: Is it a connection or a hardware problem? I have had my fps drop to 1/freeze while my ping was fine, problem was laptop (or the graphics card)overheating. Vacuum cleaning all the air vents solved the issue.
Ping is good, always around 50-60 which more than playable. I dont know what is the problem, it jumped onto 30-40 fps now. Looks like its time to take a break from league
: yeah happened to me when the server was having issues i kept on freaking freezing with lag spikes they seem to come and go probably a problem with the servers as if the game wasn't frustrating enough.
I really wish that was the server issue only, but im afraid something much deeper occured since ive never experienced anything similar to this in 5+ years. Ive had various problems back in the day starting from internet issues, missing d3dx9_39.dll file, authentication error etc.
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