nomonymal (EUNE)
: Constant FPS Drops & Random Sends to Desktop Since 9.23
ITs not getting fixed buddy the problem has been there since worlds its never getting fixed quit league :)
: WTF even is jungle now
It's jsut not fun to play anymore dude i had way more fun playing adc and top even though i m bad at those roles those roles are jsut more fun while jg is like a %%%%ing role which op but not fun at all ... its obvious jungler will always have more impact thean other roles on the game but why nerf them it feels like we are sucking %%%% of our laners to win nothing else we don't have any identity at all jsut gank gank gank and hope they carry.
Bombario (EUNE)
: i am done with this game
Where is the flame?
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: Senna = Pyke 2.0 ?
she is not as annoying as pyke and her kit is super interactive and fun to play honeslty pyke is for cacner player senna is for normal players
: Preseason never started before worlds, in what universe you played League?
Um i said preseason should start right now read it first please :)... I meant the bug has been there for two weeks and they haven't fixed it maybe they were all on vacation after worlds but now season ends and they should fix it .
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: They've been busy reacting to the same MF fanart all over and over again omegalul
For real omg look at this shit company XD what are they doing Mf fan art.
: riot fked my PC ill throw it
: another day, same problem
Two weeks dude everyday i post it but there is just no reply, there are no changes made :/
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Troubleshoot this one for me, please (desktop). Tried reinstalling the game completely, multiple GPU drivers (clean installs - current Vdriver is 441.08), V-Sync is of course off. Very interesting what you are saying about the GPU's "sleep mode", as I have a GTX 1080. I'll look into that one. League IS taxing the GPU with about 20 %, though I don't know how much it's supposed to tax it. Power settings is already set to max performance, with every power-saving feature disabled, inluding the PCIe link state option.
I tried reinstalling, formatted my PC, kicked out all the %%%%ing antiviruses ... It has been 2 weeks, I've read so many complaint and they haven't even responded to the complaints it's so shit this company just takes there loyal players for granted like absolutely shit.
: Also support will say that it's because of your pc(even if you have run this game with decent fps+no freeze+sudden fps drops) they will say change graphic settings or they will just give you minimum lol settings which is useless.They dont give a fk about it honestly...Not a single riot employee answer posts and client say anything about it because they are too busy with unnecessary costumes,new games and more money....{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
It's not about settings or pc multiple players have this bug FPS drops in game it was completely fine two weeks ago but last two patches so many complain and they don't even acknowledge the problem like are they even alive ? I just don't understand you game has a game breaking bug it has been there for 2 %%%%ing weeks your boards is filled with complaints and you are not even responding to it. Like how shit of a company is riot for real.
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Wex0r (EUW)
: If you post your GPU ile try to find a solution for you. I spent about a week getting my GF's laptop with a geforce 970 from 20 fps back to 100 and i have to keep changing settings as every new patch the fps goes back down. Some things to just try - Check all your drivers are up to date. Try running the game in window mode. Turn off V sync in the graphics driver settings. Problems i had on my machine when i built a new system i went from a 660 gt ti2 to a 1080 ti and my league fps went from 200 to 30. Other games on ultra where fine 200 fps + The problem it turned out was the gpu for 1070 and upwards has a rest mode and league of legends was not waking the gpu up. I looked for days to find out a way to force my gpu awake at one point i ran another game on the 2nd screen and it helped with league. In the end Geforce released an update and riot started supporting the 1070 and upwards GPU.
I have a low end pc but I've just started getting FPS drops like 2 weeks ago plus it's not really ur job something wrong with the game you can't go player to player fixing the game it's jsut terrible that riot doesn't acknowledge this problem.
: Well try making a support ticket and you will see that they will blame you lol
How can they blame people computer like how it was working fine 2 weeks ago after semifinals what like god did some kinda miracle or what ....... Like wtf no reply from them no nothing they are not even reading the posts on the board i posted it 4 times i got no reply so many people getting the same problem like why aren't they doing anything. Dude riot literally taking advantage of league's loyal player base seriously wtf like we invest so much time in this game and we get this.
: This is becoming stupid, my games just freeze in random games and then I get blamed and reported for afk behaviour.... when up until 2-3 weeks ago my pc was working fine and I had no problems! Surprisingly my FPS isn’t affected too much atm I’m just getting game breaking freezes
Yeah it started 2 weeks ago riot is not doing jack shit i cant even see red trackers on any single one of the complain IDK im actually just not playing the game anymore like what is going on no answer is everyone working at riot dead or what they on strike? like wth is going why is the game getting no attention
: Don't even try to contact support they will blame you and your machine and if you tell them that many people are complaining on the boards they will say it's just a coincendese and there's nothing bad happening from their side lul
How can they blame the machine thsi game was running fine 2 weeks ago how did it go from that to %%%ing 20 fps on gaming dedicated computers what how
hakkou (EUW)
: i didnt play a ranked game since patch 9.20 i start with 120fps and sudden 20 ..... i cant play and tehy didnt fix it for 2weeks
: Someone help me to quit league
get all your accounts banned by flaming and trolling
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: i can't play the game anymore
Man just hoping for a fix but riot is afk farting at each others faces
: Sudden FPS drops + Game Freezing After Recent Patch
Man it's still not fixed are you serious riot wtf it's been a week
: Sudden FPS drops + Game Freezing After Recent Patch
Hey guys try switching to borderless maybe it will help i swetiched it once its now fine n fps drops
: Sudden FPS drops + Game Freezing After Recent Patch
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: slow clap{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: League of legends new region
no %%%%ing way just please give India a server at least we have internet :)
dWookie (EUW)
: [EUW] ADC looking for support to DUO | Silver
I will support for you if you are an e girl xD
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: I am in Gold 3 and I am winning 18 and losing 18 Its pretty much your MMR, I noticed if I go on a 10-12 game winning streak I start to win 25 and lose 12
you mean winning streak can change it? around 10 games? that not really hard in gold but like i play like practice champ in this account so i dont know
: well thats your life when ur mmr is shit, if you lose more than you win you dont belong where you are (as hard as it sounds) and thahts why you lose more then you gain, at least thats the concept
So like what should i do to make it better like 10 game winning streak or something can change?
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Good score doesn't indicate carrying i have many games where iäve had 0/5 and 0/6 toplaners. But they've won us the game by split pushing in toplane. Should they not be rewarded for their carrying? And sometimes i have the ads or midlaners who just steal kills from others, but don't really contribute to the game. Why should they be rewarded for not doing anything? Your idea has been brought up so many times on the boards. And the answer will always stay the same **No**
Well there are arguments to be made ...... Maybe you can like the current system however i never said that just debunk this garbage system or anything I just think if people are getting rewarded for not inting or playing better in a way that effects the outcome of the game in your favour should get rewarded by something at least cause it is really hard to climb even one rank if I'am losing the same amount of LP that I'm winning as a new player it seriously hurst my motivation to play the game to best of my abilities a
: No. People would start playing rather for kda/stats immediatly if they think a game is lost instead of trying to turn it arround. Also it would be impossible to correctly rate some things. Support that has to give his life over and over again to save the adc that would have been caught would have a horrible kda but might have won his team the game. The splitpusher that takes 4 people to kill him gives his team enough preasure to get objectives but has a bad kda aswell.
I mean if a support is giving life for the greater good that will help makes their KDA better .... However I've always thought since most of the time supports can't affect the outcome of the game they shuld already get more LP for playing supp.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: That would just encourage KDA players Getting a good score isn't what the game is about. It's about destroying the nexus
No I know that much it's common sense at this point and if you play in gold or below that you will know that how hard it is to get players on you team that are not inting it's almost like every single game you get one lane at least that is 0 5 or 06 people don't understand if you are not dying in the game even if you are less useful to the team at least you are not being a factor that is leading to loss... That is what I want from people just start caring about their KDA so they can lose less LP . on the other hand if someone is a good player that is carrying harder then any other player on the team earning A or higher should be rewarded with more LP for his or her efforts .... In MMR system you already know that even if someone is trying to win the game and doing his best he is still getting 16 LP and losing 16 LP on loss that makes players less motivated at least it makes me less motivated and Im sure its the same for others I'm a new player and going on win streaks is not in my hands at least not now but winning and losing the same ammount ofLP does lessen my motivation to play the game seriosuly
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: While it's not exactly the same, Zed and Shen are pretty close to that.
No they were just rivals and zed is just way bigger of a character than shen no one care about shen and zed and shen were never friends like they were not close maybe two c characters who actually have really awesome friendship
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why is it more tilting to get less punishment? I'd rather get banned for 20 minutes than 6 hours. Like when you're having a League night with friends, you have to do something fast while the game is running, you come back after 5-10 minutes, and then that was all the party for you, because you'll just be banned for 6 hours? That sounds very ridiculous. I really don't see how getting 6 hours of punishment would be better than 20 minutes.
It's not about less punishment it's jsut playing 20 minutes queue jsut makes me tilt :/
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