: My favourite part about Lee Sin is his tatoos and that's why I bought Traditional Lee Sin instead of Muay Thai ... And I agree with One Crit Man .. REALLY DISTURBING . But LoL !! Epic drawing my man !!! +1
: if you wanna start drawing genderbender start with {{champion:420}} cant tell the difference so its just making a pic of her. and your lee pic is nice :P
well when i started that was the first character dat came to mind...LOLOLOL {{champion:420}} {{item:3401}}
: while its awesome it is disturbing... kind of like the human centipede..... is this an insult? it kind of sounds like an insult to me but its not meant to. its just iv never heard anyone go "genderbend lee sin" before... its like thresh or darius or something like that...
Lol thanx..ya i guess ur kinda right when u say disturbing {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} i have no idea how the "Human Centipede" came up LOLOLOL plx explain :3
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