: > This can just completely auto win/lose ranked games and that should never be a thing. Why I don't like this type of threads I understand every games have problems, every game can be improved and definitely a beta mod game just released. But instead of open a normal dicution and state/discuss an opinion you say stuff like this. I played like 20 ranks games since rank was released and I was in top 3 almost all time, some time with no 3xstars champ, or very few items, or against so call brokens combos that ppl also wine, etc. I could adapt and make strategy on what enemy had and my situaitons. Off course you can't win every game, of course some time if you have good look you can win, but defiantly a random thing is not auto win or lose.
Yes, it is easy to be in top three. Add brain with a pinch of luck. However, I want to win. Without items… no. Besides, what would you rather have from mobs? Item or gold? The answer in 99% of times is ITEM. Why? It is simply better!
: tahm kench is really problem!
Tanky support that can actually tank and not be shredded to pieces in 2 seconds by some overzealous bruiser. Not sure how to feel about that.
: Pros choosing Aftershock over Aery as Support Lux runes, but why ?
> [{quoted}](name=The STONEBEATER,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hThhbMOE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-01T10:24:29.872+0000) > > Lux becomes a legit support more and more. And that tells a lot about supports at the moment.
Haze97 (EUW)
: Remove Yasuo's after-ban line.
Outrageous! In the name of social justice this needs to be changed!
: Who Was Your First Main Champion!
Season 2 Karma. Then rework came...
: What is riot balanced team duing
: When will the new champion be revealed and released?
: people apply too much value on their ranks
I'm sorry, what? Yea, rank isn't indicator of your value as a human being. Rank is indicator of your skill in this game. But guess what - we _are_ in this game. I don't exactly see your point.
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radetari (EUNE)
: This game is trash now and I don't wanna play Fortnite! Any suggestions?
: Most neutral champ
Yea, Lissandra. Nobody talks about Lissandra. Which is weird. As to my knowledge she kinda craps all over those Yasuo / Zed silvers.
: If you had to create a new champion from other existing champions abilities what would you choose?
Ah, lets go for something ridiculously overpowered. ADC, of course. Passive - {{champion:201}} Q - {{champion:18}} W - {{champion:67}} E - {{champion:105}} R - {{champion:29}} Stun, ATspeed buff, Vayne's silver bolts, Twitch's R and most annoying escape move in game. Yea, I created a monster.
: But the thing is i'm not tilted or don't feel tilted at least
No, no, no. You are tilted. And being in denial is probably tilting you even more. The fact you don't feel tilted is because tiltines has numbed your senses for being tilted. Trust us when we say you are tilting as fu... Doesn't matter that we know absolutely nothing about you cause we are experts. And we know. You're tilting. You are a tilter. Say it. Acknowledging that you have an issue is first step to resolving the issue. Ask mods for some tilting counseling groups that can help before tilting gets out of hand. Your welcome.
: Support champions
Where is {{champion:161}} ? When you play **Vel Koz** adc supports YOU!
Archiive (EUW)
: Do you report "ez" and if so, what as?
I report Ez because he usually sucks.
Tôm (EUW)
: First Pentakill with what champion?
{{champion:161}} support. Ranked. Then {{champion:18}} also ranked. Trist just blasts everything away.
: Current situation of fiora.
Not when I play her she don't.
Greatatemi (EUNE)
: How can i get more orange essence other than breaking down skinshards.
: Kayle and yi boost
First you need to learn what "." is for.
Loonstaa (EUW)
: The main reason for losing LP at the moment. adc + support
: Who's the worst champion to fight in URF?
Played only one URF game so far. I got Illaoi. Thought I'll spam my W and kill stuff. I was against Xin Zhao........ and I was dying before I got to press W second time while he constantly healed himself. And yea. Yi was on their team too. Dodging everything with Alpha Strike. The fun. Yea, done with URF.
: > [{quoted}](name=VolatileSquirrel,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=p7Z9yu7j,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-08-02T17:09:08.545+0000) > > Aaaand Janna again. > > It is not the champion, it is the state of the game. > > With so much damage going around one-click-instant disengage (R) is immensely powerful tool. She is perhaps only support that can save adc(or any other) from assassin's burst. Lulu? Nami? basically everything that has a heal or shield, can actually too
No need for targeting. No cast time (or extremely small). Press R and instant, huge, allround disengage. No support comes even close to that. Tell me how Nami or Lulu come even close to that?
Tiffan (EUW)
: Supports! When do you buy Sightstone?
You buy it when you determine that your teammates actually pay attention to that square in the corner of the screen. Otherwise I go pewpew and get my pentakill.
: Is Janna getting nerfed soon? 57% Winrate while having a 30% playrate!
Aaaand Janna again. It is not the champion, it is the state of the game. With so much damage going around one-click-instant disengage (R) is immensely powerful tool. She is perhaps only support that can save adc(or any other) from assassin's burst.
: I know Riot loves wierd champion concepts, so how about this one?
Yes! YES! I see it already! We can call him... Trunp!!
Megimu (EUW)
: Who are the most fun champions to play?
l MrD l (EUW)
: Urgot...
Some would say that jamming huge, indestructible object into a grinder would work but...
: POLL - The Community Will Choose My OneTrick Main for Support
: Who is than Darius Kaitlyn and graves
I am unsure of what you wanted to say.
: Do you have some kind if masochistic tendencies, that you always play the most outdated and crappiest champions? Seriously... you can't expect Riot to make decisions based on such a minority.
Maybe I do. Tho, old Karma was all but crappy. Shield bomb into massive ae heal. And on top of that near constant full-team speed buff. Yay. Good old days... Poppy... DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY %%%%%!
Bush Camper (EUNE)
: So is Urgot the first champion to be removed from the game?
Old karma main...... reworked Poppy main........ completely reworked ... So yea. I feel your pain.
: Favourite role ... and why?
Support. Because I'm good at it (relative to my division) and because I can then play whatever the hell I want. {{champion:115}} {{champion:161}} (my first penta is VelKoz support) {{champion:17}} {{champion:420}} edit: support getting most votes. That can actually be explained.
PoKeR22234 (EUNE)
: Is "ez pz", "izi", "ez af" considered unsportsmanlike behavior?
When did people become such wimps that they are bothered by _that_?
: ***
I don't think you know what "autistic" really means.
: The point is not me having every champion, the point is making sure the game is slightly more new player friendly.
Really? So this is not about you. It is about new players. Aaaaaaaaaah. Now it is all clear. Sorry. But tell me... what about children? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!! No. Still... no. And I believe that I speak in the name of those players who, when they press "play" button don't give a damn about IP they'll end up with but care about actually _playing_ and _winning_ when I say that: new players should not have access to large champion pool. It is called a learning curve. Start small. And gradually build your way up.
: Come on Just increase the IP gain already!!!!!!
How about... no. You are playing the wrong game. Hell! You are on the wrong platform!! Pokemons are elsewhere. So, why do you need all champions exactly? To show of to your friends? No, seriously. Go play pokemon. It is clearly the genre that fits your desire.
Nonterino (EUNE)
: Good name for a fiora main???
par0dine (EUW)
: How to convince my friend to play ranked with me
I'm sure 50 EUROs will do the trick.
: Current state of cheesy support picks
Simple truth is that it became easier and more effective to support with raw damage than it is with utility. For me, Nami or Soraka all the way... until last season. Then I realized that topping damage meters as support Morgana/VelKoz/Ziggs/Tallyah/Karma/Annie... works wonders on my win rate. Even the Worlds proved us right with Karmas and Zyras and MissFortunes that showed that shoving someone out of lane with poke (damage) is the way to go. But that, in my opinion, doesn't tell that supports are bad, just that damage in game overall, in relation to defense, is a bit out of control.
h4wwk (EUNE)
: Check out maybe ?
Huh, not my type of music at - all. So no commenting on that. That being said one of your lines caught my eye. "... tell me the parts u didn't like so I can make it "perfect" Well, I just hope you're not being serious about "perfecting" your work based on _our_ opinion. If you do that you end up with bland, generic piece of sh... Point is: don't change your expression to please the public opinion. Screw them. Ah, yes, and best of luck.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Am I the only one around here...
Yup, only one. Tho I don't mind her ditching her slut outfit for something... normal.
yohnnysu (EUNE)
: How to spend my RP?
How about you buy me a pizza? Shrooms are mandatory. Now, as someone who sits on 100+k Ip I cannot not to frown when someone buys champs for rp. But hey, I ain't telling you not to do it. Just pointing that your question feels odd since it seems you already know what you want. That being said... you can simply check every skin on youtube in the skin-spotlight videos. Personally I would never buy skin that looks like simple repaint of original skin (don't know what I'm talking about, check Evelynn skins). As for bundles... don't they change every now and then? Well, dunno if I helped. Typing to kill time and till I decide on new book to read...
: Forsaken/Chosen - Star Wars
"Since Star Wars is getting very popular again..." I hope not.
3tyson (EUW)
What you meant to say is: "HANDS OFF MY SHACO!" See the difference? I mostly agree with you. Shaco shouldn't be changed. Just deleted.
Caharin (EUW)
: My game goes slow motion at times.
Maybe it is you developing mutant super power?
VladTheMage (EUNE)
: What the hell is going on in Ranked now?
Jumped in ranked, playing Nami as support. ADC dies, again, again, again... top dies, again, again, again... we lose. Next ranked, playing Soraka. Top dies. Dies. Dies... Jungler dies, dies again etc. We lose. Next game I play TEEMO ({{champion:17}} ) support. Top dies. Jungler dying repeatedly. Mid dying... So no. Nothing changes. Teemo is good.
Kâyle (EUW)
: My account have been hacked and I asked LoL Player Support to help. They have suspended the account
When did that happen? Week ago? Month ago? Yesterday? And, as far as I know, suspension of account during investigation of that account is standard procedure.
BenatPro9 (EUW)
: If you could "delete" any champion...
{{champion:64}} ... the amount of games this shit has ruined. From different perspective I'd go with {{champion:245}} . This is just badly designed champion. Put every game mechanic you have into one champion and what you get is a complete mess with too many ins and outs that is impossible to balance.
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