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: queue times are depending on the time of the day and the role you picked, the longest queue times are for mid, since most of the ppl want to play mid as for getting autofilled every 3rd game thats normal, if you get filled or play a game as support you get autofill immunity for 2 games, so if you trying to play mid and get autofilled every 3rd game then the system works fine as support i have max 1 min queue time, even at times with less activity and no idea about autofill because i literally got autofilled 1 time, back when the system got implemented (the perks of playing support rofl)
I queue up for Top / Jungle. I'm lvl 26 and my queue times are 15 minutes+ regardless of time of day. Usually I play at times between 17:00 to 21:00 which should be prime time. Don't you think this is a bit wierd?
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