: you seriously need to take a long look in the mirror. you're not reformed behaving like this
do you know what "getting one self banned" actually means?
: Playing normal for fun, and gold sterotype is Toxic, flaming, inters, trolls, ignorant. Not found that kind of player anywhere else :) Not talking about being bad im talking about there attitude, why on earth are you talking this thread down? This is not ranked solo duo. This is a normal game, silver aint this ignorant, plat aint this ignorant, diamond aint this ignorant, gold are just so ignorant and I hope thats minority of golds, but meeting alot of them ;) And you are gold........ had a itch when i saw your writing. So gold players should stay ignorant and toxic?
And by the way, this Yasuo that is in this chat log above, is absolutely correct about your own attitude . " ohhhhh i am diamond, and i have the rights to do what ever i want and judge people the way i want them to be judged. " So yeah, playing normals for fun. What is this. Keep on playing instead of complaining alot.
: Playing normal for fun, and gold sterotype is Toxic, flaming, inters, trolls, ignorant. Not found that kind of player anywhere else :) Not talking about being bad im talking about there attitude, why on earth are you talking this thread down? This is not ranked solo duo. This is a normal game, silver aint this ignorant, plat aint this ignorant, diamond aint this ignorant, gold are just so ignorant and I hope thats minority of golds, but meeting alot of them ;) And you are gold........ had a itch when i saw your writing. So gold players should stay ignorant and toxic?
Why would you even care? What are you trying to achieve by mocking down ... Jesus christ man. i aint gold anymore. i got my self banned, on purpose. so yeah, we are way too complex for you to understand.
: More goldies ruining the game, why are they so ignorant.
You are a passanger. Moving up the ladder. So say Hi to anyone you meet on the lower tier play. So yeah, see them play, look at them, and say, Hello, and Bye bye. 95% win rate to diamond, why would you give a damn about how the goldies are. They are the way they are, let them be. It is a different society out there. and you are not a part of it. So move up !! To where you belong and stop smacking these who are lower tier than you.Okay?
: I really dont like Nexus Blitz
I had a one brilliant, memorable nexus blitz game. Was playing velkoz, and got into battle arena. 1v1 against a tryndamere. Everyones watching, and i smacked him from 100% to 0% in an instant. Everyone is like " Best trynda eu " . That felt good. rofl. And i stopped playing nexus blitz because it su cks alot
: Pros: 1. Youre not bound by lane and have more freedom than any other role. 2. The thumbs up you get after a succesfull gank or if you did a good job elsewhere. 3. You love the supporter the most. Cons: 1. Your laners count the ganks of you and enemy jungle without knowing how to set your lane up for gank. 2. Nobody likes you (your team and enemy team) 3. Its always your fault when a lane loses. 4. You often cant clear your jungle because there is always a fight on some lane going on you have to get to (probably low elo problem) 5. Noone listens to you calls and everybody ignores your pings (also probably low elo problem) 6. You never get help when the enemy jungler invades regularely and your teammates flame you because your not ganking even tho your 2lvl behind. 7. People often think you have to camp their lane (top laners mostly) 8. Better jungler wins. 9. You get flamed if you miss smite as if its not stressful enough when the enemy jungler tries to steal it. 10. Tiamat nerf. 11. Kaisa loves to take your level 1 monster.
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: Suggestion for developing team. LP Bank.
That is a good idea. I appreciate your effort in making league of legends more enjoyable place for everyone that is in it :D This idea is at basic level. some complex math formulas could be made ant developed fully into a sensible way of gaining lp that makes ones pissed.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Does anyone else often lose track of the new in-game cursor during fights?
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M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: On scientific bases it's a paradox of psychology. In my personal belief, yes and no. What is the base language of universe? Elements. Whats the base of elements? Atoms which consist of neutrons, protons and electrons. In it's purest form, however they are all energetic matter that influence the other energetic matter. Simply put, we are just a variation of energetic matter. And to be able to shed our body and ascend into another plain of existence, one has to have enough knowledge of the existence of all matter to actually ascend. However, if I may put it, a soul is just one part of energetic matter that influences the body. Another part, is the way elements react between each other, thus, chemistry, physiology, psychology, all directly or indirectly are studies of energetic manipulation. Thus, if you know what happens when, then you can either eliminate or substitute the cause, to have a different effect
insane :D well put. i might absolutely agree on the energetic side of things. That is true, actually.
: It was not a trap though. I found your opening statement just extremely vague.
Well, you should of put your own insight into topic being extremely vague. If it is already vague, how could you expect some kind of a brilliant elaboration?
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: knowledge of one's self.
how can some kind of abstract " knowledge " impact brain it self? Isn't that knowledge a part of brain that is trying to control its own chemical releases?
: Winning is easy, while losing is hard. Not for me, I usually lose PepeHands I agree though. It is hard. That's my take on it. I don't know what else you expect me to say, I mean, as I think about it right now (cause I've never had), if I was good at this game for example, everybody would compliment me. Is there something better from knowing that people like you? I think it all comes down to this pretty much. Like, I imagine me being Dia/Challenger or Pro, and I am thinking how different players would treat me, or being nice or look up to me, you know? What am I doing now? I was Silver at my best, and I am absolutely nobody. Imo the great thing about winning is the love you receive. But I am losing so I have to be strong and build character feelsbadman {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
ahahah feels bad man. Had my self complimented as being Mata, while playing Karma mid lane. Had been called qtpie you missed, while palying graves adc. and Sadly, no matter the insane compliments i receive, i keep dropping down in elo and divisions, Rofl. Got my self banned recently, so i could start fresh. Tho. Cheers man.
: Riot make up your mind when creating champions
I mean, thinking as a champion and where it belongs " a lane or jungle " is false. any champion can do anything anywhere. Had taken Leona jungling my self. All i took whole game long was Scuttle crabs while nothing was going on. Then, Level 1 , Level 2 Ganking all lanes whole game long. Took us 40 minutes and we managed to win. So yeah, Leona Jungle? Without Taking any jungle camps? thats where she belongs m8. Map is where she belongs.
: That is not the question of the opening post though. And why would winning/gaining something be hard to handle? I would just be happy about winning a million euros. With regards to the opening post: I find the efforts that it takes to win can often be tougher than to lose. But on the other hand, losing can feel really bad too and be worse when a win can also feel shallow. So my answer is: it depends.
Yeah, i fell for your trap on " Elaborate " i should never be giving silly elaborations, when the whole topic instead is to gain insight on other person's interpretation on the topic above :D
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: because mankind is not there yet. we are the 7th race, and most likely the last surviving one in this galaxy. Our ignorance may very well be what has kept us alive. It's also related to dopamin hormones. it only gets released on success, not on failure. however, if a person doesn't take a loss as a failure(In ancient times failure meant death), then the loss will not affect the human as much, since the stress hormone doesn't get released either.
wow. how does one become in charge of their own chemical realeses? :D
Vytautis (EUNE)
: Win a million dollars on the lottery, or lose one million dollars in cash games. Which would be easier for you to handle?
Losing is harder, because, in the first place, you have to win, wich is absolutely impossible :D
: Elaborate please.
Win a million dollars on the lottery, or lose one million dollars in cash games. Which would be easier for you to handle?
: Emotionally? Well yeah.
But why is it so common, that losing makes one feel emotionally "harder" instead of feeling the curiosity to learn and improve?
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: New summoner name ?
Sustok, akimirka žavinga!
: Kad cia krv visi akli. Ziurek i kitus tab atidarytus
: Is it ok?
Espumisan, kai pucia pilva, rofl.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Sure, but at least it does what you're after. =)
but it doesn't make other team mate's behaviour alot better. So , it should be disabled by default. Earning the right to use the chat should be available
Vytautis (EUNE)
: Stop watching other people play. Start from where you are now. Climb your way to the top.
Feel the game. Feel the flow. Energise your own emotional, instinctual gameplay. There is no time to be thinking, you either know or you don't. I could easily coach you if you would want to.
: Looking for help / coach
Stop watching other people play. Start from where you are now. Climb your way to the top.
: New summoner name ?
: Any Lux related names
: Team strategies
Yep, team strats are endless, making videos on each of one of any would be rather difficult. You would want to come up with what is best at the games moment, not in the preplanned way. You could honestly preplan some
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: What's your main role? (Poll)
We Are Support Mains! Unite!!!!!! And make the world in and out of game, Better for everyone else! Put Some Clear Vision as to where one might consider going, support their every move, no matter the right or wrong, just be loyal to who ever you are with!!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, SUPPORT MAINS!!!!!
: > [{quoted}](name=Dazza McNazza,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YEYPkhwO,comment-id=000e00000000,timestamp=2018-12-23T23:38:23.960+0000) > > This is completely unfair Please don't do this I've spent absolutely years on this account spent money on it and i'm not a horrible person I am stressed and tired and had been ragequit on this is absolutely heartbreakingly upsetting
You have spent wayyyyyyyyyyyy toooo less money, in order to stay within the rules. Do you realise that 100 isnt an ammount for you to be so care of? I've met people who have invester over 2k and they are fearfully following the every single rule they can not to get banned. So yeah, Your childish 100 dollars is absolutely too less for you to care. Good luck investing cash and keeping your head high
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YEYPkhwO,comment-id=000e00000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-24T00:01:55.538+0000) > > It's an example to provide context. You ask what about the money you've spent, and I provide you with an analogy as to why you shouldn't expect anything in return. > > The permaban is caused by how you treat other players. You spend time here in the thread blaming your ban on how others behaved, but their behaviour is not what's judged in your case. Your case is simply about how you behave. > > Take it as a hard learned lesson. Grow from it, and improve. I will I suppose, thank you for you replies and good night.
Oh god dude. Hanishman is being absolutely top notch professional counsultant here. And you occuse him of being toxic towards you? If you believe in written word being as a toxic, you should clearly rething the way you think
: I've just been banned for asking my team to surrender a 4v5 without the use of any profain language?
That is called " Giving up" And yes, that is punishable. So yeah, Better luck next time.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Considering that baby is able to stand up without support, I'd say it's most likely a toddler 9-12 months of age. Still, it shouldn't be called swimming, and it's dangerous to assume a baby can do so. They'd risk drowning. [Source](https://www.babycenter.com/404_is-it-true-that-babies-are-born-with-the-ability-to-swim_10313062.bc).
Okey, its fine. I wouldn't throw my own kid into water just because he "can" swim . Dangerous :D
Hansiman (EUW)
: They actually can't. It's a reflex that makes it appear that they are swimming, but they really aren't.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYfIkvEYQn4 2:26, i would defenetely call this Swimming Forwards. Lol. Doggy style? but moving forwards, no matter if these are reflexes or not, they do work and they do make babies move forwards underwater
: That's impressive I can't swim
new born kids can, and u can't, congratulations, you have beaten your own in born capabilities.
: Hey Vytautis. Depression is a condition. It's not the same thing as being sad. You, just just flick the switch and get better. When you are in depression everything is black. If you have not had depression you can't posy understand it. At such situations its best to listen and take baby steps.
But it is, flick a switch and you are back. .................. %%%% depression, paralysis is way more terrifying than depression. Depression is easy to beat. but getting paralysed is a whole different story
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IRedEyesI (EUW)
: I think this gamemode has the potential to be all around my favorite gamemode, it's random like ARAM. It got tiny gamemodes inside it like Prize Fighter, and etc... But still keeps things fresh and fun, with we being available to pick our champions. The only thing it needs is seasonally updates to keep it interesting. And more missions for NB if it ever comes out a standalone like ARAM. If Riot does this, i would be more than happy to play NB more than ever. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
xD worthless waste of time. game mode is (*negative comments that downgrade the perception of quality of the game mode it self) mini games got you fascinated? ?? That game mode is absolutely out of control! Random, Chaotic, and nonsensible!
: Meanwhile at RIOT HQ
How aren't they able to predict what kind of system failiers might occur and instantly be there with a resolve option. Are these monkeys that do whole coding and system building????
Gabresol (EUW)
: These kinda things are always problematic, because it would take months of testing to find out wether these things actually work. IQ tests for example are not even as legit as they sound. Not only are there thousands of different tests out there where you will reach results of diffences so large you will laugh at them, but no one has ever actually made a valid study on them. The way IQ tests were created by someone saying "I say Intellegence = IQ!". And whhile it it totally legit to do something like that in science, it would also be legit to say "Intellegence = Speed to escape an escape room" Now with the minigame it is also diffecult. What kind of mini-game would you put there? You would want something that would force you to concentrate just as much on as many things as the actual game, otherwise it would proof nothing. Does solving a Rubik's cube show your concentration? No! You can do them by muscle memory if you have done it often enough! And after you finish this mini-game, you would end up queueing up for over 2 minutes letting your drop any concentration you had previously anyway.
Exactly, Mini game while in loading screen, so you would monitor who is focused on the game and who is surfing the net mean while and distracting one self from concerntration on the game. Like, Connecting dots. several time upon loading screen. And in game, present results, of how many sessions of dot connection a player has made. So that team mates would clearly see who to flame first :DDDd I totaly agreed. These kind of things are absolutely not neccesarry. IQ tests are IQ tests , nothing to do with the whole game what so ever. Mini games are stupid as it will never reflect anything of the real value . It is just a random postering upon popular scientific conceptions that there are. I am, actually, glad, that there are people like you, who see IQ tests and valuation of IQ it self, rather flawed. i do completely agree with this way of thinking on iq tests . Thanks for participations, you are a great person, and wish u the best of luck :) Smart a>>>>>>>>>>>>sssss
Vytautis (EUNE)
: Current And Former Employees Sue Riot Games For Gender Discrimination
So yes, believe it or not, Toxic culture on top, so as in game, game structure becomes structured to reflect what mentallity is on head quarters and there you go, we have toxic and abusive environment in game :D Absolute mistake having 80% hard core gamer men and a fraction of 20% women in. Because men are %%%%inn idiots.
Rioter Comments
: How come
League is absolutely not a place if you are looking for some what smart people to have fun with. League community is absolutely dumb and unintelligent. So yeah, thats your answer. Monkeys and Cowns pressing keyboard keys and thinkin that they are somewhat important in life by doing what they have been doing for the past time. Being uselesss :D
Rioter Comments
: I'm tired of League. The problem is in my mental health state, not in the game itself. But still...
Being depressed, anger issues, and so on and other things that are unpleasant in league is caused by you, being really good at the actual game it self. Being good in a mob of trashes is massively frustrating, and you could not blame your own things on your self in order to justify the other, lower level thinking players that there are. Keep it up!!! We are all good players, that are going through the same. Being good in not so good mob of players means alot of frustrationts for us as we seek perfection in every single game. Keep it up! and fkkkkkk the whole universe bro :D
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