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: AD Carries are underperforming.
Guys , some of you didn't really got the point. Sometimes the situation ask for traditional ADC champions for example when the enemy composition is quite tanky Kog Maw and Vayne are must or if your team lacks CC and Teamfight here we go with Varus and Ashe for overall team utility and Twitch for better overall teamfight. But my opinion is that those champions are performing much better on other lanes - Twitch Jungle , Vayne Top , Kaisa Mid and so on. Most of the players are picking ADC on bot because they think it is troll pick if they dont.
: So why play ADC when you can play Yasuo/Trynd/Yi and it will be all same but have better win conditions? Players who can punish Trynd are sitting only in Diamond, they are less then 1% of population, in 99% of games you don't need any ADC.
You should consider that not every Fighter fits onto ADC Role. Yi and Trynda are easily kiteable. Yasuo , Fiora and Irelia might be better choice
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