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: report calling is considered toxic
You're joking right? Is this actually true? Is it considered toxic and punishable if I say "XY muted reported"? Hoooly cow dude, if it really was that, I might just dig myself a grave and lay into it. Usually when someone in our team goes out of his way flaming I do say "muted reported", and if it really is considered toxicity I might have just found out how everything stacked up into a 14 days ban. Good lord.
Stell (EUNE)
: That was the game that triggered the ban, it's not the first offense, as 14 days bans are handed to major offenses or multiple minor ones. This game alone is not enough to grant 14 days ban but this kind of behavior over a long period of time sure can grant you 14 days ban (especially if youwere handed chat restrictions before)
I have been granted chat restrictions before (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten the 14 day ban), but it was always with a good reason, where I really have been toxic, and even then it happened through like 3 or 4 games, each of which linked. I find it absolutely unfair to be banned when I'm actually trying not to be toxic, in a game where I really am not, and based on that game only (like most other games recently I didn't even talk to begin with). I'm so fed up with this game man.
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: ''Hello there fellow players. This is my first forum/board post, which I write on a topic I'm very curious to hear your opinions about.'' You can click enter some times after you make a dot so it get easier to read especially when you write long texts like this. I just said this, cuz it is not that easy to read and i dont like to bluemark... :P Btw, this have happend to me too....
Allright, thanks for the tip :D
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