Keirgo (EUW)
: Don't worry too much. It sounded like a reasonable explanation and it came off much more as detailing your own passion rather than lecturing or forcing it upon me. I highlighted my one issue the same way I would critically assess anything. And no matter what it is, or how important a cause it can be seen as, it sucks when people mock something you're passionate about, and I'm sorry you're having to put up with that. Also, as someone who has had their real name made fun of plenty across their life, you have my full sympathy with people making fun of your chosen handle. Personally, I'll just be amused at the image given in lore Thresh is...kind of a sadistic, 'flaying flesh for giggles' monster. (Not intended as mocking. Shadow Isles just has some very scary people living there.) But yeah, I feel if you want this club to happen you're going to have to put some legwork in to advertise and appeal to people out there. Which I wish you the best of luck with. If I find anyone, I'll be sure to send them your way. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
That's why I chose VeganThresh, because Thresh as a Vegan is absurd xD I really appreciate your understanding And if I create this club I'll be sure to invite you to it, vegetarian goes too :P
Keirgo (EUW)
: I apologise if it felt like I was trivializing, as while I don't understand or agree with veganisim I do know many who practice it do feel very strongly about it. Although as a vegetarian I would appreciate not breaking things down into 'vegan' or 'meat eater', but that's also because I'm very pedantic. However, I do stand by it's rather...askew from the game's focus and that you're unlikely to find people who have grouped based around being Vegans. If you were to start a club there's a good chance you might find others but...
I think it sounded rude as if I was lecturing you when I replied, so I apologize, what I meant is at many times something that very important to me, is easily dismissed by others, and they find it funny (Like friends sending pictures of their burgers saying "Look delicious doesn't it?" just to piss me off thinking it's funny). I have changed my name to this one lately and didn't realize how it sounded like "vegan trash" and people started calling me that. And those people were the ones joking, I already got one who wasn't joking with the username of "ANTIFA" who actually started a fight with me for my views. I'm not easily offended but I'd really like to meet other vegan players to group with because it makes me feel separated from other players, and I'd like ones to connect with. I don't regret changing my name, because it's a cause I believe in.
Keirgo (EUW)
: I won't face palm, but it does feel like an...odd crossover. Like, a Vegan baking club I get. A Vegan dining club. Christian book clubs, Jazz lovers music club preference is an odd focus for a videogame association.
It's much more than a food preference, that's a lifestyle and a different perspective on everything. Many times I find it easier to connect and sympathise with other vegans than meat eaters.
I Leva (EUNE)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
What, I want a cool Club Tag that represents me :3 And meeting other vegan players is cool too
Rioter Comments
: I just think that there are much smarter ways to achieve punishment for lee directly. That would also not result in you getting banned. Like just picking a jungler taking his/your jungle camps and let him fall behind and eventually feed. To me it just seems you picked the worst method of all. Lee might not even care about win or loss. Plus he got you banned. To me it looks like he won.
Well, it was too late to pick Nunu, I realized that my game is ruined only in champion select, after I cooperated wit him.
: There's no punishment for it because it's not against the rules. Again the call your role thing has always been player etiquette and isn't mandatory.y If you'd prefer specific roles, draft pick may be the better option for you. Edit: phone typing is hard
Intentional feeding is against the rules because players complained about it. I now complain against instalocking because I think it should be against the rules. I won't make a discussion to clarify the rules, I make it to change the rules.
JustClone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=LIKODARN,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Qn4EUB1r,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-12T19:09:35.581+0000) > > Typed "jgl" first This works when you are 5yo and competing in the kindergarten. > There is no report button for instalocking, There is no such thing as "instalocking". > So I intentionally fed, I wanted this Lee to not enjoy his game, And he did not. No one did actually. Perhaps most people in the enemy team too. > I am now banned for 2 weeks and have locked rewards because "Players say intentional feeding ruins game", That is well deserved. > I'm now banned because I wanted to see justice served. No, you are banned for feeding. The shit you call "justice", is ruining the game for 9 other people. Even if lee sin was the reborn Adolf H., what the others 8 did, for unimportant prick like you to "serve them justice". >That's wrong. Say I'm just salty, that I'm angry and that I'm immature, you're completely right. But I wanted to play a video game, unranked, to just enjoy, not to win, and I can't enjoy if the game isn't fun on normal because some moron can ruin your game and get away with it. GO PLAY NORMAL DRAFT.
"This works when you are 5yo and competing in the kindergarten." or if you're picking a role in a normal game, which is the %%%%ing normal way to pick a role, are you even trying to make arguments or just trying to go against me? "There is no such thing as "instalocking"." And earth is flat and vaccines cause autism. Go on, make more stupid arguments. "And he did not. No one did actually. Perhaps most people in the enemy team too." I have no way of punishing Lee only, so I have to punish them all. That's why I made this post, so I don't have to punish them all, so Riot will punish those players individually. "That is well deserved." Yes it is deserved. But considering no one else would stand for me, and it was the only way for me to stand for myself, I say it's absurd. "GO PLAY NORMAL DRAFT." I might as well go play Dota, just leave the problem as it is, for other players to have their games ruined by instalocking jerks. Or I can post about the problem to Riot so they could %%%%ing solve it. There is a problem in the game- the company should fix it. The next time a girl gets raped, I want to see you shout "All girls should leave earth or deal with being raped" same logic. %%%%ing idiot.
J0Bro96 (EUW)
: Maybe u ruined Lee Sins game. But u also ruined it for the rest of ur team which have nothing done at all. Well deserved punishment in my opinion.{{sticker:cass-cry}}
I think you guys misunderstood my post. I'm not asking to restrict my ban, I say that it's absurd I need to punish people instead of Riot. Why is there a need for someone to be a "vigilante" in a game with well monitored player behavior?
: "One man steals a loaf of bread, we're locking up his entire family because of his misconduct" You ruined the game for not just the lee, but the other 7 people in your game. I recommend you stick to draft pick as it allows you to choose your roles and avoid these problems.
"One man's bread gets stolen, and no one does anything about it" describes the situation from my point of view.
: I assume that the other eight players of your game did nothing wrong to deserve "your punishment" right? So you will agree to me that each one of those has the right now to ruin one of your games like you had the right to ruin lee's game. Or do you start to see a flaw in your "justice system"?
Of course I saw the flaw, but at this point the other team mates deserved the justice too. If you see something wrong happening and you stand, wtch and do nothing you're a part of the problem. They actively typed in chat supporting that Lee. I needed to take a stand for myself since no one else would. I won't just sit and do nothing as someone stick his cock up my ass, if I won't fight for myself no one else would. That's why I ask Riot to implement report for instalocking.
ChocoParis (EUNE)
: Well its your choice. I can feel you and 100% i would not want to play this game too. Still you need to control yourself trust karma is a %%%%% he will be punished, somehow.
I don't trust karma, people got away with worse than instalocking. And I was in full control, I didn't bash my keyboard and break my headset, during loading screen I thought to myself what a shit game I'll have, and what a good game that Lee will have, while he was the jerk and I cooperated, I thought I should make a stand for myself because Riot, nor anyone else would stand for me.
: Unfortunately there's nothing against the rules for insta-locking in blind pick. Is it a jerk move? Yes. But etiquette of calling roles first was always layed down by players - it was never a rule. If you want a specific role, draft pick is the better option. Intentional feeding, however, is never the right response.
That's why I only commented 12 days later, when I saw the message they sent me, that said they punish for intentional feeding because "Players say intentional feeding ruins game", players also say instalocking ruins games, and there isn't a punishment for it.
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VeganThresh (EUNE)
: That up there? Art? No, that is not art.
Now that is art
: Nice art!
That up there? Art? No, that is not art.
Rioter Comments
Siaanna (EUW)
: Noxian Support
*Me reading not 100% focused:* "Hey Riot developers... Bla bla bla... There was ever going to be a Noxian support... Yada yada yada... Someone who will BEAT you off of their ADC if necessary, or push you out of the way when their team is chasing a better target... Nah nah nah.... Wolverine in the movie LOGAN.... eh eh eh... participating in this silly game... Just wondering" Dafuq did i just read???
: Skin idea: Epic Sax Trundle
Epic Sax Bard??? Teemo???? Come on giving Trundle a giant sax doesn't make sense as much as making Teemo blow his Sax every time he basic attacks, or bard that actually plays an instrument that actually looks like a saxophone
Xanderon (EUNE)
: Altra, The Living Antimatter
That champion just lacks, purpose. His passive matches his character of being, nothing, which is nice. But his Q just feels like a useless ability really, that only counters very specific champions, and even then it's not impactful enough, just an ability to counter Yasuo W? Or a flag in which has already been used? Most basic abilities in which create things are very easly countered such as getting out of range of Azir's soldiers, or breaking Yorick's wall with 2 basic attacks. His W just gives a random debuff? I think TF's W already does the same thing and better, mobility and shield/dmg is just Rakan, and that ultimate is useless as it is just zhonias that lets you move, a champion needs a purpose, or just another purposeless champion like Aatrox would be created. Aatrox had cool abilities, but what was he? Jax is a better fighter, Malphite a better engage, and Udyr a better splitpusher, if there are champions already covering the roles of that champion he will just be another unpicked face in the champion select page.
: Super Mundo
I would love Super SAIYAN Mundo in which his Q throws energy blasts and his R makes his hair blonde and give him that glowy effect and he is screaming all the time as if he is going super saiyan. Super Mundo would be cool too though.
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VeganThresh (EUNE)
: No, the EUNE server is built from two different servers, from silver to master it's EUNE server, which is the default for most countries, and bronze is a different server, the PL server, it doesn't matter how well you play, if you're from PL you are sent to bronze and any other country you start from silver V.
That whole structure started from the Turkish people playing League of Legends. In Turkey you don't learn English in school, so a lot of Turkish people who played on EUNE and EUW complained about Turkish not being a valid language in LoL, so Riot Games inc. added Turkish to the language menu, but that just increased the Turkish player base which caused lots of players not understanding English talking Turkish in chat, which ruined teamwork and communication. Riot Games inc. noticed it and founded the TR server, a server for Turkey. When the same problem occurred again with the Polish people, Riot did not like the idea for creating another country exclusive server, like the RU, KR, TR, and China, so they decided they'd just place all Polish people in the same rank, unofficially naming it "elo hell, kto pl"
: Bronze in EUNE is like EUW gold...
No, the EUNE server is built from two different servers, from silver to master it's EUNE server, which is the default for most countries, and bronze is a different server, the PL server, it doesn't matter how well you play, if you're from PL you are sent to bronze and any other country you start from silver V.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Fiddlestick small QOL buff in the jungle
It's quite good, but only not the second one, it would be just too OP. Fiddlesticks only needs buffs in jungle clear because he is so single target focused and all the thousands of small monsters added hurt him so badly.
Toyohisa (EUNE)
: Skin Collection
It's a really nice idea, especially for someone like me who buys so much skins he doesn't need that he doesn't remember which skins does he own );
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Stupid system
You had history of AFKing probably, the leaver buster system was created to punish people like you
MrLobster (EUNE)
: Did not receive mastery level 6 tokens
I think it doesn't work with OFA since the grade depends on how well you did compared to the average champion you played in the same role, and for some comps it's just not accurate.
: It is possible ?
That's a lot of toxicity...
Rioter Comments
Exdominator (EUNE)
: that was probably only a visual bug
No, not at all, i noticed it because my E didn't work, caused me to burn ghost.
Rioter Comments
: if you where the jungler you would be late to the camp. which is a disadvantage. if you where a laner you would be late to lane, which is also a disadvantage. i never said i blame my loses on those disadvantages but it is unfair for your team to be put in them.. no matter how smal the disadvantage is it is still a disadvantage. a disadvantage they wouldent have to deal with if you where there. you said they stood by the turret, but what if you where there and maybe you would have invaded? gotten some kills? stolen a camp? we cant know if that would happen. but if you where there does things had a chance to happen, now they couldnt have happend. this is unfair for your team. therefore you should get punished.
The system knows that, if shit goes down, somebody gets a kill, you can not remake, the system knows when it is a disadvantage or not, and the minions arrive at 1:55, after the remake, the system knows when it is a disadvantage, as you said, the system works perfectly! The problem i see with my incident is it let me into the vote, which i think it shouldn't have.
: they are not wrong. you where afk which put your team in a 4vs5 which puts your team in a unfair disadvantage. this system is here to minimize the cost of one player being afk. instead of punish 5 people for someone being afk only the person that commited that action takes the punishment. this makes it more fair for everyone. no matter how small the disadvantage is you still put them in a unfair disadvatange that they didint deserve, so they have all right in the world to remake the game. which they havent been able to do until the latest patch.. so how is it wrong? that they cancelled a 5vs5? well it wasnt always a 5v5. you even admitted yourself you where afk so that makes it a 4vs5. it only counts as a 5vs5 if everyone is actually in the game from the start. otherwise your team is put at a disadvantage. simply put, not a spaghetti code, just a very strict one and if you dont like the system then there is 2 things you can do 1.dont be afk, just simply get a better computer/internet so you super rarely are the one being afk. 2. play another game. the game dosnt fit everyone and maybe the game has evolved into something you dont like anymore.
I have played the game for 4 years now, i'm not gonna leave it now, and i always have a solution for the internet, which is my phone. And i used that internet to get from Bronze V to SIlver III on my own, the internet is very good, it rarely has problems, but that one problem, seemed wrong to me, since i think that the system shouldn't work that way, i didn't put my team in any disadvantage, they just stood next to turret for 1 and a half minutes, if it is a disadvantage for you, you blame your losses wrongly.
Estti379 (EUW)
: >No, there were 3 voters for not surrender, and 1 for yes, and i added the one that made us surrender That made me laugh way too hard xD Up to this point I thought that your vote wouldn't change anything because the rest of your team had already enough votes for the remake, but the fact that it is actually your vote who triggered the remake is hilarious xD Anyway, it doesn't make sense for them to not vote yes (they won't loose anything if they vote yes, better than the option to keep playing with the disadvantage of the player who was missing during the early levels.) On the other hand, the one who got the disconnect but came back has no logic reason to vote "yes", at least in a ranked game. They will loose LP/promos if the game is a remake. Yet, even with the disadvantage they created, their best bet is still to fight and try to win, even with the lower than normal odds^^' In the end, I'm ready to bet that your teammates, once they knew you were the second one to vote yes, thought that you were a kind soul taking the hit for your team, and be the only one to take the LP loss. __________________________ Anyway, I got this from the remake FAQ her on the boards: >- At least 30% of the team must vote yes for the game to end. For example in a 4v5 this is two players, in a 3v5 or lower this is one player. With 5 or 4 connected players, there are only 2 votes needed for the remake to trigger. for 3 connected players, one vote is enough. So yeah, the remake vote doesn't need a majority vote, like a surrender vote does. It's working has intended^^
I'll explain to you, when i reconnected there was already the surr vote, with one yes, so i thought we had another AFK or something so i instantly clicked on the yes, and then i looked in the tab menu and saw that everyone bought items, and then i said "oh shit, it was me wasn't it? fuck" :P no worries, i have regained the lp back and finished the lower priority queue
: well you voted yes so it became 3v2 which is 40% that voted yes. which results in a surrender. so nothing bugged here. where have a rioter said that the reconnected player shouldnt be able to vote? nowhere. because it is how this system should work. you voted yes. your actions made you remake your game. this is your fault. nothing is bugged. just because you dont like the system dosnt mean it is bugged.
I'll repeat the same thing i said before again- The requirements of the system make the system, not the other way around, the system was needed to let people not have a 4 v 5 game, the fact it cancelled a 5 v 5 game is the problem, so i won't call it a bug, a spaghetti code, since it doesn't meet the requirements that the system needed. What you are saying is that if the game met the requirements to surrender then it should have worked, which is correct, i'm not saying that the requirements didn't work properly, i'm saying that the requirements are *wrong*.
: still not bugged.. the reason it is this way is because remake works like this.. someone has to have been afk for 90 seconds before the 3 minute mark. and the player must have been dissconected BEFORE first blood. if this requirments are met then you can remake the game. only 40% needs to want to remake(i think, that or 60%) however. your vote didint matter either because if your whole team wanted to remake your vote had no meaning. so no the system isnt bugged, just because something isnt the way YOU want it dosnt mean it isnt working as it should, it works the way RIOT wants it too...
No, there were 3 voters for not surrender, and 1 for yes, and i added the one that made us surrender, so that's why i think it is bugged, the most of the players didn't want to surrender, and the one AFK made them surrender. What i'm saying is that the vote should have ended, since 1 for surrender and 3 for not surrendering should make it a no surrender, the fact i was let in to the vote is the bug i am talking about. In a normal remake, a 3 v 1 makes it a no surrender.
: nope
A system, that should let players surrender in case of an AFK player, let's them surrender when they are 5 people, do you see the problem? A full team shouldn't get access to the remake system, that is the problem, and that's why i think it's bugged, if you like to play bugged games, i have a great game for you, "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" series, best bugged games i know.
Riddarn (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=LIKODARN,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=7tl0AT5E,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-06-28T18:31:32.140+0000) >letting me vote and surrender after i reconnect is the bug i am talking about, the system shouldn't allow that. Says who? You? When did riot say a reconnected leaver shouldn't have a say in the matter? Would you prefer it if you weren't given a choice to vote at all? Would that be better? Just because you don't like the way it is doesn't make it a bug.
What is the reason of the system? To let players to surrender if they have an AFK, if they don't have an AFK then it should be cancelled, what the system is for leads it into how it works, not the other way around.
Riddarn (EUNE)
: You were disconnected and the system marked you as such. It seems to work just as intended. How is that a bug? You even agreed yourself that your connection was too bad to play and voted yes in the poll. Don't blame the system when you know the fault was in your own internet connection.
My connection was alright, 120, not optimal but i could have played it, i just decided that if they allow me to surrender now, then i don't want to waste my internet supply, letting me vote and surrender after i reconnect is the bug i am talking about, the system shouldn't allow that.
: no.. you where afk and thats why they started the vote. nothing wrong with the system.. the system only needs you to be afk for 90 seconds so yeah. everything is fine here
But letting me vote, and surrender, after i reconnected? Nothing seems a bit bugged?
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: how can u possiblely say it doesn't ruin someone else game, 4 min can be a long time and plus the chance you will feed after you come back due to being behind, even you win the game at the end you still make it hard for the rest of the players. afk is afk there is no excuses
And additionally, if you feed after being AFK for 4 minutes, I'm impressed, the only excuse is if you play against Blitzcrank/Thresh, because staying under turret and farming is quite easy...
Colsh (EUW)
: Takes far too long to get your 1st item power spike. 6 hits is too long to charge anywhere that is not in lane. Also she now lost all of the wave clear that she used to have with the old one. I also tried it a couple times and I was losing fights I would normally win and I was just really weak. This will explain it in more detail: (IreliaCarriesU) explaining it
Then buy a Tons of Damage first item, since the Rage Blade was nerfed, since before the Rage Blade it was her core item, and build RB as a second item, Irelia is a solid and (too) strong champion currently, you don't have to rush an item that was nerfed. and if the wave clear was the problem, i'd buy a Tons of Damage and between those items a little {{item:3077}}, second item buy a RB, finish the Titanic Hydra, and then whatever you want. She was an OP champion before that Rage Blade, and she still is, depends on if you will still rush a bad item.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: You go back if you stop leaving games, that's all there's to it. It's really selfish to play knowing that you might not be able to be connected for the entirety of the game. Do you appreciate it when someone else leaves a game you're in, leaving you in a 4v5 game? It's not a lot of fun.
That's the game, and that's it's community. If you can't handle the 4 v 5 once in a while, and you flame and scream report when it happens, instead of just enjoying the game as it is, understanding you will lose: leave the game, or get to diamond where players don't leave. When me and my friends have an AFK, and we know our chances to win are 0%, we go to the enemies' base, and dance, and have fucking fun, since we are playing a fucking game, that losing it doesn't mean a thing! So in a server somewhere in Europe there is a server saying that your MMR is 1200 instead of 1300. What have you started playing the game for, fun or win? If you said win, the game has corrupted you.
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