that's basically almost every game in this god forsaken silver elo
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