: Ranked stats bug
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: I feel sorry for you playing tank Fizz...
lol why? hes like the god of top lane. he beats maokai ekko poppy darius garen everything ive played versus
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Veljkisa (EUNE)
: EUNE down again?
THE HELL???? I can't log in but players already logged in can play games. WHAT THE ACTUAL F???
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Nuskov12 (EUNE)
: The only thing i got free from RIOT is lulu, when they gaved free champions, i mean if u dont count the hextech system, but its not quite free.
As far as i know Riot gave 1350 RP total (400 every player gets and 950 when the server crashed often) a free champion, icons for sportsmanlike players, free premium chest, mystery skin (about a year and a half ago, maybe more i don't know the exact time), 4 IP boosts when u verify your mail, more IP boost (don't know how much in total), those {{champion:86}} {{champion:18}} and {{champion:12}} skins. We could have gotten Party Pool Mundo but we didn't collect enough points. Idk if i forgot something, probably yes.
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: I understand your frustration. In this particular case, it's actually more informative for us to leave things running so we get more detail in our logs of what's successful and what's failing. If we take things down without knowing the fix, then it'd be even harder to find the problem area, as the servers would basically be a "ghost town" with minimal traffic/events. We also want to investigate a bit instead of just do a restart without knowing the underlying problem. Sure, we could just hit the power button, but then the problem could easily come back again. I feel you....I'd like to get in a game this evening as well once @ home. Working on it!!! :)
Will we at least get a 4 game IP boost?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Reacting to a problem firstly means that they're working on identifying the root cause of the issue. You can't have them attempt to fix something where they don't know the cause yet. That's not going to solve anything.
Rioters are pretty good programmers. They know whats wrong with their code and where/when the code can brake. They maybe don't know how to fix it properly or optimize it. Or something went wrong with the hardware. But again that isn't really hard to fix i mean the whole thing didn't blow up.
Trojax (EUNE)
: You agreed on their rules and regulations... Riot can shut the game entirely down for the rest of your life and doesn't owe a single apology. Go watch a movie, you will be less bored {{champion:32}}
You are right. I just hope they would give us something cause the players shouldn't expect this to happen Any suggestions for the movie?
Trojax (EUNE)
: This is the 2nd time it happened since the end of S4 when I started to play LoL, idk what you're talking about.
Then we should expect it to work always and when it doesn't we should get an apology from them -.-.-.-.-.-.-.- They are shutting the server down again now
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Find me a source for that then. There's been countless of claims of them doing it for other regions, but it's never been true. The standard is "NA gets RP", but they haven't. Funny thing, on NA, when the server is down, you'll see them claim that EU gets free RP when it happens; and you know that isn't true either, no?
The source are my 2 accounts -.-
Sefi (EUNE)
: Should they? Probably yes. Will they? Probably yes, verbally, but don't expect any free shit from them. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
They will apologize verbally for sure. I just made this hoping ppl who like to get free stuff will react to this but looks like nobody would like free RP or IP boosts....
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Apologise? For reacting to a bug immediately and letting you back into their _free to play_ game in mere hours? "The suffering we have endured"? Please, oh, please tell me this is a troll post.
"reacting to a bug" =/= fixing a bug Server is online now and its almost impossible to join queue and/or a game
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > and i remember that Riot gave free RP when their servers were down in the past. I've never heard of them giving out RP for server outages; something that can occur to any online service. There's a lot of false rumours around claiming that some servers get RP when there are outages, but that doesn't make it true. --- You get access to the game completely free; why do you need to be paid when the server is unavailable for a short period of time?
Yup they did. Server is available now but it works like its on life support. It's almost impossible to join queue and/or join a game.
Trojax (EUNE)
: It's sad how your attitude towards Riot is garbage. Honestly, League of Legends has the saltiest and most toxic community ever, it's sad. Riot should apologize for actually giving you an opportunity to get several free skins (via hextech crafting). I voted to see the results... Revoke it please.
They give us a game that doesn't work when u need it to work??? It's like u go to a bathroom and don't have the toilet paper u always use
Starpelt (EUW)
: EUW never gets anything so why should you .-. I know I sound salty but it's true
Well we arent used to that like u guys xD
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Blayn (EUNE)
: Feel sorry for you dude, i am also trying to get Plat( Gold 1)...and now you can`t connect.I hope they are gonna delay the season end with a few days.
: Cannot log in eune.
Cant log in to win the last game in promo for plat gj RIOT u fked up again


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