: Another smite. You earned your punishment. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Dear fool. Do u have any idea what is the situation ?
Riryz (EUW)
: "REEEEEE my jungler lost me the game because its his fault i am vulnerable to getting ganked by the enemy" "Im not toxic" -> Proceeds to show toxic chatlog and questions why he is punished. like seriously, why are you allowed to type toxic sh*t because "other people do so as well"? Makes no sense... Surprise surprise, when other players are toxic in your chat and they get reported they will be punished as well. Its not just you. Its you NOW because youre toxic and get a lot of reports. If your "toxic" teammates get enough reports they will face the same punishment if they are actually toxic.
Toxic? The problem is that they spoil my game and ignore me when I need help. As I have to ping or write / please help me / they just ignore me. I am nervous because they do it without reason, and when I begin to explain to them what they have done or write that I will report them for their malicious actions, I am punished. Why did not the people who provoked me receive a punishment. Their actions themselves despair me and stop me from trying to play. and I'm just starting to ask for help reporting these trollers.
Nurin (EUW)
: you should really take some english classes
I am not using it a lot and begin forget it. Anyway why warwick is not punished. I got a suspend because i said 'report' to someone or explaining what the players who destroying my lane i got susspendet .....
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