Bogity (EUNE)
: Make a vid bout trashsuo. Pls
You mean Yasuo? {{champion:157}} He is on list for sure :)
: Renekton noob montage
Nice video bro, :) keep going. {{champion:58}}
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 22
{{champion:90}} How to start this, my frist love, my life, my reason bcs I played LoL this 3y. He is so perfect, it is not about power it was about love. Ring for him {{item:1056}} {{champion:154}} And then he came into my life, 2y ago, 3v3 ranked and one guy, with Zac destroyed us 3. Everything was so perfect, and I decide to try him, S6 is so perfect bcs I can put TOP or Jung and play Zac. I saw one post from here where one guy say Zac is only good for jung, :) if you can chek my games with Zac, Top is so much better then Jung, Zac can make 20-0 so easy, there is like 1-2 champ on top who can be a problem, he can always escape and he can use E+Flash+R to drop enemy under turret and take easy kill. So Zac bcs he is beautiful, op and he is made for this. {{champion:6}} He is so funny for play, 1v1 on TOP and Mid he can own almost everyone, :) just safe game and he win but his E and Q are so nice to watch how they fly so I like to play him.


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