: Champion Concept: Kadarin, the Reconstruct
Ladrac (EUNE)
: The idea sounds really good for me, but that R is so broken xD it would look cool in game anyway.
I updated the tooltip to make it less "scary"
: Champion Concept: Kadarin, the Reconstruct
Here's the balance changes: -Ion Pulse renamed to Ion Beam. -Ion Beam tooltip updated, shuts down turrets for 2 seconds. -Ion Beam knocks back enemies 300 units. -Proton Reflector no longer reflects basic attacks. -Proton Reflector's reflected skillshots now deal only 25% damage. -Overheat tooltip updated, speed slow and attack speed buff last for 5 seconds. -Added rank scaling for Lock On, making it not useless for leveling after 1st rank. -Nerfed Ion Beam's damage.
: Seems good but isn't it the concept of a champion that guy from the make-a-wish foundation made? Or is it just the name?
Yes! I wanted to try and make it, and no it's not the same. Only the idea for the passive is the same, but slightly changed
: Are you serious? Literally everyone can make a champion, but the problem isn't how it works on paper but how it works ingame. Riot change the skills constantly of a champion before they release them, meaning that the champion you propose can never really see light. Riot makes an idea and evolve that idea into a champion, but that champion has to be unique from the rest and needs to fill a certain niche into the game.
It's not like I want it to happen. I want to make it in my vision, and see how people react.
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