Owyn (EUNE)
: Was there even at least a news article saying "FROM NOW ON GAME MODDING IS FORBIDDEN (yes we know it was pretty much allowed to install custom skins and all moderators said that on official forums back then)" ? I mean how should people know that it's not allowed? Most games allow modding or at least don't ban for it if it doesn't give any advantages
You mean something like that? http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/bm6LA7EG-reminder-third-party-applications
Fawkz (EUW)
: Okay, and how does one become an Instructor or Adjucator then? And what regions do you consider as non-english? Also, thanks for answering my question!
Basically every localization have forum of their own. If there is translated client for your language, there is localized website and forum as well. The volunteer program works a bit different there since local communities are smaller than the English one.
Eambo (EUW)
: The loss of a great community member
On behalf of Czech volunteers, I would like to express how sorry we are for losing one of us. I didn't really know him but I know he was active and helpful member of community. His posts helped me to find right answers many times. It's a shame I didn't get to know him better. Can't change that so I'm just greatful for all what he done for our community and volunteer program. My condolences to his family and friends.
Dovolan (EUW)
: Do i get the notification via client or email?
Via client. But it works only for 14 days and permabans for now. You won't get notification if someone get restricted.
LiverBuster (EUNE)
: Unfair matchups in aram
Every queue have seperated MMR. So you need to play some games in order to get to your level. Ranked stats are completely irrelevant for ARAM. For example I am in Silver, but in ARAM, I play with higher Gold and lower Platinum players on regular basis. So despite being Silver, my ARAM MMR is much higher. Same way your MMR from ARAM can be much lower than your ranked MMR. Combining those two cases plus some wierd premade, you can end up with match up like that.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: I have reported tons of very toxic players past week and only 1 notification someone got punished. That means my report has no weight because the ban system is a failure.
Well, you won't get notification if someone get chat or ranked restriction. If they didn't get 14 days ban, it doesn't have to mean they didn't get any punishment at all.
Dovolan (EUW)
: Wait since when do we get notification is someone gets banned? Arent you meaning Dota2? there you get a notification but not in LoL
Since start of 14 days ban system and return of reform cards.
Shozis (EUNE)
: Hypocrisy and Arrogance?
The problem with people suggesting new systems is that they ignore down sides. If player came with suggestion, he very rarely thought about ways how to prevent abusing and got mad in a second someone pointed it out. And unless you find a way how to make sure the good sides outweight possible bad sides, you can't really say – hey, it's a good idea, let's do this. It was never good idea in a state players presented it. As been already said, Team Builder is not the same as was suggested. Not sure about notifications, but Riot was talking about lack of feedback since the end of Tribunal. And I won't talk about punishment much, because I serisouly don't understand what they are doing with those steps, but I hope it will be clearer after release of whole Tribunal. But as far as I know, they are keeping both, restrictions and bans, because chat restriction never had proper leverage for heavy flamers. You had restricted chat, but there was nothing to stop you from using those few messages for insulting and if you have +500 CR, you hardly care if you get some more. You need some punishment for people who still misbehave despite chat restriction, so they brought bans back. It works wierd right now, true, but it's new system, it can change. And Prisoner's Island. Ranked restriction is not Prisoner's Island and Lyte was even explaining why. In Prisoner's Island, you take bunch of flamers and make them to play together. The chance of getting them reform is pretty much zero. With ranked restriction, you are not creating the enviroment with only negative people, there are still neutral and positive players in your games, you are not isolated. You are still under influence of regular players, you can still follow example of positive players you meet. And chat restriction made it possible. They couldn't make ranked restriction before invention of chat restriction, because of risk of completely destroying normal games. Chat restriction is lowering the damage, tho it's not ideal. But as long as there will be neutral and positive players in normal draft, it won't be Prisoner's Island in a way community was suggesting. And that's probably the main reason why Riot is changing their mind. Game is evolving, some systems were not possible before, because they didn't have proper tools back then.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: I can assure you every game ends with 'report X because blabla' by losing team. If you win its gj and gg wp and if you lose its usually the jungler who gets reported because they need someone to blame for
Saying "report" and reporting are two completely different things. Most of people are just screaming around, but at the end, they just leave the lobby. When Tribunal was working, you could see this pattern clearly – everyone were asking for reports but only one or two guys (including enemy team) actually bothered to do that.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Hobbies other than gaming?
Escaping the reality – by reading or watching TV shows.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: I think I have figured out why new players are getting banned very swiftly and veterans hardly. I think its because of report value. New players have high report value. I started in season 3, during season 4 there was no tribunal and hardly any punishments until the CR system. And until very recently feeders and griefers did not get punished at all. That means I lost a lot of report value during season 4 and over the years. People at diamond are usually people who have played for some time so we are all in the same boat. That explains why we are not getting recognized by the system properly because our report value is very low. And its a vicious cirkle. I report, they don't get banned while they should because of my low report value-->my value decreases even more. Can someone confirm this?
It can be one of factors. Another reason is that it counts with the number of played games. It's really difference if you are toxic in 10 games out of 50 or in 10 games out of 500. Another reason is that low level games are pretty terrible thanks to smurfing players. So they need to catch those misbehaving smurfs as soon as possible before they can make newbies to quit the game, since noone wants to be flamed for not playing good enough right after he start his first game. And also newbies should learn quickly what is allowed and what is not before they start to think that flaming is ok. Those are the main reasons why the system is harsher for new accounts. Don't know about situation in Diamond tho. Maybe people are just not reporting enough? It's pretty common problem.
: Double the volume = double the problems Okay not really, but still...it was one back when I started, but had to be split. Having the entire EU on one server was overkill. It may have had advantages (such as finding a supp xD) but there too many disadvantages (such as waiting to log in because of sheer numbers, maintenance issues, etc.) That said, I want an Africa server. You'd be surprised at how many South African players are on the EUW, Pacific & NA servers, but we can never get a perfect ping (mine averages around 190-220).
The question is – are there enough African players to be worth it? If yes, I am sure you will get your server. Riot is spreading, so sooner or later they will come to you as well :) If your community is big enough.
: No need to get buttravaged about it. If you are offended, maybe you should take a look at your own life and why you're still playing games at an age where you should be proper responsible and have an actual life.
I wonder how old are you. People shared their age, but I can't find your answer anywhere. I support any older gamer, they are cool.
FelixLudi (EUNE)
: Tribunal down?
It's being reworked.
: My account was only 10 days old at the time of the ban, I used XP time and win boosts to quickly achieve level 30, most of which were against bots as it offered the best XP per hour. Then I played my 10 placement matches and 6 more ranked. As you quite rightly put it no one knows what my other chatlogs were like except for me and I understand no one is going to believe me no matter what I say they contain, it's why I am requesting a Lyte Smite, I want him to put all my offending chatlogs here for all to say how low the bar is set to get a 14 day ban because I have not been toxic in my games. I understand how being a little bit negative over time can ruin a lot more poples gaming experiences but just to a lesser degree and how that is bad for the community. However when Jinx does nothing at all in the teamfight and I simply point this out and I'm called toxic for it, is unbelievable. Sure it is negative of me to do so but it is not as if I insulted her or said it's because she is bad or whatever, I simply stated that it is something she is not doing, which she wasn't. I am still waiting for the player behaviour specalist to get back to me on my case, quite interesting that it is taking such a long time. I suppose with the system being new and I am sure they are getting a lot of tickets now clogging them up. Once I have that response it essentially means we will then have an official response as to what this level of "behaviour" results in. Thank you very much for your honest answer, I appriciate you taking the time to reply.
If your account is 10 days old, it means that most of those negative behavior was either against newbies or you were misbehaving in many times in a row the moment you got into rankeds. New accounts are treated harsher because you are affecting newbies and also to let people know as soon as possible what kind of behavior is not allowed. And if you misbehave let's say 10 games in a row, you can't be suprised system tag you as someone who needs to be stopped, because such spike is just alarming.
: I'm glad that there are genuine down to earth players who are rational on these forums. A lot of people think that my punishment should be the same as those who are the most toxic and extreme yet they cannot understand why it is a bad idea to create such a system that punishes everyone the same regardless of each invidivual case.
Look, the game you got the log from is just one of many you misbehaved in. Noone here can tell if those other games were worse or at the same level. Even so, being extremely toxic for single game will make miserable 4-9 guys. It's good thing they made the system to catch them much much quicker than before to lower the number of affected games. But now imagine, if you are constantly negative, it's not 4-9 people with miserable experience. If you are negative in 10 games, it's 40-90 people with miserable experience. Which is quite a lot. I agree that your chat log itself is not enough for 14 days ban. But if you transfer your behavior (and the fact that with mild negativity it takes tens of games to get noticed) into the number of people affected by it in game, it goes into hudreds. Hundreds of players with miserable experience thanks you YOUR behavior. I'm not judging wheter you deserve 14 days ban or different punishment. I don't have enough information about your case. I don't even understand the current punishment politics and I have my doubts about it. But I'm just trying to explain the logic behind it. Because for players, constant negative enviroment can be as frustrating as short time extreme behavior. Personally I'd rather have 1 game destroyed completely than 50 games destroyed a bit. You can mute the obvious flamer, he's easy to spot. But negativity is eating the game from inside, spreading without people notice. And one day you realize you can't enjoy the game anymore. Noone is flaming, yet the game is just sucking joy out of you because of how people behave. In long time point of view, it does more damage than extreme flamers.
: So when someone goes to lane stands next to Tower and then goes afk, then comes back and start trolling without anyone at all talking, it cant be blamed on people if someone is that retarded.
If you have afk/troll/feeder it's one person. You have still three more guys in your team, suffering from troll the same way as you do. And they don't deserve to deal with troll AND flamer on top of it. One misbehaving guy is bad enough, no need to make it two misbehaving guys.
xMidnight (EUW)
: PLAYERS LAUGH about it when its on the opponent team, unsportsmanish ucking trash is what they are, and yes THEY deserve to get banned.
When Tribunal was active, you could see nice pattern showing exact opposite. It wasn't rare when troll was reported ONLY by players from enemy team. Everyone in a team with troll was screaming "report report" but at the end, they just left without reporting. You don't need to shout "report report" to push the report button at the end. Most of players are able to do that quietly. So the fact someone is not reacting on troll doesn't mean he's ok with it and won't report at the end.
xMidnight (EUW)
: K so u are allowed to troll and feed, i will do that in the future then and i expect NOT to get banned just like this person didnt.
Trolls and feeders are banned as well. It's just not as quick as with toxicity. Toxicity is simple and clear, drawing line between intentional destroying of the game and being just bad is harder and needs more investigation. If you want to report someone, just do it. You don't need to scream it every 5 minutes of the game. The troll won't stop trolling when he know he will get the report anyway.
: 6.Elo hell doesn't exist - The reason for you loosing is not cause your team sux, it's because YOU can't carry your team. That's the whole point. A silver player is not supposed to carry a team, he just can't. This is a team game. The whole team is supposed to play. Maybe a diamond player can carry a silver match on a smurf, but that's because he is a lot higher on his main account.
If you are better than your opponent, you outplay him and earn advantage. Carry the game doesn't mean having 10 kills in 10 minutes. It means having impact on your game. And doing well in early game and helping your team is the right way. Boosting team morale by doing great is one of the ways how to carry. Warding and shotcalling are other ways how to carry. Players tend to follow the player who do the best in a game. So this way you can lead your team to victory. Noone can win every game. But if you are better, you are rising the chances for a win and therefore winning more games, therefore climbing into your level. The closer you play to your current level, the harder is to carry. And you are right, you can't carry the team if you have troubles with your own opponent. If you want to climb, you need to be better than your enemy. Because you can't face better opponents if you can't beat the current ones. If you strongly depend on your team and luck to win, you are where you belong. Which is in a fact ideal situation and the goal of whole matchmaking. It's just players who are unable to accept they play on their actual level and think they are much better than this.
tom98784 (EUW)
: I have a feeling it was because I was letting them push at me so I could kill them, idk. I'm playing more adc now to try and have more impact on a team level, can try and snowball a duo lane, secure dragons, etc, keep their adc down. (That was the first adc game I had played in a while after a lot of top I think, so pleased with individual farm/kills but not enough objective work.) I'm thinking of keeping a log of the games I play, keep some stats like cs/kda at 10/20/end and try and come up with an improvement of two out of each game to focus on, to keep track of progress, make it obvious what I'm doing wrong and also as a bit of motivation.
The first step is always realizing what you are doing wrong and change it. I hope you learn from your mistakes and start to climb. It's a long path, but much more rewarding than just blaming people around. Good luck in your games :)
: Is wishing a cancer a bannable offence? :p
Wishing someone to die by terrible disease is the essence of toxicity.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: the common misconception that supporting is just the role, not the playstyle
Here's what I don't get. You say that support is a playstyle not a role. I completely agree with that. But then you contradict yourself by saying that certain champions like Annie or Brand are not fulfilling the support role. But you said in your title, that it's not about a role but about playstyle. You can play champions with heavy CC as support if you play them right. And on the other hand, if you play support champ like Sona, you can still play them as AP carry bot if you build damage instead of utility. It's not really about the champion, it's how you play this champion. How you use your spells and what you build. Some are just more suitable than others. Meta is shifting and Annie is one of those champs that basically are not played on mid anymore and transformed into supports completely. Same with Morgana or Zyra, Kennen or the most popular support in LCS Nautilus. None of them was made to be support. Of course playing Zed as support won't work. But there are plenty non-meta champs who can be played as supports if played right.
: well, i gues the jungle just isn't meant for support mains... :(
On the contrary, support and jungle is not that different, both are heavily team focused roles, demanding the most game knowledge and map awerness. Also imagine maining support and jungle – you don't have to play any other role ever, since those two are the least popular. But hey, I can't play jungle as well :D Know some jungle/support mains tho.
: I still need to find a good tutor to teach me to jungle, i can jungle but i am not efficient enough :L (note that i've been playing for 2,5 seasons now xD)
Ehm, I play a bit longer and never actually played jungle. It's wonder that I never really had to, I always managed to trade it with someone willing to switch his role for jungling.
: Wait...that's what helpful is for? I always give that to junglers who gank really well -.-
The description says it's for people advising and helping to learn. But doubt many are using it this way. As support I get many helpful honors just for protecting my team.
0GameDos0 (EUW)
: dude chill as long as I have 20+ assists it's ok I remember I once had 33-37 assists (dont remember exactly)
Just saying. It's not like I never got fed with support :D It's just not ideal example for a potential support-newbie. Have pretty bad expecience with people playing support champion (fighting for support role to be exact) and just taking farm and kills and refusing to support. Don't encourange them :D
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: you've never played Vlad haven't you?
By defending it's not ment kill everything before it gets to your carry.
xMidnight (EUW)
: I doubt it. It happens ALOT, either u get a troll or one or 2 afks, even 3 afks has happened once. Even that game i went positive numbers..... 7/6 fiddlesticks 2v5. Well, i just said dont kill vayne shes troll as u might have seen up there, gnar (who is not banned) then says ''fuck u its not our problem she troll'' but apparently that is allowed.
Certain behavior is attracting trolls and leavers. You see, when you flame someone hard for not being good enough, they can think "hey, this guy thinks I'm feeding, why not to show him how feeding really looks like?" or "I don't want to be in this game anymore, *leaves*" I'm not saying it's ok. But with right attitude, most of crappy situations can be solved. If you flame you just make things worse. I rarely meet trolls or flamers. You know why? Because I don't push bad situation to extrems but try to solve it and calm people down.
0GameDos0 (EUW)
: > Killing with f.i. Soraka is a bit harder, pffff,during the time I mained soraka I got a quadra once and a triple twice
Everything is OP when you feed it. But still, take quadra with Annie is easier than take quadra with Soraka. Even I got triple kill with Annie and I don't play that champ at all. You need few kills and you are deleting players on spot. Anyway, I was talking about learning the role. Quadra kill Soraka is hardly ideal support fulfilling his role. Playing support champ doesn't mean you are supporting no matter how you play.
: Of course the forum and game are two completely different things. Let me use your argument but transfer it to the forum : "The reason why you can't be negative on the forum is that it's poisining the threads on the forum, making the forum miserable, affecting good quality content and the replies of other users" - You cannot leave the game but you can mute the player. You can have a discussion and disagreements without being negative towards one another.
As Hansiman said. There are moderators to take action as soon as someone start to break rules. Ingame have no such option. Many people were banned from forum, because they misbehaved. It's just not as strict as ingame, because you don't go into game to talk. You come to play and you are probably not interested in someone else's opinion, becaues you come to play the game and not to argue.
: > [{quoted}](name=Unicornqua,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=svMJNvyX,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000000100020000,timestamp=2015-06-02T07:43:22.897+0000) > > Forum and game itself are two completely different things. The reason why you can't be negative in a game is that it's poisoning the ingame athmosphere, making the game miserable and affecting permormance of other players. You can't leave such game, you are stuck with a unpleasant guy for 20+ minutes. You go into game to play, not to chat, so every irrelevant and not helping messages are not supposed to be there at all. > > Forum is made for discussion. And in discussion there will always be disagreement. Everything you said about "negative" players is applicable, to an even larger degree, to people feeding (unintentionally). Irony is, there actually is nothing you can do about that. But unlike you saying you are stuck with the unpleasant player, that is not true, you can do something about it - mute them.
Feeding unintentionally is not your choice. Bad players play as good as they can, it's not their fault you don't think they are good enough. Skill is relative, it depends on who are you playing with. You can't choose to not being good enough, you can't choose to be outplayed. It just happen. But you can choose what you will say and you can choose how you will behave. You can't punish people for something they can't really control. If you punish bad player, he will never learn how to play better. He can't just flip a switch and play like a challenger out of a blue. It's a path. Sometimes you are better, sometimes you are worse. It's part of the game. Yes, you can mute the unpleasant person. But if you are forced to mute someone, the damage is already done, the teamspirit is already broken.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: lvl 30 within 10 days? That's pretty good. And you've still played a lot of games in order to get to lvl 30, so there's plenty of games that you could have misbehaved in. I also think, at leat they used to, be stricter with new players, as they prefer to "nip it at the bud". (Since I do enjoy metaphors). There's also a difference from a player that has played 100 games and misbehaves in 50 of them, and a player that has played 1000 games and misbehaves in 50 of them.
False positives means being completely innocent and having the punishment lifted. You are not innocent. We can argue about the lenght or type of punishment, sure, even when it's usless since noone here can do anything about it. But you were found guilty for good reason. It's not false positive.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: A lot of people who aren't toxic either are being alienated right now. I am not enjoying this game anymore since everyone is afraid to talk or call out any tactical decision or tell his teammate to come mid, stop going alone etc. I despise Lyte for doing this to the game. He lacks every sort of social feeling. By definition most things you will say in chat will sound 'negative' but its just how you frame it really and therefor how you take it. If someone says 'stop going bot alone' or 'stick to team' it has the same meaning as 'we should go mid now since we have an advantage and take that turret but if you stay bot we can't and we will lose advantage in the long run'. Its a matter of efficiency to say things with the least words, you can't expect players to write full essays.
Than why 95% of all players were never punished? If innocent people are being punished, why the number is not much higher? I talk normal in a game, trying to lead my teammates and never got single punishment nor warning. It's about how you talk to your teammates. Noone wants you to write essay, just restrain negative remarks. People have very different perception of what is and what is not ok behavior. You might feel some behavior as completely ok, but most of community see it as something they don't want in their games. And right now, Lyte is following the wish of the majority of community – to get rid of toxic and negative behavior. Of course people who act that way will hate it.
: Although i completely agree with you i have to say this: It depends on the player and his style if the damage dealing supports are harder or easier to learn :p
The real question is: is he going to support or dealing dmg? The thing with damage dealing supports is that you need to know when to stop to let the kill for your carry and not taking it yourself. That means good timing. Take kill with support like Annie is pretty easy and you need to watch yourself to prevent it. Killing with f.i. Soraka is a bit harder, so it's great for learning how to support in a first place before you will have enough supporting experience to be able control damage dealer support without taking too many kills without a reason. So yes, it's about a mindset and playstyle. There is nothing worse than support forced into his role, because just as assassins, the playstyle is not for everyone.
: I still don't understand why {{champion:53}} is said to be so good, yes he can grab you, but that's it. He has no disengage, his only peel tool is melee range. He's also quitte bad if behind, since if you grab an enemy, he'll just kill you. (most of this can be because most blitz's I meet aren't very good)
Blitz is a terror of Bronze and low Silver, because people can't dodge.
: thb, I think {{champion:60}} support can work, you have a lot early game damage and poke with human q, you can create picks/peel with cocoon. also, you can roam quitte well, since she's meant as a jungler.
True, I haven't seen Elise for a very very long time, I guess I forgot how she really works :D
Eveninn (EUW)
: well, rather {{champion:37}} and {{champion:432}} for agressive poke while playing a passive lane :s sometimes {{champion:40}}, {{champion:267}} and {{champion:25}} for peel (the pool is so big cus I don't main Support and can't say which I like most xd)
I play Morgana and Nami a lot. Morgana is safe pick, her spell shiled is countering most of the meta supports and as AP caster you can transform into second AP carry if needed and carry the game yourself. Nami is my the most favorite champ, but she is utility support and you depend on your team a lot, also easy to counter. Those two have pretty different playstyles as well.
: Indeed It's ironic that the people who reply to this thread and are arguing for the reasons I should be banned most of them have already been far more toxic as I was in my game, does that mean they should be banned from the forum for 2 weeks? I understand I was negative / annoying that game but I did not expect a 2 week ban as punishment, that is the same that the worst offenders get such as racists and sexists etc. Read your entire post, thanks for reading and replying to my thread.
Forum and game itself are two completely different things. The reason why you can't be negative in a game is that it's poisoning the ingame athmosphere, making the game miserable and affecting permormance of other players. You can't leave such game, you are stuck with a unpleasant guy for 20+ minutes. You go into game to play, not to chat, so every irrelevant and not helping messages are not supposed to be there at all. Forum is made for discussion. And in discussion there will always be disagreement.
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: Why are we allowed to support only with 'the supports'?
I always say that suport is not a champion, but playstyle. There are many non-meta champs you can use as a support if you play them right. But as been said, your team should be ok with it. But I seriously doubt, that you are playing support with those champions. They don't have much to support with. Playing support means helping your carry and your team, not playing bot. People often don't play support even with the suitable champ and just play second AP caster bot (especially people playing Lux or Nidalee bot). Meta supports are those, who have tools for supporting. Simple as that. In my opinion playing Vlad, Riven or Elise as support is killing their potential while they can't fulfill the role entirely. There is bunch of non-support champions that can be used as support with a much greater success.
CYM Mile (EUW)
: I'd like to state that i never blame, just give guidelines (e.g. 'sion go back, ur hp really low and ejgl is close' sion:'SHUT THE FUCK UP NOOB!') you feel me? well i can say i play about 30 champs really correct wich i believe is more than enough on this elo.. And my 5v5 team won't go higher as plat 5 either because it has a silver 5 player wich drops the mmr sooo hard.. shit is messy! But thanks for pointing that out!
Not even pros can play 30 champs at the required level. It's too much for this elo. 71 champions played only this season, that must be a record. If you play everything, you can't really play anything at decent level. Correct is not enough, you need to master your champion and role.
tom98784 (EUW)
: Partly that's because if I buy a champion I do a bot game, then try them in ranked (bad habit), and I tend to go for a counterpick if I own them, although it's often better to stick to champions I'm more used to.
It's always better to pick a champion you are comfortable with than some wierd first time counterpicks. Bronze is all about mastering your champion and mechanic skills. There is no place for strategy or counterpicks. Counterpick works at level where you have very low skill difference between players and playing a counter champion can make a difference. But it's not the case of Bronze and whole low elo, where skill difference between players is huge. Especially in B5. You can outplay your oponent by simple better positioning and landing skillshots. Better timing, better decision making and so on. It's a good thing to know as many champions as possible so they won't suprise you, but such training doesn't belong into rankeds. I'm afraid I don't have much more to advise. I'm not the master or something, but I have experience with Bronze and climbing out. All you need is self-reflection and focusing on less tasks at one time.
tom98784 (EUW)
: Top - Lissandra (safe), kassa (their team squishy/no escapes), cassio (their team has little cc), sometimes nasus if we need someone more tanky, mundo if need a big tank, ryze for 1v1 (although cassio also does this well) Jungle - Haven't really found my favourite yet, malphite/mundo for tank/cc, jax/yi for damage, still looking for (and saving up for) a jungler I can really carry with Mid - Ahri, Leblanc, Lissandra as a fallback if they're banned (I play AP top a lot, so can use these as a fallback) ADC - Lucian. Jinx if he is banned/picked. Support - Leona, morgana, sona When I said a range I meant a few in each role, rather than 10 top laners and then troll the rest :P
You played 42 champions during this season. This is awfully lot. Even from what you wrote, you play too many champions on regular basis to be able to actually master any of them. It's huge difference if you play 10 games or 100 games with a single champ.
Ecstazi (EUNE)
: Permanet suspende
Permanent means forever. You won't get your account back, you had to do something very bad or very often to get the most severe punishment.
: Lane Builder For Ranked
Actually that's exactly how ranked team builder will look like. Lyte talked about it already.
tom98784 (EUW)
: I just came out of laning phase as a 5/2/1 Lucian, and now I'm up against a 13/1/5 riven from top lane...
If you see your teammates are not doing good, just end the early game and start grouping before it's too late. Having 13/1 Riven is very late. It's hard as adc, I know, but still, you can't just sit on your lane and ignoring what is going on. You had 5/2 on lane, so tell me, how many dragons you secured while your opponent was dead? How many times you roamed to mid? If you skip mid game, because you are laining until the enemy is super fed, you won't win. You need to start grouping to shut down the enemy. It's a team game for a reason. No matter how bad your teammates are, you can always do something better that can change the outcome of the game. Edit: also, you were 5/2 at lane, took no dragon and didn't die till the 19th minute of the game. How is possible that the enemy bot turret is standing until 26th minute? And your is gone in 16th? This is not how lane dominance looks like. You got the kills, you got some farm, you didn't die. But you didn't get single objective and lost your turret quite soon. Objectives wins the game, not kills.
tom98784 (EUW)
: I out-farm basically anyone in my games (I main top, bronze 5), and that's just in the laning phase, even against those who should counter me, it's not like I'm ignoring my team to farm. I can play a wide range of champions and can play any lane decently, although I main top, and like AP picks, like lissandra, kassa, cassio. I buy a pink ward now and then, but mostly I play reasonably safe or have someone with high mobility, and jungle intervention is rare, so if I feel at risk I'll get extra ward. I almost always have below-average deaths and above average kda in my team, but the highest I've managed to climb is bronze 4 -_- . I'm a very patient person, never flame, don't tilt much, but it does get frustrating when I can do so well and yet my team often seems to be beyond help - which is why playing support is so frustrating in bronze 5, if you do everything right but your adc can't even farm well. (If you check out my match history, recently I've had lag issues (as have most of my team), which sent me from promos back down to 31lp currently, but you should still get an idea of my usual ranked games)
> I can play a wide range of champions Don't. This is a very common mistake between Bronze players. They think champ pool diversity is important. It's not unless you are in Platinum and higher. For Bronze you need few champs you can master. Pick 2 for every role, 3 for your main. If you have flex picks, even better. That's all you need for most of your games. You don't need to play 40 champs, you need to play champ you are comfortable with as often as possible.
tom98784 (EUW)
: I am great mentally, never flame, get too down, never surrender :P but it does get frustrating when as a support you do a great job but your adc seems to be unable to farm well in even the most passive lane, or as a jungler your lanes all push up and even if you ask them they wont fall back to make them gankable, or if you come out of top lane up in kills or farm, and another lane is so fed that there is barely anything you can do. Elo hell does exist, your teammates can't farm or take advantages, you have so many flamers and afks, that your games become so unpredictable no matter what you do.
I main Support and I was in a Bronze. Seriously, if you are good enough, you will win 4v5 game without troubles. It's not about your teammates. It's about your ability to carry. And by carry I don't mean having bunch of kills, but having impact. Getting advantage of your opponent and use it! People often think that winning a lane is the goal, but it's not. Winning the lane is usless if you can't transfer gained advantage to your team. You won't win by sitting on top. Got some kills? Great, roam, gank, help where you can. If you don't do that, enemy will and your advantage will be gone. I can't tell what exactly you are doing wrong, but you won't get any higher by looking on how bad your teammates are. Your enemies are as bad as your teammates, yet they manage to beat you. Learn from them.
: Normales compared to rankeds
The MMR of every queue is seperated. If you watch your last normal game, you can see that your fellowplayers are around Silver rank. It's just because your normal MMR is lower than your ranked MMR. If you will play more games in normal, the MMR will adjust to your real level.
: SO i recently (Now) got a 14 day ban. I Admit i have may went berserk with flaming but what would you do if you had an intentional feeder on your team? Also a sudden 14 day ban isn't very wise as i never got any prior warning about toxicity or verbal abuse. Second thing after looking at my chat log, i just notice most of them are saying "DEF" or "BACK" repeatedly, and the rest of the flame is actually Arabic which was to my premade friend and im pretty sure riot doesn't know Arabic curses or even words... Finally a 14 day ban to a once loyal fan and player which has played this game for quite some years is actually devastating. I don't think i will be able to play league again after such a long period ban for a person like any other who lost his nerves shouting at his Intentionally feeding teammate. Like who the fuc* decided i deserve this ban. Have they seen the match or why i was flaming? have they seen the all of the chat log fully? Have they seen how hard was it for us to win a 4v5 with a feeder then get banned immediately for 14 days? Riot if you cant be fair to everyone you might as well don't be fair to anyone. im done wit this game..
The fact someone is misbehaving doesn't give you right to misbehave as well. You have three other players in your team, suffering from the intentional feeder the same way as you do. They don't deserve to deal with feeder AND flamer at the top of this. They don't deserve YOU to make things even worse. Anyone who is participating in flamefest is guilty of making things worse and adding more and more toxicity into the game. Just report the feeder and move on. It won't help if you will flame. Trolls generally seeks for attention. By flaming him hard, you are giving him what he wants and supporting him in his effort. If you just ignore him, he may as well go back to normal playing, because he will fail to fulfill his goal – make people mad. If you really wanna know what community think about your behavior, post your reform card. And yes, flaming in other languages than English can also get you banned. The fact they don't talk Arabic doesn't mean they don't have contact to native speakers to translate and to work on language diversity of machine learning systems. Also note, that unless you showed some extremely toxic behavior, like racism, homophobia or death threats, you won't get banned for single game but for constant negative behaviour.
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