Colsh (EUW)
: Yasuo is not OP you're just salty because you got destroyed by one. * His shield is not op in the slightest, it blocks 1 ability or aa so if you are a ranged ap champion you aa him once and it is gone * He does not gain armour when you attack him that is just made up by you (so much for "facts") * His shield does not counter zed ult because by the time Zed's ult proc his shield will have been used ages ago. * His crit chance passive is pretty much (other than his ult) the only reason he actually deals damage and is balanced as it makes him very item reliant. * His W does not damage and without it he would get killed so easy with him already being squishy so he needs it, also it has a 20+ cooldown so it can only block 1 skill in lane. * Without high mobility he would just be useless, it's essential for his kit and the ability makes him unique. * Yasuo pressing Q has literally nothing to do with Gnar's E. If you are talking about his 3rd Q, then yes, just like every other hard cc ability in the game it stops people from casting spells. * His ult is strong but it can only be used if people are knocked up and there are a lot of game changing ults like his in the game * He has many weakness such as if he falls behind he gets destroyed and snowballed against, has some almost unwinnable match-ups (good irelia/jax ETC.)
So try play gnar on yasuo than we see
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VitAlityPL (EUNE)
: Cheater spoted on EUNE
As i play the game {{summoner:4}} didnt have 3 minutes CD
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