Eveninn (EUW)
: Champion stereotypes~
Darius mains think that they can 1v5 the enemy team and get a penta... oh wait, they can.
Nockax (EUW)
I don't feel anymore, so even if someone is flaming at me or someone else i don't react. But i still report them after.
: Trying to find someone (This is kind of a long shot)
Is it possible to find your last match with her?
: Choose your Log in Screen!!
There is an app for it called LolReplay2 but i dont know if it is legal or not(the download page says it is legal) since it just records your replay and changes login screens
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: Up to 10 FREE SKINS - GIVEAWAY! [ Winner announcement ]
id: P93Qb1fUJR game was rated 10/10 by ign good luck
: Revived: League of Legends - Chatbot
Does this have an EUNE version?
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Solash (EUW)
: So I decided to assign Pokemon types to every champion. Cause i'm a goddamn nerd.
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: Do you have this box checked? http://i.imgur.com/oF0Wmxy.png
yes but still doesnt work. i will download it all again
Jens DV (EUW)
: There's an ingame command that enables and disables it, I'm not sure what it is but it's something like CTRL+L or CTRL+K or something similar. You can just go into a custom to see which one it is and fix it.
Thank you! i will try it now. it is not such a big problem on normals but on OfA you dont see anyone. if that doesnt work maybe someone else will have a solution
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: Suggestion for the game.
I dont see any flash, im playing on medium/low so maybe thats why i dont see it
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Noibla (EUW)
: Question: Why is it so hard to ward/upgrade your trinket?
"Noob why upgrade trinket it is not ur recommended item" -some people 2015
Sharebass (EUNE)
: Kindred suggestion
Dixi Pixi (EUW)
: If Lee Sin can jump on ward...
cuz lee is blind and he doesnt **see** the difference between a human and a ward.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hey Trexlo, Nope, you are correct. This functionality was disabled as unfortunately, it just wasn't working how the boards team wanted. You can use third party sites however (we recommend imgur for images, and somewhere like textuploader for logs as you can set a deletion period) - and link here :-) Images and videos especially will show on your post when you link to them, so a lot of people actually preferred it for "in-line" images and the like!
ty didnt know about that
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: So what are your thoughts about kindred?
It doesnt makes any sense. A man wanted a friend, splitted himself , and he got a wolf. and a lamb. a lamb that looks like human and a wolf that has no legs. When i saw it i was dissapointed. i wanted too see 2 spirits like in the teaser, but i got Spirit Will Smith from I am a legend.And it has kalistas dash, ekko+gnar E, yoricks ghoul, and bard+fiora ult. And Garens villain passive that gives it bonus dmg
Creberus (EUNE)
: Riot You have a Problem !!!
weak? tell that to people that run from me when i play taric top. They need ganks to defeat me. and galio is op if played right, other 3 are too op if played right. And they are dead cuz people play the meta, vayne,yas,zed,anything that can get them fed so they can win.
: I was a Darius main before 5.16 and I've got a message for you riot.
i noticed that if i dont get a 5stack or kill someone with ult in tf i am dead. after 5 stacks you need to q them all to kill them.Or you can just die and be happy that someone killed you
: Give me your best champion descriptions
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: guys pls HELP. i cant login
run as admin works for me
shileka (EUW)
: the problem is darius has no slow
> [{quoted}](name=shileka,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=W1y3nTLn,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-09-03T18:02:46.736+0000) > > the problem is darius has no slow his w and e are 90% slow for 1 sec
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shileka (EUW)
: darius's new Q
cast it after a slow slow first and then aim for the blade
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60FpsLoli (EUNE)
: Help me pick a new name :3 (gift)
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: why jayce is not a bot laner "adc" ?
I play adc jayce and most of the times i win. I usually go jayce adc if my team argues about roles so i can be solo bot.E+Q till they are low,W+R go trough your E, Q+W+E and they are dead.
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: "they are coming" teaser.
they are coming. They is a word. a word with 4 letters. Kata has 4 letters. nerf has 4 letters too. OMG KATA NERFS ARE COMING OMG
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: [IMPORTANT] This needs to be addressed because it affects EVERY ranked player.
I hate those people that just stand there and then move for a sec. They are too afraid to leave cuz they will get a ban. But they will get a ban anyway cuz i will report them
Kouèn (EUW)
: Type of league players you like/dislike.
I hate those ppl that are like imma feed now , they feed, they see a kill and they run like mad at them. IF you feed you feed for real, dont take the kills . And those who go AFk and dont disconnect. You will get banned anyway
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: Looking For A Good Singed Main Name
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