: champs that need a buff and why
Meanwhile champions like {{champion:245}} keep getting buffs so his "erase bad encounter/escape unescapable with full HP" ultimate has 30s cooldown, great. But in my opinion, Swain is fine, he suffers a bit, but with his E bugs, he can also be extremely unfun to play against and actually do crazy things in game, unlike other listed champs, expect for Kog'maw, who is just fine kit-wise, but since every single new champion since season 5 has a dash or other mobility options, he is simply outplayed too easily unless you have a Kog comp and still it could be exploited by some hyper mobile assassins. Also, add in {{champion:268}}, new players don't even know who this champ is.
Shamose (EUW)
: TFT isn't a game mode like the others. TFT is a seperate game.
Well, I like what you say, but, if it's separate game why it's draining resources out of LoL? Since it started all we got for LoL was bad decisions, bad balance patches and more. It seems like thay absolutely forgot about the main game that brought the players in. And it reflects in game and on the boards as well as everywhere you look. The game is going down because of another game like TFT. I say get rid of it, create a team for it, let it care for itself. The craze about TFT is gone, money has been made, now it's just a bug in the game we don't need. Separate it completely and go back to the actual game.
: Akali revert when?
Akali has the same problem as some other champions - the developer. She has overloaded kit that made her extremely unfun to play against, thanks to that, she needs to be nerfed to the ground, rendering her practically unusable for her to be balanced. She is fun to play, I'll tell you that, but if I had to pick between pre-rework Akali and new reworked Akali I would pick old Akali for sure. She was outdated, but much more healthy for the game. I really like new Akali, she is fun to play, she has unique passive and she rewards good plays and even encourage them with her kit. However, her kit was extremely overpacked kit, just like Darius. Without those nerfs, Akali would be unbeatable, at least in lane, since she would have extreme sustain thanks to Q healing and could towerdive easily because of W. Thankfully, both of those things were nerfed. She is still a bit overpacked though. As I see it, at her current form, she is a hell to balance, simply because of her kit. She will be either a more annoying Yasuo with more escape options or Kalista/Azir. I used to be an Azir main, I know how it feels to have your champion nerfed to oblivion, but that's just how it is. While Yasuos are running rampart with their kit being overloaded and Ekko's are getting ult buff so they have 30s ult CD we get unplayable Azir and other champions who are in limbo.
: Seeing as how adcs are regularly played in korea(best region in the world) id say youre completely wrong.
Hey, they came up with Ziggs ADc, I doubt this meta will go around them. They will be the region that uses it the most, pro teams are just not ready for it, Korea takes their sweet time to adapt untill they are 100% efficient with it. It's regularly played in SoloQ, though. Without ADcs.
: Meta....? There is no 'meta'... Anything is viable at any position. Seen a Brand go top lane, go out of laning phase with 15/0 against a Galio.. A fkin Galio... This game is busted now, and they're probably gonna fk it up much more. {{item:3070}}
Not really anything, ADcs are pretty much extinct right now.
: I get what you're saying, and you have the right to feel so. I won't address all your concerns, but 3 of them. * Crabs : Before the patch, a lot of "teamfight oriented" CC-bot tanks, that had no lategame counterplay were dominating the rift due to the peel and support they offered to the ADC class, that got enabled sooner or later, getting to it's lategame potential in 25-30mins (in most games), and without another CC-bot tank + a decently playing ADC, you were just doomed. I am not quite an OTP, but I mained Udyr, since Season 3 (I have 1.6mill mastery on him). All my achievements were done on him. No matter if he was unplayable or not, I succeeded with him. I however felt I was doing twice the work a tank was doing, for half the profit, since my lategame utility in the said meta was near-ZERO. With the crab changes, and jungle-jungle interactions being a bigger part of the early phase of the game, the type of champions that I'm personally playing feels much more rewarding. I have an actual impact now. From 62% win-rate in mid-plat (in the past patches), I raised to 71% win-rate mid-diamond. The style just fits me, and I'm overall pleased with it. * The double/triple support + Yi teamcomps : I have yet to lose a single game, to a yi-taric or a nunu-karthus. With simple deep-warding, counterjungling, and picking a champ that's stronger than Yi in the early game, you can just gank, when they push mid - together. You + your midlaner will deal more damage in the earlygame, than the Yi taric combo. They will hardshove, then go duo clear the jungle and occasionally roam. So you cut the problem at it's source. You 2v2 them mid. if you get ahead, and you should, due to being the better early champ (jax/udyr/xin and many more), you'll be able to start 2v1ing them, in the mid-game.IMPORTANT THING - **HAVE SOME SORT OF RELIABLE CC**,if the plan fails, and yi gets enabled. Yi will never get to it's monster potential. Whenever he will gank with taric, you'll be there, 3v4 you will win - since you're ahead. You place wards for your team, and you counterjungle the opposite side of his jungle, whenever he does a fail-gank. This counter-strat has been working like a charm for me personally. * The brand support problem : Two words come to my mind in this case : adapt and overcome AND artillery mages. What does brand have ? Mid-range poke, and a CC skillshot. What does brand lack? SUSTAIN. What do you do? You pick a champ that has 1 pixel longer range poke, and you won the lane. All my enemy brand supports lost to me, whenever I picked XERATH or Vel'koz OR LUX. You hit Brand 3 times with xerath Q, at lvl 2, he's back in base, or risks giving up first blood. He comes up to poke your ADC? Nah.... half his health gone from your Q W combo, after 1 item. Brand's ADC wants to farm? Have fun towerhugging buddy. Deep river wards + tribush pink, and your earlygame is an assured victory. Brand is a mage, he needs items to deal damage, and level to scale his spells. If he can't get a single kill due to tower hugging, and has to back often, his lategame impact will be minimal compared to yours (you have better siege potential, against an enemy that is behind, while you're outranging him). So these were my 3 tips for you, take them as you like. Hope you'll find something to enjoy soon, LOL can be a very fun game ! :) Good luck and cya on the rift.
Yes, the situation for jungle may be better, yet there is still a problem. I can feel you, Udyr is the champion that has to have ups and downs as the meta goes due to his kit, now it's the time to shine again. But it's not only the jungle that feels the update. It puts high pressure on mid lane as well. A well placed roam from enemy mid that is better suited for the situation (by the pick, of course) has a high chance to screw jungler so much that his jungler will just snowball it from there, be it ganks or counterjungle. That is in the case you kill the jungler. You can just leave the crab alone for the enemy jungler, which is still a problem because it opens lanes to a gank or to a potentional counter-jungling with his midder. Midder in this case can do a lot of harm, and he should. That's the forced meta on mid and halfway forced meta on jungle, which I don't agree with. For the Yi comp, yeah, I can see that working, but I feel like they would have to screw up like that. Same thing goes for them - early wards and they can be safe which will not only help them reach their (omega) powerspike but also effectively waste your time. This would work in platinum->low diamond but I don't think it would be so easy in high-diamond. Then again, there are other ways to counter this strategy. You can either never let them to get to powerspike or just avoid fighting them, get tons of CC and split-push. For me, the problem isn't really the comp itself or how to counter it. The problem for me is how it's done, how it's played. Taric uses 2 spells, another support uses 2 spells. Apart from warding and occasional laning that's all they have to do. It kills the fun entirely and it is an unpleasant experience in my eyes. Nothing like this should be encouraged. That's something I have problem with, this is my point. I don't have the problem with comp itself, just how it's played. That's also why I don't play TT. It just sucks. Also, game depending on one single person and not whole team is pretty much stupid. I am aware that I was promoting personal skill, but it's not worth it to promote one's personal skill and completely throw it out of window for other few players in his team. Problem still stays. Same as Yi/supports comp, the actual champion is not the problem. We are used to ADc/support meta. In these times, it's mage/mage or assassin/fighter. It just feels bad to play or to play against, rendering almost whole ADc pool unusable. Well, probably not unusable but noticably worse. Xerath is the same problem as Brand. He may counter brand, but his kit is not of a support, it's of a mage. He should stay where he belongs, same for Brand, Ziggs, Lux and Vel'koz and arguably Fiddle, although he is not a viable mid pick anymore (well, it feels like he isn't viable anywhere because of his pretty old kit). I am seeing less and less ADcs, well, it may be a good sign after ardent meta, but those champions doesn't have stale kits that needs reworking, they are perfectly fine. They are just punished for being ADc right now. I hated Ziggs ADc meta, too. However I like the return of ADc Kennen. All in all, we might be seeing some really weird stuff in next couple of patches, ADc jungle, top or mid could become a thing, while mages fight at bot, they could thrive at mid. Or somewhere where it doesn't feel punishing to pick an ADc (this may be something you might've experienced with Udyr as well). Anyways, thanks for the tips, mostly for sharing your experience with Udyr, I am glad that I know how he stands now since I don't see him that often and I quite like him. :)
: Thing is, no matter what Riot does, they can't please everyone at the same time. I was annoyed by the meta, that was live before 8.11 hit the servers. I just freaking hated it, it frustrated the shit out of me. Now I enjoy the game again, and it's a pleasure to play. We will just have to wait for "our turns" I guess, going through disappointment and enjoyment cycles. Wait a couple of weeks, months at most, things will change in a way you might like again. That's how I see things. The old meta got stale, overused and repetitive. Riot spiced it up a bit with the balance changes, I'd say let's wait it out, see how it goes. Maybe the fun part wasn't even discovered yet. And if we really don't like it, there's always the next patch cycle in 2 weeks or so, that might change the state of our minds. That's my 2 cents on the topic.
You are 100% right and I respect that. Yes, I am sure some people will enjoy this meta a lot, but for me, some parts of the game just straight up lost purpose. You see, all the meta before were just... well, picks. Whether it was top focus, mid focus for the majority of metas or jungle meta before this one. I really hate how crab patch changed the pathing and pretty much whole early game, right now, it's even worse. Right now, not only role focus changed, we are pretty much in season 1, but not the old good "pick whatever you want wherever you want" (I would love to play old Twitch mid :/) but the forced enchanter/carry and random/enchanter bot. The problem is, it can be highly satisfying experience for the carry, but as seen in LCK (again MVP vs BBQ) those support/enchanters were pressing one/two buttons and that's it. 1K damage at the end of the game. For me, it is an unpleasant game experience. And what about those playing against it? They could play it better (it's pro level, however) but I can imagine how unpleasant of an experience it must've been. Imagine Yi, Taric, Lulu, Morgana team comp, and it's not unusual these times. One single player decides how the game goes, he survives, he gets penta's and win the game, he dies, he loses the game. Not to mention games are shorter and shorter (Which might not necessary be a bad thing). I like meta changes, don't get me wrong, I will always find something to have fun with. This time, I don't feel comfortable playing in this meta, and that's something to say, really. Also, there could be summoner's spells tweaking (ignite mostly) and they really should stick to some old practises which I disliked. If some champion got to play another role he was meant to play they nerfed him down to the point he couldn't be picked on neither role. This is, however not the case for some champions, for example Brand, Ziggs or some top/jungle picks. If so, all champions should get same treatment. I was against this, but after seeing Brand bot every single game and knowing how wrong it feels to play against this kind of "support", I gave up. But hey, they are reworking back some of the assassins who were in assassins rework, where the main focus was to have some kind of chance to react to them (IK potential) and to outplay them if they misplay. They are taking it back, which is sad.
: So if meta is so broken, play meta champs and beat other meta champs with your better personal skill. It's pretty obvious. I mean I was winning games 1v9 with offmeta picks, but some people can't perform well, only on the current strongest champions. You can pick them, and also ban them. I really fail to see the problem.
That's not the problem, though. I mean, sure, I can play those champions, using this strategy, but let's be honest, it's not fun anymore. Playing like this is just plain boring. Yes, winning is fun, but who likes to play, I don't know, Ziggs bot against Brand and Lulu or Pantheon and Zed. I know I sound like a silver player right now, and I admit I have not touched ranked for a long, long time, but still, I just have a bad feeling about this. I have been playing pretty much since the game came up. This meta doesn't feel like LoL anymore and that's the problem. Yeah, I love off-meta picks and I played a great deal of them in previous seasons. Right now, it's harder than ever. It has been nicely displayed in LCK (MVP vs BBQ) and I believe it's a nice example for this. I stopped playing TT since it's rework and I refused to touch it after support/jungler meta developed. Right now it transitioned to SR, completely killing laning phase. In my games, there is no ADc, people forgot how to farm and all they do is roam endlessly. This is not SR, this is pretty much ol' good Dominion, with Nex'uses in it. There are always people who are against changes in LoL. However, this meta has created a huge outrage in community, not because people can't adapt but because it's not LoL, _it's not fun_. This may be my personal opinion, but it seems like many people agree with me. And I am aware that we got 5 bans, but let's be honest, even if we ban 5 champions from the current meta, there are still plenty of them to be abused. This was always the case and it hasn't changed with new patch, and I guess it never will. We've been through this several times already, I never had problems with it, I decimated Yasuos/Zeds with AD Leona mid and trolled Gnars and Jayces on top. It's just this meta that is making me sick. And as I said, I endured pretty much every meta that developed before.
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Violationer (EUNE)
: Well again, I've never said I am the one saying it, maybe with exception of "shut the %%%% up already" when there is too much spam in chat. The new summoners code doesn't really say much about swearing (not much overall actually) - or maybe its this "dont rage, tear people..."? So ok, alone 'fu' as directed insulting to every teammate sounds reasonable, what about this: "..I.."? > And the best way to deal with these situations is to fck your enemies really hard and win the game. :) _oh look, entire match history in defeats_ yeeeah
I am not a man in charge for banning people nor I interact with that, well at least not anymore. But I would consider > "shut the %%%% up already" A justified reason to punish someone. Not too harshly but some chat restricts would do. Not because it's that offending but still, we need to have manners in game otherwise you will demotivate people, you will make them flame, they may offend you for what you said. When something like this happens I say "calm down" or if I really need to stop some people arguing in my team I say "calm your tits, boys, get yourself together, we gotta win this one." I found humor better to keep teammates morale high and avoid flaming in my team. At least better than insults. As for "..|.." I would not consider that as a reason to punish anyone. What does that means anyways, really. Middle finger? Well, it's still better than "***** ***** ***** ***** you ****" at least in my opinion. But some people got banned for "GG, easy" at the end of the game, so, I am really not sure about that. And losing, well.. that's also a part of the experience and you gotta expect that outcome. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. If you are open minded enough, you will learn from your loses more than from winning and you will become better player. Unfortunately, I am probably not that type of guy. :) But what I said still counts! Even if you lose the game you will have better feeling that you did everything in your power to win. But if you decide to be mad at your teammates... well, that's not a good mentality. I know it's hard, we all have been there once. We are humans after all.
: I don't know or i don't remember what the summoners showcase is, however in certain points i agree with the support not being the best, i remember when i got falsely banned for scripting, i remember one of the guys replying to my ticket saying ''If under any magical cicumstances your account was falsely banned, then you would already be unbanned by now :)'' got myself actually tilted, as 4 days later i got unbanned, good thing was the 5 keys and chests as little ''Sorry'' from Riot xP But i also got really helpfull replies with other topics, which didn't seem like a copy paste at all. And i think patch changes... at least BIG changes are getting explained by a Rioter on Youtube videos, and he goes indepth about it
Try looking it up at youtube, it was great. It was something to connect players, to see that our community is not that bad. I really liked that. :) That's unfortunate to hear, but at least they gave you something for that. They know how to handle things then. From my experience I got one or two replies that weren't copy-paste based. One was back in season 1 when you had to write to support to actually refund your champions. Back in the day, playerbase was pretty small but that email had some copy-paste in it, tho. They were very generous to actually refund my champions and skin, too! I miss that support. Tribunal as well. Yes, like pre-season changes. Teasers, explanation, we need that, they can't just throw it at us. But I talk about classic patch notes. "Why the hell you nerfed Azir again?" <- those. It would also help with players complaining about imbalance in the game since it would bring some sence into these nerfs/buffs.
: I also do think they should always keep the servers up to date and upgrade where it is needed as long as they can afford it, thats the right way of thinking. And i am also not saying that they should be excused for every server mistake and that they shouldn't worry, they should give their best to keep the servers up, but however even if they give their best mistakes happen from time to time, and i think we shouldn't look to harsh on them as they really try their best to make one of the best Free2Play games out there, we should judge them for mistakes yes, but not as far as to think that they are a lazy company that does not care about their community (which alot of people do think)
I agree. Yes, mistakes will happens, that's Murphy's law, unfortunately. And nobody said they are lazy. They made it this far. But some things could use improvements. Support system is really bad, compared to their arch nemesis Blizzard, their support is just ctrl+v, while Blizzard handles everything separately. They are both big companies and they are both dealing with huge numbers of people daily. Also, people like to talk about balance or rather imbalance in the game. We could use someone to explain patch changes. Also Summoners Showcase... I WANT THAT BACK!!!
: It shouldn't happen, thats true, but the EUNE servers have always been kinda... bad? One of my friends has the thought that they just try to kill off EUNE because they regret their EUW server split i think it's just bad luck with the servers, however we can't tell, we will see how the EUNE servers look in the future, if the problems will persisst over even more years i will however agree with you, if these incidents have been however only bad luck i stay with my statements. And yes, i did hear about the theory about us all being a simulation, however i think it would take a server which would be probably as big as the milky way, and stronger than anything we could create in a billion years to process the entire universe we live in, and the possible different life forms on other planets. And if the introduction of Hextech was really marketing, and a plan to abuse the gamblimng fever in a human is rather a thing of thought, i think they did it out of kindness towards people that can't afford to buy skins
That's a stupid idea, I would say. They splitted it to improve latency on the servers. Imrpoved life of many players. Happy playerbase is cool. So, yeah, why would they regret it. Of course it's only bad luck, it is always bad luck, why would they sabotage their own profit? Not really and that's the point quantum physics proves. Much like our games, things you don't see doesn't exist. Some particles in our inverse shows signs of this behaviour. They do something when you are not looking at them. But if you are looking at them they do something else. Would explain dark matter as well as 90% of the universe. We don't know what they technology would look like. It can be not nano technology, not even pico technology but even femto technology. Imagine that, lol. It rewards everyone, as I said. They wouldn't spent they resources without getting something from it.
: Yes i do understand, but you should also remember how expensive this kind of technology can get, they already need to pay their staff all over their different buildings on this world, and implementing this would also mean they need to add all the new staff and components all arround the world, and even with the millions of Dollars they make, already upgrading one of the server to the max and hiring new staff for it would surely cost way more than they could make up so soon, not to mention they would probably share this big event with the community and if one region gets it before another all will start whining about them prioritizing servers over others, meaning they need to upgrade ALL of the servers all at once, so i can imagine this kind of ''Backup'' plan is surely something good, but i'd say in the future, and not now
I know how expensive it may get. Also, they don't make millions but billions. Salary is the least expensive they have, I don't even have to see the numbers to know it. Most expensives are for technology. And why would they have to upgrade all over the world? People don't know what servers they are using or when they upgrade. They don't use equal servers even now. It causes no problem. Some servers just need more powers because there are more people in there. Simple as that. And they surely have some backup. They must have,
: You can't know if they got the maximum possibl hardware capacity, you don't work with the servers, they could literally use potatos straped to some cables and you wouldn't know, and technology sure is an expesive thing, you can't just say ''Riot makes alot of money'' because they are ALOT of servers all arround the world, and replacing every server by the most expensive one would literally make Riot go broke and unable to pay their staff. And saying ''problems shouldn't happen'' is like requesting a human to be perfect the second he was born, ain't gonna happen, and it ain't in your power to request some stuff, as we all in the community are just complaining crybabys as we had to do the job with the coding and repairing the server, but no all we do the entire day is sit on our butt and enjoy the game they give to us.
I never said I know they have maximum possible HW capacity. All I said was they aren't even close to maximum HW capacity. There are much better technologies that are not yet commercial. And even then they don't have the best commercial technology. Because, as you said, it's too expensive. And yes, I can say that. I even did. Because they actually have to buy new technology every single year. Everyone who works with technology must invest in better technology every single year. They invest - so they can get more money out of it. Above all, service quality is the most deciding factor. I work in measuring industry and company with less inacuraccy in their measuring make more than the other ones. That's just how it goes. If you want to make money you have to invest first. They will eventually have to replace every single server like you said. And I don't ask them to do it now. All I say is that they should upgrade where it is needed. Some servers have more people, so they need better HW to keep it smooth. They are not all the same. If they could afford one of these they can afford more. You get the idea. I am not saying it because I am angry, I totally understand those situations since I have my experience with coding and I know how hard and frustrating is fixing broken codes. This is not something that I should say. This is something Riot should say. Those things shouldn't happen. They are very bad for them. It costs them money, it makes them look bad and it's very important to look good for your customers. And if you were to work with them you would get very well paid for your trouble. It's not something they do just for fun. They all have mouths to feed.
: Every server will have problems now and then, maybe 1k years in the future we will have flawless technology that will never have problems or will break, but for now we gotta deal with the servers rarely having some issues And they surely didn't just add the Hectech system to ''compete'' with others or earn more money, if they want more money they wouldn't invent such a system in the first place, because that would be contra-productive earning something which usually you had to pay for, for free. And they can sure as hell handle it, if they couldn't these kind if issues would happen more than once a year, and it's not even a totall meltdown or broken server, they literally just have some ranked issues, we can stay play normals or ARAMS without problem, no need to hire more people or get new equip when they have the issue fixed very soon, and im sure in case of an actually BREAKING server they always have some backups for them... as servers sometimes just tend to give up
No, we may never get perfect technology. But to give you something to think about, many people think that we are just a simulation that someone created, probably to avoid a disaster. Funny enough, quantum physics make it more believable. Imagine how advancet they technology would be. Still not perfect, tho. Yes they did. It may seem contraproductive but it actually isn't. Have you ever bought a lottery ticket? The chances to win jackpot are very, veeery small. Yet people still buy it because it's cheper than investing into something, even against the odds. Same thing here. You might just get lucky and get the skin you want or the champion you want. Or even better price. If it made people spend less money it would be contra-productive to implement it. Only THIS would be contra-productive, not what I said. They are company, they are doing business. What's the main goal of business? To make money. It benefits them as much as it benefits players. They can, they are proving it all the time. Expect for times like this. It wasn't just about rankeds, it was server wide. I had problems playing doom bots and normals as well. And even still, if it was about rankeds only your statement is wrong because this happened at least 3 times this season, but since I am not playing everyday and I am not playing rankeds every time I play it would be even more. So, yeah, this shouldn't happen at all. You can't prevent it, but if this happens you have to change some things so this won't happen again, test things twice as more, hire more people, upgrade, so you can at best prevent it and at worsk fix it in couple of hours. I am not saying that this can't happen, we all know Murphy and his laws but it just shouldn't happen and that's the point.
: THERE IS, no priority over ANYTHING, never, because again, different departments, as guys like Eambo have to worry when a server breaks and work on a solution, the team which balanced the game or creates new content simply does not need to care, as they didn'T get hired for that, in the meantime when the server gets fixed a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT team is already working on a new champion, or new skins. And why would they even hire new people or upgrade, it's not an issue that happens often, that like firing somebody from his job because he did one mistake, everything and everyone sometimes do mistakes, even servers, they are in the end made by humans, and nothing made by humans was ever flawless
Sorry to hear that you didn't get my point. I can assure you I am familiar with how the infrastructure in Riot works. The thing is, I was not talking about different team (development/testers/designers) working on server based problem. I was talking about financial priorities. You know, time is money. If their servers break or have problems like these it will stop all the money they get from this server or the amount of money decreases. They can also lose people, which they sure will after even minor problems. Less people = less money. It's still a business. And so one of the priorities are money. That is where you are wrong. This shouldn't happen. Yes, it may and probably will happen but still, it shouldn't. Why not hire more people or upgrade? Take this, if something happens to the servers they lose a really big sum of money. They need top personel to keep servers running and top hardware to sustain the demand. If they experience a problem they should do something to prevent it next time, easiest and least time-consuming solution would be hiring more people, upgrading hardware, creating back-up system that would help during these times of crysis, much like backup electricity generators.
Violationer (EUNE)
: Is semi-directed swearing punishable?
Read the Summoners Code. It's a good way to avoid ban and a good way to learn who to report. You can use bad words in chat. But not like in your examples. They were all directed or an reaction to something - thus directed as well. You can say, for example: "f*ck, I forgot to change runes" or "She's f*cking amazing, she outplayed me so nicely!". If you simply type: "f*ck you" it may be targeted to anyone and it will be taken as if you insulted every single person in your team. But you can say it for yourself and don't write anything if you just need to cool your head by filtering your emotions. You don't care about strangers, you probably won't be meeting them again, they don't care about you either. It's not worth it to tell them what you think if you don't want to get banned. And the best way to deal with these situations is to f*ck your enemies really hard and win the game. :)
Or you could at least get a warning! Something like chat restrist, one week ban and even two week ban just for sure! You wouldn't get permabaned the... **oh.**
: Level 7 (or higher) unique champion emotes
Good idea, if they add something like this it would be excellent if you could unlock it via mastery quests. Like usual quests (kill baron 2 times, etc., etc...) but for specific champions. It would be harder to create but it would be fun, like, for me, knock-back 3 people with Azir R after getting close to them with E->Q. It would be great. Shurima shuffle achievement, heh. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
No it won't, but some people need to filter their frustration. Still better than throwing their PC outta the window. It's one of the cons of League's community. They know how to express their frustration very well, in very bad manner. :S {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I agree. However it is improbable it might have been caused by a huge state-wide blackout. Due to a big storm that roasted servers. Or something..., anything can happen. But there will be always people who will complain about that. And they somehow are in right even if Riot can't do anything to prevent it. And they don't care about that either.
: You can have all the money on the world, but that will not change the maximum possibility of technical hardware able to purchase, you could go with 1billion Dollars back to the stone Age, the best weapon you get will still be a Wood club or stone Axe... And they do make a good job keeping the servers alive, it is not like this kind of problem happens every day, it's only now for a short time and they are doing their best to fix it, no need to cry like a baby over it...
That's a pretty bad comparison. They are hardly at the maximum possible hardware capacity. And even if they were they can still buy more and multiple it. Also, the comparison to the stone age. How many years did they need to advance to bronze age? a couple of thousands, yeah. How many years did it take to double the highest possible speed of CPU? To double internet connection speed? How many will it take to double it again? Peak in technology is changing day by day. And still, the game isn't that super big to be hard to process. Even with milions of players. You can still expect problems, tho. The problem is still the same. It shouldn't happen. They know it, players know it as well. And people will express their emotions and Riot should be prepared for this in case they fail to keep the servers stable. There will always be problems like this. Saying that they should stop complaining is like trying to teach fish to talk. Won't happen.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Not all, but a lot of them actually do. If it works, why not, if it doesn't it would now. It's a bit more complicated than that, tho.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=I Abuse ADCs,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=HAX8Nzum,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2017-10-29T15:25:40.617+0000) > > Come on now, because they get some problems ONCE a year it&#x27;s already &#x27;&#x27;Riot sucks&#x27;&#x27; EUNE has been issue-free maybe once this year. EUW is stable for most of the time, but EUNE has been shit this season, especially the last few months. Of course we're going to complain. Even more so that now it's the end of the season. Giving me 500k rp won't make up for the time servers have been lagging and crashing - which is pretty often now. Almost every week I'd say. Treating the other half of europe like it's trash isn't very nice.
I don't try to defend Riot or EUW but the last time I saw post like this it was about EUW being so laggy and buggy while stating that compared to EUNE treatment EUW was getting no attention at all. You may not see the problems of other servers if you don't play daily in there.
: There is no 'Shifting resources' into skins, there are many deparments that all work differently and indepentend of each other, the 5 persons that will develop the new skins or champs are for example not the same 5 persons which balance the game or keep the server healthy. And if you already know that ranked is buggy or problematic at the current time then why even risk it? Just play something else till the problem is gone, your life isn't depentend on it, so don't complain going into que already knowing that there will probably be problems coming in your way... Also they need the new content to keep the game fresh, else the game would already be stale after 1-2 months and nobody needs to play it, the active creation of content in League of Legends is what keeps the game alive and popular, if we would stick to the Ardent Meta for over 9 months i am sure League of Legends would loose a huge part of the playerbase.
Yes, but there is always a "but". If their server is laggy and the game is unplayable for let's say, two days, how many players do you think they will lose? Actually, a lot. Yes, it may happen, but the stable servers should always be a priority over content. Also, take a look for example at DotA. Back in the day the content came very slowly. But people still played the game. And still do on older versions of the original w3 DotA maps. Also, I would rather not argue about server stability. It's not that good comparison after all. This is also not a solution to the problem. The solution would be 1-upgrading servers and 2-hiring more people. Not postponding content. Invest more money, that's all.
: Thank you for acknowledging my opinion about this, wouldn't have written it if i was 100% convinced that i was wrong. There's something telling me i am not.
The problem is certainly here. Yesterday I could move my champ, I saw champs moving but couldn't cast spells, I couldn't see minions and such. When I died I still could move and it just teleported me to spawn after respawn. Thankfully, I played doom bots atm. :) Couldn't log in after that, too. Today I had slight lag spikes but it was a lot better.
: Come on now, because they get some problems ONCE a year it's already ''Riot sucks'' They give us so much new content with every patch, and do their best to develop good new champs/reworks and skins, they even gave us the possibility to earn skins for free, and you all are still insulting them, they could literally shove 500k RP up your Account and you would still complain about the smallest stuff, how about you go and work there for one hour, let's say at Eambo's department, you will already be overworked and extremely confused after one minute of seeing what he has to go trough to keep your server online...
Your statement is simply wrong. Let me explain why. Yes, this might be the first problem but they are pretty big company and their game is, well, let's say pretty well known and has a huge player base. It SHOULDN'T happen at all at this point. Also, the statement about letting us earn free skins. Nope, they didn't do it just because they want you to be happier or to shut your mouth when something bad happens. Other games have the same thing. They had to compete. And also, it bring them more money. That's simply a bussiness move. And also, I agree it is a really hard work. But it's their work. If they can't handle it they should stop. And they are also well paid for that. If they servers are about to exceed their capacity, they should upgrade, months prior. If their staff can't manage servers they should hire more people. They should have backups for server blackouts. They should be **prepared** for situations like this. In best case, prevent it, in worst, fix it in couple of hours/make important things to reduce damage (ranked queue restrictions/server maitenance shutdown).
: Why don't you just go to riot and teach them what programming is or better write yourself millions of line of code without any problem or bug. And I'm not saying this because I want to lick riot's ass but because I work in this industry and I know what a problem like this can do to a software /game/etc.
Eat Me is right on this matter. I know myself how hard it can be to create something, not to mention create something that actually works. For milions of people with milions of lines and a tons of connections all over the globe. But that's the thing. The have huge player base. They also don't do it exactly for free else they would be broke years ago. Yet that's the problem. Huge player base with demands. Making something isn't actually the end of creating a game. They have programmers, they have testers, they have testing servers. Every single change should be and hopefully is tested. That's why server lags should not be tolerated by players nor developers. It hurts them as much as it hurts players and even more. They simply can't afford this. As a wise man said, time is money. So yeah, they have numbers, if it seems like they are cloxe to exceeding the capacity their servers can manage they got to upgrade, even years prior. They have problems with codes? Hire more people to do more testing to help with programming. You can never predict what can happen (Murphy..). But you should and must prevent it before it happens on live servers. That's their job. Since you work in this industry you know that. But after all, we are just humans and we are the ones operating those machines, so it really can't be perfect and you have to have patience. But they should not. They should throw themselves at the problem immediatelly. Restricting ranked queue or even shutting down server for maitenance for an hour to fix the problem like in old days. It would be faster, less frustrating and most importatnly, they would avoid a lot of trouble by doing so. Now everyone want their LP back.
Denkaku (EUW)
: Unable to connect to login queue
They just found out something is wrong. May take a while 'till they fix it.
bigmac133 (EUW)
: anyone else unable to log in?
Seems like Authentication service is down. May take them a while to find out people can't log in and it will take even more time to fix it. Hopefully I am just being pesimistic.
: Can't connect
Same issue here, seems like authentication service is down.
Tukan Tonko (EUNE)
: Scripting/cheating/hacking in LoL
Update: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/Et0EFnQx-scriptingcheating So my friend just found this. Now you tell me, guys. Do you still believe that sripting is not a big problem? Player just posted that he has been scripting for 8 months. That's pretty funny, don't you think? And he was only banned because he was using obvious script - auto-dodge. Still, it took 8 months to discover and ban that player. Do you still believe that you met only one scripter in your 2000+ games? I wouln't. This is just another post that strongly confirms my words. And even I have to admit that this looks worse than I expected. Anyone can just go, take any script, which is easy to find and use it without being detected. It depends on player how much time he will remain undetected and if he is smart, he won't be detected at all. That's simply very very bad. We need GLORIOUS REVOLUTION {{champion:112}} Riot, this is, as you can see, serious problem. We only want balance in game that we enjoy. You fought this problem and as I can tell, it was not very effective. This needs a higher caliber to deal with it. We need anti-cheat/anti-script. Edit: Yep, it's been 11 months ago since he got banned, but still, it speaks for itself.
raishinari (EUNE)
: his winrate dropped by 5%. he is no longer viable especially after mid game.
I don't remember single rework when win rate hasn't dropped. It happens everytime, when champion gets reworked there is a boom and everyone wants to play that champion. And because of that and the fact that it's new and players don't know what to do with him we get lower win rate. Also, 5% doesn't mean that he is not viable. Azir is on the bottom of winrate charts since he came out, is he not viable? Sure he is! He is just a bit harder than any other champion. Same as Talon. If you don't know what to do, how to do it and when then it's not because champion is not viable, it's because of the player. Talon is great champion and right now he is also really fun to play. You don't even need to win lane, but if you are able to roam and get your team few kills... well. He sure is early game champion, because he can do a lot here alone, and help other lanes as well, but he is also decent in late game as well. Every single assassin is like that. Strike when they are weak, when it hurts the most and don't let them come back. All in all, Talon is still viable, he is fun to play, so why not to play him?
: > [{quoted}](name=Fasko,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=mJyI60BX,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-11-13T02:14:36.659+0000) > > I am a bit curious how did you managed to get D- xD Could you, please show us your score as well? Damage done and so?{{champion:90}} my score was 1/15/5 with 23 cs, i did less than 1000 damage during the game or at least thats what it feels like. i was playing on a laptop with no mouse using the trackpad. which i earlier dropped water on and its kinda busted.
Oh my, my... xD But still, for me it would only be D, not D-, as it's something you must earn, not _**just**_ get xD
Gojiraw (EUNE)
: To be honest, I can't remember to play with or against someone where I felt that they were cheating. As I saw on Youtube, there are some bots. What they do, is they show the range, and dimensions of some spells, so they might have better chances of dodging them. I saw they also have all kinds of indicators, like how much damage will ignite do or things like that. Now, having that in mind, I don't think that these kinds of cheats can make a bad player a good one. They might make a great player an exceptional one, but, especially at lower Elo, if a player is bad, he's not gonna be good by using these kinds of bots. People are very quick in considering someone a cheater, even if it's a rare thing to find one. I got accused of cheating in my last two games. In both of those games the people that accused me were the ones that lost the lane pretty hard against me. It might be frustration, or they would truly believe that I am cheating, I'll never know. Few games back, I was playing support, against a Blitz. I went ahead to clean a ward from the river bush, and, right before last auto-attack, I stepped sideways, in the moment when Blitz missed his Q. I was surprised too, as it was an involuntary action. By playing against Blitz players so much, I kinda feel the way the throw the hooks. He accused me of cheating. So yea... I don't think that cheating is a problem in general. At the highest level, competitive play, there it should be a problem. But I don't think that few indicators can really help you that much. And if one player out of 2000 are cheating this way, I really don't think it's a realistic problem. Now, I don't know about other kinds of cheats. Something like removing the fog of war, or something like that. That would be game changing.
Okay, right now, I will not talk about you not playing against/with scripters and why this is a problem for community and company, because I said that a few times in posts, if you want to read them, do so. And I hope you won't see nay scripter ever. I will talk about scripts a bit now. You mentioned those least threatening scripts, which are pretty much undetectable. It enhance gameplay in some way, but that's all. Actual scripts that are problem are gank-indicators, which show you if there is someone nearby, fog of war removal script and most importantly - champion scripts. Champion scripts are the worst one for me. It does everything instead of you, all you got to do is watch. And it does it with inhuman speed and accuracy. Syndra using all her abilities in 0,5 sec, guaranteed to not miss as single sphere, even hitting autoattacks in between. Vel'koz with the same one, but that's more possible to do. throwing second boms as Zilean while first one just been casted, well, you saw Zileans in competetive play, even they are not able to do this and they are the best players we got, but someone in bronze who plays him fifth time is able to do it without problem. And that's are just few I know about, I have seen many scripts on site I opened to see how easy it is to get scripts. I don't know what they are doing, but something similar to this. You can't tell if player is good or it's a scripter, but you can tell if they do something impossible to do, as I mentioned. > And if one player out of 2000 are cheating this way, I really don't think it's a realistic problem. How much players we got? Around 80 mil? It's still something that helps him and advantages him, it's still a cheat and it's not healthy for the game. If it was like this, it would be fatal problem for Riot. It's not that bad, at least now, and I believe it will only get better now.
: ermm maybe it depends what elo your in or some shit but i've played around 1500 games of league and never seen a scripter. yes, it is an issue but not a huge one right now. the reason riot hasn't made any posts about this is because they don't like posts like this because it makes people realise how easy it is to get scripts and then they get scripts i'm sure if everyone who played league saw this post there would be tens of thousands of more scripters.
Actually, yes, it kinda depends on elo. Because how many people you got in challenger? hundreds. Thousands in master and diamond, tens thousands in platinum. People in diamond are usually really nice players, their accounts are valuable for them, thus it's very unlikely those players would script. They don't even need it. On the other hand, 50% of the players are in bronze or silver. That's a lot. And it's here where toxic players are the most, like it or not, but it's like this. At this moment, it is a big issue. Even hundred players scripting (Yes, 100 players out of 80 mil.) is a big problem for company. But they statet there are tens of thousands those using scripts only from one site. I have explained this already, but I don't mind doing it again. Riot have articles about scripting. Players can read those and find scripts thanks to that. But what's more, everyone reports sometimes. And here, you can see reason "cheating" Every single player can see this, in-game. They are free to make posts, because right now, it's common knowledge that scripts exists. You got videos, articles, report reason. Few posts about this issue won't make it worse. But It may make it better. You are one of those lucky enought to not meet such an unfair player. And I hope that you will never have a chance to experience it.
I am a bit curious how did you managed to get D- xD Could you, please show us your score as well? Damage done and so?{{champion:90}}
: Yea I know, I just mentioned champs that in my opinion have one of easiest ways to beat scripters
Then add in {{champion:266}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:106}} maaany of them. Depends on the type of scripts. While playing against scripter, true skill, knowledge and mind are put to test. Scripters don't have such a thing in most cases.
raishinari (EUNE)
: i like assassin game play. akali was once strong at the beginning of season 4. then lich bane and akali got nerfed. she wasn't seen for a time. then she had a tanky top lane build. but some other champs such as ekko and fiora was better at that role. i have been playing talon after akali's nerf. now talon is nerfed into trash tier too. a few days have past, and everyone learned how to deal with the new talon. he is useless after mid game because it is difficult for gap close. his E was 700 unit long blink now his Q is 550 unit long dash and loses damage if it is used for gap close. his AoE and overall damage is nerfed too. he is stronger early but much weaker late game.
Talon is a lot of fun to me, but all I see is "New Talon is OP" You are the first one who branded him as trash tier. He is not trash tier after all. His job is to get advantage early, not just for himself but whole team. If you succeed, you won. If you don't, you'll have to push harder to win. Roaming mid champion? Win for me! {{summoner:6}}
: I like when I get lags during critical and game changing moments. I also like flamers, AFKers and trollers. Feeders are good too. There is special place in my heart for those trying out Brofresco's builds which work as charm every time. But above all, I love being stuck in bronze.
I am having similar builds to him but they works. xD And you can't be mad on players which are trying his builds in bronze. He is Bronzefresco after all. xD
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: My opinion is that it's pointless to care about them, also because all we can do is report them, if we ever even meet any. Riot will do their job. Also I wouldn't be mad for losing one game to a scripter, there are plently of ways in which I can lose games anyways. My goal in my games is to become better at the game, winning is just a result and it doesn't bother me. I could lose 10 games and drop a division, if I know I'm playing well I'll be fine. I'm saying this because we have better things to do than worry about having a scripter in our games. It's like worrying about rain in summer.
For us as individuals, maybe yes, for community, it's not pointless. That's actually a really good way of thinking and I admire that, not so many people can think about it like you do. But, to be honest, it would bother me to lose to a cheater. Why he have such an advantage and I don't? That's not fair at all. This is what I would think. We have better things to do. But note this, you gave me a great example, even if rare, summer rains are the most devastating ones.
Zoé (EUNE)
: the only time i really enjoyed league and still remember the memories with old friends is season 1 and season2 ..what came after them is total trash (more kids joined league - community became more toxic - more ways of bans - only rank matters - new metas - people complain bout roles and lanes- no balance between champions) and as for what im enjoying the most about league now is playing against bots thats all
Yeah, it was great when you could go anywhere, with anything, building everything. Also, the feeling when you encountered a champion which you haven't seen yet. Great old days. I sometimes wish I would forget everything from LoL and start again.
: https://i.imgsafe.org/76e04a0639.gif https://i.imgsafe.org/76e13e0695.png https://i.imgsafe.org/76e1d8be65.png
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:103}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} those champions beats scripters. But I agree, people who use scripts are totally disgusting.
Every champion is able to beat scripters, if you are cool and versatile. Even if you stomp them, playing with scripters is unpleasant.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: >But the numbers are increasing. You have bigger chance to encounter scripter. Do you even have any source or data to back up what you're claiming? Players tend to not cheat because their account is valuable, and even if they have a smurf, it takes time to make another one. Free scripts also are less likely to be used because you can't trust if they can be detected withing the first match or not. Paid scripts are the ones that are threatening to the game, because people work on them to make them undetectable. >If this was just paranoid... why would Riot even bother? Because technology evolves, and Riot knows that, they, as every other company in the world have to prevent threats from cheating/hacking before they get too advanced for their knowledge.
Why would I write something if I don't believe in something? I don't believe it blindly. I will try and find an article I read months ago, when I do, I will post it here. That's also not the only reason for my words. Open your eyes. Videos, articles, even Riot. It didn't happen all of a sudden. But it started not so long ago. It is obvious. If umber of scripters was not increasing, Riot would work on it, silently, in the back. They gave us "cheating" as a report reason for a reason. Not so wise, but still. Accounts are valuable, sure they are. Everyday, players get banned, for what? Toxic attitude. Many of them create new accounts. If they get their account banned because of this, why would they care about something like getting banned for scripting? Yes, sure, this system is good, players actually behave after their accounts get banned, I won't deny it. But there is still a lot of players that just don't care, they remain toxic, aware of next ban, but they don't care. Free scripts are still commonly used and it's majority of scripts. We know our community, sadly, this is what we can work with. And Riot is not big mother or teacher, it's hard to teach people to behave. As I said, people with toxic behaviour are more likely to use scripts. Most threatening scripts are self-made scripts used only and solely by one person. Those are hardest to track and put down. Then you got paid ones. Still hard to fight, but as we saw previously, Riot proved that they can and will fight those. And finally, free ones, tons of them. Do you believe they can get rid of every single free script, make them detectable, or make them stop working? I don't. Those are, still a threat, not because of quality but quantity. I did not chose good words. Riot was working on scripts without telling players. Some time ago, they announced that to let player know, and let player help Riot with fighting scripters, directly reporting them post-game. It's not because of that, but because it's actually getting worse. Another back-up for my words. I hope you get my point now. I don't mean to flame. I want to discuss. If you still consider me paranoid, do so. But as you can see, I gave you at least bare minimum to show you I have a reason to say what I say. If you think the opposite, it's your opinion and I won't and can't change it. That's the way how discussion works. I just want to show my opinions and I am grateful for your opinions. So, I explained what I could, I would like to hear your arguments now.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: You realise that encountering one scripter in 2000 games is meaningless? Yes I've met one scripter somewhen around 7-8 months ago. Anyone who claims that they meet scripters regularly are simply paranoid, nothing else. If there were REMOTELY the number of scripters as people make it seem then league would've already gained a really bad reputation.
Well, it was a slightly higher number than just one. Of course, Morgana from season 1, which used all skills at lvl 1 was the "best" one which I remember untill now. Actually, someone posted a article which can tell you how many scripters there can be. Tens of thousands, Riot said. And those were only few which used ONE site and were willing to PAY for scripts. Now, you can say that LoL can have like how many? Maybe 80mil players, maybe more. Yes, sure. But as I said, these people were willing to pay for actual scripts and that's sick. What about free ones? How many people are using them? How many sites are outta here? A lot. That's why it's so difficult to fight scripts. Now, tell me, still, you consider this as paranoid? Of course few dirty drops doesn't make whole ocean dirty. But the numbers are increasing. You have bigger chance to encounter scripter. We have more people, so it should be actually better. And it's not. Riot had to announce it. Face it. Because it's threat to them, to community, to you and me. Of course, don't take it wrong, it's still a game, not an actual threat for us, but still, having game ruined by scripter isn't pleasant experience. If this was just paranoid... why would Riot even bother? Bad reputation. Having scripters playing games is not good for reputation in any case. It's not that bad. If they are left unnoticed it will get really bad. Having scripters in every second, third game is paranoid. This is not. And that's what I am talking about.
: i was called a scripter yesterday when clearing a ward in the small bush in the middle of the river near mid lane. the enemy alistar walked out the bush and back in it from red teams jungle and i put black shield on myself just for precautions... of course he didnt see that he left the bush but he saw that i put black shield on myself when i "supposedly" didn't see him and said i was scripting. as in i have a script to auto shield me if someone is near... and he started talking shit like how im gonna get banned and shit and he is gonna report me and out of the 30 people he reported 10 were banned and i was going to be the 11th with a (yeah i got you by the balls f*ck boi!! you aint gettin outta this grip) mentality. some people provoke you to become a serial killer... others provoke you to commit suicide... glad i have the patience to deal with it. as if this game has anything to script... if i scripted anything i would script meepo or invoker. not this shit.
That's the call from the other side, I would call it. Of course there are those players, and that's something people use as an excuse these days. Of course, paranoia, he simply couldn't admit that you are a better player with a common sense and prediction. Best advice I can give you is to ignore him asap (even if you don't want to mute him) and report him right after the game. Don't even bother talking with him. You can make 100 of them in one toilet session. xD Invoker is not that hard to have a reason to use script. Of course you can do sick combos with scripts, but let's be honest, it completely deny fun and the great feeling you get when you sunstrike someone near his base or when you put down combo just right. Meepo, on the other hand... well, don't play him. xD
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Why even worry about it, cheaters are rare af
They were super rare back in season 1. Now? Not really, since it's common knowledge that those things exists. You don't only have auto avoid scripts. Maybe I am just unlucky, but I saw Syndra scripts in-game 2 times. You can call me noob, paranoid, but in this case, I am certain of that. As I said, there is a chance you won't encounter one for lifetime. But also there is a chance you will encounter at least one and this is getting worse and nobody can deny it.
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