Frozed (EUNE)
: I agree that the system "sux", but there is nothing that can be done! We all got our placements and like it or not we have to grind our ways back up. I have another issue with the ranked (draft) games. The champions are TOO MANY for only 6 bans. You virtualy ban nothing compared to what is "pick-able". But nvm let's get back to grinding and keeping up with trolls. (I was gold 1 and won 7 plcement games. Guess what? Now I'm silver 3!!!)
fight your way up`??? yeah like last season, just finished another game losing, having a feeding first timer yi as jungler. who run around enemy jungle and die at lvl2. top got 2 kills from him at lvl 4 how to ever win a game like that? i will stop play this stupid noob game until they fix ranking ... or just stop play and go back to play 100% DOTA. that works a lot better
ÎnDeed (EUW)
: You did the big mistake to play your placements after MMR restart... you had to wait at least one month to do that.
indeed if that is true you prove my point! what does having to wait a month or two have to do with skills??? the system sux
Rhosta (EUNE)
: If you could not climb to gold then you belonged to silver and no, you are not as good as plat players. S- rank means nothing, since it is heavily influenced by KDA which does not mean that you know how to win a match.
well how do you know that rosta, i have been playing with them a lot of times and they even say so, i know them IRL?? the system sux! they should make a league for players with less than 250 ranked games or so, those are the ones who ruin ranked games all time.
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