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Lariatas (EUNE)
: NEW Dark Harvest
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Champion Mastery Titles
Yet the game does not explain how are they awarded
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Sgtbigcoc (EUW)
: New Champion TEASER is a COPY
This needs to make it to the top of the boards
: You literally know poor to nothing about the new champion and you're already complaining about it. Smh. Will y'all ever grow up?
> [{quoted}](name=Trenitaliyah,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6hvp2Vw2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-19T15:27:46.834+0000) > > You literally know poor to nothing about the new champion and you're already complaining about it. > > Smh. Will y'all ever grow up? Now that the trailer is out, please go and watch it first. It's just as I expected. Amalgamation of concepts of previous champions with abilities which have little to no counterplay. There are literally 3 Hercarims. You're forced to predict every damn time? Even Faker can't pull that off
JombleFKU (EUNE)
: Riot PLEASE nerf Udyr
There are plenty of ways to counter him. If he starts red then you can easily invade him at blue and kill him since a) he has 2 stances b) his Mana costs are high at low ranks. Plus he is squishy till he gets 4 items or so. After spending on warrior, then he needs another 3773 gold for Triforce. Plus he has 0 gap closers. Sure they can nerf him but after they nerf Akali, Yasuo, Illaoi, Darius, Urgot, Miss Fortune, Pyke, Sion, Kha zix
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: Best low elo jungler pre season?
Play Yi dude! Good early game strong mid late game. I don't like Jax or Xin just because they need to build warrior before going Tri force. Triforce itself if very expensive and you need to snowball out of control for you to get it at 15-20 minutes. I'd suggest WW, Rammus(0 counterplay to point and click cc for a lifetime, mind the AP comps though) Kha zix fir the assassin, Evelyn for AP, Udyr or maybe even Hecarim for blind pick safe go to options. Both farm fast and farm well. Hecarim scales too. I'd recommend staying away from Kayn atm. Just because he is weak early game. Yes he can gank creatively but he is very squishy early game and gets outclassed by Graves, kha zix etc. Until you get your farm and form(heh) by level 9-11 or so, you and your allies are vulnerable. Plus monkey laners don't understand thant Kayn can't dive towers at level 3 and will just spam flame you "Rep Kayn 0 ganks" until you tilt. If you can snowball early, then by all means kayn is go to since once you get blue, adcs can kiss counterplay goodbye. Rammus is also a good blind. Tanky, does absurd amount of damage for a tank, great ganks, point and click hard cc, good splitpusher, very tanky late game, a great backline diver as well. Takes turrets like a champ with his Ult. Can duel(yes, he can duel) other jg as well. Sucks at objectives and scuttle fights. Also kinda meh if your team falls behind. But play em correct, you can end up with a 7 win 1 loss record like me in my placements
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lXiIuLisa (EUW)
: I don't really see how to farm if I have a viktor poking constantely, or an urgot who just needs to dash and I'm dead. Yeah maybe pots with warp tonic... But I only play sion to int on turrets, it's not fun otherwise
The that's not the point of Sion top. Int Sion maybe fun(I don't like it personally) but that's just one way to play the champ. Urgot is bannable, Viktor has no way to escape from your damage early on. Sion's damage is often underestimated
lXiIuLisa (EUW)
: what's the point of sion top?
You're playing him albeit wrong. Look, you need to stack the W passive up in laning phase. Sion cannot and I mean can not lose lane to any champion if played right. Maybe yasuo because he's op. Otherwise if you are playing standard tank Sion, just waveclear and farm as much as u can. Run biscuit and time warp tonic as they together give Mana. If Mana problems persist, consider getting a corrupting pot. Become unkillable by 15 minutes. Raid boss by 30. Once you get good with him, go glacial augment and build ad Sion. Otherwise just go tank if you wanna be a brick wall who does stupid damage. Just went 8/1 building full tank.
Kintaros (EUNE)
: isnt yasuo skilled?{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Yasuo is skilled, you don't need to be skilled. Ik I'm gonna attract a lot of hate for it. But it's the truth. To play him in low elo requires pretty average still, mostly just game knowledge.
Refund the Champion asap. He is not good for mental well being. Save your sanity and play something skillful.
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SoulLess93 (EUNE)
: How to talk with stupid peoples?
For the umpteenth time, junglers can't win you lanes. If you are in a bad matchup, freeze, farm and make tp plays of you can and minimize the bleeding. I was once a Sion vs Teemo(agreed, Sion is strong atm, but Teemo can destroy him if he can use his brain) I gave up CS, farmed till my Abyssal mask, got Visage. Through out the lane phase, I died once and lost the tower. Better than going 0/5 and flaming the jungler for 0 ganks. Then I ulted bot and got a few assists and suddenly Teemo was useless since he couldn't kill me given how tanky I am. Stop jungler abuse please
: breaking point.
I just don't get it. I am personally having a pretty bad time in my games where I'm the only person with good CS and a positive kda. But trolling or running it down is never the solution
: The current state of League for ADC
I agree. Except for Miss Fortune maybe, all the other adcs are just taking a back seat. Even after the game goes like 40 minutes or so, adcs can't do damage safely against a 5000 hp brick wall sion. Miss Fortune, Draven, and maybe Caitlyn are viable. Tristana is suddenly strong now. Other than that, Kog, Twitch, are in the gutter. Jhin is strong at times and can just 1v9. Rarely
Dv1 (EUW)
: > I have been losing as a jungler a lot. The silver 3 decent jungler who knows matchups and only plays 2-3 confident champs(rammus udyr and Evelyn) You literally played 15 ranked games this season and it really doesnt seem like you have a main role since you've been playing top,mid,jungle and support. So thats the 1st thing you're doing wrong. Just focus on 2 main roles. Udyr and Rammus are low elo killers. I played a fair amount of Udyr in silver/gold and reached 60WR with him, allthough it was much higher (around 70) but i stopped playing him after last patch destroyed my fps. Udyr is amazing in low elo cause you dont need that much help from your team, you can easily solo drake at lvl 3-4 and 1v1 almost every other jungler. He's also a beast mid/late game. The problem with jungle role in low elo (sometimes even in plat/low diamond) is that people always expect you to carry their lanes. Players are lazy and tend to lose lanes on their own, but then expect you to help them and blame you for not doing that. Before the game starts, look at the lineups and see which lane is the most gankable, where you have the most advantage OR which of your lane is the most snowbally. Lets say you have Irelia against Jax or Darius, both of them are easy to gank but are a tough matchups for Irelia, you should then focus on ganking top since Irelia can snowball very well. Also, know your counters. Invading Lee Sins jungle as Udyr usualy isnt the best idea, you should rather focus on your jungle in early game and let your team know that Lee might counterjungle you. He can easily kill you in early game and you shouldnt look for a 1v1 fights against him. Playing Udyr I usually focus more on objectives rather than ganking 24/7. If infernal spawns first I do everything in my power to solo it early. My 1st buy is at 1k g ( {{item:3706}} + boots + pink ward), you should also start with {{item:1041}} instead of {{item:1039}} , tested both and with Machete you kill camps 5-7s. faster it also gives you more sustain. Treat jungle as a 4th lane, try to snowball your best lanes instead of helping someone who went 0/3 in 5mins into the game - that lane is lost and if you gank, you might get 1v2'ed, just pressure other lanes/objectives. Try to countergank or if u see enemy jungler top, use it for your advantage and go for a drake or gank bot instead of farming. Looking at your last game, as you said you had a huge advantage early, top and mid was wining, you had 6/1 and yet... 0 dragons. Playing Udyr thats unacceptable. You and your team wasted the advantage you had early and it ended bad for you. Jungle isnt just about ganking lanes untill you win the game. TLDR Know your counters/matchups and focus on snowballing one of you lanes or pushing objectives. It all depends on the matchup so there is no easy answer. GL!
Never thought the League community would be so considerate as to go and check the match history. Thanks a ton. Finally some useful advice. The reason I quit ranked was due to my college timings, I didn't get to play a lot. Plus riot killed jg in 8.10. That made me go into other roles. Still I'll surely try to implement this in season 9 unless riot decides to screw up the role again. Thanks again
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Sawyerr (EUW)
: Hello, sounds like you need to take a solid break from the way you describe things. Take a breather for a couple of days and come back fresh. Remember that there are other games available, so no need to force yourself to play League of Legends if you aren't enjoying it at the moment. I have struggled with similar things ("I can't do X because my team won't do Y"), but a learning player will find creative ways to allow himself and his team to perform. For example, if I make the decision to roam, but rely on my ADC to manage the lane for himself while I'm gone, that's not a solid call. A solid call would be to make the wave land in a certain way that allows my ADC to freely farm botlane. The other option would be to roam when he recalls. Basically, don't be satisfied with what you do and try to look for how you can do it in a more optimal way that doesn't rely on other players to perform exceptionally well. Focus on making calls that are sure to work and don't rely on a specific level of performance from people you don't know. I also recommend you mute your team, seriously, it's really helpful. An easy command for doing this is "/mute team".
I roam when I see 2 things:1) the lane is pushed up 2) there is no way we can win lane anyways The latter has worked for me. But the stupid adc still wants to fight 2v1 and blames me when I'm roaming mid. I can't carry from any role no matter how hard I win lane or gank lanes.
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