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: Asking for general advice is like going into a candy shop and asking: "I want candy." There's a pretty low chance of you getting the perfect candy you wanted. However, I can encourage you to learn learning. Basically, how to improve in the long run. Identifying your mistakes is your highest priority. What you need to to be able to do so is the following: - game knowledge obtained by spectating pros, or watching [coaching sessions](https://www.youtube.com/user/lastshadow9/video) - knowledge on your own mistakes obtained by spectating your own games - an open mind. Be critical with yourself. If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask :P
Thanks for the general tips. I'm sorry i wasnt specific i started at bronze 1 and climbed up to silver 2 just now i try to learn as fast as i can. I just want some advanced bard tricks if u know.
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: > So I reported him and I actualy can't do anything more then that ...and you don't have to. The report is enough, there is no more effective method. > since he was with his premade i am the only one who reported him Doesn't matter. One report, nine reports, there is absolutely no difference. All reports do is triggering an investigation of someones behavior. One report does that exactly like 9 reports do.
I see what you are saying, but his whole premade reported me for no reason... What if i get baned or something.
Söraka (EUNE)
: Ever heard of /mute ?
I did mute him after he said all that, I'm just saying i was shocked by this guys behavior... I am telling u he had NO reason whatsoever to say something like that...
Infernape (EUW)
: It doesn't matter if someone is premade with another player. Your report against them will still count. Also, more reports on a player doesn't mean there's a higher chance of them getting punished. One valid report is all it takes to cause that to happen. By the way, remove the person's name. Naming and shaming isn't permitted on the boards.
Thanks for the comment and warning... This is my first board discussion, and I honestly didn't know the naming and shaming thing :/ sorry
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 26
TOP:{{champion:17}} - obvious :D MID{{champion:8}} - very strong after rework JUNGLE{{champion:11}} - too much dmg against tanks and squishies alike ADC{{champion:236}} - new lucian build with {{item:3142}} and{{item:3071}} SO STRONK SUPPORT{{champion:412}} - TANK, Crowd controll, utility, great support .

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