: she cant have an energy or mana bar since the is a spam ability champ
Well, the CDs can be increased if you want to ;)
: Middle East Server?
Why should Riot cater towards a region where half of the population isn't even allowed to use the Internet, at least without supervision?
: how are you supposed to get an s?
"Bad supports get an S". While playing that match better than a vast majority of players.
: About the ''new'' anti-shield mechanics
Why it was removed from the Irelia and Aatrox rework? I wonder why.. Could it be, how especially the reworked Irelia at release, had enough stuff in her kit for two different champions? As why Renekton got it. Don't know, tbh. But Blitz getting it is quite obvious. Currently, there are 4 hookers played as a support. Blitz, Nautilus, Pyke and Thresh. Blitz is the weakest of the bunch. The shield breaking R is a nice little buff for him, which emphasizes his current "Get-hooked-and-be-punished" gameplay.
Trilink (EUW)
: Katarina needs some balancing.
Buff her Q damage. Give her an energy / mana bar.
jacktjong (EUW)
: Trynd ult should be susceptible to true damage or silences
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wyOl-4KStIr_moJJZZXsMGZhmqyR_HE6Rg47fSim-Lc/edit#gid=0 Here is a list of tips for every Tryndamere matchup, made by a challenger Trynd OTP. Trynd does have counters and hard matchups.
danipoz v2 (EUNE)
: ARAM champions
It was changed quite a while ago. ARAMs include past free pick champs (can't remember if it was the past 2 or even past 3 free picks).
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Which Champion Would You:
1. Swain 2. Riven or Luxanna. 3. Lulu. Would be quite relaxing to punch the purple out of her :P 4. Sona. Listening to music doesn't bother my sleep. 5. Yorick. 6. Swain. Nothing beats Noxian macro! 7. Nami. Because reasons. 8. Rammus. 9. Fiddlesticks.
Ian San (EUW)
: But adding new game modes and creating new games is just profitable for them, and making them is not an easy job especially if they implement them into the original client. One solution for this would be to have all those games on separate clients, or like Blizzard has done it with their Battle.net desktop app. But then again, that's ultimately more work which would mean more delay on any of the bug fixes we now got in less than a day tho.
Pissing in the cornflakes of the playerbase of SR / ARAM / TT players isn't what I'd call profitable. Indeed, like I have said before, Rito should have made a separate client and server called League of Legends: Teamfight Tactics.
Asention (EUW)
: Do you think AD Assassins are too strong?
In your last match, you built Mercs against Kayn, Quinn and Ezreal. With Mundo, who gets CC reduction from his kit. You built {{item:3800}} with him after {{item:3076}} . You could have gone Tabi -> Sunfire -> Randuin -> Adaptive Helm / Visage and become almost unkillable.
Ian San (EUW)
: Can you people chillax a little ?
We have forgiven Rito multiple times for releasing hastily made patches. IF they had done proper testing in PBE, and had taken earlier experience of server loads into consideration, this farce shouldn't have happened. Rito's antics are just getting old. They should give up on adding new game modes, if they utterly break the main game (See Clash).
: Why league don't have an Arabic language
500 million people speaking Arabic. Roughly half of them are most likely not even allowed to use the Internet. Some of the champions in the game would be stoned due to their appearance. I wonder why there isn't an Arabic client?
Satella (EUNE)
: League of Legends Achievements?
Silent Note (EUNE)
: When your shop has insanely good skins, yet you're broke..
Tried to send our beloved peg-legged friend to help you out, but got no reply.
Petarhah1 (EUNE)
Why flash is used in 99+% of the times? Because it is the best summoner spell atm: It gives "infinite movement speed" and can go through obstacles / walls. If flash was brutally nerfed to the ground, I'm sure people would eventually stop using it and use Ghost instead. But as for now, Flash is just too good to skip. Do I see people having Flashes as an issue? Nope.
: Your game is ruined when
44% wins after 131 rounds with Vayne. 37% wins after 41 rounds with Thresh. "Noob supports take my farm"
: Possibly make a test on player reformation
Rito has tried to unban permabanned accounts. The results spoke for themselves. Permaban = permaban.
Rioter Comments
: How to avoid this: https://www.meme-arsenal.com/memes/7d10ebf6bb49ec0fc66f7d746bd8264d.jpg Do it before you open a capsule.
Instructions unclear, got cut into 4 pieces FeelsBadMan
: Ranged point and click things are toxic to lane against. Ranged point and click CC is all in all toxic. It might be fun to annoy people with them, it's however unfun to play against. The experience has to be enjoyable for both sides. It currently isn't. - and I'm not talking ONLY about Panth here.
With all the hyper-mobile champs we have in the game, reliable CC, like our peg-legged friend {{champion:9}} 's, is needed in the game.
: After how many ranked losses do you stop playing?
: Under certain conditions he becomes unable to cast his Q again. He's been disabled because that's pretty gamebreaking for the Ryze player.
The game got confused about a Ryze change that wasn't a rework :P
: ye but its not like his Ganks with ult are that amazing. Talons roam is pretty good aswell and he has a one shot combo at lv 2 TF needs to survive better specially match ups like Zed Talon or any other assasin
TF has a semi-global un-targeted TP and a ranged point n' click stun. Yes, Talon has excellent roams with higher damage output - but TF ganks occur faster and bring hard CC.
VorenDier (EUNE)
: True or False: Riot Employees primary Job is nose picking?
False. Designing Luxanna skins on the other hand..
: Tower and other objective ruins
If a 20 meter construction collapses, do you think champions could run over it as quickly as on the flat terrain? It would still remain impassable to a majority of walking champs = Is for everyone, because balancing reasons.
: AP Twisted fate feels pretty weak
His laning is intentionally on the weaker side, due to his kit. He isn't meant to beat mid laners in a 1v1, he is meant to gank side lanes. If Rito buffed his Q, he could gank faster (due to improved wave clear). If AP TF got a buff, I'd go for an increase in his E's ratio. It would increase his overall damage while not massively improving his early wave clear. EDIT: You've changed your pic :3
Lari (EUNE)
: What is this ugly thing?
What's wrong with the Shining reference? That's actually quite suitable :P
: Irelia nerf 9.15 again again again, god dam it stop, whats your problem?
LovacRG (EUNE)
: Hey guys can you tell me best champ for 4800 - 6300 be ?
Mind if I ask, why does it need to be one of the expensive ones? Why wouldn't you want to know the best overall top laner, regardless of the price? :/
: Azir needs a little bit of a buff
He is highly contested in the pro play atm. He needs no buffs.
: Pool Party's GONE
https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/499895133844799490/499899650325872651/unknown.png Pool Party Fiddlesticks Kreygasm
: rework or tweak fiddlesticks
Imagine one-tricking Kat and leaving Fiddle, one of the best counters of her, open?
Wr4ptor (EUW)
: Pay for ranked?
Crayons are bad mmmkay.
: This new "balance framework" does not answer any real challenges
If all champions had the same pick rate, they would all need to have the same kit, visuals and quotes.
: What is the absolutely best support of the game?
RogueDek (EUW)
: Whatever you do, do NOT touch Lux's ultimate.
26 rounds of ranked played this season with Luxanna. 0 rounds of ranked played with her in season 7 and 8. 62% wins. Lux is fine. Kappa
: You think bad luck don't exist?
Obviously there is bad luck. You might be unlucky and get an AFK in your team, or be crit by a Trynd 3 times in a row at level 4. The enemy team does share the same bad luck. But if you never go AFK and aren't toxic, the odds of your team having an AFK is less than the enemy team's. In the long run, bad luck does even out, thus being a non-factor.
: How are you supposed to spell these champs?
How I spell those? A-H-R-I K-A-T-A-R-I-N-A K-A-Y-L-E Z-O-E L-U-X N-A-S-U-S F-I-Z-Z If you meant how I say those, here it goes: Ahari Keila Soe Luksanna Susan Fis
: Why isn't there IFS notification for every punishment?
I have been told to go to Auschwitz, I have been told to kms, I have been told my family dies, I have been called a whore. Nothing. Reported one for the use of the N-word. Instant feedback.
: How many games do u have to loose to get a decent MM?
How many times people write lose with two Os?
: Meh, I know most champions. I played over 600 games as support and this is the first time I encountered shaco there.
Let's have a fun game, shall we? :3 Without looking from any source, tell me what the kits of the following champs are: {{champion:266}} , {{champion:12}} , {{champion:9}} , {{champion:119}} and {{champion:44}} It is fine to know the most. Knowing all is what gives you an advantage in the long run.
: How do i fight against shaco support???
I don't want to sound rude, but here's my opinion: You are in quite low elo, expect anything. You shouldn't play ranked without knowing how champions work. You don't need to know their exact cooldowns or all of their damage values - but should have the basic concept of what their abilities do.
: karthus predator or dark harvest who best for mid?
IF you can live with the Predator's delay and the vastly higher CD and can't get your lane opponent low enough for DH procs, then Predator > DH. IF you can't get DH stacks from side lanes, Predator > DH. But in most cases, Dank Harvest brings more reliable damage.
: Graves needs to be back into Bottem lane
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: "One item." So according to you, the enemy didn't have a Veigar and Ezreal? Yes, Adaptive is especially effective against DoT - but the passive doesn't remove the fact the item also comes with MR. He had Rylai and Liandry. He was a whole item ahead of you. I wonder why he did damage?
Do you also refuse to buy Randuin's Omen, if the enemy has a fed Draven or a Yasuo, but the other enemy AD threat doesn't crit?
xZabaksx (EUW)
: Supp vel'koz silver IV if anyone is curious
No need to tell it, he doesn't forget to do so every day :P
: Sure, let me just skip my core item (usually Trinity) to stop one ability and one item, then enemies will just swap / jngler will babysit and I will both lose lane and wont do dmg
"One item." So according to you, the enemy didn't have a Veigar and Ezreal? Yes, Adaptive is especially effective against DoT - but the passive doesn't remove the fact the item also comes with MR. He had Rylai and Liandry. He was a whole item ahead of you. I wonder why he did damage?
: I've seen some PBE gameplay of swains not getting fed inlane and still having 80 stacks by min 25 which is 400 health and 800 in Ult. Ofcourse this is also from PBE lag but against meeles if you fail to stack that passive then you should probably quit the game.
If the enemies tank 3,2 abilities / minute - any AP carry would be OP.
: A Idea to remove crit RNG from the game.
Crit chance needs a change - but not in that way. Having a guaranteed crit with every 10th AA with 10% crit chance would be toxic. People would count the non-crits, and use the crit AA against the enemy champ. Instead, Crit chance should be reworked to give a fixed multiplier to AA damage. With 35% crit chance, your AAs would deal 35% increased damage.
: Toplaners prepare
Oh no, Swain will get the endless HP amount of... 5 / fragment. That are gotten by hitting skillshots. Do you think Swains hit their Ws and E-AAs to a champion 100 times every match?
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