: How to have an "S"
You take Mercy... Wait, wrong game.
: Describe riot in 5 words
Let's buff Kha and Vayne. Yeah, I'm salty af about those two. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: 450k Nasus mastery here with a suggestion
Giving Spirit Fire the Grounded effect would be broken. He already has a near-stun and E is nigh-instant with huge aoe. I'd prefer Grounding to stay as Mother Cassio's exclusive effect. Moreover, very few juggernauts own HP scaling damages. They are not tanks, they are supposed to build a more or less balanced mix of tank and damage. An okay idea might be removing arpen on E and giving it an another effect. Like self-haste while in aoe (meaningful choice between getting there or getting more damage, or creating a danger zone where it's even harder to run away from him). Oooor... changing that ultra-annoying passive and giving Nasus lifesteal vs units inside of E.
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: Why i WONT support OverWatch and why i dont get on a hype train...
After a year OW will become f2p and paying users will get a shit grade cosmetic that nobody will EVER use. Seasoned pre-mannco store TF2 veteran here.
: Well constructed argument. Mind saying why? Irelia is the only one I can agree on due to TF changes.
Illaoi became broken due to tentacle damage %'s refactor and cheaper Black Cleaver.
: Nerf Teemo
Not gonna happen anytime before they nerf Dunkillaoi, Nukirelia and Penta'Zix down from god tier.
: Buff Ilaoi pls, shes so weak.
Also she's not tanky enough! Being able to 1v2 while tanking their tower isn't enough. She must be able to solo a team under 2 nexus towers!
: First rule of being a support: everything is YOUR fault. (apparently)
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
I'm Polish. What's up next, server for every non-native-english country? You all know this isn't going to get implemented. git gud, get over silver 2 and there *should* be no kids.
Silisa (EUNE)
: > Braum, Nauti, Leona or Trundle > Jinx ADC Lucian ADC Another Lucian ADC Caitlyn ADC Jinx is a free kill with those supports. While all 4 are good for Lucian in the early game, they have very little peal for the late game, which sucks for the ADC with his range. Cait is so-so with them. If you are not going to play supports that can actually protect the carry in mid and late game, might as well play something that can deal damage and carry, like Zyra, Annie, Brand, Morgana, Vel'Koz, etc. I'm a Gold support main. I'm having some trouble climbing now, thanks to Bronzies and Silvers getting boosted and playing on a level they don't belong in, but once I got myself together, I had no problem getting to Gold.
What... what are you smoking? Braum, Naut and Leona are the peel gods. They can get an ulting rengar off the adc without even letting him lay a single aa on it (with the exception for Leo as she doesn't have a dash-interrupting skill). You might have twisted vision of them as engage-disrupt bots. They can also stay back (fire an ult to help the engage maybe) and protect the carries.
candoodle (EUW)
: [SUGGESTION] champs should have golden border in champ select if we have already gotten a box
OK idea, but it should *not* be implemented in Ranked queue. It's irrelevant information that should not influence your choice of champion in that mode.
: Azir is pick or ban in high elo play... high level players are scared to leave azir open despite the fact that there is a low chance for the enemy team to actually have an azir main. Yet they have to do it because a good azir player is the scariest thing in the game, in fact it's near oppressive. That's why he is getting nerfed, because good azir players are too dominant.
Azir banrate 11% in diamond. lol.
Nazaar (EUW)
: Urf needs more bans
Not that. Urf needs to collect data, and REMOVE the highest winrate champs from next URFs, or gut them to the ground (for urf only).
ElBlaze (EUNE)
"Rito i bought an utility zoner mage why cant i 0,5 shot peeps like a zed pls rito buf" There, fixed.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
...and planned to never come back because Rito needs more skins and balance (kappa) changes.
Febos (EUW)
: Riot give free stuff to premades > [{quoted}](name=Frostmane,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kJjtm3rN,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-14T17:44:34.767+0000) > > Riot give free stuff to premades How I'm not receiving free stuff? I haven't received anything and I only play with premades. > CONSTANTLY get punished for even PLAYING this game by having unfair match ups. So, because you can't win your games that's suddenly Riot's fault? > Riot are squashing individualism, freedom of choice and individual skill out of the game and turning everyone into clones that all play the same things, the same way, all the time. Individualism? League is a team game. Freedom of choice? You are free to chose whichever role and champion you want to play. You can also chose to play different game modes. Individual skill? Well, the game is a lot about Team Skill, but you still have laning phase to prove you are better than your opponent. That will only inflate your ego and not necessarily win you the game. Still, you can show individual skill. Faker is know as the "god" of 1v1 for a reason. So much wrong with your logic.
More boxes and keys when playing with premades. Those give free items. **roasted**
Diffarn (EUW)
: Make 25+ (years) servers
Please. Nobody takes aram seriously, nobody also plays it exclusively like you do.
Ms Cat (EUNE)
: Workshop Shaco
One of the few good-looking legacy skins. Deff worth it.
Rioter Comments
: Seasons come seasons go, but riven stays broken op .
Riven's broken indeed, but in the meaning that you _need to make the best use of her "animation cancelling" and "fast Q-AA" that are just **BUGS.**_ If she had the above bugs fixed (and got buffed in a way, say, %AS from passive?), I would consider her a good champion. Right now you need to spend hours mastering the bugs alone to get any good with her.
: No not in the slightest... these are temporary and are gonna be replaced soon plus the Chinese have gotten as many of our splashes as we got theirs. And riot have done this before, changing which splashes are used... well before tencent got the rest of their shares so that proves temcent have nothing to do with this (like riot said tencent have no say in the development of the game).
The question is - why degrade the champion's splashart to upgrade it later?
: > [{quoted}](name=Vuks,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5FosYFZw,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-24T22:24:28.483+0000) > > If it could crit, there would be no blue ezreal. And I would like that. AD Nidalee spears. Not gonna happen
Blue Ez is like that anyway with the IBG+Muramana procs, plus it applies a (not) nice slow upon hitting you.
: Because it would be broken probably. Ez Q has insanely long range with basically no cd and 110% AD ratio, if it could crit, then Riot would have to nerf him liek crazy.
If it could crit, there would be no blue ezreal. And I would like that.
1T Kayn (EUW)
: Riot's nonsense censorship (splash art comparisson)
Menardy (EUW)
: Then explain why Talon, Kat and many other usually glass-cannon champs work so much better with tank items? Well because they are cheaper and more effective. Plus there is less risk involved, so you can play bad and still have a huge impact. If you go class cannon you MIGHT have a bigger impact, but one tiny misstep and you're dead without having dealt any damage.
This is exactly what White Luminoth said.
Menardy (EUW)
: Can we finally nerf tank items?
It's not tanks that are the problem. It's assassins and bruisers building tank items. Akali, Fizz, Master. All those champs build tank and deal bullshit amounts of damage.
: This was an awesoem trinket before i totaly agreed, but i think it ruined for akali eve chaco etc in the early laning faze
Considering tankali is a thing, and it's a broken thing, it should come back.
Vuks (EUNE)
: Isn't anyone going to talk about the biggest abomination Riot ever pulled out? I mean, Goth Annie's face. Why. Is every single champion going to become a kawaii---- WHAT THE FUCK. I JUST LOCKED IN DESERT TROOPER GAREN AND HE LOOKS LIKE A POST-VIETNAM WAITER AFTER 20 FACE SURGERIES
: Splash art update process
Isn't anyone going to talk about the biggest abomination Riot ever pulled out? I mean, Goth Annie's face. Why. Is every single champion going to become a kawaii---- WHAT THE FUCK. I JUST LOCKED IN DESERT TROOPER GAREN AND HE LOOKS LIKE A POST-VIETNAM WAITER AFTER 20 FACE SURGERIES
Starfly (EUW)
: Taric needs a little something
I'd rather have a Taric skin with him having a mustache like some Italian mafioso :P
Aladyyn (EUNE)
: Was it a confirmed nerf a week ago? It was not. Therefore you were not right.
Yes, before the patch it was just a speculation. The nerf, however, showed that the range was too big even for Riot. This means that what I 'would love' had a reflection in what Riot thought was a necessary mean of balancing her.
Aladyyn (EUNE)
: Those were not out 6 days ago ;)
Nevertheless, it shows I was right :)
Aladyyn (EUNE)
: Source for that?
***Latest patch notes.***
Aladyyn (EUNE)
: Well I'd like to think that Riot takes things other than what user Vuks "would love" into account when balancing!
Well looks like they do, seeing it's a confirmed nerf.
Aladyyn (EUNE)
: No, E range is fine. You have obviously never played Poppy in your life and don't understand the champion if you think it's a good nerf.
I did play her and still think E has too high range right now for how much inevitable damage and stickiness (IBG core item duh) she brings with it. Also, I'd love her to stop slapping people into the opposite wall from bushes on top lane.
AzerStick (EUW)
: Anyone good in creating InGameNames?
: S on some support champs ...
Play Sona. She hands out a ton of buffs all the time to everyone, so it's easy to get lots of assists.
: {{champion:8}} > {{champion:17}} RIP
Wit's end, Nashor, Abyssal if needed. Have fun with this.
Aladyyn (EUNE)
: Those are not confirmed and hopefully don't make it to the game. Especially the E range nerf. The Q nerf is in line with the recent Nautilus E nerf, which I can live with.
E range needs a serious nerf and I'm happy with the one here. It's far too easy to hit a stun and apply a q for half hp. Q dmg nerf is another story, still very very deserved. Hasta la vista, baby.
: Twitch/Zilean combo?
I guess it goes invisible, like Shen's ult. Allows for some nice surprises, like Twitch going in and Zil applying a second bomb for a ***SURPRISE GUYS*** combo ;)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vuks,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Gtm8Qqqd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-27T21:19:31.381+0000) > > Cod 4. Shit graphic compared to what they're selling us today, still the best ever Activision and Cod game gameplaywise. does it have regenerating shields? i swear to god i hate regenerating shields.
I don't even know what those shields are. But no, cod4 has no shields other than a visual shield called smoke nade :)
: They don't wanna listen to me, they just think they are better than me and i am diamond because of "luck".Tipical low elo ego,but this post isn't mainly about my friends,is about dynamic queue and solo queue.My friends are a reason why i hate dynamic queue.
Play 1v1 with them, allowing them to choose champs for both of you. Mayne with an exception of some **HARD** counters. If that doesn't convince them, nothing will.
: You ever noticed how riot fails at alot of basic design choices?
K, lets start with the gaplclosers and whatever on stealth. Akali gets speed when entering stealth. Eve gets mana regen (and most of the time speed boost thx to mobis), Kha, Talon and Twitch get movespeed when isong their nukeninja mode, Teemo gets a HUGE as boost after leavong invis, Rengar gets a free instakill upon leaving stealth. Believe me, Shaco is the most balanced guy there along with Teemo. What really needs to be fixed os access to pinks and other wards when your inventory is full, like in lategame.
: nothing ruins games like technology
Cod 4. Shit graphic compared to what they're selling us today, still the best ever Activision and Cod game gameplaywise.
: A letter to Riot from a diamond player regarding dynamic queue and solo queue
Get skype with desktop view, act as a 6th eye for them warning about things like inc gank/obvious traps and guide them through games. Once you carry them to the required division - play rankeds with them. There, solved.
Xevestos (EUW)
: Yasuo vs karthus, it's so much fun killing the poor karthus over and over again while he struggles hitting one single q.
Who needs to touch you. Kart only has to max E first with like 2-3 points in q for easier lasthits... Pop e when you go in, continue to afkfarm with q and ult.
Breadpool (EUW)
: I personally suck at shen :p how do you build him - pure tank or some offense?
Shen doesn't have much presence anywhere outside of the lane, and even there he needs some regen to stay relevant as the laning goes on. I would suggest an aura based build with locket, Randuins, Titanic and Sunfire/zzrot/bv/sv
: malzahar vs heimer :D
Try Sion vs heim. You're killing him with his own turrets :)
Breadpool (EUW)
: What's your favourite lane matchup?
Teemo vs pretty much anyone that isn't Lissandra or Pantheon. He's so versatile and well-equipped for fighting nearly any champion with different skill orders and builds... ***SHROOMZ***
Alasius (EUW)
: Talk to fellow summoners without having to invite them
Wasn't Curse Voice doing that already?
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