Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Im the first to report this, for someone to take notice and repair the mistake that persists from the start of the usage of the hextech system? Because this is hardly the first time that it happens to me, and i cant accept the notion that other people haven't been... encountering this problem. And instead fixing the problem that originates in the hextech, somewhere, you need to wait to piss random people of for a year instead finding the root of it and refining your product? Its not the suport and bug report section that does not work. There are other people that dont do their job right, and nobody sits on their neck because of it?
: Right, just verbally abuse the person trying to help you. No matter how frustrated you must feel, you owe Shiwah your gratitude and an apology.
Jesus you need to liughten up a bit? Why is that anything writen verbaly offends someone? Anyway... logs, server logs? Anything that you do is kind of recorded, somewhere. So, no, i aint submiting shit, because they know the job they are paid for. srry for verbal abuse, again... XD
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I will ask you this only once, so take me seriously, very. The question is! Son?Are you faking kidding me?
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: Heard many comments similar. Are you from Hungary? And do you have an issue such as this one? And did you ever had an issue with Eune?
Im from underneath the border to the south, and generally its the same situation on whole Balkan, lag and ping got up from march or april, as much i have concluded from talking to people from this region. Whats funny about our server, i played with lots of Jews or Israeli or however you correctly name them, they do not have any problems at all, and geographically they are in the faking middle of the middle east. Maybe its the net infrastructure, so, the hell if i know.
: 3rd day that EUNE doesn't work
As i see, anything below the Hungary border to the south has problems.
Urusander (EUNE)
: 4 Days down? Really?
@ silisa Kiss my minority ass. @other people -WHY IS THE CHIEF OF EUNE MAINTENANCE NOT FIRED YET?- has nothing to do with my problems in connecting, that persist still, neither do they do have anything to do with makeshift connection workarounds. Riot is a profitable organization, that makes money out of us playing this game, and they pay people to maintain the service level. Clearly they are incompetent, and should be fired. It is business, nothing to do with me not be able to connect? And either way, how to play with 100 ping? i cant throw a damn hook at anything more than 51-55 ping?
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Riot tmx (EUNE)
: [EUNE] Slow response from the server
you my riot frends are a bunch of diletants when you, working in a multi milion dolar industry alow your self this kind of derps....
Eambo (EUW)
: The Future of New Champ Select
One thing though... GET THE FREAKING GODDAMN AUTO LOCK on selection timer expiring BACK. This shit is driving me crazy....
Iridya (EUW)
: fuck this shit 30 min im trying to start
I waited about 27 minutes combined for last game so its all good.
Neonchan (EUW)
: "87% of numbers on the internet are made up" - Abraham Lincoln, 1767, NewYorkCity-Texas
XD really?
Neonchan (EUW)
: You know what I hate? SoloQ players who think every premade is toxic and therefor troll every game where they get matched with premades
Not all of them, just 99% of them are toxic or trolling. Its obvious that this is the case in lower divisions, and in normal matches. The problem with it is the 4 people not knowing the game, the things that they set as goals in game. The problem is that somebody who wants to learn to adapt to different players and playstyles simply cant do squat shiet because they 4 dont even know how to play with each other, and thus fucking up the game all by them selves. Happens alot... but Leave Q, wait indicated time, and then go again, its not to hard...
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Axelney (EUW)
: no girl talked to me at school because i preferred the company of boys get rekt
Goddamn you must have been an ugly one. XD
anunimus7 (EUNE)
: Dc'd, can't reconnect into game.
This is about fourth time this week(last 7 days) for me, and i recently got out of a lower q, just because of this happened last week. Not to mention that match histories dont update after the matches, that ip points dont update sometimes either, and so on.
Kartagia (EUNE)
: Support role is dead. Thank you RIOT.
solved the problem deleting lol good bye everybody
Kartagia (EUNE)
: Support role is dead. Thank you RIOT.
I don't give a fak bout no goddamn cookies and about no goddamn extra gold, but i want my +8 armor and +6 magic reduction at lvl 1 BACK. And give me my sightsone back. Dafak 3 wards, what the fak are we suposed to do with 3 stealth wards, a basically useless starting trinket. Stop bullshiting us rito. We dont give a damn bout no adc, no squish, no ap or ad of any kind, sod the hell of from our tanks from now till forever. Rework the gaylord taric and give him a goddamn proper engage tools. And i repeat sod the fak of from our tanks.
: Watching Riven's overloaded kit is scared me more than a horror movie.
There is no such thing as main champ, there is main role, and favorite champion. The problem called riven exists only because of junglers, either yours, not giving a damn about top or generally sucking balls at the role, or theirs focusing on bumping riven and being moderately better than yours. And if you think Riven so op, her kit so full of shit, and bla bla bla, cry cry cry you ain't right at all. And after playing her as support im of the opinion that she would have even more success at being the most hated champ after teemo, if she would be played as support. And i sincerely hope it will never be accepted except as a troll pick. There are two more annoying things that can crap on your game a lot faster and a lot harder than Riven. {{champion:122}} lets face it, he is not easy to shut down, and even if he behind, he can dunk the shit out of the opposing team in a well placed fight. And after that, you basically running away all the time. And {{champion:68}}. GODDAMN i love this, a good rumble is worth his wight in gold. By my account the most bullsheitingly op champ there is.
: Is it worth becoming a dirty Blitz picker for the final few days?
{{champion:12}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} three reasons why you should not pick blitz, not even in the lower divisions. And{{champion:82}} you deffinetly don't want to hook him after a certain level.
Snow Enix (EUW)
: 99% of players suck at lol. I'm part of that 99%. It takes practice, knowledge and thinking to be good at this game. Videos give a little boost but don't make you better.
Yes we are that 99%, but you can see and learn, the little things that make you/me/us not suck so badly. Everything is explained in detail, the only thing is to perfect the usage of said explained things yourself.
Snow Enix (EUW)
: Ok - this is exactly what you shouldn't do. First, advising any adc role to get out of bronze is dumb, no bronze player knows how to play adc even at an average level. So recommending Vayne? Very bad idea. Secondly, same as for Vayne, why on earth would you advise yasuo or zed to a bronze player? he will have no idea how to carry with them. Here is my advise, 4 picks. Akali - mid Annie - mid, top, support Trynda - top, jungle Udyr - jungle, top If you have to pick adc? just say you want to play support and pick annie. Annie is the most broken champ for low elo players : flash R E Q and you win the fight if you hit 3 or more people. Build ap in any lane with her. Trynda : Go top, push. and keep doing it. Try to avoid dying. If you die, np still push. If you are mid, just push as much as you can, and during mid game start pushing top or bot lane instead of mid. Akali : Go mid, play safe till 6 (or don't, won't change much). all in ennemy. Repeat. Become a fed monster. GG wp they ff at 20. Udyr : Same as trynda, max phoenix stance, get yourself a decent lvl in jungle, then start pushing lanes all the time. IGNORE YOUR TEAM COMPLETLY !!! This is bronze, people have no idea what they are doing or what they should do, so just play retard mode, and rush towers until you reach nexus. Disclaimer : This is only for you to get out of bronze, If you want to improve as a player DO NOT follow this advise.
> **rush towers until you reach nexus.** The problem with our divisions players is not knowing about this, they see 4 man diving me and my bot partner, but instead of applying pressure to top and mid turret i often see people from mid, rushing towards 4 enemies on bot that are in the process of taking the turret,alone, why beats me if i know, but its funny, isn't it. Sometimes, i sincerely ask my self, the youtubers, build guides, gameplay breakdown and spectates commented by higher division players, why do they do their work, because 95% of people here don't watch them. Its fairly easy to get better and improve, just type in youtube lol videos+ desired champion+ desired role. ITS that easy. Or youtube+lol videos, jungling guide, or toplane guide, midlane guide, botlane guide. EVERYTHING IS THERE. DAFAK i just realized a sad, sad truth, people suck at lol because of lack of watching youtubers. So madafaking sad....
: Some unseen supports
: **What about Udyr? ** {{champion:77}} * He can run into enemies and get out alive like {{champion:86}} * He can be as OP as {{champion:82}} * He can farm like {{champion:75}} * He can CC like {{champion:89}} & {{champion:111}} * He can kite like {{champion:22}} * He can be a beast like {{champion:19}} & {{champion:5}} **Conclusion:** He might be the exact champion you're looking for!
Nothing can farm like {{champion:75}} , and nothing can actually cc like or as much as {{champion:111}} . Udyr you play when you want to use two buttons the entire game.
: Computer games psychology / E-sport experiment / research online - want to try?
What good can get out from something that ends with pl when it comes to lol.... beats me
dvirXkiller (EUNE)
Zed requires time and is hard as fak to play. Lulu is bullshitingly boring to play. Casio because she is easy/er to play, and deals a crap ton of dmg.
Pørki (EUW)
: They will nerf d Cane after patch 5.22 q.q
just dont nerf e and all is good
: Which ADC do you think will be most fun to play?
Lupxel (EUW)
: As a Mana Potion Main
Why favor the no mana champions? Everything will shift towards energy sustained champions, and we will see more of them, but why? That is the question. Why kill diversity?
Soarburn (EUW)
: Lol xD You've jsut takent eh 3 most annoing champions in the gameand put them in the lane where they truly belong. Considering that bot lane is squishy mostly. But its nice you pointed out that Tanks counter them. But What about potentially lulu? Consideringher ult grants health counter acting Zeds ult and Rivens and Lulu can poly morph you so you cant harass
I said i played against zed support. And its really hard to go against him. Belive me. As for lulu, you sure as hell ain't gonna play them against her. For lulu, and generally all squish supports there are three definitive solutions. {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:53}} one position error and they dead. Tanks counter them only if they have sustain anything else gets poked low very quick, like the cow{{champion:12}} and the gaylord{{champion:44}}only this two can survive the early game but at a heavy mana cost diminishing their engage or disengage potential. , but even then its kind of though. Anything else tankwise on botlane gets poked really fast really low. AND if adc doesn't follow the happenings around him but instead focuses on the farm, its messy.
Soarburn (EUW)
: Unconventional Supports Pros and Cons (Upvote for more)
{{champion:238}} amen the mofo, annoying as hell, no mana, insane, i mean insane early harass dmg, and shadow zone control again with tons of damage. I have experienced it first hand and its hard as fak to play against him. Constant poke, and the ability to simply vanish in the mid of the engage, basically its near impossible to land a hook on his ass. As far as bringing presence to lane, he da madafakin king. Everywhere you go, position wise the shadow is there, shuriken, a spin, you on half healt or worse. And then the ult, you dont want to be in lane when he hits 6. Basically, he brings you so low that adc needs only to do a one shoot, before the last tick of the ult. And the definitive king of turret dive. Yes he has no disengage, or engage tools, no shield and no protection for the carry, but, lets think about it, honestly, its all cool and stuff, but even if his adc dies in the fray, he is alive, and can turn and kill you, and its kind of scary to think what is worse, a fed draven, vayne, ashe or a fed zed, because, if played mid, top or jungle, he has one kill at the time, but in bot there are potentialy two or maybe three kills for him, and that is never good. {{champion:157}} And again, very scarry. No mana, a shield, a goddamn dash trough everything and everyone so you cant escape, lots of haras, and i mean lots. A windwall just for cockblokin every type of jungle engage or engage from the opponents, a tornado, to add to this cockblocking, and again the ult, knockup slice and dice everything, exaust and adc just cleanup. And again if adc dies, he gona clean up for sure. {{champion:92}} And the byatch queen. As far as people more knowledgeable then me say, she can be played everywhere. Massive dmg to keep you as far away from the bushes, and as far away from her adc, and probably from your farm. As for disengage, or engage, she has it all, and on top of that, a shield, a dash, a stun, another stun, and knockup. And again, you can be full healt, in lane with your adc, and at 6 you run for your life. Windslash plus one combo, and basically adc only needs to one shot you. As far as the execution, play style, how to get gold and itemization, that is open for discussion. Anyway, face checking bushes with one of them around a big NONO. I imagine that playing a tank support would be kind of a nightmare, because of constant harass but even worse if its a squshy. AND also playing {{champion:16}} with zed around would be a very bad idea. {{champion:25}} black shield rendered useless. As far as {{champion:59}} goes, really nice, good synergy with long range adc, and exceptionally good with {{champion:51}} because of armor shred passive on aa. Combined with q, and basically she hits you naked. Also cool with {{champion:222}} because of the zap, on witch you chain cc as followup. Massive harass with his passive %hp on aa. And fairly deceptive, because of the rule that when engaged the support must disengage opponents adc as mayor damage source. And that is not the case early game with all champs mentioned so far and above. All of the so far mentioned are good at roaming, because of mobility built in the kit. All of them can stop and i mean stop early dragons very fast and kill the jungler. And all of them can pretty much chase down the enemy jungles and clear enemy jungle very fast to deny buffs and similar shiiit. The only drawback of the 3 mentioned above is the need of a tank cc heavy junglers as {{champion:421}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:59}}{{champion:111}}or at least i see it that way, and top tanks /jugernauts. J4 doesn't need that though if he support. XD Just a bunch of my thoughts on the matter. Cheers
: > [{quoted}](name=C9 Blue Senpai,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5RgvOxAK,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-10-25T16:37:52.572+0000) > > Ridiculous champion, NERF IT ALREADY. She's not that bad, she can be counterplayed quite easily actually... QSS does remove the ult, her W can be waited out or tricked....
and riposte does not return aoe magic damage
: The 10 champions you hate the most
1. {{champion:17}} useless piece of crap that just stinks on the map and waits to die, and thankfully he dies a lot. I don't see the point of his existence. 2. {{champion:41}} useless like always 3. {{champion:203}} the junglers are not in the matter they are easy to handle,BUT the adc edition, as in played as adc in botlane, of it is a serious problem. Very hard to kill, if not outright impossible. Paired with an Alistar, and the pain becomes real...
Kageryu (EUW)
: Uhm... invoker is Dota, that was and never has been a blizzard thing.
Anyway i remember it from the warcraft 3, so i asumed it was a blizzard thing, but was wrong. I appologise, anyway, bitching bout those thre lol champs, and not even knowing what reall bullshit is...
Kageryu (EUW)
: I choked a bit when i read that part. The amount of BS that Blizzard had happen in their games, the bugs/exploits/imbalance is hilarious.
JUST ONE WORD FOR BALANCE AND BLIZZARD** IN-madafaking-VOKER.** Play over a thousand games of invoker, and tell me what is the meaning of the word imbalance, after about nine ultimates on five sec cd. I played this bullshit champ almost perfectly i still even know all the combos of quas, wex and exort...
: the adc should be teaching you and you should be listening why because each adc has a different style by listening to his bullshh you understand wat style he is and wat is the best way to sup that adc instead of having a ego - also if he chooses not to upgrade his trinket that does not reflect his skill level he just doesnt give a fuk.
yes not upgrading trinket shows that he is an idiot
Nòaa (EUNE)
: Summoners, Let's decide! (about supports)
{{champion:89}} praise the madafakin sun. {{champion:412}} and a good jungler good bye, because its thresh. And cancel of dashes on E. The downside, people forget to click the lantern. {{champion:111}} so much cc, and in the game with good {{champion:119}}, nobody is getting alive from botlane. Flash auto, q, e, exaust+ some type of cc added by adc, as jinx, for example, on lvl3 makes the oponents basicaly stand still or move very, very slow, for 10 seconds. After 5 or 8 seconds you get passive reset for aditional stun. And that is before lvl 6. Plus the gapcloser in hook the wall. Hp scaling on W, so you tanky as fak even early game and can soak some of haras from skillshots of adc and other. As for honorable mentiones, {{champion:59}} goddamn supporting can really be lots and lots of fun, i can not describe, how entertaining is to play him in support role, so faking awesome. The shit you can do with this, and the all in potential, is brutal. I have played 3 games on him because i recently got him, and man this games are crazy.
: Veigar & Zed. PLEASE STOP IT
First game you lost because a troll in bot lane support role, not a troll but rather said retard. \And the difference in jungler quality. Second game you lost because of an unskilled veigar.
The TabIe (EUW)
: This is why Riot Games doesn't take us seriously.
Don't need brain and no pink wards, to shut down akali, you need nasus midlane.
Decrit (EUW)
: Let' s play a game: guess my errors
Summoners first, F BUTTON IS FOR FLASH, always FLASH, f like flash f means flash. Second, Jungle explained in the link below Watch this video, and or other videos spectated and comented by nightblu3 A leona game,next, face of the mountain, why rush face of the mountain, when you have two main problems that are veigar and elise dealing a ton, veigar in particular, a ton of magic dmg, and you have no one in your team that is ap, to utilize the aditional ap burst from the shield generated by face of the mountain. With that you shield mainly your ap. Dont rush face, rush agis of the legion and locket.
: The Origin of your name?
Varta Urusander is a fictional character in one of my favorite books.
robieboy (EUW)
: Veigar
He is not broken, he is just capable of oneshoting 2 tanks.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: LoLNexus ia great site for that. , you can either type in a Summoner Name and to then Spectate their game if they're currently playing (there's a Spectate button at the right side, follow the instructions after. I like the copypaste into Run), or instead go to the Recent Games , where you can see high-level games. You can filter by region (since you want eune), the type of game (SR, ARAM etc), SoloQ/Premade 5v5 etc. To be honest, premade 5v5 is much less frequent than soloQ so sometimes there won't be any. I believe this answers all your questions? .v.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: First, at the lobby there are always 5 matches of relatively high level, and you can just click the button there to spectate. (In case you have now the Worlds lobby thing, there is a little arrows button somewhere. click it to switch back) Also, YouTube is literally OVERLOADED with pro-level games, just search them.
Although i am grateful for your quick response and really appreciate your effort, it still lacks the required information. How to: 1. - get notification when they play team matches 2. - how to spectate matches if not provided by the launcher and/or not available on youtube 3. - for the first 5 ranked teams on eune and EUNE alone, no korea, no faker, no wingsofdeath, no widely available sponsored lol esports content. 4. - because i think it will be interesting experience 5. - NOT wanting to bother team members with friend requests
Rioter Comments
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Nearly killed me. Choked on food when i saw this.
Zerelous (EUW)
: Thresh doesn't have everything... {{champion:201}} Can block abilities that could mess up your whole team, stop ranged baron steal attempts and gives his allies defensive buffs, thresh can not do that. {{champion:25}} Can provide a magic damage absorbing shield that can block enemy abilities, she can also stun the whole enemy team, thresh can not do that. {{champion:20}} With no items he can speed up your allies movement and attack speed, debuff the enemies attack speed and movement speed and can do substantial damage to objectives to aid the jungler, thresh can not do that. {{champion:117}} Can polymorph enemy champions and turn them into squirrels and can give allies health while knocking nearby enemies up, thresh can not do that. {{champion:16}} Can heal allies and silence enemies, thresh can not do that. {{champion:1}} Can stun the whole enemy team instantly with no counter play and do stupidly high damage, thresh can not do that. {{champion:63}} Can do similar damage to a mid laner with support items, thresh can not do that. Saying thresh has everything is just silly, he doesn't, every support champion brings something unique. Thresh has a good kit, but so do a lot of supports.
: the only think i hate about vayne is there is no counter to her building health is pointless as she will get BotrK and her true damage and she does not even have ot build armor pen just attack speed and gg
Partial solution, Nasus support, heavy zone control, and exaust type spell every 11 seconds and maybe a {{item:3116}} + armor shred for days= dead vayne. Secon part of the solution, long range adc cait or tris, synergy with armor shred and permaslow i have tried this only once, and got a bad result because my toplane can not understand the concept of lane swap, because that is what they did when they have seen the botlane matchup aka they fled from botlane. Still i dont know, with what item to go, do do relic shield or maybe and that is and big if spellthiefs edge. Nevertheless i will continue testing this theory of mine in some other matches, to determine is it usable in game and what results does it give. OR Draaaaveeeen and heavy cc, heavy engage type support, like Leona and Nautilus this i tried and it works perfectly, and maybe Thresh. Tnx and ba bye.
Dzsime (EUNE)
: What is the scariest thing to read in LoL?
**-"jestem polski co kurwa mid or feed"** Thankfully there is a chance of getting some that actually play good. The ones in higher divisions are good and cooperate. BUT the ones in mine, god {{summoner:11}} them all whit thy wrath. Every single teemo, every single gp, on eune, in 99/100 is a polish ...
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