2xDealer (EUW)
: I don't think that MM really hoards bad players somewhere to put them into your exact game. I think, this is more simple: there're just too many of those and they should be matched _somewhere_. So, everyone gets a little of that (okay, not so little). But what I believe is that bad players seem to be put into the same team more often than distributed equally over the two. Too many one-sided matches, really. 2 (and often 3) lanes snowball is rather a rule than an exception nowadays. PS: Look! Do you see those 17 people who upvoted this post? That's how much people want to believe that they're better kind than any silver/bronze. That's how many people want to believe they're _right_ just because they got higher rank several years ago. That's why this kind of preaching is so popular on boards.
Yes, it is just like you write and the bad punishment system is the reason for "many of the bad players". We flame in 1 game and can get immediate punishment (be it chat restriction or 14 day ban), but even if we int/troll/afk in 50 games we won't get punishment and because MM uses them to force 50% winrate or losses after win streaks or in promos, we get these "stomps" happening almost every game. Right at champ select lobby we can see this parity and if we don't dodge, we lose MMR and most importantly the mental state. For players who want to play 1000 games in a season, it is not a bother because MM benefits quantity of games and most of the players who don't get to play more games it is a big bother because despite performing well on the given role, games are lost because 1 or more players in team go like 0-10 in 10 mins. p.s: Yes and I am not bothered about upvotes or preachings, but bothered about how they write off statistically proven things as MYTHS without any mathematical proof. Oh, right psychologists explain how elo is calculated and how MM works xD
: Riot does not force you into a 50% win rate. The laws of mathematics do. If i am truly a diamond 4 player and i get placed in bronze 4 then my progression to diamond 4 might take 100 games. My skill differential between bronze/silver/gold is big enough to give me win rates over 80% during this phase of the climb Within probably 40 games i would be in silver 1 playing VS platinum players. As i get closer to people of my own skill, MY ABILITY TO WIN... decreases. I might win 60% then 55% then eventually i hit my skill level and i cant win more games than i lose, because i am playing effectively against myself. After 500 more games with no improvement to my game play, I would still be hard stuck in diamond 4 with just over 50% win rate. https://eune.op.gg/summoner/champions/userName=Uraraka This is your account. You are a gold 4 player, this appears to be very close to your true skill. If this is your only account, then you have done pretty well for yourself. But you got to gold 4 with roughly 52% win rate in 200 games. This is all good, but the reason you are already at 52% is because you are not skilled enough to keep climbing yet. You might gain a little but soon you will hit 50% win rate. Riot does not rig your games. They cant for the same reason a casino cannot know the outcome of a dice roll. A fair dice can never be guaranteed to roll anything, anyone with a statistics background would know that somethings are just random. Your teams might lose because of 1 mistake, but riot doesnt know in advance that your jungler will miss smite on baron. There is no logical way for them to calculate this into your matchmaking experience. And you are denying the reality that Elo boosters, Pro players, any high Elo player really... exist. None of these people EVERRRRR get stuck in low Elo. They stream bronze to challenger climbs all the time on Twitch. Just go on yotutube and search 'Bronze to Challenger' there are hundreds of playlists where people put their entire match history of new account climbs up for anyone to watch and learn from. Either you do not know this exists, or you are in denial my dude.
You are dodging the point of "System being bad to look only at QUANTITY of the games and not QUALITY of the player"; remember that I didn't have time to grind ~1000 games like many players do or you did or was not even able to play more than 250 games because the system forced me to be hardstuck at silver 1 for ~125 games. Can you give any **MATHEMATICAL LAW** or any elo calculation formulae which can explain such a thing? If this is just your imagination, kindly learn some elo calculation methods and try to understand how matchmaking works. If RITO isn't rigging the games, why is there no transparency in MMR or MM? Even developers are accepting that autofill parity (one team having more autofills and other team having less or 0 autofill is an issue) and can you give any proof that everything in MM is truly random? **Elo boosters**: have you actually tried or seen how many games elo boosters dodge? Why do you think that the challenger players in the "Bronze to challenger" kind of stunts dodge games more often? I have seen few who literally dodge like 10 games in a row and even with all dodging and solo carrying games, they have games which are unwinnable because "random" MM gives them "bad" players who literally play to lose the game. They're not stream snipers, but helpers of RITO who are used to give these auto-losses. **Pro-players**: they exist, but they're never to be taken into example or argument because they are making a living out of playing and in no way they are similar to anyone else in the game. Strange thing is they too have unwinnable games in their rank and upto 1-2 division below their ranks because even with all their knowledge, mechanics they can't solo carry games. **High-elo players**: they exist and them not getting stuck in low elo can't explain a low elo player getting stuck in low elo(in different ranks). It is like saying Faker can't get stuck in Silver, so no one will get stuck in Silver. For a Diamond 2 player going from Silver 1 to Gold 4 is not an issue, but going from Plat 1 to Dia 4 or Dia4 to Dia 3 is. The system simply expects the 'stuck' players to grind games and if all the 'Bronze to Challenger' videos actually go till Challenger #1 there is something to learn from them, because they cover 100% of the ladder. Also, no one climbs at 100% winrate over 100 games because even with their skill and no stream snipers or inters there are simply unwinnable games at lower elo and like boosters, the YT players also dodge lot of games. They want to have juicy win streaks of 25+ wins and for that they dodge games. This is simply why I write "See teammates' profiles to dodge games" comments on multiple occasions because MM gives autolosses some games and there is no reason to waste time in it. There is PRA-Performance based Ranked Adjustments in games like HotS and there are many elo calculation methods which include players' performance in their final rating (like True Skill method). Even RiOT's MM uses some level of PRA to provide the "bad" performing players after win streaks and in promos, of which one instance is my post of "Why promos suck big time". If they just stopped it or used it in positive direction, the game play experience as well as the ranked will be better.
: Misconceptions of League, and why you are not climbing.
When all visible metrics show that matchmaking manipulates teammates according to win ratio, promos and winstreaks, only trolls on boards will believe that RITO isn't forcing 50% winrate or losses to force players to play more games to climb. There are many such posts where players show how bad MM is. It took so many years for the developers to finally understand that there is no transparency in MM and there is autofill parity in games(mostly after winstreaks and in promos). It will take few more years for the trolls on boards to understand, accept/acknowledge these facts which are proven by visible metrics and I hope you too will understand this. Link1: https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/GJh4Ea6g-why-promos-suck-big-time I reached Silver 1 100 LP by 75 games and took 125 more games to reach Gold 4 0LP, by 5 promos. First time when I reached it my LP gain/loss was like +25 to +22LP and -13LP to -15LP meaning I was clearly having MMR of Gold 4 or Gold 3. Psychologists don't do mathematics or elo calculation and it is just because of RITO's bad MM, by placing inters, trolls, afk players into players who have winstreaks or in promos I got stuck. Only trolls on boards will say everything is myth, when visible metrics show clearly that MM forces players to play more games to climb. Link2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7KmzUJYkks Idk how many more years it will take for devs to finally acknowledge and modify the MM system. Because there is something wrong with the system design, they keep everything hidden and if everything is working good/not bad, why not show MMR or show how MM works?
: I know what is causing me to not rank up, but I don't know how to fix it.
1) If I follow a bad engage to die the team loses advantage and 2) If I don't follow, they spam **?** ping, flame or blame me and write as if me following would've turned the entire fight even when it is clearly not possible. I spam ping for not going in, for ganks or in general and every time they go in and always do #2 if I don't follow. This problem starts at laning phase itself at times and most of the adc players will simply do #2 again and again just to make sure I lose the game. So, in essence in the coin-toss, heads-we lose; tails-we lose.
Blue009 (EUNE)
: The trolling report system does work.
It works, but like for 1 in 1000 cases.
: No... she’s 13th in play rate, 6th for win rate (after you remove the totally non supports like akali)... not even considered meta right now (the support meta is heavily favouring engage supports) She’s gotten a new skin so that increases play rate, and a mission to play her which obviously also increases play rate... she’s certainly not bad she’s probably the best performing enchanter in the game and can go toe to toe with most meta supports but she’s not quite meta herself
I too consider her off-meta, but according to u.gg, op.gg, leagueofgraphs, proguides and mobalytics {{champion:16}} is meta rn because of her steady increase in win rate.
DeCoqq (EUW)
: Neither are good atm. I would say that soraka is pure situational pick if enemy doesn't have access to backline, otherwise she is killed instantly. Lulu is average.
So, {{champion:40}} is the only good enchanter now? I like her, but never get how to use her Q properly(for engage or disengage).
: > [{quoted}](name=Uraraka,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6OAXTQ7J,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-02T18:54:08.693+0000) > > I know that she didn't receive any big buffs recently, even though she had skins now and it is kind of surprising to see sudden but steady increase in her pick rate and win rate overall. Is banana girl the OP supp rn? > {{sticker:sg-soraka}} > > p.s: Also how is {{champion:117}} supp rn? I like to play Soraka, but if you want to win why would you play any enchanter if Senna is open, she destroyed other enchanters while building lethality. Nerf her pathetic design to the ground, most intelligent design ever made.
Yes, {{champion:235}} is still strong even after nerfs, but I see that Soraka is shooting up in stats rn.
: The peak of a Insane ADC is..
If we follow as supp to die, we lose the game. If we don't follow as supp, they do it again and again, we lose the game. Heads-we lose; Tails-we lose. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Rioter Comments
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: Mord and malz ult are dumb
{{champion:72}} : _Am I a joke to you?_ {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Random Fact
Seems you're studying electronics while playing LoL mostly {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} Elo is simply a system of numerically representing a player's skill or in other words rating players based on their win probabilities with respect to other players. For example if my rating is 2000, I have like 50% chance to beat Player A with 2000 rating, 45% chance to beat Player B with 2100 rating and 55% chance for beating player C with 1900 rating. In general we try to make games where every player is of equal or nearby rating so that the chance of winning is always ~50%, thus making it fair for both sides. p.s: In LoL, the elo, popularly called as MMR, is hidden, so players usually assume every match is fair-but the visible metrics show it isn't most of the times, because matchmaking is inclined more towards giving games faster at the cost of sacrificing fair games imo.
Marcua (EUW)
: The strongest role in the game
I vote for jungle because of their impact and rarely I see better jg=drakes (and heralds)=barons, losing the game.
: Fix your god damn LP system!!!!
Just disable chat and play because once we cross like 100 games played our MMR is pretty much fixed and it is really hard to break out of it because matchmaking decides whether we win or lose, not how we play. > i have had a 80% win rate in the last 20 games! This simply will be seen as you need ~80% lose rate in the next 20 games to balance the winrate near 50%. > I am loosing 19lp and gaining 17lp This translates to your current rank/mmr above the estimated mmr and smurf(idk which account it is) may have low # of games played, so your mmr on that is still not stabilized. Promos are like this and though it is from different elo, personally I had to play Silver 1 to Gold 4 promos 5 times because matchmaking wanted to screw me; I reached Silver 1 100 LP by ~75 games and it took me like 125 more games to reach Gold 4 0LP and I assume it may be similar for you to keep grinding to climb. If anything I would suggest you to play on your smurf to climb, because matchmaking won't be locking that acc in place seeing the huge gap between LP gain and lost. Don't get frustrated and gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
SirPooky (EUW)
: constructive critisism
> Secondly lets have a feedback option. Ive asked when trying new champs for tips on how to play combos etc. I often get STFU Noob and such. Allow players to help each other perhaps? Players can give tips or feedback pre-game or in-game or post game and they're already allowed. But afaik very few players will actually write anything useful, and most will use chat for grieving or flaming. It is nice idea to have the feedback part for the report, because many players will blindly report and there is no punishment for fake reports.
: > [{quoted}](name=Uraraka,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=zEvEfbec,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2020-01-02T08:31:08.019+0000) > > Nice shit-posting xD. youre gold 4, im above you, hows it down there I havent been there in a long time ?
Gold 4 is nice because it doesn't have mentally challenged players who go on boards impersonating other players to shit talk like this and good that you're not in Gold 4, so that even by accident I don't catch such mental illness.
: Guys how do I get out of silver, I've been hardstuck in silver for 7 years help please
> > Ranked Solo > Gold 2 > 50 LP / 63W 69L > Win Ratio 48% > > Nice shit-posting xD.
: FIX UR MATCHMAKING DUO SYSTEM! Tired with this trolling.
That {{champion:122}} player is level 39 rn and I assume he/she was around 38 the time you played the game. New player isn't Iron 5 and idk what is TLF, but new players are usually put into High silver-Low gold games, because they start near that mmr. I am not reading other text you wrote because all caps and it somehow hurts my eyes; in essence we need to see teammates' profile during champ select and dodge games like this and there is no other cure for the bad matchmaking. Don't get frustrated and gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Racists Unscathed
Usually they take action against toxic players, especially the racist ones. Do submit a [ticket ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) to be sure of it.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: So what use has the current leveling system when everything is decided by MMR?
Levels are there for providing Blue essence, champion shards or any freebie that comes from the champion capsules. I accept that levels don't represent skill, but they represent experience; I will play with a level 230 Silver 1 player and will dodge if a level 40 player in provisional because though mmr is same the new player has high probability of losing lane hard and not knowing how to play. Showing MMR is indeed good and I hope they do it for transparency, which will eventually show how bad the matchmaking is because not many players can see it through visible metrics indicating the same and still go by lame excuse like "MMR is same" for every bad game made.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Early game feeding is so destructive
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH7vrBKKNJI This is one of the things that applies for all lanes and all elo and is one of the main reason for this happening: > It's like this: they go 1 vs 3 > end up dying > go 1 vs 2 > end up dying > 1 vs 4 > end up dying > walk > die > feed > repeat. Even if we ping, they will not back off and other reason is due to their bad warding; because there is no vision they can't see opponents ganking or roaming and when they see it is already too late. If we ping wards, they will say stupid stuff like "Support should ward" or "No vision no supp". Other than seeing their stupidity and enjoy it we can't do much {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Shamose (EUW)
: It works for me. It just adds a string of text when hovering over people. I added the real name of my friends to it, since some of them like to change names a bunch.
Thanks. It worked after I restarted the client :)
CJXander (EUNE)
: The system cannot distinguish trolls because of the community
_one of the major reasons the report system is not effecient_ is RITO not bothering to do any work to detect and punish inters, trolls and afk players {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Why has the communit becomed like this?
Which game are you writing about?
Rioter Comments
: Way too many trolls in this game
Because RITO considers inters, trolls and afk/rage quitting players as their helpers in forcing everyone to play more games to win/climb, inters are punished rarely, trolls=very rarely and afk/rq not at all. But trolls on boards will come up with all lane excuses to put all blame on the player and I wonder if they all shut down their brain when writing comments turning blind eye to any and every problem a normal sane person would see. Don't get frustrated and gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: wtf matchmaking
> 332W 332L > Win Ratio 50% -200IQ Matchmaking is like Thanos xD Even if it is forcing us to play more games to climb, it will take utmost care to give you losses after wins(and wins after losses) to make sure that Win rate reaches ~50% over large sample sizes. It is possible because after streaks(win/lose) and in promos matchmaking decides what the result of the game should be. Don't get frustrated and gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} p.s: Plat 4 isn't far away from Gold 2, but after every + streak, expect - streak.
Wolity (EUW)
: Sad but true. I got matched with xayah that was like : ugh guys i wont tryhard this games. I will just have fun. We asked her why she playing solo que then and she said , really someone still cares about solo que? >.> these people are annoying....
R.i.p that game xD Maybe it is because I am supp player, but most of the adc players, especially in silver will just troll, feed and afk for any and every reason they can think of. Idk why, but many times I simply wonder if they shut down their brain while launching the game.
Klαυs (EUW)
: To never get autofilled... 99% games.. eh eh.... just 6 games in a row as jungler with protection picking Supp/adc :) Ofc with my adc/supp asking for a role switch :)
> just 6 games in a row as jungler with protection picking Supp/adc :) Ofc with my adc/supp asking for a role switch :) Wait, are you saying that you gave supp+adc as two roles and with autofill protection you got jg?
Jushuu (EUW)
: It's possible to get autofilled when you play support tho, got jungle once too lmao
> 99% of games Do you see this {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Third ranked match already ruined by a intentional loser
Even though they're placement games, I suggest you to dodge such games because losing decreases mmr and dodging preserve mmr. Maybe you're smurf player and you already know this, but it is the only way we can deal with bad matchmaking and bad punishment while not getting tilted. RITO loves trolls and afk players along with inters because they help the company in forcing everyone to play more games to climb, so they won't punish such players. Gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: If you play support once , Your next game the auto fill will be protected and you wont get autofilled{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} (even tho its shit xd).
Just play support always to never get autofilled(like 99% of games) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Billiast (EUW)
: Hardstuck in silver
Best way to climb is to utilize dodges; play like 3 games/day and look into teammates' profiles during champ select (op.gg, u.gg, porofessor, facecheck, lolwiz,....whatever you want) and dodge games based on rank, level, no., of games played, win ratio, autofill, kda, kp, recent past games, cs,dmg, vspm.... Remember that dodging preserves mmr, losing 3 or 10 LP and preserves mmr and LP of 4 other players while playing a game where one or more of your teammates have bad visible metrics loses 12-22LP, MMR for all 5 in team while potentially tilting us. Others have given good advice and gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Your Elo system is broken and i have proof.
Hi, can you link both of your accounts here? I know smurf accounts can climb faster, but what you say is way beyond fast and it will add more credibility to your post with both profiles in it :) Now onto elo system, **NO** it isn't broken. It is **Matchmaking** that is bad and full of luck/rng deciding how much games one should play to climb. Most of the games are decided right after game is made and only way to avoid this is to dodge games by looking into teammates' profiles. Despite trolls on boards saying stuff like "MM is good" or "MMR is same", there is a clear pattern after streaks(win/lose) and in promos which makes how bad MM is, blatantly visible. I am more interested in how much more games you need to play on your smurf to make MM force 50% win rate(I assume you have like 60-70% win rate now). p.s: Pre-season maybe another reason for your faster climb and that's why I want to see both profiles.
CJXander (EUNE)
: What league has become
Isn't it supposed to be other way around {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Gryndall (EUNE)
: {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Trust me. You ll not find anyone. I m not rude or something like that. I'm looking for ADC too and never find anyone to longer time than one week. I only want to tell you out of my experience players hates us! Nothing agaist you nothing personal I only told you the ugly truth. Wish you to be more lucky than me. Good luck. (And if u rly rly want something.... I can play ADC too like {{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} )
Nice and yes. I had a {{champion:51}} duo and it was fun stomping lanes with this comp 😊 Will send you request when I login next time .
: Aight imma give you solid advice as a 7 year (s3) , plat 4 rated veteran . You uninstall the game , and you let the greedy Chinese corporate regime drown in their own puke .
Hahaha xD I have reduced playing now and it is just like 1-2 games daily ☺️
: Ranked matchmaking
It is because RITO wants to put the new players on average tier, even if they fail first few games which are in same tier. Matchmaking is inclined mostly towards giving games faster(lower queue time) and doesn't care about giving fair games(where every player is having same mmr), which makes lot of games like this. Because MMR is hidden I don't accept "MMR is same" comments because someone who loses 4 games on Silver1-Gold4 MMR is surely below this tier and with visible metrics, it is easy to say that for every new account they're around Low Silver(Silver4)-High Bronze(Bronze 1) tier. I don't have stats for this, but from all the posts and from my own games I am speculating this and though level indicates experience, it isn't included in matching. p.s: Always check teammates profiles during champ select and dodge games like this. GL hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rioter Comments
: Matchmaking system is Sh*t
A player with 6L in placement games is surely not on average tier, especially due to him/her playing 6 games on the same tier and matchmaking is indeed bad, because it simply doesn't care. I have nothing against that player or any new player, but this needs to be stopped because new players simply lack the experience and most of the times they're below the average mmr. I have no stats to back this up, but from all the posts like this and from my own experience it is seen easily. Because matching is inclined mostly towards giving games faster it is simply sacrificing fairness of the game and unlike trolls on boards say, it is not good at all. Even with all visible metrics show how bad it is, trolls on boards won't even accept it and in most of the posts they don't even see match history, but write "mmr is same" kind of lame excuse. It is more of "get good luck/rng to win" and not "play good to win", so don't get frustrated. p.s: always, I mean **ALWAYS** check teammates profiles to see their level, rank, no., of games played, win ratio, autofill, recent past games, kda, kp, dmg, cs, vspm,...... to **DODGE** games like this. I am not saying we can win every game, but we can avoid sure losses like this. gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Andantade (EUNE)
: Please fix draft games
Its because players don't prefer to play supp or jg, not even in normals and to make games faster, matching puts players in autofilled roles.
: Diana nerfs when
After 1-2 patches of her getting the Dragon slayer skin xD
: Remove Duo Q plz
> broken combo that in solo Q has no match because 5 random can not coordinate. Duo Queue exist just because 5 random players can't co-ordinate. I am all for removing duo Q, but it is there because it is easy to 2v5 win a game than 1v5 winning a game and we all have those games/instances where if 1 player had co-operated with us we could've won the game or made a game changing play together. p.s: tbf I am surprised to see someone playing {{champion:201}} when autofilled(?) to supp.
: It auto updated after a few hours, each game showed up on the rank about 2-3 hours after they ended. Not sure why but seems other people had the same issue in the forum. Seems to work well now. Thanks,
: Matchmaking right now is disgustingly awfully unfair.
Smurfs=more sales (skin, pass, purchases) and brings activity. I do understand that they pose problems and affect quality of games, but I am not sure how to treat them; there is smurf detection(however bad it maybe) and maybe adding that as a factor to matchmaking will reduce their problems to some extent. Matchmaking is awful in general because 1) It is inclined mostly (or all) towards giving games faster and lesser(or not at all) towards giving fair games and 2) Punishment system is simply awful; players can int, troll, afk multiple games and are punished rarely, very rarely and not at all for what they do. Combined with forced 50% win rate, games are almost coin-flips always and it is simply "get good luck/rng" to win and not "play good to win". It is very rare to see adc carrying game in low elo and tbf your team in that {{champion:18}} game didn't even bother to play/build against her, given that she was premade with {{champion:16}} . Bot lane feeding is one of the major lose conditions across elo and all I can say is that your bot lane fed like bots right from level 2 all in. Even after losing lane, they didn't build defensive or played safe, but went on fighting repeatedly to feed her more. It is not a problem with matching, but a problem with players because all 4 players were of nearby ranks and possibly elo too. Also they were not smurfs, the duo played like ~850 and ~800 games. > Riot can't expect all players to invest hours of games per day to become better and better to solve the smurfing problem. Sadly they expect and imho they force all players to invest hours of games per day to grind to climb and don't care about anything. Everything about bad matchmaking and promos being even worse are clear indicators of this. > There are just too many smurfs in low elo. Since end of season I assume many players wanted to smurf and climb faster; when I played Feb-Jul(i guess) smurfs were there, but not very often like they're now. It won't be surprising to see them every game, because everyone wants to have good mmr for next season. Anyway, don't get frustrated and gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} p.s: I won't be surprised if that {{champion:110}} was mad with {{champion:50}} supp and began running down to feed because he thought mage supp is troll xD
: Successful Promo series marked as unsuccessful
I see that you had a series earlier today(before this post) and with 1W-3L you were put into somewhere around 75LP and next 2 wins got you into promos again, then you got 1 W. I am just guessing it based on LP shown in op.gg profile(maybe inaccurate) and if you are sure it isn't like this, do submit a [ticket](https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) . I see that you're in game now, gl hf {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: How ? How do you suggest rito combat the bots ? Its easy to say rito so stupid, but try show them how they are so stupid ? Hacking / Counter Hacking is a attack and defend system, they attack you defend... until they attack you cant defend. They make bots, you counter bots, they make botx ... you counter botx... how do you counter bot yzrkp ? Look, I like some rito bashing as much as the next player but counter bots and hacks, its another game I dont even know how to play... do you ?
I am not bashing rito, but don't know the technical details of these bots attack-defend. If players/programmers outside RITO can do for making money, RITO can do it too as they will be working close with bots for the AI development. If they leave it thinking only about profit they get, over time we maybe getting bots in normals too and then ranked(hypothetical).
: No they are not allowed. Each botted boosted account sold is still a player willing to buy, if the supply of botted accounts wasn't there you think the whales who buy boosted accounts would stop buying stuff ? These buyers are prepared to buy dubious accounts, they most certainly buy other stuff... and Riot knows this. Riot would if they could stop all bots and hackers, but cant do it pro actively ... again its a defend against a attack, rather than pro actively defend, No company can prevent all attacks and hacks due to this system... hackers find exploits counter hackers plug said exploits, until then the exploit is unknown. The bots dont buy stuff, the idiots that buy botted accounts may, but the automated systems do not... its a waste of cash, criminals are rather thrifty after all.
Problem is indeed with us-players who **buy** level 30 accounts or **buy **accounts in general. And yes, players who buy knows well(?) to know that they can get banned on those accounts and main problem is not for them, but them ruining games for others and idk how they can even be avoided from system.
Šternberg (EUNE)
: Bots are not getting banned anyways and won't because they eventually bring more money to rito. You expect this company to do something that doesn't get them more money? nice joke
The bots are banned in waves, but not often-but in fixed intervals(due to some technical issues?) and agreed totally if it might be for the profit they produce xD
Vivilou (EUW)
: No, i don't, as long as they don't go in pvp summoner rift, i don't care. But since i probably play less than 50 pvp per year, i don't know if there are any. And i actually enjoy coop vs ai games with some(or 4) bots in my team. Unfortunatly, they seems to have been improved and give less kills to intermediate bots.
Yes, they're surely better than intermediate bots and I don't mind them in co-op vs ai games. I don't play pvp , ranked especially, now-but seeing that some accounts near 30 go into ranked to ruin games I just feel like this should be avoided as early as possible.
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