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: Riot, fix your matchmaking
Typical Yasuo :D This champion needs to be reworked. (if any1 cant understand connection between yasuo and dumb players in game pls dont talk) This situation is like for 1,5 year now. This game became crap last year and this season its getting even worse.
: Chat logs are recorded, if he confessed to intentional grief you can point that out in your report. I actually had a case like that yesterday when someone said "I troll" ... so I reported him for that and pointed out that he confessed to doing that in chat log or post-game chat.
Funny. I had not one, not 2 or even 3 but as i remember 7 or 8 games with intentional feeders last 3 months. Complete trolls 100%. All team reporting them ofcrs. Their previous games were troll games too according to stats. I was watching if they play later - they kept playn with no harm and probably play till today trolling other ppls games.
41ph4 (EUW)
: Dodging seems to be the correct decision. Still it's frustating that there are people that are willing to take a loss, just to annoy you. When you dodge they still win (in regards they do not get punished and do not loose LP)
Lets not forget that dodging SHOULDNT BE EVEN CONSIDERED and is rather trick way of players community to handle with trolls. I won't say rito should managee this problem, but they manage only howto get more $ trough years. Nothing more.
hibiki2k (EUW)
: Just wanted to thanks you for ur amazing job against toxic / * / players, very pleasant game RIOT
> [{quoted}](name=hibiki2k,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=f0UEcUFm,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-24T13:47:23.019+0000) > > Just wanted to thanks you for ur amazing job against toxic / * / players, very pleasant game - Sir is it sarcastic? - no, no sarcasm atall, ofcrs no.
Hantusa (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=f0UEcUFm,comment-id=0001000000010001,timestamp=2017-03-24T17:10:28.918+0000) > > the current mmr system is good, the only problem with it is that players are rigging it, they get up at the morning, or after the school and they are like:"hmm lets ruin some games for strangers" and they go ranked with their silver 2 mmr and play like a wood 10 feeding the enemy team etc, and that is the problem with the system THE PLAYERS in it. You know, you essentially just wrote what I explained at the start. Personal stats, no matter if it's kda or ward count / uptime all play a key role in proper match making. Why do ask?- because that determines the equality of teams, not some random code totally disconnected from actual game statistics. Matching based on number of wins or loses on it's own is the most pathetic and lazy way of doing it, and it does a piss poor job at matching players! I'm sure many / most players can attest, that you've had those players who get ganked 5+ times inside of 10min, and instead of spending 75g (Which is nothing over the course of a game) on a ward, they'd rather get ganked again. Yes, it's an IQ problem with those specific players, **but** Having a proper match making algorithm could sort that out, and it would realistically place players where they belong, instead of the currently mentality that riot clings to, 1 player has to carry.
I play this game many years, every season i have gold minimum - but when i start ranks every season i land in b1 at start. Players who just reached lvl 30 and dont even know how to walk on rift start from middle silver. GJ RITO. I struggle like crazy to lvl up in silver but playn there is simply one freakin lottery. Nomatter how good and experienced you are - doesnt matter, snowball, tanks and 4ppl ganks, unbalance, dc, troll, afk, 1tf to win, lags and many many manyyyyy more decide for you. Ranks arenot ranks atall. Balance of this game is broken af atm. This game became time wasting thrash only. Toxicity NEVER CHANGED in this game. RITO DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO CHANGE IT. End of story.
Phoenixdust (EUNE)
: Mute them and dont cry ;) BTW you rly can thank riot, matchmaking sucks -> toxic players.
Mute yourself. 1st - communication is kinda important in multiplayer teams game y'know? 2nd - mute don't change a thing if they are idiots. They destroy game. 3rd - yeah right. Who cares about overall gameplay and players in it - lets just give them "mute" option and say that if they dont likethey can mute them. It doesnt change a thing.


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