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: Client is broken lately.
sounds like ur having issues with ur computer itself, the client just works fine for last 10 patches, none of ur described problems i have ever experienced. try to disable firewall or anti virus
: Applying patches stuck at 0%
i wish i could upload the patch files and u could apply them manually. no clue what files you need
Jezbr (EUW)
: Not sure what to call this :)
i also had ultra old settings back, played with side mouse buttons 3-4 years ago..
: Not being put in low priority queue after dodging
happens to me sometimes too, i think the first time its normal u can que straight up again, but if u abuse it u will get LPQ
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: Mouse is unable to target enemy champions, minions and enemy wards.
its not a bug, you pressed ur thumb keys on ur mouse, the left side..


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