: Nerf Mundo in ARAM
Who would've guessed that a champion designed to be good against magic damage does well against high magic damage team?
: Suggestion
MIDDLESTICKS :3 Instant upvote.
DeejayF (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=VIT Laati,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=PMFPuVqc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-30T02:10:11.202+0000) > > No. oof
You know why. If Azir is buffed to be 50% win rate in yolo-Q, it becomes 100% pick-ban in pro play. And can also be highly annoying to play against if you are short range.
: Ranked ARAM future of LOL
My idea: Don't make ranked ARAM, because the concept itself wouldn't work.
: Why are 5 man teams allowed to grief solo queuers?
Don't play Flex-Q alone if you can't handle 5-man premades. Play yolo-Q instead.
: Well it's still has to be updated. Older champions price should be lower or released champ price should be lower vica-versa they can't all cost the same that's my point. Like why all new champs cost the same?
Rito does lower the price of champions. https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Price_reduction_history
: Boards active people check
{{champion:9}} "Your bidding, Master!"
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Evelynn Quality of Life change
Would Karthus Qs get the same interaction?
Yes, I would want it. But the thing is, I'm quite sure the mode will never return due to champs like Yuumi.
: Champions Prices
You are level 554. What does the champ prices matter to you?
: So. Let's discuss Senna.
Global Luxanna ult. Stealth for the whole team. What else do I need to say?
: Why is there no counterplay to Heimerdinger?
You played Malzahar. You can literally just EW the wave and back away, while also remaining more flexible after laning. Your passive literally makes his W do nothing (if you aren't sitting on top of his turrets, that is..) So instead of mimimimimi, you could enjoy the free lane. Edit: Also, not picking MR from runes against Amumu-Donger is asking for trouble.
: Every game is basically one big coin flip
What a surprise. In lanes, there usually are winners. Some times you can't win, no matter what you do. But no matter the elo, the more you win your lane, the higher chance you have to win. Climbing has nothing to do with your team, as in the long run, YOU are the only constant in your teams.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Favorite ability in the game?
{{champion:9}} R. Becaws caw caw caw :>
Dagòn (EUNE)
: Why do junglers hate top lane so much?
"the majority of junglers ignore top lane completely. While enemy junglers seem to pay a lot more attention to top lane." It is called confirmation bias. Or playing like Hashinshin.
iRyu (EUNE)
: feed
Yes, he was 0/17/9, with a KDA of 0,529. And you have been 0/6/2, with a KDA of 0,333. Should we report you as well, while also making a topic out of it?
: Neuer Katarina Main name
KatarinaBahn KatWaffe Kat-109
Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: Who's your favorite champion to play in URF mode?
xcblaze (EUW)
: Manaless AP Bruiser and Armor Itemisation
What? AP items are absurdly strong atm. And this comes from a guy who has mainly played AP champions since season 4.
xcblaze (EUW)
: Rumble's Passive and cdr
The self-silence and overheating is the only thing gating Rumble. If the silence duration scaled with CDR, we'd be left with a manaless, high damage champion with no cooldowns.
: I mean that isn’t really comparable... Riot did say that they are gonna remove ward hopping from everyone except lee to have it be a unique feature for him, so op is fine in asking where it is.
It follows the same logic as the OP. "If Jax has a ward hop Katarina should have it as well BabyRage" Source for Rito saying that?
: Are they making magic resist usefull next patch?
MR items are fine. Whereas Deathcap and Void Staff needs nerfing. Deathcap's AP increase should be lowered to 30% and the magic pen of Void staff should be decreased to 30% as well.
: You can jungle to get faster lvl 6 if you need it (malphite, amumu or someone who is useless in lane anyway). If you have solo top who can dodge dives (vladimir, fizz etc) then that strat is absolutely viable.
Malphite useless in lane? You literally have undodgeable damage with CC in it.
: Is there a specific reason why Jax can still jump to wards?
So you think Jax should get 60% grievous wound to his E before he stuns, because Katarina has it in her ult?
: Reasons to keep zz rot in the game and a opinion pool.
ZZ'Rot AND the Ohmwrecker should remain.
Zedant (EUW)
: Just remove tank items from URF
"Tired of dealing with Tank Yi or tank Lee Sin" So you are tired of playing against champions that literally tickle you, instead of popping you in 2s?
abixbg (EUNE)
: Looks like Riot is trying to make URF so annoying noone will ask for it again!
Whereas I haven't had as much fun playing League in ages.
DeejayF (EUW)
: Any chance that Azir is getting buffs?
: Fiddle is meant to be a horror champion, his original humour was litterally just cause riot didn’t have the skill and resources to pull off something scary back then... the fiddle you know was not the fiddle he should be and him being like that does the theme a disservice. But riot have already said they are gonna have some fun with surprise fiddle, it’s a celebration skin that’s legendary status... of course they are pulling out all the stops > (Oh, and don’t worry. I’m also thinking about surprise-party-birthday-clown stuff. Honk honk.) From one of the updates about fiddle. And no the point and click fear was indeed the part people hated about him the most, the silence sucked as well but it’s no where near as anti fun as the fear... support fiddle was litterally picked just to press Q whenever you tried to do anything with no counter play... and it’s unfortunately staying > Fiddlesticks’ new kit will be centered around the concept of fear, but it’ll include much more than a point-click status effect (which is staying on the kit). Honestly for a player who’s very vocal about their love for fiddle I’m surprised your not keeping up with the dev blogs for him, all of what you’ve asked for has already been answered there.
> [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gYfI0Fe5,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-10-27T01:59:14.157+0000) > Honestly for a player who’s very vocal about their love for fiddle I’m surprised your not keeping up with the dev blogs for him, all of what you’ve asked for has already been answered there. I don't care about what they are working on, I only care about the finished product. And I have played patched games for long enough to know, how things can change the day before release.
: Firstly riot have said they fully intend for surprise party fiddlesticks to retain its charm... might not involve the ballon dog as that ability will have changed but Riot have a good track record with skins post VGU so you shouldn’t worry And much to my dismay as it’s the litteral worst part of fiddle riot have said he’s retaining his point and click fear... despite the fact that it’s the entire reason most of us voted for him
I'm a bit afraid how they make it, knowing how the base skin is turning into. He doesn't feel like the Fiddle I know, cheerfully "jumping" while walking with his peg legs :/ I feel his E is what people dislike more?
: Can i get that ARAM buff too?
You literally had Blitz, Fiddle, Veigar, Malphite and Veigar again in your past 10 rounds.
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: What did you get from tenth gift ( Random legendary permanent ) ?
Dunkmaster Radius Pulsefire Caitlyn High Noon Lucian Only if I played ADC :P Nevertheless, they are nice skins and I do play those champs in ARAM FeelsGoodMan
: English people > French people ?! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)╯
Strange how long the match lasted. Shouldn't you have surrendered before 19:41?
jehy (EUW)
: I dont like Nautilus.
{{champion:25}} Also: His W gives him a shield, not armor. His shield is his only "raw tanky stats".
: again, permanently locking away a skin from people that didn't even compete that season (because they didn't know about the game) is dumb. and i'm done arguing with you if your only arguement is that this is the current way of handling things and that it therefore has to be the absolute rule.
Meanwhile your argument remains, "I don't have it so the rules we've had for 10 years need to change because I'm a sad Panda".
JustTits (EUNE)
: Time to give Cancercrank some ARAM-specific nerfs, now that you increased his hook range
91st highest win rate out of all champs in ARAM. Pyke has 85th highest. Nautilus has 7th highest. Win rate-wise, Blitz isn't even the best hooker of ARAM. The hook range increase doesn't really matter that much in ARAM, as it lacks walls.
: I never stated that you didn't have to meet requirements. I just feel like reaching gold should give you a victorious skin of your choice, not just a random one that riot decides to give you. League is a big game for sure but not everyone knows about it by default so currently because there is no way to access old victorious skins part of the conditions are knowing that the game exists which is stupid. and again i'm pretty sure that the idea behind victorious skins is supposed to be a reward for hitting gold or above, not an ego boost for veterans. and even if those veteran players that want it to be an ego boost exist, adding a year to the border should still fulfill that purpose unless they are so toxic to new players that they don't even want to give them the opportunity to play with those skins
"and again i'm pretty sure that the idea behind victorious skins is supposed to be a reward for hitting gold or above" Yes, hitting Gold or above **in the specific season**.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: So why do laners expect the jungler to gank when their lane is hard pushed?
_"My jungle path: Blue > Gromp > Wolves > Red > Raves > Golems > Scuttle."_ Sounds like you have a pattern instead of actually jungling. _"I look if my top and mid lane are gankable, but the lanes are hard pushed or behind, so I recall."_ Confirmation bias. _"I'm checking if my bot and mid are gankable. None of them are, because they're hard pushed."_ If you think a pushed lane isn't gankable, you should stop jungling. Learn the concept of counter ganking. Also, if your laners are pushed in, you could invade the enemy jungle. _"I am at the top side and suddenly my bot lane isn't hard pushed and losing hard." "I look if top or mid are gankable. Mid is behind and top is hard pushed again, so I won't gank." "I am going to bot side camps, but when I am there, my top lane is suddenly not hard pushed and lost a trade."_ So you do nothing and expect all lanes to win while the enemy jungler has an actual impact? _" I mostly play farming junglers like Yi"_ Should've been on top of your post. Would spare the time and effort of people reading it.
Timarius (EUW)
: just a tilted match, thank you for your useless answer! :D
But you told us to comment on your previous Jinx match, which it was.
Rioter Comments
: Garen nerfs
You don't even know how the current Garen works :D
Timarius (EUW)
: What can i improve on?
I'd start by not dying 14 times.
T Zoshi (EUW)
: Singed vs Darius
Yes, Darius wins early. Proxy against him if possible. Be more useful outside laning.
Sunwise (EUNE)
: Explain the reasoning of this Smurfing excuse
The odds of the TF being a chally smurf is less than 200 out of, what, 2 million?
auneg (EUW)
: you should be able to buy skins in the shop with orange essence
In that case, the skins would cost 5k OE each or Rito would need to decrease the OE values of skin shards by a lot.
Rupture (EUNE)
: Best drake in your opinion?
I'd say Elder > Infernal > Mountain > Ocean > Cloud, even though they are more powerful in different parts of the match. Elder is obvious. Infernal gives free damage. Damage wins teamfights. Winning teamfights leads into objectives. Mountain improves taking down objectives. But then again, so do Infernals. Ocean is really nice early game. And the game tends to be early and mid-game focused. Movement Speed isn't a bad stat. But won't beat the others.
: Will special gamemodes return?
URF is returning. It is currently on PBE.
Warheart1 (EUNE)
: What is your average FPS and MS in LoL?
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