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Leyruh (EUW)
: Ooh, I'm curious. How does that work? :D
Basically, you're tanky and CC a lot. It doesn't necessarily work out exceptionally well, (it's alright), but is more about having fun chilling. My pal and I play it every now and then because we are having it difficult to enjoy the game the same way we did a couple of years ago. Neither of us think climbing is fun and winning isn't necessarily fun either, so we just play whatever we think is gonna be fun, sometimes it works out, sometimes not, we just found this combo to have a higher win-to-fun-ratio (yup just made that up)
: League of Legends 2018 - My opinion
They intentionally remove all fun it seems to me, also risk and reward is no longer a thing, remember sword of the occult, Cho'gath ult, devourer etc. etc.? I cannot agree with your statements more. You CAN'T play a champion off-meta anymore, since you WILL lose the game. Man Tris, Xin, Rengar, Zac, GP, Nasus Full AP, the times man. FFS I got a penta on Braum jungle devourer etc., me, my team and the enemies thought it was a hilarious game, but no more fun. With every decision they make reworking etc. on champs it to me seems like they remove these things: Unique gameplay/style, looks quotes etc, off-meta-bility, risk(&reward)
Leyruh (EUW)
: What Champions did you try out in Botlane since the ADC Nerf?
Alistar and Ornn chill bottom, both start supp item.
: Teemo is an iconic character with a huge fanbase. I doubt they will ever do a total rework, the fans would be outraged. Look at Aatrox, who was always a really underplayed champion. Everyone got mad about the rework. Now, imagine failing a Teemo rework...
The problem with the Aatrox rework is that he was actually being played and he was working out well, they still went ahead and changed him so much he is no longer Aatrox, but rather Q.......(slow ass animation)Q........Q.......trox and his heal (Basically the coolest thing about the old Aatrox is close to nonexistant. He was unique and had a couple different playing styles, now he's just some generic champion. This is something they change in nearly every single rework, say they will make them unique and interesting, vs actually just making them generic and boring to play. With that said I don't believe Teemo should get a rework, a refresh/buff would be enough to make him present in games. FYI I hate and have hated nearly every decision Riot has made and forced upon us old players
: The game got boring
Reawakening this thread to have my say. So I stopped playing a couple of years ago, because the meta was starting to get enforced upon everyone, something I DO NOT Like (I hate it). I usually played off-meta things like Tristana AP mid, Jayce/Gnar/Soraka ADC etc. which worked pretty well, even though they were off-meta. Came back recently. Off-meta is impossible now, the meta is so enforced you cannot play something that Riot Games/Tencent doesn't want you to play, and I hate that. I loved how casual the games were back then, I had a lot less toxic people (Usually one every 3rd game or so, now it's every games, often with multiple flamers) even though I am still around same MMR (A bit higher I guess). This reminded me of the builds and champs I played back then, before they were reworked to get "interesting to play". So sad.
: 5-16 Only applies to to people that plays on a toaster, on your neighbors WIFI, just saying.. Lol has never crashed once for me over 1500 games.
i7 7700K @ 4,5GHz 32 Gigs of 3000 MHz RAM timings standard (15-17-17-35) GTX 1080 @ 1972MHz I Only use it to play HotS and browse Chrome (hence the 32GB RAM) {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: I mean more from an esthetic point of view than from a technical. I have next to 0 technical issues, I just think the new client looks like it was dragged out of a garbage truck.
I feel the same, I feel like many this are just added somewhere random, on the old one it felt like everything was much more/better planned out.
: fck that 8GB of RAM 5GHz Processor and it is still slow no matter what I do
It's probably all the animations slowing it down. I had to turn on low-spec mode because the time it took for the animations to be done was way way too slow. I don't know if you're like me, but I want to immediately be able to click on whatever I have to click, without having to wait for things like animations to be done. Specs Intel core 7700K@4,5GHz 32Gb of 3000Mhz RAM (Corsair Dominator Plat with timings 15 17 17 35) Strix GTX 1080 A8G (Currently running at stock) Samsung 840 500Gb SSD
rogama25 (EUW)
: I just want to suggest a very small feature: make the client "minimize" into Windows tray instead of closing completely. I know that this client is made with Chromium Embedded Framework (Chrome's engine, right?) I don't know how difficult is to make this, but on Firefox there is a plugin to do this and the browser stops using GPU and uses a lot less CPU, so I think it's a good idea :) (Well, I know my English is not perfect, please forgive me haha)
This idea is exactly how it was on the old client, yet another feature they took away from us.
Husker (EUW)
: This thread is for those who have problems getting the client to work, or have questions on functionality and future development. Any flame or off topic discussion will be deleted _btw_
He ain't lying though, many of us dislike the new client, the way you are forcing the new one down our throat (This time way worse than the way Windows 10 was advertised) is yet another time you guys took a big dump on many of your players. If you continue like this your player-base is gonna fall. Now what I feel like the path you guys should've taken would be to do a complete recode of the old client, so that you navigate through it exactly like you would on the old client, but have improved performance and stability. The new one is much slower to navigate through because many things are hidden just for the sake of looks. Not flame more like critical feedback, I love your game, but this, this feels like you don't care about your players/customers and just want things to look cool&flashy but be unstable&impractical instead of focusing on what really matters.
: Well, I'd love to have the legacy client back because my potato is dying with the new one... but I can't and I have to deal with it... :( Besides the lag on the client, will you change the font? I mean, I can barely read with the actual font...
I don't have a potato and would be willing to pay Riot for still being able to use the old client.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: > "We decided to put a lot of cool animations and effects in the new client, if you have a bad PC then uninstall and you won't experience lagg in LoL". It's 2017 dude. If you play on your grandpa's windows xp pc from 2005 it's time to upgrade your shit. My girlfriend plays on a 300$ laptop with constant frames and no lag. And the client works as well.
I do not care about shitty animations in a client, it's supposed to be fast and reliable to maneuver through, both are things they removed in the new client. Old one is not outdated, all should've done was a recode of the old client, It takes so many more clicks now just for it to look fancy, Actually I'd rather want it to look like a windows 95 window and be 10 times faster and have more info on screen. Take for example the top 3 champion mastery champs in profile. In the old client you could see all 3 champs' amount of XP, where as now I have to hover and wait for a sec just to see the XP FOR ONE CHAMPION. In the old client it would load all champion info at once (who I have unlocked etc.) where as now I have to scroll down to load more, moving my up cursor constantly just to load all champs, if I tap onto play it has to reload all the info again, in the old client it would keep this info until I exited the client. There's tons of these impractical things that makes the new client one big slow hassle to deal with. Sorry I just felt like ranting.
: Or those who dislike the animations {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
The animations are pure shit, it only slows down the new forced buggy client even more than it already is. I can assure that it is NOT my specs.
: Is your Updated Client not working? You've come to the right place!
I have an issue, the new client is shit, how do I fix this? Reprogram it to look exactly like the old one or what do I have to do?
el barno (EUW)
: That guy didnt get banned for play playing singed. Het got banned for Ditching botlane to farm junglecamps
Which is ridiculous, why are people not allowed to play the game for fun? There's a reason I don't play a lot of ranked and that is because I still see the video game as a video game, it's meant to entertain you, if you are not having fun why play? Off-meta is often funny as hell and works (sometimes).
: Welp that feels shtty.. il just get a brand new pc cuz pc that im using is 10 year old pc.. maybe it is really time for changes jeez.. it lasted to long lol.
I highly recommend learning and building your own PC, you save money. In my country (Hardware prices are rather high here) you can get something very capable of running LoL and even some AAA titles on medium for around 500 bucks
Flas4 (EUNE)
: I'm a fat weeb.
Pro Tip: Buy a realistic silicone sex doll, they go at a high price but will give you lots of 'entertainment' ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: tnx for fckig up ranked..2 disconected after 30s , even remake we couldn't pick.. TY RIOT AGAIN <3 .. who needs EUNE <3{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I've transferred back to EUW. I was tired of EUNE's trouble all the damn time.
Coraxo (EUNE)
: Edit: it works now.
Was just about to write that here lol
: FPS Change?
It's some stupid thing Microsoft made, you have to go into some kind of xbox settings and turn something off. It's basically just for having kinda similar FPS when you play with people over the Xbox.
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: we should seriously open a donation page and send them potatoes. maybe that way they will improve the servers....
EUNE server:
Katinas02 (EUNE)
: EUNE is so bugged these days, they could at least give us 1 chance to transfer to another region for free... if this goes like this more often, there won't be many players left in EUNE. But ofc nothing will happen.
It's pretty much weekly the server has problems. At least give us a chance for a free transfer to EUW and abandon that shitty server.
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: RESOLVED [EUN] - Games ending in error or not ending at all
EUNE's shitty server is back at it again.
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: RESOLVED - [EUN] 14/9/2016 Games not starting properly
Now for real, could you guys actually fix the server? It seems that EUNE is just so bad, it goes down nearly 2-3 times a month, right now it just seems like you´re duct taping a processor to a motherboard and call it a day.
: [Story] Hope in the community. Hope in humanity.
If people were actually this nice all the time, maybe I would actually be proud of playing this game.
: League of legends bug?
You're most likely hitting a hotkey for putting the laptop to sleep.
SipsHD (EUW)
: I used to be on EUNE for 2 years before i transferred. Can't say i enjoyed it. (This is a Smurf account)
EUNE is an absolutely horrible experience, the only reason I play here is because all my friends are on EUNE.
TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: Can't Connect to Game
I got it too, it seems that everybody that has this problem has at some point updated to 6.17 on EUW etc. then switched back to "downdate" 6.16 on EUNE. People are actually losing LP for this bs Riot. I was lucky I only tried to play a normal
ItsRay (EUW)
: My Permanent Ban just got removed not even 24 hours after I created a Support Ticket.
Finally someone who isn't bashing the system, crying about how the system is bad.
: I haven´t been able to connect to any single game today after that 6.17 patch..... Even crashes my own custom games does someone else have the same issue as me? how can you fix it? i have used the repair tool and also restarted my net/computer nothing seems to be working {{item:3151}}
1: Hasn't rolled out on EUNE 2: What hardware do you have?
: Modernizing League's systems..well i can't wait for that day when EUW and EUNE become one region..if that will ever happen.
You should be happy as an EUW to not have to play with us from EUNE
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: I have this experience with Lucians: they are all nice and happy if they get to make their flashy plays, but if they mess up once and die, they turn into a flame machine and blame their whole team and complain about everything all game. If you have a Varus who picked his immobile champ into something like Leona + Vayne and Lee jungle, he usually gets pretty mad as well.
They're very split personality kinda. 1 second they could be praising you for something, next second they could be calling you a "retard" for accidentally taking a cs
: please riot help me to get my account back my account hacked by hackers please answer my tickets :(((.... help meeeeeee
It doesn't help spamming other boards, just wait for Rioters to answer your ticket. Also one trick, change the password via the mail that is bound to your account
: As a person that plays tons of support I'm noticing a pattern aswel: Draven: Cocky af. Vayne: Commanding you around + think she's unkillable. Yasuo players: Thrash talkers. Lee sin: Flamer when shit's going south. Ofcourse this doesnt represent all of them, but mostly it is like this.
From my experience: Draven: brags about how good they are to the enemy Vayne (mains): She's gonna feed bot then go mid and start cs'ing saying that she can't play with this "worthless piece of shit support" yes I have literally played with people that said this. Ezreal: "You belong in a museum"
Jade Queen (EUNE)
: Invisible recall
Often if you can hear people start recalling but somehow lose vision of the person, the recall sound continues while she could have been moving away from that area.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: I truly hope there will be more than only 20 rune/mastery pages available. I'd really like to have some more - 40 would be nice. _Not to mention 20 additional runepages would finally be something I could spend some proper number of IP on._
Adding a search bar for the mastery page would be nice too.
: A Problem with the match making system
I kinda have this "problem" where I am S3 and get matched **against** plat, heck sometimes even dia, because they are _sometimes_ more experienced and has better focus on objs, we end up losing. But more often it's strangely the other way around, they flame/is toxic, and doesn't focus drakes (atm me and my team hasn't been getting many drakes, I just gotta get back into that jungle role :D) and they end up having bad scores/low kill participation. apparently EUNE's plat 5-4 are boosted animals {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: ***
I am honestly not sure if this is bait
munraker (EUW)
: I think the "git gud" bs is said by people that think themselves that they are above everyone else...right!
The kind of people that always think they are a superior human being (also I think I don't know if it's true but the "gg ez" type of people).
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest Nr. 28
Please note that this is just something I made for fun and should not be take seriously
Houtaro (EUNE)
: B-b-b-but, you are in EUW. :( Are there riot employees who're playing in EUNE or naw. :C {{item:3070}}
I honestly don't think there are any rioters/reds on EUNE since EUNE is just one big splatter of toxicity {{champion:29}}
: i hope you enjoy those # :')
Not my proudest fap...
: It has 100 base damage with a 10% AP scaling. No way it could deal 300 damage. The only possibility is if the ludens was activated once and then again within the death time frame.
Well you're right about that, >ludens was activated once and then again This could be very much possible since it's Katarina lol
LurkMan (EUNE)
: League just isnt fun anymore
Learn to oversee it, my friend constantly tilts and gives us shit and argues with the enemy team and our team, this is all because he CANNOT oversee that someone did 1 thing that could trigger his inner keyboard warrior.
: [6.15] - Luden Proc DMG Reduction YI Meditation
Maybe it's because it would deal more than 300 damage (Because MR) since it scales with AP?
: PROJECT: Skins release date and reduced price?
I have PROJECT: Yasuo and personally I would NOT recommend the skin since it just makes him feel clunky, I would recommend Blood Moon Yasuo since that both looks cooler but also feels better to use.
: And the legend continues...
: [6.15] Game crash when clicking on hex-tech crafting in game Que.
Have you tried using the in-built repair in the patcher? If not, Open League Of Legends, before you click "PLay" Hit the small question mark in the top right corner, hit the repair button and let that finish. Please note that this can take up to several hours depending on how much is corrupted, internet speed and the performance of your computer.
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