: Sorry, guess I put out the words poorly. I meant he heals for 1000 hp
: Congratulations
Just lmaoing in my room
: Champion concept Gal'Zerth (Yes I am very open for name ideas)
How long does the 1000 hp buff lasts after he consumed somebody?
Irarius (EUW)
: can xerath have some love pls?
Xerath is perfectly balanced right now, there are other mages that need buffs or changes
: Ultra instinct
You haven't even reached the final form... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDW5pWkvBno
: What I Have Learned From Climbing from Bronze to Gold | Tips for Climbing
1. Have decent teammates 2. Be a decent teammate That's pretty much it
: What do you think of my league artworks? :D
Why i want to f*ck that Lamb now? help
: if i whould drop LoL it whould probly be for Paladins. Fortnite/pubg is just not my thing. i like the concept of fortnite though , but PUBG is just a cheap ripoff from the hunger games with lame ass weapons, yet it has so much succes, i don't understand it.
Same here, i play much less league now because of Paladins
: League is not as fun as it had been.
Fact: If you lose a lot - Its not fun If you win a lot - its fun Simple right?
Zoulspook (EUW)
: The 5 Tricks to Climbing Ranked Nobody Told You
1. Have decent teammates 2. Have decent teammates 3. Have decent teammates 4. Have decent teammates 5. Be a decent teammate Fite me
Indigo47 (EUW)
: The trolls are going to war!
Tbh yeah, i meet more and more trolls in this game...
Asher2406 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Voidner,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=avxE6MJY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-10T08:38:56.620+0000) > > Or maybe Riot should make her abilities more visible with this damn skin You forgot to mention hitboxeson her q.
Her hitbox is fair i believe but her abilites in this skin are f*cking invisible
: Shouldn't old skins be updated?
They won't win much money :/
Windsteps (EUW)
: So, when is Riot going to fix Elementalist Lux?
Or maybe Riot should make her abilities more visible with this damn skin
: Getting Karma to LvL 7
Imagine that to get S or higher for aurelion your score has to be like 14/1 and have great cs
Rioter Comments
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Assasins with hard cc + sustain will always be op/hated for uninteractive kit. {{champion:105}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}}
Fizz, Riven maybe... but yasuo and ekko are easier to counter
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Ok, so what's the 2nd and 3rd steps?
Close your pc, go outside :D
: Can't lock in champ select
Have the same problem, also i can't ban sometimes.
: I don't want to say Riot enforces a 50% winrate but it feels like each win then has a loss attached to it, I know I can improve as a player and I really enjoy this game. But sometimes I've checked op.gg and my mid laner has a 17% winrate and plays AD twisted fate and i don't know what I can do to carry as hard as I can. I'm comfortable with most roles and can win lane but I don't know how to carry a behind team
Sometimes it is possible, sometimes not. It also depends if you play a champion that is able to carry the whole team or not
: I don't know how to hard carry - Competitive slump
I know how you feel. It's fine when you get around 2 unlucky games in a a row but it is not when you are constantly matched with the "worse" players on your team.
IvanBrony (EUNE)
: well at least i spelled it right
Yeah, but it wasn't the spell error :)
IvanBrony (EUNE)
: Whomst art thou? Are thee grammar lord?
Nope, just correcting you like you did to the other guy
IvanBrony (EUNE)
: blah blah blah naming and shaming blah blah blah and btw its pronounced: enjoy your ban no need to thank me
> its pronounced it is written*
: Graves? Is he a dead champion?
Riot were so hyped about him that they gave him a victorious skin xD
: It Has Been Bothering Me For Too Long: Ugly Model Issues On Arclight Vel'Koz
Thank you for saying this, im also a Vel main and i feel the same way about this skin and that's the reason i usually play with his other two skins. I also remember another bug with this skin that caused his tentacles to disappear oh well :/
Dyamondis (EUW)
: Hide & Seek in custom game!
IGN in EUW: HoA Voidner
IXscapeI (EUW)
: Dark Star Whisper
Now make 4 bullets for it! Amazing job!
: Old things you miss about the game?
: Stereo Yi 3D
Makes more sense than Riot's champion balance
: Well he got banned so... add me on discord and ill show or stream the replay. Just because he is a scriptor doesnt mean he is a smart player
he had to be so stupid to get those deaths xD
: Why do scriptors always use the "you just suck" response
I don't think that a 8/6 xerath would be scripting
Razioncv (EUNE)
: Flame
Seems like im the only one who understood.. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Rioter Comments
: The Intsuo theory (Long Post and without screens, since Riot didnt want)
I was banning him everytime until zoe was released...
: Can we get a free pass to dodge a ranked game when we get a Yasuo teammate?
I usually don't upvote this kind of ideas, but i have to admit this one is truly genius and you deserve a massive golden upvote {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: Playing support in solo queue
Um, but i know that supports usually get the most respect and honors in a team.. what do you mean?
: First ranked game (placement matches) and then this happend
Rioter Comments
: Aery's Skins
Not only Aery but other keystones too
: What's wrong with the new client? Any else have these issues?
Same happened to me, also for some reason i lag much more now
zixus (EUNE)
: (C-ORNN) skin idea
Cornn (the) Farmer
: I don't wanna upset you, but The Year of the Dragon is in 2024.
Rioter Comments
: Makes life more interesting rofl xD
: Do free Hextech Chests only give champion shards now?
> [{quoted}](name=Crescent Crest,realm=EUNE,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=MU2kyHvP,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-31T12:35:24.557+0000) > > Are there two types of Hextech chests now? ironically i got a bug where i have 2 same chests that didn't stack and look like they are different category https://imgur.com/a/5X0bd
: That moment when...
you know what feels even worse? Finishing the season in promo for plat with 2 wins and 2 loses, and just when you were going to play the last game the ranked q locks https://imgur.com/cuIK87g
: Meta or Main
I was maining Aatrox and got demoted from gold 1 to gold 4 in a week, Better be a meta slave than a loser with a unique champion...
Bjuny (EUW)
: Honor Capsules are garbage
They may be pretty poor but are free :D
agaed (EUW)
: Hide and seek?
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